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Ozzie: It's closer by committee until Bell regains form

When the Marlins open the second half of the season Friday night at Marlins Park against the Washington Nationals, the ninth inning will no longer belong to Heath Bell.

In fact, the closers job won't belong to anybody.

On his weekly appearance on the Dan LeBatard Show on 790TheTicket Tuesday, Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen said he's going to with a closer by committee approach until Bell -- he hopes -- figures it out.

"... I'm going to go by committee, see who throws the ball better," Guillen said. "I will talk to [Bell] when we come back from the All-Star Break and explain to him why we're going to do this. Hopefully, he'll come back and start throwing the ball better and then he'll go back to his role."

"I have to," Guillen continued. "The players, club, the fans, myself, himself -- it's kind of hard dealing with this every other day."

Bell (2-5, 6.75 ERA) has blown six saves this season -- one more than he did all of last year in San Diego. But he's also had a handful of other situations where he's given up the lead and just hasn't been charged with a blown save because someone else inherited the opportunity or because the Marlins' lead was more than three runs (such was the case in a loss to the Cardinals on June 25).

This is the second time Bell has lost the Marlins closer's job. Guillen took it from him back in May temporarily, giving right-handers Steve Cishek and Edward Mujica and left-hander Randy Choate a couple opportunities to close out games and pick up saves.

Cishek and Juan Carlos Oviedo, who will complete an eight-week suspension for age and identity fraud July 22, are the most likely candidates to replace Bell in the closer's role moving forward. Mujica is expected off the disabled list (broken right pinky toe) Sunday, and also could be in the mix.

> Although the Marlins didn't have a visible representative at Tuesday night's All-Star Game in Kansas City, they'll receive more exposure -- and be exposed more than any other team in the league -- when The Franchise television series begins airing Wednesday night on Showtime.

Wednesday's first episode of the behind-the-scenes look at the Marlins will be one hour long. The next seven episodes will last a half hour.

MLB Productions executive producer David Gavant said the Marlins provided them more access than the Giants did last year, specifically to members of the front-office and ownership. “It’s ground-breaking,” he said.

Marlins President David Samson agreed.

"We promised to give them access to everything and we've delivered that. They're everywhere we are," he said. "They were there when we traded for Carlos Lee. They're there when we send players down. They there when we talk about players, off the field and on the field. It debuts Wednesday and it should be very interesting because there will be a lot of stuff that won't make the show because of the hours of footage.

"When they asked to do the Marlins, I don't think they had any idea what they were in for. I feel badly for next year's team."

> For more Marlins nuggets, check out Barry Jackson's Buzz Column.


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As soon as Heath Bell gets one out, he's gonna be the team closer again. Guillen took him out of the closer job for one night last time.

Leo Orestes Barberie

David sounds just so excited and giddy about how his club will make it difficult for teams in the future that allow access.I guess he is happy with all the train wrecks pertaining to his manager, his closer,floundering left side of the infield, lack of All-Star representation, first basemen playing left field, pinch hitters playing right field, second basemen playing center field,2011 All Stars at New Orleans, Rookies of the Year at New Orleans,catchers with Mendoza Line "Slugging Percentages",a 30 year old rookie as your best player, people hitting inanimate objects, political commentary---See, this is what makes the Marlins interesting. Not winning, but being a joke.


So who gets the ax when the last of the Mujicans and JCO are activated. Nobody suggest you-know-who, because we know it ain't gonna happen. Gaudin is one likely candidate. I'd hate to see LeBlanc leave, because he's been a bright spot out of the bullpen. They haven't had much use for Choate with Dunn and LeBlanc throwing so well, so maybe he's odd man out. Whoever goes, it won't seem fair with wheezy Heath getting a free pass.

Samsons Boyfriend

A Novel Approach...Have Bell pitch the 1st inning of the game...then turn it over to the starter..gets Bell out of the way, he gets his work in facing the top of the order no pressure...if he gives up 5 runs in the 1st,the team still has 27 or 24 outs to pull it out, instead of game over.


If Ozzie explained why he left Bell in the game the other night, the MH hasn't reported it. Everyone knew the flush valve was open and the ball game was going down there. So why didn't Ozzie yank him before it was over?


Samsons Boyfriend

Ozzie was thinking ahead ,x-tra innings where he still had Choate and Webb,and the Cardinal mgr Matheny already used up his BP totaling 6 relievers including Mott the closer in the top of the 9th. Unfortunately for Ozzie,he took the cart before the horse ,especially when all the Horse had was horseshite, and Ozzie got burned.

