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Giancarlo Stanton targets Aug. 10 return date; Hanley homers for Dodgers

       The home run sculpture has remained largely motionless since the All-Star break, what with slugger Giancarlo Stanton on the mend from knee surgery and the remaining members of the Marlins' anemic lineup struggling just to lift the bats off their shoulders. But Stanton's days of watching helplessly as the Marlins spin their wheels will soon end (of course, not in time to save this disaster of a season).

        Barring any unforeseen setbacks between now and then, Stanton said he expects to rejoin the lineup when the Marlins open their next homestand Aug. 10 against the Los Angeles Dodgers. Stanton jogged Friday for the first time on his surgically repaired right knee and said afterward that there was no soreness. He had already been taking batting practice.

        The Marlins have hit only three home runs in their eight home contests since the All-Star break. They've scored the fewest runs (32 in 14 games) and hit the fewest homers of any team in the majors since the break, and are on pace to challenge the franchise record for fewest runs scored in a season. That title belongs to the inaugural 1993 Marlins, who scored 581 runs. The current group is on pace to finish with 598 runs, which would represent the second-lowest figure by any Marlins team.

        Meanwhile, Hanley Ramirez continues to bring smiles to the Dodgers since joining Los Angeles. Ramirez connected on the deciding, two-run homer in the 10th inning last night as the Dodgers defeated the Giants. Afterward, Ramirez had this to say of Dodgers hitting coach Manny Mota: "Manny spoke to me and told me, "Don't try to do too much. Just do what you know how to do.' Every day he comes and talks to me. I have a lot to learn from him."

        To see that home run, click here.

        Nate Eovaldi, whom the Marlins obtained from the Dodgers for Ramirez and Randy Choate, takes the mound tonight for the Marlins.

        Also, worth reading is this article from Forbes, which shows that the Marlins are now projected to finish with the lowest total first-year attendance figure in the new ballpark era.


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david samson

wow what a great game. we had a packed stadium yestaurday. our defense is great this team is going to turn it around once we trade jj for some mid prospects from another team we are done restructuring and we will turn this team around and make the wild card. larry beinfast and mike hill are doing a great job we are right in it we have the wc in our sights jeffrey loria is pleased with the mone we saved we will be looking into bringing some nice waiver wire peices for the future. Thank you guys for supporting these great talent we have assembled for you this year in the stadium you the taxpayer provided.

david samson

P.S ...We traded Hanley because we wanted to change the complexion of our team.


the arrogance of the ownership of the marlins...you think that while the entire team offense is not hitting a lick, after having won two National League Batting Titles, National League Rookie of the Year, great Gap Hitting and High On Base Percentages, and with this huge drop off of hitting for about 150 games, you think they might consider the fact that maybe the Hitting Coach is not capable of helping at least one person in the line up? Who is doing better thanks to the Hitting Coach?
The best thing that could happen to the young guys on the Marlins is that they get traded. Hate to see them go, but they have no future staying in Miami.


F**k Hanley.

Stan M

LB, I was assuming Loria would use money he's saved from these trades to sign him. Idea came about after considering that team has to do something of substance to negate the negative perception they have left with these trades. I'm one who thinks that they did what they had to do and that if they can get as much as is rumored for JJ, then they have to do it. Just checked around different sites to see about any trades and SI raises question about trading Hamilton.

Can't understand why those who wanted Hanley gone are now upset with the return for him. He was a .250 hitter for better than a year, was no better in the field at 3B than he had been at SS, and exhibited absolutely no signs that this would change. I, for one, expected more this year now that he was healthy, but it just wasn't there.

You will get no argument from me about our announcers. They do a marvelous job and Tommy in particular would speak up when a play should have been made or a player could have shown more effort. Yet I do feel that they are given "guidelines". I have spoken in the past about reading (only once though) that after Loria's spat with Girardi, they were told to no longer to praise him on the air. As the old song goes, "They went about as far as they could go..." and it was particularly evident that Tommy wasn't a Hanley fan.

