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Carlos Lee talks about becoming a Marlin (w/VIDEO)

   MILWAUKEE -- The newest Marlin -- Carlos Lee -- spent the morning settling in, adjusting to his new surroundings and shaking hands and exchanging greetings with his new teammates. He'll wear 45. Lee said he vetoed the Dodgers trade (they were one of the 14 teams on his limited no-trade list) because family members voiced objections to moving to L.A.

   "Basically, I couldn't get everybody to agree to it," Lee said. "My wife just got here for the summer and going to L.A.....even the kids were complaining."

   The Marlins were not one of the teams on Lee's no-trade list, so he had no say in the matter when the Astros dealt him for Matt Dominguez and Rob Rasmussen.

   "There was a reason why I didn't block going to Miami," Lee said, a native of Panama. "It's one of the teams that I want to play for. Thinking about me, and thinking about the family at the same time, and what is best for my career, I think Miami was a good choice."

   Lee, who went 3 for 15 with a double and two RBI when the Astros visited Miami earlier in the season, called Marlins Park a good ballpark for certain hitters.

   "It's a good hitting park if you're a line drive hitter," Lee said. "If you're a home run hitter, it's kind of (tough). It's a pretty big park."

   General manager Michael Hill said ever since the Marlins began talking to the Astros about Lee, Dominguez was always central to the deal. It was Rasmussen the Marlins reluctantly included in the trade. Despite that, Hill said the Marlins front office continues to believe Dominguez will evolve into a productive major league player.

    "You never want to give up pitching, let alone left-handed pitching," Hill said. "But understanding what was at stake and you have to give to get, we made ourselves comfortable ultimately with it, and you make the deal."

    -- Giancarlo Stanton tested his injured right knee in the indoor cages on Thursday morning, but his status remain unchanged. He hopes to play in the weekend series in St. Louis. But if he is unable to do so, it is unlikely he'll play in the All-Star Game on Tuesday or compete in Monday's Home Run Derby in Kansas City. A MRI revealed a "loose body" in the knee, and Stanton said he'll likely need surgery to remove it at some point in time. Hill said if it's decided that Stanton can't participate in either the ASG or HRD, he'll still go to K.C. as the Marlins' only representative. "It's collaborative," Hill said of how the decision will end up being made. "We'll listen to our athlete, communicate and see how he feels."

    -- Emilio Bonifacio remains on target for a July 13 return after making his first rehab appearance last night for Single A Jupiter. Bonifacio went 0 for 2 but hit the ball hard in one of his at bats.

    -- Juan Carlos Oviedo is scheduled to make his first rehab appearance on Saturday for Jupiter. He'll be eligible to join the Marlins roster on July 23.

    "I hear he's throwing very well," Hill said.

    Here's Lee talking about his trade to the Marlins:


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Leo Orestes Barberie

Dear Carlos, This is just me. You are a multi,multi millionaire. You own a huge ranch. You have it made and your next 3 generations have it made. Tell your loving family--"Sorry. I want to play and win a World Series. I'm going to LA and you guys can travel around the world for next 2 months with 1!!! of my millions. When school starts in September we will have to be apart for 1 month. I just owe it to myself as a pro to give myself every chance to capture the ultimate goal before I shut it down. That is not happening in Miami"

By the way, i like this new made up name. i can just be "LOB."

Leo Orestes Barberie

Would be great to have the Nats, Bucs and Tribe all in 1st Place at the All-Star Break.

Famous Amos

hi... lou vales=LOB...


Carlos prefers the Cubans in Miami over the Mexicans in LA


Carlos is smart


Dat's Raycess


News Flash: John Buck still Sucks!


Greg Dobbs not so much! Nice!


Next fish out needs to be John Buck who is no longer a
major league hitter. Need to get all the bats you can in the lineup after all star break if you expect to contend for wildcard !

Catcher in the Y

where do you find a decent catcher this time of year?

Scott Pose

Famous Amos, You have the deductive abilities of Sherlock Holmes.

