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Guillen, Marlins say white flag has not been waved by front office yet

With rumors swirling throughout baseball that the organization is not be done making moves before next week's trade deadline, the Marlins returned to work Tuesday saying the white flag of surrender hasn't been waved yet in their clubhouse.

"They've made two trades -- one to add [first baseman Carlos Lee] and the trade they made yesterday [sending second baseman Omar Infante and pitcher Anibal Sanchez to the Tigers for three prospects]. They traded for positions of depth, that's what I see," said left-hander Wade LeBlanc, who will get the start Saturday in place of Sanchez.

"To me, I don't really see it as selling as yet. I think they believe we can win and everybody in this clubhouse believes we can win."

Said Wednesday's Marlins starter Ricky Nolasco: "I don't think we're waving the white flag yet. It was a business decision. They got back what they wanted. Anibal is going into free agency after the year... I believe we can still win."

Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen echoed those sentiments Tuesday saying: "We still have a base. We still have people here to get this thing done." But at the same time, Guillen said, the players have no one to blame but themselves for being in this position. With a week before the trade deadline, the Marlins (45-51) are 7.5 games back in the National League Wild Card race and 11.5 games back of first-place Washington in the division.

"The people in Miami are used to blaming the front office because they broke up the team [after the 1997 World Series]," Guillen said. "If anybody wants to blame anybody, blame the people wearing this uniform. Don't blame the people wearing ties and sport coats. They do a great job. They did everything to keep this team together. They spent a lot of money, a lot of time.

"We didn't play good in this ballpark and we didn't play good on the road. We don't have an excuse. We played bad because we don't hit with men on base. We don't make the right pitches. We don't play good defense. You combine it all together, it's the players, it's me. You know me, I don't protect anybody from the front office. That's not my thing. But this was not a move like in the past after the championship. This is a move they made because we didn't play up to the potential."

> Guillen said Emilio Bonifacio will be the team's everyday second baseman moving forward. Justin Ruggiano, meanwhile, will replace Bonifacio in centerfield.

"Maybe once and a while we'll have an emergency and put [Donovan] Solano out there," Guillen said of second base. "It depends on how the outfield swings the bat, but I think most of the games Boni is going to be our second baseman... when a guy needs a rest [in the outfield Brian Petersen] will start."

Petersen and left-hander Dan Jennings were the two players the Marlins recalled Tuesday to fill the slots left by Infante and Sanchez.


With his name being thrown around in trade discussions, Hanley Ramirez said Tuesday he's simply focusing on what he does best -- play baseball.

"Unfortunately I can't control that," Ramirez said of the rumors. "The only thing I can control is going out there and in the end getting that W... I don't want to think about it. I just want to concentrate on what I do best -- hit."

Asked about his future with the Marlins, Ramirez said: "That was the reason I signed here. I've been here what seven years now? That was my hope. But like I said it's a business. Hopefully I can stay here. Otherwise, I just want to play and win. Even when you don't do good, you want to win."


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Fidel Guillen says "we can still win enough to stay out of last place and be a spoiler for other teams". Boy that'll get me to the ballpark. Thanks Ozzie. I'm so happy your in Miami, we might be in last place if it wasn't for your brilliant managing.


I love these big mouths who come here to announce that their not going to the Marlins games, and act like that makes them superior to everybody else. I don't care if they don't eat pistachios and I don't care if they never go to a ball game, and neither does anybody else.


Hanley is so stupid. Who does that error?

Flav C

is there a stat that measures "runs allowed without a hit"? The Marlins should be leading it by a lot in the Major League.

tony in miami

this administration don't know anything about baseball..you can not play around with your central line( catcher, ss, 2nd. base and cf)and now without a real 2nd. base and mr. hot dog (hanley )in 3rd. they can eat their new stadium


Having Dobbs in right field just cost the Marlins a run, and it will probably be the winning run. And Dobbs isn't hitting.

Leo Orestes Barberie

CLARK, LISTEN TO ME!!!!!!!! Ramirez WAS offered to the Tigers as part of a BLOCKBUSTER!!!! That you guys don't know that and that a guy in South Carolina with connections does know it is pretty scary. Agreed????

Leo Orestes Barberie

Ask "someone" in charge if that is not true---and then look right in his eyes when he answers. Ramirez WAS offered!!!

Leo Orestes Barberie

The "Real" Alex and many others have said it, I'm farrrrrrrrrrrr!!! From the first, but a true Major League Baseball team can't have a first baseman playing left and a dh/ph playing right. The ball will find you. Of course a real MLB team would not have John Buck catching. Brantly, Hurry Up!!!!!