Some evening, when all is quiet here, and you and I are the late owls as we often are, I'd really like to hear about your experience trying to bring baseball back to DC. You never toot your horn as some of us do, but your comments are, in my opinion, the most respected on this blog. As old Teddy R said, "Speak softly and don't post too often", or something like that.


Stan the Man,
If the question is simply who would be the biggest boon for the Marlins, Hamilton or JJ, then I would say Hamilton in a North Carolina minute. Hamilton is an injury-prone asset who can play every day and JJ is an injury-prone asset who can play every five days. Acquiring Hamilton would definitely bring fans to the ball park. But if the Marlins are actually willing to spend the loot to sign Hamilton as a free agent, why not just wait till he files and sign him? Trade JJ for some hot prospects if you want to and get Hamilton in the offseason to give you a proven bat. (I think there's an old expression about having your Kate and Edith, too.) Also, that would give you an extra two months to see whether Hamilton is just slumping now or whether his career is in a Hanley-like decline. My guess is that he's just slumping a bit after that unbelievable first couple of months.


The Marlins track record of making good trades is lousy, & signing free agents is just as bad. I believe the FO is reacting in anger instead of whats best for the team. You make better trades in the off season than you do in July. What we are getting in return is not fair value. Bud Selig should have stoped these trades just as Bowie Kuhn stoped Charley Finley from gutting the A's. As I see it, the other teams got a lot more value than what the marlins got in these trades. If JJ goes....attendance will crash more than they can imagine.

Stan M

I wouldn't make the trade either. Better to get a bunch of kids for JJ and give us a reason to watch the team again. However, the Marlins must make another big splash after these moves which brought good looking prospects, but were also cost cutting and are preceived by many to be negative. If he comes back, the Rangers will have to resign Hamilton. The Marlins move will have to be one that nearly all would agree is something special. A Hamilton, Wright or one close to their worth must be persued. A thirty something ex All Star isn't the answer and we don't need another pitcher. So who is out there? I'd take that Twin catcher in a minute for one. Elsbury os the Red Sox would be another. Any ideas? Anyone?


Stan... I disagree about pursuing Hamilton. The guy would never be able to handle the temptations & demons of S.Beach. He would relapse in a N.Y. minute. We need to take a lesson from the Phillies....sign & retain our stars. We only had this team together for just barely 4 months....now it’s a team of backups, aaa players & about 3 major leaguers.

Wake Up & Smell the Folgers

Hamilton will not bring the fans to the ballpark,matter of fact ,nothing will. Marlins will lose 20-30% of the 1st year season ticket sales and it's downhill from here on out,no matter what they do. Forbes states that they have the worst attendance for a new ballpark in 30 yrs. It's only gonna get worse.

Stan M

You make an excellent point, spitballer.

Wake Up..., we must make some sort of move in order to prevent more of what you exemplify.

Anibel just got knocked out of game against Blue Jays in 7th inning. He put 11 men on base in 6 innings and gave up 5 earned runs.


Hamilton might well have a relapse if he came Miami, but not because of the lure of South Beach. Every city has posh bars and rockin' bars and bars filled with rich, half-naked women on the prowl. To an alcoholic, no one bar is more seductive than another. To a guy like Hamilton, a hotel room with a mini-bar is as big a danger as South Beach.

Lets Do it Again

Hope JJ pitches a great game against the Puddres manana, driving up his value for the 4pm deadline on Tues. Throw Lomo,Gaby,Cogz,Petey and Cousins in the deal, clean house and start over again. A new Broom sweeps clean.

Stan M

I respectfully disagree. At least from a personal point of view. If alchohol wasn't bad in excess, I would have a light buzz on all day, every day. And I would say, from my personal experience, that environment can be a critical factor. I am speaking of "wanting" a drink and seeing everyone on TV and the movies tipping a good one, etc. It's like saying, "I'm not going to drink unless we go out. Honey, let's go out for dinner tonight." You are essentially pointing out the availability of a drink which is, as you say, universal. Maybe you don't see a distinction, and that is understandable, unless you are the guy who desperately wants that drink.

Didn't realize that JJ is scheduled to pitch tomorrow. No wonder he hasn't been traded yet. If he is as good tomorrow as he was in his last start, then he's a goner.


