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Guillen blasts pitchers in clubhouse rant

   MILWAUKEE -- After Heath Bell ruined one of the biggest comebacks in Marlins franchise history when he gave up a game-ending homer to Aramis Ramirez, manager Ozzie Guillen went off in a profanity-laced rant inside the clubhouse. But Guillen didn't direct his anger at Bell. He railed on the other pitchers, most likely intended to deflect some of the criticism away from his embattled closer.

   “Make sure Miami people don’t (expletive) Bell,” Guillen said angrily to reporters, but loud enough for players, including Bell and starting pitcher Anibal Sanchez, in the hushed clubhouse to hear. “Bell gave up two runs. How about the rest of the (expletives) 10 or 12 runs they scored? That’s why this (expletive) game is not (expletive) fair. It’s Ozzie talking (expletive)? No. It’s Ozzie talking the truth, about how (expletive) we were before that (expletive) inning. Put that (expletive) down!”

   Bell accepted blame, saying he let his teammates down after they managed to rally from a 9-2 deficit in the seventh to send the game into extra innings. The Marlins, even without Giancarlo Stanton and Hanley Ramirez in the lineup, clubbed five homers and scored a season-high 12 runs. Before Tuesday, they were the only team in the majors that hadn't scored double-digit runs. But it all went to waste in a 10th-inning collapse by Bell, who now has five blown saves.

    Here's what Guillen had to say immediately after the jarring loss, but before he went on a tirade inside the clubhouse:


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left out the good stuff

Bryan Harv'stache

The only pitchers who were charged with earned runs were anibel, Webb and bell....so who exactly was Ozzie talking about? You bet hes fed up with that whale of a closer...but what can you do when its ALL about the money. I cant wait until Leo Juan Nunez oviedo arrives so he can relegate Bell to being the highest paid middlenreliver in the history of this franchise. Better yet, send his fat ass to Pat Riley camp so he can drop some weight and eat his words about the heat. Ive defended this jackaass for long enough..no more...he can go to hell. Time to ship his jackass self to new Orleans to see if he can even get a triple a bat out.


Heath Bell makes me sick. I never thought I would say this, but I can't wait until Juan Carlos Oviedo comes back.

On the other hand, I have a crazy idea. The people at Showtime want a show, right? This game is the perfect story. An impossible comeback ruined in the last out. A manager going off on a profanity laced rant. A fan base angry at one guy. Just the kind of drama showtime is looking for.


Juan Carlos Oviedo is not the answer. This guy sucked as much as Bell does now.



Stan M

I have a problem with the whole idea of "closer". Think of how many times one of our pitchers showed terrific stuff in the 8th inning (especially Dunn lately) only to be replaced in the 9th. If a relief pitcher has a great inning, and here I include the 7th inning set up man, why not let him go back out? He's already shown he's got good command on that day and no one knows if the next guy will have an off day or not. To me it is silly and simply follows tradition of the past couple of decades. It is a proven fact that closers make much more money per inning pitched then even the top line starters. Ridiculous!

Throw out the book

they all read the same book by Capt Hook, Sparky Anderson, with the Forward by LaRussa.

replacing the door

My kid has a poster of Bell on his bedroom door. It wont close.

Stan M

Searching for any good news:

Yelich has gone 17 for 31 in his last 8 games...wow!

Dominguez has hit .324 in his last 10 games with 12 RBIs and a .390 OBP

Coghlan has hit.297 in his last 10 games with a .395 OBP

Heath Bell caugh his right hand in a meat grinder (all 24 other players swore they had nothing to do with it while passing out champaign) and will be out for the year...OK I dreamed it!


What a disaster Heath Bell is. I hope Ozzie doesn't allow him to close anymore. Fans of Marlins should continue to boo this 'closer'.

the Undertaker

Dominguez=Stiff, Coghlan=cadaver Stiff....Yelich? way to soon to tell...Evan Reed ,interesting #'s at Jax.


Koehler can get guys out in a starting role, why not a shot in any role


Being a Marlins fan is tough...maybe the toughest in all of sports. Bell definately has his issues...his fast ball has no movement...staight as a laser. When Jose/Leo comes back....(I still like to call him Leo), let's hope he pitches better now that he dosen't have all that fake name stuff to worry about. As for Bell...maybe playing for a east coast team dosen't fit him well...I don't know what the Angels/Dodgers/Giants need....but maybe Larry can explore a possible trade with one of those teams this month & we can then go with Jose/Leo for a closer.