LOB and The Real Alex are the same person.

The Real Alex

Once again, OZZIE THE MORON sabotages the Marlins' Defense by putting Gregg Dobbs in Right Field!!! And of course Dobbs takes a horrible route on a fly ball to RF that becomes a TRIPLE and the Go Ahead run. This is at LEAST the 20th time this year (NO Exaggeration!) Ozzie Guillen has cost this team big time with his MORONIC LINE UPS. He's just PLAIN STUPID. He's a TERRIBLE MANAGER, and what makes him terrible is he KEEPS REPEATING THE SAME MISTAKES over and over again.

One night after accidentally putting a decent Line Up together with Solano batting second and getting 2 nice hit and run hits, OZZIE THE IDIOT sabotages BOTH the Marlins' Defense AND their Offense by putting Dobbs in the line up. And for what? He's a great Pinch Hitter, but all his hits are basically SINGLES. He's had 164 ABs and just TWO HRs and just 22 RBIs. He went 0-3 tonight. What the hell does Ozzie see in this guy to make him think he's an EVERYDAY PLAYER? There is a very good reason that he has been a PINCH HITTER most of his career - his DEFENSE SUCKS and he has NO POWER!

Too bad we can't trade Ozzie Guillen at the Trading Deadline. The only thing he has shown that he does well is PICKING HIS F-ing NOSE. Ozzie is a WORLD CLASS NOSE PICKER at the post game press conference, but as a manager he just plain SUCKS.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Yes and you and Che Gueverra are each other's nieces. You have constantly been a disgrace to all the extremely intelligent and witty Latinos in South Florida. Your syntax and commentary are better suited for the walls of a porta potty in use at a Miramar block party. The sad thing is that racists and bigots utilize your abject stupidity as an attack against all the Hispanics that are more well versed in English than many native born Americans.

The Real Alex

Ozzie has no clue how to manage in the NL, NONE AT ALL. It's bad enough that he INSISTS on playing washed up types like Dobbs & Kearns in the field, but it's downright IDIOTIC to leave guys like that in the game in the LATE INNINGS! This was a tie game, 3-3 in the 7th inning when Prado hit that "triple" that should have been an OUT. Scott Cousins should have been in RF by that time; Dobbs had already gotten his 0-3 out of the way, there was NO REASON for him to still be in Right Field.

I've watched Ozzie all year and he has no idea how to make situational substitutions. He lets guys like Buck run the bases in the 9th inning down by a run. He leaves guys in the field late in games that are defensive LIABILITIES. He is constantly getting out-maneuvered by other managers in pitching changes, leaving his lefty specialists to pitch to right hand hitters and vice versa.

I wish SOMEONE would name me ONE THING that Ozzie does well as a manager! Other than PICKING HIS NOSE at the post game PRESS CONFERENCE! Go ahead; name me ONE THING that Ozzie does swell as a manager. Besides picking his nose and dropping F bombs.

The Real Alex

Hey Lou, did you know that you and I are the SAME PERSON? How came you didn't take me with you to see the Nats when you came down here from Greenville? Seeing as we're the SAME PERSON, you should have been able to get me in FOR FREE! LMAO!

The Real Alex

But you are 100% right, of course, LOB, and I can't believe that this MORON of a manager has been doing the same stupid things all year long and is STILL doing them! I said it back in April, you cannot win in the Major Leagues with a jerry rigged outfield full of guys that ARE NOT OUTFIELDERS! But this CHEAP team has been doing that garbage for so long, that they have come to actually believe that it's ALRIGHT, that it's good baseball. They have absolutely no second thoughts about putting guys in the outfield that are completely UNSUITED for it. How many times has Lomo butchered routine plays in Left? And of course, Dobbs. And lets not forget Kearns, either. All of them have flat out EMBARRASSED themselves in the outfield, but it's really not their fault. They do what they are told to do; they try their best, but they are NOT outfielders.

I can't believe that I'm STILL typing about this stupidity in July; these clowns running this team continue to make the same mistakes they were making in April.

Leo Orestes Barberie

The Real Alex, I don't have the computer acumen to log off of Facebook and that's why I can't get those silly little things to the right to match up. If I could do that it would prove we are the same people. I knew the proverbial would hit the fan when I called almost every aspect of that trade. People don't like it when you demonstrate that you have inside knowledge and they rely upon Craig Minnervini. Since we are the same people I'm sure you and I will enjoy sitting right next to the Marlins bullpen in DC and verbally critiquing Heath Bell in a couple of weeks.

