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Guillen said trades have been right moves, Marlins brass "thinking with their brains, not with their heart"

ATLANTA -- With less than 24 hours before the trade deadline it's appearing more and more likely the Marlins won't get what they're looking for -- a substantial sum -- in return for three-time All-Star Josh Johnson.

Although Ozzie Guillen said he expects Johnson to pitch in one of the Marlins' two games Friday in Washington, the skipper also said if the team receives a good offer for Johnson at the last minute he can see the team pouncing on it.

"I guarantee you if somebody puts a nice package for him and they like it, it is what it is," Guillen said. "I don’t think they will [give up] JJ for a pair of broken bats and [batting practice] balls. It will have to be a deal to help us. When you’re at this situation, everybody is out there."

While the Marlins have undergone a massive makeover in the past week -- shipping Hanley Ramirez and Randy Choate to the Dodgers and Omar Infante and Anibal Sanchez to the Tigers for younger players, Guillen said the moves the club has made are right.

"I think they start thinking with their brains, not with their heart," Guillen said. "That’s the way we got to move on. We made a few trades and people went 'Wow, Wow, Wow.' Maybe those trades we made in the next cople of years [pan out]. Like I said yesterday, we’re not trading for kids in Single A, rookie league. We’re trading for kids who can help us very soon. That’s a good start.

"I think what they’re doing right now is the right thing. They’re doing a pretty good job of trying to put the best team together for a few years to come."


Marlins reliever Ryan Webb caused a little bit of a stir Monday afternoon when he went on Twitter and complained about former teammate Hanley Ramirez retweeting too many pictures of Dodgers fans doing the 'I see you.'

"Just un-followed him, didn't notice any tweets while he was in miami..then all of a sudden I couldn't get through my feed," Webb tweeted.

Webb said he didn't mean any harm, but caught flak on Twitter for it from fans who thought he was ripping Ramirez. Webb, who has his own telescope and is fascinated by astronomy, said he usually goes on Twitter "to find out is going on with the curiosity rover on Mars and the latest in particle physics."

"I wasn't trying to imply anything at all," Webb said. "I was just trying to get my NASA updates on my twitter feed and all I asked was how to get all these pictures off my feed. I wasn't trying to be a [jerk]. I didn't mean to unfriend him as person. I don't think he's a bad guy. Hopefully, nobody takes it bad."

> As for Hanley's new "I See You" movement with the Dodgers, former Marlins teammate Emilio Bonifacio, founder of the 'Lo Viste', said he has no problem with it -- even if it is sort of a 'Lo Viste' rip off.

"I found it strange," Bonifacio said of the 'I See You.' "The first game with the Dodgers I saw him do the 'Lo Viste.' Then he changed it. It doesn't matter. It's all for fun in the end."


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I still don't get why they had to include Choate in the trade. Trading Hanley should have been enough. As for the trade with the Tigers...IMO the Tigers made out like bandits again. The Tigers must really like trading with the Marlins.


Two intellectually challenged Coconuts come up with 'loviste' and 'I see you'...and the rest of the playground follows these mental midgets. No wonder the Marlins are big time turds.


Seriously, they did very well in the trade with Tigers. An inconsistent starter and a journeyman second basemen for a couple arms (1 ML ready and ace-worthy)and a good LH hitting catcher? I'd do that trade a million times over.


What Ozzie meant to say was "Dey tinkin wit der brains now, not wit der azzzz,like in in last Dec".

Fish Fan

Hanley, and LoMo for that matter, HAVE To learn that it's cool to do all this clowning around on Twitter when you have the stats to back up all the goofing around.

Otherwise, fans start to wonder....
Gee, if they really have an extra hour or two a day to play on Twitter, shouldn't they be in the batting cages trying to get their avg up to a more respectable level for the pay rate.

As for Webb, instead of star-gazing and Twitter wars, it sounds like he needs to work on his location issues so he has a better shot at staying in the bigs for good this time.


Really, Fish Fan? You think the reason they're scuffling is because they're tweeting? Maybe they should skip lunch too. Use your head.

Heywood Jablowme

is that what you call scuffling? What they have done this season is called sucking deek...


That's so cute. Why don't you come up with an original name that isn't used by one or more immature possum turds on every blog in the country?

heywood jablowme

sally..you still like to suck deek in the ally?


no..now I cruise the streets and suck in the car...Now, instead of being called ally sally ,they call me autosuck sally.