Famous Amos

Thanks Lou Vales, er,I mean Scott Pose

Leo Orestes Barberie

Sorry! One last personal comment. If you Google this "poor" Lou Vales person you will find that someone set up a site with a picture of a big burly guy appearing to be him along with some pretty funny comments. If you ever get a chance ask Lou Vales if he cares??I've met the guy and he has a sense of humor. Too bad that we don't worry about the 73% of the population between the ages of 50-60 who because of inadequate amount saved are now projected to need to work up until the moment they drop dead and instead we worry about the sensibilities of pro athletes--especially closers-- who make as much in one year as a guy making 300,000 would make in 30 years.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Dear Catcher in the Y(Nice!!!), You call Dave Dumbbrowski and say "You need a 2B(DESPERATELY) we need a young catcher(DESPERATELY),however, the 2B we will shift to you is already here and good so we need that catcher who will be here next year and a couple of other young pieces that is if you wish to have a chance at representing the AL in the World Series--as WAS expected.

Leo Orestes Barberie

You find a very good young catcher(hitter) who will be ready next year and only blocked by Alex Avila and also a very good pitching proispect and you tell Dave DUMBbrowski IF you want to play in the World Series--as predicted by consensus before the season---you send us those 2 pieces and we send you Infante.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Sorry! I didn't think first post made it OR I have early(not that early) senile dementia.

Leo Orestes Barberie

By the way, the Tigers second baseman, Ryan Raburn, went hitless again and is now down to around .170. The good people of Detroit who actually care about their baseball club are nearly apoplectic and are accusing Senor Smokes(Leyland) of all kinds of nasty reasons for playing the pathetic Raburn. It is getting very ugly. Tigers have Black Holes at SS and 2B. It will be very hard for them to fulfill preseason expectations unless they fill one of those. The Tigs NEED Omar Infante. The Marlins need James McCann, Casey Crosby and one more piece.

Leo Orestes Barberie

I will gladly fly up to Detroit and consummate this deal. i will charge no fee. i know the Tigers' farm system and I promise to get a very nice 3rd piece to the puzzle. The Tigers WILL win its division with Infante, they MIGHT win it without, BUT they have an 82 year old owner--who unless thinks he is Metheusela--must realize his dream of winning a World Series is running out.



Carlos did ok today! Nice line drive hits. Nice win all around, and Buerhle is a pleasure to watch when he's on. Lee helps out the entire line up, because he is still a pretty feared hitter; no matter how much his numbers have slipped he can't be ignored.

It would be great if we can get to .500 by the ASG, but we would have to sweep the Cards to do that.

Leo Orestes Barberie


A young pitcher rotation ready for next year and ONE more piece who has PLENTY!!! of upside

Quick Pitch

Best thing about Buerhle besides pitching a good game ,is he pitches a fast game,and the Marlins didnt get fried, playing in a 4-5hr marathon get-away game.

Carlos sanchez

What the hell is up with Ozzie and his comments about Gaby Sanchez ? Unprovoked he said "I don't think he should be blaming anybody.Gaby has no one to blame but himself. We gave Gaby alot of opportunities." Is it a Cuban thing?
I wander why he does not feel this way about Bell?
Anyway this guy is a loose cannon-wish the Marlins made wiser decisions.


As far as Ozzie's remarks about Gaby, I think everybody is way off base. Where is the "unprovoked attack"? All he said was "Gaby has no one to blame but himself", which might be a bit tactless, but IT'S TRUE. Come on; whose else IS to blame but Gaby?

Look, I have been RIPPING Ozzie over and over again the past month or so for BAD MANAGING. Ozzie makes some REALLY BAD MANAGERIAL DECISIONS! Look how long he kept Ruggiano on the bench when all the kid did was HIT whenever he got into a game! Look at the crazy outfields that Ozzie keeps putting out there: Dobbs in the outfield, Kearns in the outfield, etc., etc. Look at the crazy pitching changes, putting Chad (Game Over, Change the Channel) Gaudin into close games. Ozzie has made a LOT of really questionable MANAGERIAL DECISIONS that he definitely DESERVES TO BE CRITICIZED FOR and I am starting to think all those Chicago fans who were laughing at us for signing him were 100% correct.

But to blame him for TELLING THE TRUTH ABOUT GABY is just crazy. Look, all of us were saying basically the same thing about Gaby and wondering why Ozzie kept writing his name on the line up card day after day when the kid WASN'T PRODUCING. To RIP Ozzie for SAYING that Gaby had plenty of chances and didn't produce is just looking for an excuse to RIP the guy. And there's no need to LOOK FOR REASONS TO RIP OZZIE; there are PLENTY OF GOOD REASONS RIGHT IN FRONT OF US!

When Ozzie was hired, we all knew he was NOT a diplomat, that he often shot from the lip. To attack him now for basically being the guy we all knew he was, is reaching for straws.

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