Mr Whipple

@SamsonsBF...not a bad idea...if the starter gives you at least 6 innings ,your into the 8th before going to the BP...you also save a double switch or a PH move, saving an extra player,because the starter will come in to the batting order in the 2nd ,in place of Bell in the 9 hole.

Mr Whipple

All-Star Game has turned into a twitter popularity contest,with 19 players under 26yrs old. 20 yrs ago the All-Star game was loaded with future HOFers. Not any more.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Something to look for going forward--under the command of the Human Carcinogen--Justin Verlander has thrown way more pitches than anyone else in baseball. Senor Smokestack seems to think that Verlander is impervious to pitch counts, innings and probably everything else,however, I've started to detect a change in velocity over last 3 weeks. If Mr Nicotine has ruined this arm he should have to spend rest of his life on a desert island with Dave DUMBbrowski.


Speaking of things said by Stan M that I disagree with, I was watching the All Star Game and saw that Prince Fielder is batting .300 with 15 HRs (in huge Comerica Park in Detroit) with over 60 RBIs and I remember Stan M saying that he prefers Jose Reyes in a Marlins uniform to Fielders considerable bulk in a Miami uni. I disagreed with him the first time he said that, and I disagree now even more as I look at their Stats at the break. Obviously Prince having many more HRs and RBIs is no surprise, but he's also batting about 35 points HIGHER than Reyes and Reyes has been disappointing in the field and on the bases as well, making several errors and getting picked off several times.

At least I have been consistent about this, BTW. When Pujols signed with the Angels, the first thing I said was that the Marlins need to sign Prince Fielder because this teams needs a SLUGGER, as anyone betting that Hanley Ramirez would return to form must be smoking crack. I also said I don't think that they WOULD go after Fielder because he's black and does not fit in with the obvious cynical & disgusting pandering to the Latino community that Loria is engaging in, trying to make this "South America's Team".

And of course I was right; they made NO ATTEMPT to sign Fielder and Reyes is a huge First Half BUST, no matter how you slice it. Could you imagine if we had Prince at 1st base this year rather than Gaby Sanchez? Oh well; the words Moron, Idiot, and Fool keep coming to mind when I think of this Front Office & Owner.


I posted this on the previous blog, and I'm going to re-post it here for two reasons. One, I think it's funny and topical considering the Franchise promo aired tonight, and Two, I think Stan M was taking a shot at me with his "What a pleasure" remark, and I want to be sure that Stan sees this. I don't like people taking those "curve ball" types of shots; if you got something to say to me, SAY IT DIRECTLY TO ME. Of course I might be completely OFF BASE and maybe Stan wasn't talking about ME AT ALL! In which case I'm a freaking STUNAD, and I apologize for being one. Anyway, here's the post:

"What a pleasure. There are over a dozen posts above and not in one do I see the words "stupid", "idiot", "moron", or "fool". - Stan M"

I guess that's because I haven't been posting about Loria, Samson or Ozzie, Stan. Somehow those words always seem to come to mind when I think about those three. I had no idea that bothered you, but to be honest, it won't stop me from calling 'em like I see em. Even if I don't get invited into the "inner circle of website leaders" here. I didn't come here to be popular.

I watched The Franchise tonight and saw Loria in action as The Boss. What a really SMUG individual he is! How completely un-likable he comes off. Good thing I don't work for the Fish. I'd have to be grossly overpaid not to succumb to the urge to slap him in the mouth if I worked there. Samson is what I expected; a little butt kissing annoying twerp. Ozzie came off as the most likable and sympathetic, but then I remembered how he has managed this team and those words, Moron, Idiot, and Fool came to mind again. I wish I could promise you, Stan, that I won't use them ever again, but I'm sure Ozzie will leave lomo in LF late in a game again, or not pinch run for Buck in the 9th inning down by a run, or he will let Choate pitch to a RH batter....


And if I am indeed wrong, and I am indeed a STUNAD, and even a moron, idiot or fool, I apologize for so being. It ain't the first time I have been WRONG about something and it damn sure won't be the last; as long as I'm alive I will probably make mistakes. But at least when I AM wrong or when I AM a STUNAD at least I damn well ADMIT IT and say "my bad", unlike so many other guys who NEVER admit to being wrong about ANYTHING, even when they are so obviously wrong it's laughable.

Mick Levy

Loria couldn't possibly be trying to make it South America's team. No one cares about baseball in that region, with the exception of Chavez's backyard.
Try a little bit north, in the Caribbean region. Maybe you need a world map and some Geography classes.