The Real Alex

I think the jury finally came in on Bryan Peterson tonight - COMPLETE SCRUB. Marlins should get rid of him ASAP. Seems like another bust in the mold of Lomo, Cousins, and Coghlan, all UNDERACHIEVERS, although i give Lomo & Coghlan a bit of a pass because they got SCREWED by our moronic Front Office that made them play positions in the Major Leagues that they hadn't played in years, IF EVER.

I was actually HAPPY to see an outfield composed of REAL OUTFIELDERS tonight, Ruggiano, Cousins and Peterson; no Dobbs, Lomo, Solano or Kearns. But then Peterson came charging in on Uggla's single and let the ball get by him. Shades of Lomo in LF. Then he xcomes up with Ruggiano on first after a lead off single and he promptly hits into a DP. Enough is enough already. Peterson sucks. Not even as a backup should they keep him.

Anyway, after this nightmare season with the OF, next year's OF should be Stanton, Ruggiano and Bonifacio. Or maybe they make a trade or pick up a bona fide OUTFIELDER from somewhere. But they absolutely need to get the outfield FIXED before next opening day. Because if they go into 2013 with ANY Infielders, 1st Basemen, or Pinch Hitters playing ANY of the three OF positions, THEY WILL BE LOSERS AGAIN NEXT YEAR. No winning baseball team has a jerry rigged patchwork outfield like the Marlins do the past few years. If they want RESPECTABILITY, they need to KNOCK IT OFF with that cheap crap that they did in the Sun Life Field days, playing guys out of position, etc.


hanley seriously has an IQ equivalent to a box of doorknobs. how can you ever forget him going to have a conference at the mound while Bryce Harper said, "for real", yea I'll take third base

The Real Alex

I was SHOCKED when I saw that the Marlins went into this season with that same IDIOTIC philosophy. PLAYERS ARE NOT INTERCHANGEABLE! By the time guys get to the Major Leagues, there are usually VERY GOOD REASONS that they were infielders or whatever they were in the minor leagues. Only a team run by MORONS thinks it's perfectly acceptable to tell a kid that just got to the show "hey kid, guess what! You're going to be playing Left Field for us here". Very few athletes are that good that they can pull such a move off. What usually happens is that guys GET INJURED trying to play positions that require them to run more or throw more than their REGULAR position. And what also usually happens is that these guys' HITTING suffers too, because mentally they are focused on their defense. That's EXACTLY what happened to both Lomo & Coghlan. Both of those guys have a very legit beef against the Marlins for basically derailing their careers.

The Real Alex

By playing for the Marlins, guys like Lomo and Coghlan definitely got to The Show sooner than they would have if they played for a NORMAL team. So that part is good for a player.

But the bad part is that once guys get here, the idiots in the Marlins "braintrust" usually make them play a position they haven't played since Little League! And then the injuries follow, and the hitting slumps follow, and next thing you know these guys are shot, and nobody can figure out what happened to them. Lomo & Coghlan are the POSTER BOYS for Marlins stupidity.

Step Right Up, Suckers

Yea Right Rich and Tommy..I'll pay for a $150 pledge pack,for a Stanton autograph ball and a Loviste t-shirt...when Hell freezes over. What a bunch of carnival shills..Oh right,its the Marlins..their whole game is a carney act.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Alex, There are many who still don't get the fact that there are guys who can hit in Triple A but NOT at the MLB level. It will never matter what Petersen and Cousins hit at New Orleans, Albuquerque, Toledo or Saskatoonbecause it will NEVER translate to the Bigs. just like it will not work for Murphy as it did not work for carroll as it did not work for Aguila and so many of these other crash Davises from Bull Durham. These guys still get their call-ups because there is NOBODY down there ready to play. They STINK!!!

I just realized their sponsor should be an ED medication like Levitra. The Marlins are the DEFINITION of Non-Functioning. To bad Hanley got traded. They could have had Reyes in one tub holding a bat and Ramirez in the other holding a bat. Any play on words is encouraged.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Alex, you know that the two of us agree on a lot of things but this Coghlin thing is not one of them and neither is SloMo. Both Phi Beta Kappas were fully capable of screwing up careers on their own. Sure it was silly to move Coghlin from 2B, but it was even sillier to get injured in that Panty Raid Celebration at home plate and then the stuff he pulled afterwards by saying he was now injured put a bad taste in my mouth. And sure SloMo should not have been in left field but more importantly he should not have been in Bora Bora, South Korea, Kenya or Tazmania wherever the Hell he was when he sshould have been operated on. i agree the Marlins HELPED mess these two up but I'm betting they could have done it all by themselves.


