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Giancarlo Stanton, Hanley Ramirez are late lineup scratches

    MILWAUKEE -- The Marlins have posted three different lineup cards this morning due to the late scratches of, first, Giancarlo Stanton and, just a moment ago, Hanley Ramirez.

    Both are complaining of sore knees.

    Stanton, who has not missed a game since April 22, isn't playing due to overall fatigue and a sore right knee. He said he expects to play Wednesday and take part in next week's All-Star festivities, including the Home Run Derby.

    "I was really fatigued yesterday, so I thought I'd wake up this morning and see how I felt, and I was still a little sore," Stanton said. "I was dragging a little bit yesterday."

    Said manager Ozzie Guillen: "I don't want to take any chances. It's an early game after a night game. He can pinch-hit if we need him, and tomorrow we'll see how it is."

    Guillen said he was surprised that Stanton has required more time off during the season after battling a knee problem in spring training.

    "We've been lucky, to be honest with you," Guillen said. "I thought it was going to be worse. When we left spring training, I thought we were going to be kind of like LoMo was...we give LoMo a lot of rest here and there. But when he says it's a little sore, then you have to be careful."

    As for Ramirez, Guillen said: “He’s been sore for the last couple of days. Today, he started swinging and was sore. I would rather give him a day off than lose him for 15, 20 days.”

    It is an extremely hot day here in Milwaukee, as it is in other parts of the country, with the temperature expected to soar to 100 degrees.


    Marlins: 1. Jose Reyes, ss; 2. Donovan Solano, 3b; 3. Greg Dobbs, rf; 4. Logan Morrison, lf; 5. Justin Ruggiano, cf; 6. Omar Infante, 2b; 7. Gaby Sanchez, 1b; 8. John Buck, c; 9. Anibal Sanchez, p.

    Brewers: 1. Carlos Gomez, cf; 2. Norichika Aoki, rf; 3. Ryan Braun, lf; 4. Aramis Ramirez, 3b; 5. Corey Hart, 1b; 6. Rickie Weeks, 2b; 7. Cody Ransom, ss; 8. Martin Maldonado, c; 9. Marco Estrada, p.


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Flav C

Curious to find out why Hanley is not in the lineup.


Probably doesn't play on days when he might work up a sweat.

Peter Gammons Dog

Hanley is using Stantons Knee excuse...figured if it works for Stanton ,it'll will work for Hanley too.


Hanley is just starting his usual "doggin it" days of summer routine....big surprise

Medellin Cartel

All of Columbia is glad that Solano is starting today,in place of the Dominican Dog..We hope he has a great game.


hanley sux costs us game last night


Loria thinks of Hanley as the prize in his Art Collection of players.. that goes hand in hand with Lorias' taste in clothes, green painted stadium walls and HR sculptures,uniforms etc.


I called it back in April: if Hanley starts struggling again this year he will come up with another Boo-Boo, and sure as day follows night, it happened. His "knee" hurts. LOL! He's as predictable as Old Faithful geyser! We need to end the Hanley Ramirez era (error, LOL) ASAP.


How many times this year have we seen Lomo race back for a ball, leap....and not make the catch! Well, it just happened again! And Dobbs playing Right Field went running for a ball hit down the line and...let it bounce in front of him!

Ozzie is a pure idiot.


Only Ruggiano belongs in the outfield. Not Dobbs, and not Lomo. What a decoy play by Ruggiano today. Didn't work, though.


4 hits so far against Estrada...who? Right back to the lack of offense. Now Hammering Hanley is sore? He's gotta know he's on the block and if he feigns an injury he can stay in comfy South Florida with his Dominicano buddy's. I'm sure Anibel hopes to get moved with the lack of run support this guy gets.

This crap started last night with that horrible loss and just watch it snowball until the All Star break. No F ing guts on this team. None. Imagine other than Stanton our fan favorite is who.....Justin Ruggiano! Has anyone fallen in love with Gaby, LoMo, certainly not Hanley, Infante, Reyes, any of the pitchers? They aren't fun to watch. Game over here comes Gaudin. Ozzie looks like a complete idiot.