Could be JJ's biggest start to date,of his career. Auditon for a playoff-team and maybe post season spotlight,a la Cody Ross. Best of luck to JJ, he deserves to pitch for a winner.One more year under contract with the Marlins,he will be gone anyway.

Stan M

You got that right, GeorgeB


Stanton is playing wednesday so wouldn't that allow him to return august 7th against the mets if he only needs four or five rehab games. Waiting until the 7th gives him six rehab games while waiting until the homestand gives him nine rehab games.

The Real Alex

As old Teddy R said, "Speak softly and don't post too often", or something like that.

Posted by: Stan M

Obviously that's advice that you yourself don't follow, considering how many posts you put up. You love telling OTHERS what to do, but you EXEMPT YOURSELF from your own advice.

And who cares about your ALCOHOL consumption or your PERSONAL OPINIONS about alcohol and all the other CRAP you pot about? Weren't YOU THE ONE that accused ME OF WRITING TOO MANY POSTS about MYSELF?

Sure, but once again, you EXEMPT YOURSELF from your own advice.

The Real Alex

Getting back to TALKING ABOUT THE MARLINS, I see that Ozzie The Nose Picker has ANOTHER GREAT OUTFIELD LINE UP tonight!

In LEFT FIELD - Logan "The Statue" Morrison.

In Right Field - Greg "3 Bounces to Home" Dobbs

The Real Alex

It's becoming pretty obvious what the Loria-Guillen STRATEGY is: LOSE AS MANY GAMES AS POSSIBLE between now and the end of the year. That way NOBODY CAN SAY ANYTHING if they decide to pull another FIRE SALE in the OFF SEASON. They will say simply "we had to do something! We spent a lot of money and it DID NOT WORK! And it did not help attendance either. So, we are going to go in the OTHER DIRECTION, rebuild with YOUNG (CHEAP) Players."

Why would they wait until the OFF SEASON to do the FIRE SALE and get rid of JJ, Stanton, etc.? SIMPLE! Right NOW everyone is WATCHING! Especially with that damned Showtime crap.

But in the OFF SEASON, everyone will be watching FOOTBALL and they can get away with GUTTING THE TEAM and not have to hear a PEEP from anyone.

I have been OBSERVING how these scum bags Loria & Samson OPERATE for YEARS now. It's not hard to predict how they'll act.

But wait, says somebody! If they GUT THE TEAM won't it be a DISASTER for attendance? Yeah, but SO WHAT? The SWEETHEART DEAL they scammed out of the City of Miami guarantees that they will MAKE MONEY REGARDLESS!

Not to mention that they can go back to COLLECTING MILLIONS from Revenue Sharing.

So Marlins fans, don't expect anything GOOD from this Franchise as long as these two DIRT BAGS own the team. And with Ozzie as the manager, even if they SOMEHOW got a decent team together, that MORON will manage them into ANOTHER LOSING SEASON anyway.

What's the over/under on how many games under .500 the Marlins will finish this year? I put it at 15 games. And I'm taking the OVER.


Some of the recent comments here about protesting Marlins management reminded me fondly of a guy named Bill Holdforth, a bartender at the Hawk & Dove pub on Capitol Hill in the '70s and '80s when I did most of my drinking there. Baseball Bill, as he was known throughout Washington, looked more like a beach ball than a baseball, but he staged one of the more memorable protests in baseball history.
Baseball Bill had worked as an usher at RFK Stadium for several years when Washington Senators owner Bob Short announced that he was moving the Senators to Texas, breaking the heart of every baseball fan in Washington. During the Senators' last homestand, Baseball Bill, still working as an usher, dragged an effigy of Short hanging from a noose up and down the aisles of RFK, getting a standing ovation from the crowd, including Mayor Walter Washington.
Two days later, when the Senators played their final game ever, thousands of fans stirred by his protest showed up wearing gear expressing their hatred of Short. Then, with two outs in the top of the 9th and the Senators leading the Yankees (I think 7-5), the fans stormed onto the field and began carting off everything in sight, forcing the umps to call the game and declare the Yankees a 9-0 winner.
The next year, when the Rangers arrived for their first visit to Memorial Stadium in nearby Baltimore, Baseball Bill showed up with his effigy of Short every night and ran up and down past the owner's box, taunting Short. He garnered national attention when Sporting News ran a photo of his protest. And at one point, Short reportedly glared at Baseball Bill and shouted, "Why don't you go f**k yourself?"
This is getting so long, I'm going to break it off here. But Baseball Bill wasn't done. I'll continue the story later if anyone cares.