I really wish I could write out the exact details of the next one going down but I'm afraid they would use the old CIA trick of giving out details to one guy and seeing if that hits the Blog. With the Infante and Sanchez deal you had multiple sources in on it and no way to pin a leak. I'll try to give some clues but only if I know I won't cost someone his job.

Leo Orestes Barberie

The Real Alex, They DID offer Ramirez to the Tigers but only in a preliminary way to see if parameters could be set.

Leo Orestes Barberie

You would know far more about deep throats than your humble Blogger.

Leo Orestes Barberie

I find it amazing that some people want to get into a battle of wits and they are doing it half armed.

Of course you can't blame Dobbs and Morrison for the misplays. They are going where they are told. Now if this was Johns Hopkins and you had the Chief of Staff telling a gastroenterologist to cover in cardiology, at that point you would want the Gastro guy to say--"No Way. I might kill somebody", but the only person who will be killed in the Marlins situation is if Dobbs or SloMo blindsides Ruggiano.


Hanley to the A's for A.J. Cole and Sonny Gray.
JJ to the BlueJays for Adeiny Echavarria and Jake Marisnick.
See? I have connections too!! I have connections too !! A humble delivery boy from Coral Springs!
Clark, Clark! Call me, I can help you!

Leo Orestes Barberie

Dear Mark, Pretty snappy answer from a dead man who had been suffering from Alzheimer's. I think that should be self-grandioseD. Maybe the word "iconic" also should be slipped in somewhere.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Spider Webbed Icon, You couldn't be a delivery boy for Lehman Brothers. As far as connections, they would be limited to the life support system sustaining your existence long enough to allow all the relatives from Perrine to arrive.

Leo Orestes Barberie

I'm only doing this about 15 more minutes but you must show me more than the pap you have generated. GO!!!

Dwayne Marimon

LOL lil' LOB angry. Let me tell you this, Mr. "I have connections". Even before you came out with the "blockbuster" info on Anibal/Infante, the Detroit media was all over this trade already. The other ones were right: This Alex guy and you, if not the same person, are very much alike. It's all about "me, me, me", and " I,I,I".

Leo Orestes Barberie

Dear Dwayne, Give me the time and date when the Detroit News or any other paper mentioned Infante AND Sanchez for Brantly and Boesch and another prospect?? I had it on this Blog at 11:22 the night before. I missed BADLY on the Boesch portion. I'm assuming the marlins were WILLING to settle(foolishly I believe) after the Tigers thought Brendan had it back.

Just show the time in either paper when they called that deal, because I can easily show you where I had the Infante, Sanchez and Brantly parts right 18 hours before.

Good Night Eb. It was fun.


Why are there so many idiots commenting now? Hey Clark, you should make it so that you can only comment by signing in.

Dwayne Marimon

Bob, we idiots have "oh!" so much pleasure in entertaining idiots like you.

Leo Orestes Barberie

FINE!!!!!! Let's Sign in!!!! That would be great. How about requiring some curriculam vitaes as well. Then I won't hear I'm Alex. Heywood would be consigned to the cinderblock. There will be no reference to dildos(Is there an "e" on the end of that like "potatoe, I never utilized one} and this site can take on a feeling of class.

Leo Orestes Barberie

You Win!! Can't compete with that Hawkingesque acuity.

Stan III

LOB, National or American Lg?

Stan M

There was a time when this blog featured Baseball comments. Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?


Anyone know when Turner will make his first start. Prior to getting called up he pitched a complete game shutout. Should be interesting.


When you have a real baseball club instead of a comedy club, you'll get baseball comments....Joltin Joe has left and gone away...Hey.Hey,Hey....


Marlins to trade Hanley to Dodgers for Eiovaldi and a minor league relief pitcher. My sources are solid. You heard it hear first!


Here I mean...


Sorry. When you have access to so much inside information at all hours grammatical mistakes often occur.

Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum

Hanley and Choate are going to the Dodgers for two young pitchers Nathan Eovaldi and Scott McGough. We talk to the O'Malley Group every day.

The Real Alex

Well Lou, I actually don't mind when these clowns say that me and you are the same guy. I consider it a COMPLIMENT. Now if I was accused of being Joe Frisaro, Idiot In Chief of the Marlins MLB website, THAT would suck. I finally figured out why Joe The Shill banned everyone that laughed at the STUPID crap he wrote before the season started, like how great the Heath Bell signing was and the moronic stuff he wrote about how Hanley would have a great year, etc. Could you imagine the ABUSE Frisaro would be taking right about now if I was still there? LMFAO!!!! Hey Frisaro! Write another "article" about how well those Marlins hats and T Shirts are selling! That's about all you're good for.