Scott Pose

Dear Spitballer, The ONLY thing you can get for Heath Bar Gut(and especially with that albatross of a contract) would be a KitKat, a Mounds, a Snickers or maybe a Little Debbie. I tried to give some examples that Fat Boy(Stan, was that first weapon named after Heath Bar Gut??) can relate to.

Stan M

Buster Onley reviewed trade possibilities for this month. Below is his take on the Marlins. Especially note what he says about Hanley

The Marlins: Miami is a train wreck and nine games out of first place in the NL East, but there's no way to know how the emotional Jeffrey Loria is going to react. Even if he were to order a shakeup  whether it's to buy or sell  the Marlins don't have a lot to buy with, or to sell. There is going to be a lot of speculation about Hanley Ramirez in the weeks ahead, but it's worth noting that over his last 643 at-bats, he's hitting .250 with 125 strikeouts and a OPS around .750, and he's owed about $40 million through the end of the 2014 season.

Stan M

Just saw your post above Spitballer. You are a fine poster but I have to disagree with your assessment for trading Heath Bell. Put yourself in the FO chair of those West Coast teams you mentioned. You are fighting for a pennant right now...today. Would you want a reclamation project like Bell on your roster, even if he were given to you? I sure wouldn't. Bell is so bad that more than worrying about Ozzie's wrath,he should be careful of an assasin.

Scott Pose

Stan, Please read Clark's new blog that is up.He has taken off the gloves and I really think he is just going to let the facts(disaster that is Heath) speak for themselves. Stan, Flags, Glags, Laurel and others---I hate to say this but once it becomes apparent they are out of the Wild Card as well, i will view this asthe DELICIOUS train wreck it really is and take a perverse interest in watching where the deterioration of this season will lead.


ESPN has an article that basically says Bell sucks and should not close.


Somebody asked me why do the Marlins SUCK?

What is happening here is very simple: The idiotic, cheap, and incompetent Front Office had 6 years to put this 2012 team together, and this sorry mess is the best they could come up with. Our Cheap owner, currently UNDER INVESTIGATION BY THE GOVERNMENT, stole the Luxury Tax money that Major League Baseball gave him in recent years and instead of putting that money into PLAYER PAYROLL when we actually had a good team that was over .500 and had a chance to make the playoffs, he put that money in his pocket, saying he was "saving it for the 2012 team", and baseball reluctantly let him get away with it.

So in 2012 he then spent the money both stupidly and cheaply. He overpayed for Jose Reyes when this team needed a slugger and because of that he had no money left. We needed a slugger because Hanley having a good year is a crack pipe dream.

With no money left he couldn't re-sign our good middle relief pitchers so we are stuck with Chad (Game Over) Gaudin. And he had no money for a GOOD relief pitcher so he signed the FAT, 34 year old Bell who even his old team, the Padres, knew was washed up.

Also because of this stupid owner's cheapness, we have to use infielders and washed up Designated Hitters to play the Outfield, because we gave away Cody Ross rather than pay him.

another reason why we stink is the stupid contract that we gave John Buck, a catcher who doesn't hit well, and whose defense is lousy. We gave that bum 18 million for three years, a stupid move that the Front Office made because people were attacking them for not spending the Luxury Tax money. So they went out and signed Buck to shut everybody up, LOL!

Finally, he signed that clown Ozzie Guillen to be the manager. I apologize to all Chicago fans who laughed at us for signing him; you guys were 100% correct. He is without doubt, the dumbest and most incompetent manager this team ever had, including Fredi Gonzalez. So, that's what happened to this team. That's why we are a joke.


LMFAO! Ozzie is ripping the PITCHERS? First of all, exactly WHO is the genius that brings Chad (Game Over, change the channel) Gaudin in to a close game? I mean any moron that has been watching games this year knows that when you bring Gaudin in to a game, YOU ARE WAVING THE WHITE FLAG! You are saying to your fans "Game's over, change the channel". That's number one.

Number two, the fielding SUCKS and Ozzie is a MORON for having Lomo in Left Field! The Brewers pitcher DOES NOT get that double if a REAL OUTFIELDER is playing LF. Lomo belongs ON FIRST BASE. Until Boni comes back, the OF should be Stanton, Ruggiano & Cousins. I been saying this for WEEKS.

Ozzie is a pure idiot and I really had no idea just how lousy of a manager he was until the past few weeks. Train wreck is right!

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