Fans will hate me for this comment and attendance be damned. Shut the kid down and see ya next spring.

The Real Alex

First inning impressions of this Eovaldi kid:

Good fastball, 95 mph, which is good, not great. But he also showed a nice slow curve at 75 mph, and tight slider at 86. He also threw a cutter at about 92 that was unimpressive; the TV guys said it was a "work in progress".

Overall, the stuff is very good. While the fastball isn't overpowering, at 95 mph it's very respectable. Didn't see a lot of movement on it, so I hope he doesn't start grooving it up in the strike zone. The best thing is the DIFFERENCE IN SPEEDS between the fastball, curve, and slider. That was Chris Volstad's biggest problem. There wasn't much SPEED DIFFERENCE between his pitches.

Will this kid be a winner here? Who knows? Good stuff is just part of what a pitcher needs. We have to see how he reacts after the other team gets a few hits and scores a few runs off him. Does he start getting TOUGHER, or does he start GIVING UP? Does the kid have that MENTAL TOUGHNESS that good pitchers need? Anibal Sanchez had GREAT STUFF. But if he gave up a few runs, all the air seemed to go out of him, and next thing you knew he was just throwing pitches up there without any plan behind them. He lacked that TOUGHNESS, the bad attitude that you want from a power pitcher. Hopefully Eovaldi will work out!

Stan M

Just watched the first inning. I don't care if this kid gets lit up for the the rest of the game. Haven't seen stuff like he showed in a long time for a player in a Marlin's uniform. Now I can understand why the FO wanted this kid. Nolasco's curve and JJ's fastball from other years. Wow!


Alex, thank you. That was by far the best post I've ever read from you! Billy Koch threw the straightest 100mph heat you'd ever see but my oh my how quick an MLBer could knock it out the opposite direction.

As an aside I don't live in Miami, I reside in the Seattle area and when the Rangers come to town I go to see Hamilton. But then again I'm a fan of the game so I'd go to my 1 or 2 games a month anyway. Like the Marlins the Mariners are pretty awful and its a tough product to watch and sell. Fans out here have suffered through some lousy draft picks too. 5 years ago or so Bevasy picked a "closer" as his no. 1 (Josh Fields) when there were holes all over the place. Dumb! A few years ago JackieZ took Ackley no. 2 overall, maybe he was seen as a poor man's Utley? Anyhow he has regressed terribly. Hopefully next year Hultzen (another no. 2 overall) emerges. We'll see. Ugh, they took a Gator, Zunino this year. Sorry, my point is Beinfest and company aren't the only ones who get it wrong.


It's a little scary how much this new guy looks like a righthanded Andrew Miller. Or am I just imagining that?

That explains it

@rbleigh...your post explains Beinfest's ineptitude. Beinfest learned his baseball in the Seattle organization,before Loria hired him in Montreal.

Stan M

LB, no one ever said that Miller didn't have great stuff. The difference, in this short audition, in my opinion, is that this kid didn't walk half the lineup.


True. I have high hopes after watching him here. I just meant that there's something about his posture that reminds me of Miller. Nice to see him hustle down the line to beat out that hit. The only time I ever hustle like that anymore is when my prostate's acting up.


I personaly think andrew miller was rushed after his first stint in the majors he should of staued in the minors until he was dominating for a good year instead he went up and down and each time he seemed worst the red sox got him and kept him down almost all last year he hasn't looked that bad as a releif spot starter this year. I hope the same doesn't happen to webb his options are being wasted like the hoppers were and soon he might not have a spot on the roster the marlins should let him work things out the rest of the year in triple a and have him come to campo in spring fresh.