Reyes with more STUPID and Nonchalant, lackadaisical play. Reyes' Defense has been a big SURPRISE to Marlins fans. We are surprised how much he SUCKS defensively. LOL! This signing has a good chance to be considered one of the worst free agent signings of all time!

Scott Pose

I will say one thing for Loria, his choice of certain "TALENT" seems to be of high quality. Maybe his ability in this particular area has "something" to do with his portfolio that may enable him to attract interest from certain parties that would probably not normally be interested in the Jolly Little Fat Man.


Alex I'm with you on this one. Reyes has gotten a free pass and it appeared he was starting to come around but his stats don't lie. He's settled right in to that comfortable mode of "who gives a sheet" attitude and it shows with his weak performance this year.


And did we expect anything else from Gaudin? Honestly how many times will Ozzie watch him do this? We knew it was coming, why didn't he? Why bring up Leblanc? The city of Miami should ask for their name back. This team should be embarrassed but they clearly aren't. No pride, no talent, No Balls.


I mean, Gaudin has gotta be gone by tomorrow morning. Right?
And the Fish don't even have a Front Row Amy to ease the pain of a long season.


Maybe Ozzie is trying to lose on purpose. Maybe Loria told him not to try and win because that way the cheap Fat Idiot won't have to do what he hates the most: spend money at the Trading Deadline. I mean what other reason would Ozzie bring in Chad (Game Over) Gaudin in to a close game if he wasn't trying to lose? What other reason would he have an outfield with Lomo and Dobbs in it? If Lomo makes the catch earlier today, the Fish would not have fallen behind to begin with. What other reason would Ozzie let Zambrano pitch to Ishikawa yesterday with 1st base open and all those lefties in the bullpen?

Well ok, there might be a very simple explanation for all those bad moves: Ozzie is a very bad manager.

Scott Pose

Maybe Gaudin could play the right point on the Panthers' power play.


LOL! Great minds think alike, flaggstaff! We both posted pretty much the same thing. Reyes is batting under .270 this year and his defense has been shaky as hell; lots of mental lapses and lazy misplays. I still maintain that we should have gone after a slugger like Fielder who will finish the season with his usual .300, 30 HRs, 100 RBIs.


I would rather have Solano playing 3rd and busting his butt on every play that suffer through any more Hanley ABs.


Nice of the Cheap Owner and Front Office to dump all the good middle relievers from last year! Couldn't afford them after signing Bell & Reyes!

To Hell With David Samson

When the best player on your team is 30-year-old nobody never-has-been-and-never-will-be Justin bleeping Ruggiano, it means you are the worst organization in all of sports. End of discussion.

Barranquilla Bro. Cartel

We would like to see Solano play third all the time ,and we may give the Dominican Dog a columbian neck-tie as an early Christmas present,for a going away gift.

Dr, E. Rectile

Heard Loria's money plus his penile implant has increased his stock in the art talent world. Also, Loria might play the Penguin in the next Batman movie. He's a natural.


When Bonifacio comes back they should stick Ruggiano in LF ( The way he is swinging the bat, he deserves it) keep Boni in CF. Move Morrison to 1B( Where his mobility is less of a concern) and bench him when a lefty is starting since Gaby hits lefties slightly better. I'm not sure how much of an argument Gaby can make for being an everyday player when you are batting below .200 and have struggled since the 2nd half of last season.

Wanna Bet ?

When Bonifacio comes back ,it will all be over.


Not even a wild cart spot?


R u kidding me with this game? I so want to eat crow.

It Aint over Til its over

Brew Crews BP sucks ,just like the Marlins .A battle of inept teams. Its great.


Are the Brewers doing this on purpose?

It Aint over Til its over

Which Bullpen will cave 1st?