Mick Levy

Loria couldn't possibly be trying to make it South America's team. No one cares about baseball in that region, with the exception of Chavez's backyard.
Try a little bit north, in the Caribbean region. Maybe you need a world map and some Geography classes.

Stan III

Alex, have you ever re-read a post of yours and thought, 'Wow, I really used "I" quite a bit...' 40 times in three post in this thread alone. Over the last 4 months or so, readers of this blog have most likely taken note of your long posts. A few things are quite obvious when seeing an Alex post. THERE WILL BE CAPS! There will be quite a few "I statements", and there will be some passion about the game. As a follower of this blog for the past 2 years, I look forward to reading the comments from the previous day, or sometimes even as the game is being played. The banter, insight, speculation, and fandom of these blog followers seems quite genuine and quite informative. It's an enjoyable part of following a team and it is somewhat interactive. Almost a virtual support group for the Marlins. Some of these posters/followers of the blog have been chatting back and forth for quite a few years. Their on line camaraderie is woven into the fabric of their Marlin fandom and baseball experience. Reading and writing about the games has become almost as important as the games themselves. Sure there are frustrated comments, overly excited comments, silly day dream/wish this could happen scenario posts, and the list goes on and on. What I find interesting is the theme of the posts. They are all about the Team, the players, Baseball, food at the game, the seats, a question the the actual blogger, and the list goes on and on. What I have noticed since you surfaced is that many of your posts on this Blog, are about YOU! Not all your comments, but many of them are. You do have some insightful things to say and have been correct on many occasions, and just maybe, we all don't need to be reminded with copy and paste text of just how right you were. It kind of makes you look , hmmm, not very confidant. I know you have coached baseball and been around the game on many levels for the past 50 years or something to that extent. It has been drilled into my head. In many of your posts, there is sometimes a good nugget of information, almost like a nut inside a shell. You have to crack some nuts to get to the meat, just like one of your posts. Wade through the useless stuff, scan the paragraphs, and get to the heart of the matter, or in essence, crack the nut. Try serving your nuts without the shells for a while, see how it goes over. You have some good things to say when you are talking about the team, we just have to teach you how to crack your nuts.


Last year during the Tuesday TV Broadcasts, Rich and Tommy used to occasionally mention (I think) the "angry emailer" or the "mad emailer", not sure which. My guess is that the emailer is now posting numerous messages here.

Samson's Boyfriend

We already know who that is/was..ancient history..pretty funny stuff....


How about Manager By Committee?

Pepe Billeton

During last Sunday's game Tommy and Rich were going over who should be the MVP, manager of the year, ROY etc for the first half of the season. One of them said he will only vote for Floridians . However when it came to the Cy Young, they agreed not to vote for anybody because they weren't going to choose RA Dickey and THERE WERE NOT ANY FLORIDIANS. At no time they mentioned Gio Gonzalez, who you could argue and say he's probably the best lefty on the game. My thought at the time was of anger and laugh. I said either they're racists, which i don't think they are, or they are just plain IGNORANT.

Net Detective

another one with CAPITAL letters...hmmmm...familar

Eddie S



Eddie S,
A player with five years service, like Bell, can't be sent to the minors without his written permission. So basically, it's keep me on the roster and keep paying me or release me and keep paying me. The Fish, you might say, are out of options.


Alex=Ligero1=SHARP_STEEL_SPIKES=Orlando Bosche=etc.


is he an illegal alien? why all the phony alias'


Well, Stan, that's pretty funny, considering how many of YOUR POSTS are all about...YOU. Good Old Stan, the Baseball Encyclopaedia full of great stuff about Duke Snider and the good old days, and God Forbid if anyone disagrees with him! Stan M will come and tell you things like this: "WE like Coghlan over here, Alex". So WHAT, Stan? Am I supposed to like him too just to be a member of your INSIDER'S CLUB? And although I never met you, I would bet your eyes are brown because of all the CRAP that you are full of. My posts are about ME? Really? Pot, meet kettle1 LMFAO....do yourself a big favor, Stanley. If you don't like my posts, don't waste the limited time you have left on the planet READING THEM, LMAO. I may be old, but according to YOU, you're ancient. Hey, how is it that we all know so much about you, Stan? Could it be from your ENDLESS POSTS that are so full of information about YOU, YOU, always YOU? The Giants! Duke Snyder! How his stats compared to Mickey and Willie? The great Jackie Robinson; after all, that's why you like Reyes so much, he always smiles just like Jackie! And let's not forget Casey! In a very short while I have sure learned a lot of CRAP ABOUT....YOU. LMFAO!

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