Eovaldi is making Beinfest look like a genius.


Tomorrow is Barf at the Park day. Must have something to do with the hot dogs.


At least Hanley isnt here sitting in the stands with all the other Mutts.

The Real Alex

Nice win! Some notes:

Eovaldi pitched well. But let's NOT get carried away yet, ok? After all, these were the PADRES, one of the worst hitting teams in baseball. But the kid definitely showed some good stuff. He does NOT LOOK LIKE AN ACE TYPE OF PITCHER; not yet, anyway. But he looks like he might become a serviceable #2 or #3 type starter.

Good thing Ruggiano hit that Home Run; another 0-4 night and that MORON Ozzie would have him ON THE BENCH. In fact, Ruggiano SHOULD STILL BE WORRIED, because he hit that HR off a LEFTY. Ozzie has been DYING TO PLATOON HIM anyway.

Good thing Reyes that hit HR as well! That way he couldn't get PICKED OFF.

Good thing Lomo heard Ruggiano calling on that ball to Left Center and BACKED OFF or "The Statue" would have run over our best player (when Stanton's not playing).

Those AWESOME CORNER OUTFIELDERS Lomo & Dobbs went HITLESS, again. Dobbs should ONLY be pinch hitting, and Lomo should be RIDING THE BENCH or playing 1st base. The SEASON IS OVER ANYWAY; why not let Peterson & Cousins get some PLAYING TIME?

The answer to that question is SIMPLE: Ozzie has it in his IGNORANT HEAD that Peterson & Cousins guys are NOT everyday players. Therefore they can FORGET ABOUT getting a chance to play regularly, UNLESS they do like Ruggiano did and absolutely GO OFF and hit .400 for an entire month. Ozzie the Nose Picking Idiot will CONTINUE to play Dobbs in the OF every chance he gets and of course, Lomo too, who is now SUCKING both Offensively and Defensively.

Enough with this Twit, Already

When are they gonna bench Lomo,and give somebody else a shot to hit .230 like him?

The Real Alex

As for Hanley doing well in LA, I'm not surprised. I have long suspected that he was DOGGING IT ON PURPOSE here in an effort to GET OUT OF MIAMI. Before anyone says that's a crazy idea, keep in mind that Hanley's friend and advisor was MANNY RAMIREZ, and Manny certainly knew EXACTLY how to get out of somewhere that he no longer wanted to be.

Why would Hanley want OUT of Miami? Why wouldn't he? People here finally saw him for the lazy cancer that he was. And he was NO LONGER the "Face of The Franchise"; that title had been passed first to the Cuban Gaby Sanchez (what a JOKE!), and then finally to Giancarlo Stanton, who really DESERVES it.

Then there was the MONEY issue. Do not forget that the Marlins basically LAUGHED IN HIS AGENT'S FACE when he approached them for a RAISE & EXTENSION after they signed Jose Reyes! Hanley felt that if they wanted him to MOVE TO 3rd BASE they should PAY HIM FOR IT. When they told him NO, he knew EXACTLY what to do. After all, he learned it from his GOOD FRIEND MANNY!

Ringling Brothers

Hanleys 1st week with the Dodgers has been better then any with the Marlins the last 2 years. This is proof that he was dogging it with us. Fak Hanley!

DC Marlin

When LA comes to town, I hope that whoever is pitching grooves a couple of pitches right into that greaseball Hanley's ribcage!! I have never disliked a player on one of my teams as much as that scumbag. Break a leg Hanley... Literally

Stan M

The kid couldn't get his curve over after the first inning and still did well. LoMo looks like a completely different hitter. Better switch him with Coghlan and et him get his confidence back. Bono made a play at 2B that Infante couldn't have made. Kid at 3B looked good. We know Dobbs' capabilities and team isn't going anywhere anyway, why put him in RF. Makes no sense. Most interesting Marlin game in 2 months. Tomorrow is critical to our future with JJ on mound. It's ironic in that if he's very good, it will be his last game as a Marlin. If he stinks, he stays. The way this team has done this year, he'll probably have mixed results...and then what?