I was one of the guys screaming for Hayes to replace Buck as the Marlins' regular catcher, but I'm sorry — he looks like he shud be carrying a white cane to the plate. I'd say let's bring up that new kid for a look but that wouldn't be fair to him. In fact, being traded to the Fish wasn't fair to him.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Laurel, Check out those 6th,7th and 8th place spots in the batting order. This has really turned into a disaster. Staying in nice place in Georgetown but Thanks for the hotel tip. You know I will be headed there after the game. Might get some of those really interesting "tidbits" so many like. Don't be too hard on yourself about Hayes. After seeing Buck play a reincarnated Hobie Landrith or Choo Choo Coleman would look good. Saw the Senators play the Tigers in 61 right before we moved to West Palm Beach. Tigers won 1st game(Year they won 101 games and finished 7 behind the Yankees) and then in the 2nd game the Senators won on a home run into the overhand in right field by a guy named Bud Zipfel. Wonder if Bud Ziphel is still with us? As well as Herbie Plews and Billy Klaus?? AND Willie Miranda??


Wow! You might have seen the only home run Zipper the Ripper ever hit in the Bigs. Just kidding — I'm sure he hit a couple somewhere along the way.
Remember LOB, I said I can't swear the Marlins are still staying at the Renaissance Mayflower. Just know they have stayed there in the past.

Leo Orestes Barberie

They APPEAR to be staying there based upon somewhat reliable info. I think Zipfel hit 7. Near tragic moment in batting practice as he hit a ball into the upper deck that nearly caused someone to fall over the overhang. He would have then been as nearly famous as Joe Grzenda.

Marlin Fan

Reyes had another good game , and the longest hitting streak in the majors thus year. .... It's almost impossible to win with four guys hitting below .200 in the lineup. When the rosters are expanded , who gets te call ups ?


Marlin Fan, good question unfortunately other than Yelich my answer is who gives a sh*t? Who's the kid our regular bloggers like, Keys? Maybe Ozuna too.
By the way there are exactly 60 games left and 25-35 down the stretch seems about right. 72-90, didn't quite see that going into the year how about the rest of ya out there? FO and scouting department should be embarassed if this team does in fact lose 90 games.


LOB those type of hitter that hit in AAA, and not the major are called 4A players. Alex give it a break, LOB may agree with what you say, and LOB has a lot of good things to say, but I have never seen a post from you that has any intelligence.


don't think FO has enough class to be embarrassed

Leo Orestes Barberie

Will be leaving in an hour. You guys hold down the fort. I expect some funny stuff. Look for me Friday--hopefully 1st game will be televised. I never use profanity or say anything that could offend anyone besides person commentary is directed at. Hopefully will have Nat fans laughing and ozzie smiling.


embarrassed heck no. He is buying a new picaso with yankee redsox money.

Marlin Fan

Let's call up Realmuto and Brantley and let them audition for next year ??? I know you want prospects to develop and not overwhelm them , but why isn't Yelich and Ozuna not at higher levels ? Yelich has pretty much hit .300 everywhere he's been and Ozuna has had 20 hrs. Whoa ahead of them ? Are they that bad in the field ??


The Brett Hayes, Petey, Cousins experiment has proven to be a failure. At least the Fish know these guys will be stocking up the AAA team next year. Now Ruggiano on the other hand deserves a shot as a full time outfielder. He's made the most of his opportunity.


to bad marlins management quit in july st louis was ten games behind atl in sept.kept team together get hot who knows will never know.now there just demoralized

Peter Gammons Dog

yeah, st louis was 10 games behind,but they had players,not a bunch of wannabe losers,like the Marleens


if this is "thinking with their brains" and not with their hearts. Than Loria/Samson/Beinfest "brains" must be lodged so far up their arses that you'll need a rescue crew to extract them. Unless, this is part of the plan. The boxes are paid for......now it's time to count the chedda, right Samson......"we'll make all the money even if nobody shows up".

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