Ho....ly sheet!!!! Why I'm surprised I dont know. We all talked about the four run lead that Bell blew against the Cards as being the worst. Well, Bell out did himself. Not in a good way obviously.

Ozzie should invite Bell to drink with him at the hotel tonight. I'd like to hear tomorrow that Bell just happened to fall down a flight of stairs and is forced into early retirement.

If this organization wants to get people to go to the stadiums they should hold a public shame night. They'll provide the tar but you must bring your own feathers.

It's Over

The Queefer strikes again

Scott Pose

I would really like to know how this fat piece of crap walks into the dugout after a game like that? How can a pro athlete have the audacity to not just strip that over sized uni off that fat, corpulent, obese body and say--" I Stink!1 I apologize!! I'm out of here!!It really would be interesting if Bell and Guillen both had a little too much to drink in the hotel bar tonight. Now that would be Showtime worthy. I would really expect Ozzie to beat the ever loving %^$% out of that piece of--is this being too harsh??--GARBAGE.

Can you tell I just got home after being gone for about 3 hours??


Juan Carlos Oviedo, step right up.

Scott Pose

Seriously, who would not pay to watch Guillen just get all his fraustration out by beating the Hell out of this ultimate choke artist? Would you people who live down there PLEASE!!!! show Heath Bell what you think of him when they get back to the park. Banners!! Posters!! Chants!!!!Choral Compositions!!! ANYTHING--as long as it's NOT physical--directed towards a guy who makes Jesse James look like St Francis of Assisi. Heath, Really?? No Pride??


The Queefer going for Kevin Gregg's blown save record of 9. Beinfest should stick to the small scrap heap signings and stay away from the big $$$$ FA signings. Big Time Fail with Queef Smell.

To Hell With David Samson

Queef Smell is the worst professional "athlete" in the history of sports.
I have more respect for Fidel Castro.
I have more respect for the late zombie face-eater.
I have more respect for the President. Well, that's taking it a bit too far.
To hell with them all. I hope the team plane gets lost in the Bermuda Triangle.


I posted this back on April 17th on another baseball website:


How can you spend 30 Million and STILL be Cheap?

Very simple. And the Marlins have done this last year too when they signed Buck to a three year deal that right now looks terrible. But what I'm talking about could be a lot worse than having a catcher who hits poorly and plays lousy defense. I'm talking about giving Heath Bell that 3 year contract. I was against this move from Day One, by the way. Bell was not the best reliever available, Papelbon was. And he is the type of reliever I like, a strikeout guy, a shut down closer. But Papelbon was the more expensive option. So the Marlins decided to be cheap and go for the 30 year old fat guy with a diminishing fastball rather than the strikeout artist who would cost them more money. Bell was always one of these overachiever types. Guys like that are like Cinderella; eventually the clock strikes midnight and they turn into a pumpkin and start blowing saves. He used to be a guy who had a moving 96 mph heater. Now it's a straight 94 miles per hour and it ain't fooling anybody. Not only that, the diminished velocity on his fastball is making his off speed stuff more hittable.

Hopefully he gets it together soon, because we need him. On the other hand, I bet it won't be long before we see Steve Cishek closing. His fastball has improved since last year. He now throws 93-94 and he does so side-arm! That kid has a bright future, in my opinion.


The powers that be on that website don't like me too much, by the way. Why? Because I tell the TRUTH. They say I'm "negative". That is bullspit. I'm not negative, I'm HONEST about this team.

Jeffrey Loria should be indicted and forced to sell this franchise to someone who has a CLUE and is not a cheap con man.


I ripped Reyes on this thread earlier and he did hit the go ahead HR for the Marlins in the 10th inning. So was I WRONG about what I said? No. Reyes made TWO really bad errors in this game, and despite his HR heroics, he is still a huge disappointment with his .270 average and lackadaisical defense.

Scott Pose

Let's Go Nats!!!!!!! ANYBODY but the Braves, Phillies or Mets.