All the MORONS who were so completely wrong about this team before the season started are very glad certain guys aren't around to laugh at them and say "See? I TOLD YOU SO! Once again you clowns have proven that you know NOTHING about baseball!". I guess people don't LIKE a guy who rubs it in their faces that he was right and they were WRONG. Well, too bad. I never signed up to any website to be LIKED. As long as I continue to be RIGHT, you little kids can call me all the names you want!

The Real Alex

It was actually VERY EASY to predict that this team would suck; it just took some baseball knowledge and some COMMON SENSE.

1) Heath Bell was a 34 year old fat boy that his old team no longer wanted. They signed him because he was the CHEAPER option than a real closer like Papelbon. So that was an EASY call.

2) Reyes not being "The Answer" was also a very easy call. Even if Reyes had another batting championship season this year, he's a SINGLES HITTER. The Marlins clearly needed a SLUGGER, a guy to drive in runs. Reyes was signed because he was a Latin player that Loria was betting would put fans in the seats, not because signing him was the BEST BASEBALL move. So that was an easy call as well.

3) Hanley Ramirez not having a good year was also a very easy call to make. He showed us NOTHING since 2009 to make us think otherwise! If you believed Hanley would have a great year you were DELUSIONAL.

4) JJ not having a "JJ type of year" was another very EASY call. The guy was coming off an injury. Pitchers coming back after injuries usually don't regain their form until the SECOND year. This was a simple call as well.

5) Gaby, Lomo, & Coghlan not having good seasons was also easy to predict. NONE OF THOSE GUYS showed us last year that they were gonna BREAK OUT big time in 2012.

6) Finally, this team was STILL operating the CHEAP and STUPID way that they operated since 2006: they continued to JERRY-RIG their line up and play guys OUT OF POSITION. As soon as this season started what did we see? Outfields full of first basemen, infielders and washed up DH types like Dobbs and Kearns. That surprised me, as did their CHEAPNESS in decimating the middle relief portion of the bullpen, letting go of Hensley and Brian Sanches. Once I saw THAT, it was an easy call that the OUTFIELD DEFENSE and Middle Relief would SUCK.

So yeah, I was 100% CORRECT about this team before the season started, but in reality it was EASY! What was SHOCKING was all the clowns who actually THOUGHT THIS TEAM WOULD WIN!

The Real Alex

What did surprise me was just how BAD OF A MANAGER Ozzie Guillen is. I have to admit that was one thing I did NOT see coming. I never watched a lot of American League Central Division baseball, so I had no idea how much Ozzie SUCKED.

When we signed him, some Chicago fans came to the MLB board (before Joe Frisaro banned me, LOL!) and they were LAUGHING at us Marlins fans. They were saying that we would be sorry for hiring Ozzie. I didn't believe them. I thought they were just trolling. But now I realize that they were 100% CORRECT!

Hell, if I had known just how bad Ozzie was, it would have been even MORE EASY to predict this team's EPIC FAILURE!

The Real Alex


Rotting Fish

My favorite moment from the Tuesday night telecast: Beinfest's phone starts ringing during the interview segment in the 5th inning. First, didn't this guy have the brains to put it on silent during the interview? Second, do you think the Dodgers are the only team with Beinfest on speed-dial these days?

Call me a crazy newbie, but we ain't seen nothin' yet. By this time next week the team will be mostly gutted. Super SloMo and Gaby will have new homes, we'll finally be rid of John Buck75, and Heath H*ll will be placed in a new dungeon.

Marlin Fan

The front office makes it extremely difficult to be a Marlin fan . Yes , absolutely Ramirez had to go , but at least get SOMETHING in return for him .

The Real Alex



The Marlins trade both Hanley and Choate for a pitcher who is 1-6. But this isn't a fire sale, huh?

Marlin Fan

I guess with all the " prospects" in these trades , it allows the front office more time and excuses as to why the team won't win , as they're waiting for the development of the prospects .


One thing is for sure: We can stockpile these struggling young pitchers and know with confidence that a great pitching coach like Randy what's-his-name will turn them into superstars overnight.

Marlin Fan

Lol , St Claire , the master . Well IF they ever develop , right when they're ready to come into their own , we won't sign them and let other teams reap the rewards lol

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