Stan M

Other young pitcher team got, Turner, started in AAA last night. 5 innings pitched. Gave up only 2 hits but walked 3. Other kid, Flynn was really lit up...badly...in a AA game.

Shaky the Mohel

Anybody notice Lomo's spastic twitch with his right arm, before he steps in the battersbox? Whats that all about?


When was Gaby Sanchez the face of the franchise?!!!

Btw, Jacob Turner pitched admirably tonight.


I implore anyone that reads this to please go out to Dodgers games in August and boo Hanley. Loudly and often.


Stan M,
I believe LoMo has always had that twitch thing he does, but it looked a little less weird when he was actually hitting the ball. I think he's hurt and not telling anybody because he looks physically incapable of swinging the bat the way he did when he was going well. You would think the coaching staff wouldn't need fans watching from hundreds or thousands of miles away to tell them that.


Also, everybody please excuse me, but since there doesn't seem to be anyone else on here at 6:30 a.m., I'm going to quickly finish up the story that I started above about a young bartender who really did get the attention of the hated owner (and former owner) of his favorite baseball team, the Washington Senators.
In 1978, when Bob Short sold the team — then the Texas Rangers — and used the proceeds to run for the U.S. Senate in his home state of Minnesota, Baseball Bill held a giant fundraiser on Capitol Hill and raised enough money to wage a campaign against Short in Minnesota, pronouncing him a liar, and helped engineer his defeat, purely out of spite for what he had done to Bill's beloved Senators.
Baseball Bill, before the run-in with Short that got him fired from his usher's job, appeared frequently on the Senators' pre-game show and was famous for comments like, "Tomorrow night is pantyhose night at the ball park — Bob Short wants to see some runs."
I would suggest a variation on that theme for LOB's sign. Perhaps, "It's Ex-Lax Night at the park — Loria wants to see some runs." Or maybe, "It's Ex-Lax Night at the park — no wonder Loria stinks."


Stan M, as always you make so great points. Where are all the poster who wanted Hanely gone at any cost. I agree with the Hanely trade, remember this guy is a .250 hitter projected to hit 21 HR's and 68 RBI's. So are the Marlins going to pay him 13.5 and 14 million the next 2 years..............Absolutely not. Even if he wasn't a cancer in the club house he should have been gone. And he was a cancer. As for JJ. There's something wrong with him. Before the shoulder injury his fast ball was timed at 96-94, not it's 94-91. That 2 MPH is a big difference because he's not getting movement either, and his slider is not just middle of the road. Could his arm strength If they can get OTT and a top line pitcher for him, do it.


Stan M,
Now that the 6 a.m. cobwebs have cleared, I notice it wasn't you who made the comment about LoMo's twitch, so my response in that regard should have been directed at the palsied circumcisionist. But you're right about him being a completely different hitter. As Ozzie said yesterday, "If he doesn't start hitting, pretty soon he's going to be my bench coach."


Is David Samson going to be dressed as a chihuahua in the stands today for bark in the park. How about the cougar? What will she wear? We already know Loria can't pretend to be a dog, because he is a snake, a swindler who conned Miami.


so when does Josh Johnson get traded? Can't wait to see the new minor leaguers we get. Seriously, if I'm Giancarlo Stanton's agent....i'm on the phone with the little weasel Samson, telling him to trade Stanton now. Stanton would hit 50 hrs in the Bronx. As it stands he has to aim for a psychedelic 2 million dollar piece of artwork in center field, only to watch the a/c units knock down crushed balls to the warning track. Loria...you are a joke. Sell the team, now


Mickey Arison...the best owner in south florida...puts his money out there to create a winner. Have to say, Steven Ross, as incompetent as he is....and that's very incompetent is still worlds better than Loria. At least Ross spends, and tries to get players in. Loria is a con artist.....a brooklyn electronics shop owner that sells no named brand Tvs with "sony guts". As he drives off every day from Marlin Park in his Ferrari.....just counting all the parking money, concession money, merchandise money he is bilking from the "stupid citizens of Miami (David Samson)"

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