The fat, 34 year old Bell has the STRAIGHTEST FASTBALL I have seen since Armando Benitez and Jorge Julio. Thank you, Mr. Loria! LMFAO!!!!

Jim Simpson WWS

Marlins go for the thrill of victory , suffer the agony of the Queefer


No update from the beat writers? How can you guys not be in Ozzie's grill on this one? What did Heath Bell say after the game? Reyes looked like he was shouting something shaking his head after the game in the dugout. Where's the real story? Even Tommy Hutton was screaming through the TV! There is no way this team recovers from this. They look fractured and I'm sure that clubhouse is full of poison...report on it and expose this team for the frauds they are. Team win......no way....team loss. I'll be heckling Heath Bell here in AZ at the game. Just think about where this team would be without his blown saves! There is an underlying story and it should be exposed. Total bull sheet! Can't wait to hear the typical Ozzie response of " he's my guy and I'm gonna stick with him". Really? I'll live with Cishek or Dunn but not this guy, no way. Forget it.

cant wait

Ozzie had a profanity laced tirade in front of everybody in the clubhouse,after the loss. Oughta be good to see the tape.

Stan M

Didn't realize it was an early game and when I turned on TV and saw score, it felt like I had died and gone to hell! It's not losing, it's how we're losing. Bell's save record shows why it's such an innane stat. The guy is actually credited with 17 saves. To someone not paying close attention, that looks pretty good when in fact, the guy has been awful.

Most of us posters have been on Hanley all year and rightly so. But over the past week or so we are discovering just how inept Ozzie has been as well. Many above point out how easily he is being outmanaged. But one need look no further than his continued reliance on Bell to realize that logoc is a missing ingredient in his mental arsenal.

The team has a 26 YO relief pitcher named Evan Reed. They got him from TX for Cantu. Just moved to AAA, his record in AA ball was as follows and his home field is a hitter's paradise...just ask Keys.
W 3 L 1 34 IP 24 hits 11 walks 43 Ks 2.39ERA
12 saves gave up i HR 1.01 WHIP
Can he be any worse than what we're seeing?

Stan M

One of best posts of the year. This team is about to lose any good will that was left. Yes it's a beautiful new ballpark. But this team could play in the Sistine Chapel and still have no one there unless something is done, and done now. No more of that crap about having confidence in this team and all will work out in the end. The only reward this team is heading for is an early draft pick next year.

Scott Pose

Flag, Give em Hell!!! I'll still try to get out there but they are taking the fun out of this. I really think Ozzie hates Bell's guts. I don't think you will hear any more crap coming from Guillen about supporting him. that would be sheer lunacy--don't mean the lunacy you usually associate with Guillen---Ozzie is NOT use to this kinda crap. He was really pretty good in Chicago with a championship and he knew how to play the game and take responsibility. Before he acquiesces to a mandate from ownership to support this move, he will tell Loria to stick this job in the same place he tells most people to stick things he disapproves of.

It is really bad,however, it's exacerbated to a health nut like me because this Corpulent, Cardiac Catastrophe waiting, slovenly slice of sucrose is such a PIG!! And i do mean a PIG!!! Man!! I hate a FAT!!!!! pro athlete unless he's a bowler.

Scott Pose

Seriously! Isn't there a moral compass involved pertaining to "taking" money under false pretenses. Is that what we have come to as a society that Heath Bell can blow saves faster than he ingests calories and yet nobody questions him as to his motivation because he has a deal. Shouldn't that deal have a moral equivalency involving your own CHARACTER that would suggest--I Can'T Take This Money Until I perform, and YES!!!!!!!! Stan, I understand the union won't allow him but he can still give a portion of it away after he takes it. Just show you have a sliver of pride and will not take something for nothing. Isn't that what we used to be about? Kaline turned down 100,000 because he didn't hit .300. I don't expect that kinda gesture BUT SOMETHING!!!!

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