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Hanley Ramirez goes to the Dodgers

Hanley Ramirez, a former batting champion and All-Star whose hitting skills have diminished, was traded early Wednesday morning to the Los Angeles Dodgers as the underperforming Marlins continued selling off players.

 Ramirez and left-handed reliever Randy Choate were traded to the Dodgers for right-handed pitcher Nathan Eovaldi and minor-league right-hander Scott McGough. The Dodgers also agreed to pick up all of Ramirez’s contract, which will pay him about $38 million through 2014.

The trade came two days after the Marlins dealt pitcher Anibal Sanchez and second baseman Omar Infante to the Detroit Tigers for prospects. It also comes just seven months after the Marlins went on a $190 million buying spree by signing free agents Heath Bell, Jose Reyes and Mark Buehrle.

According to sources, the Marlins plan to insert Eovaldi, 22, into their starting rotation in Sanchez’s vacated spot. Eovaldi could make his first start for the Marlins on Saturday. In 10 starts this season for the Dodgers, Eovaldi was 1-6 with a 4.15 ERA.

Sources said the Marlins had spoken with about four or five teams about Ramirez, but the Dodgers were the only one willing to eat the rest of his salary.



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Peter Gammons Dog

Loria's euphoria is no moria...the Marlins sank faster , than the Andrea Doria....


I think the Dodgers got the better end. They were willing to assume the remainder of Hanley's contract, but the players we got back, not sure of their quality.

What this team needs to do after this season is get a quality veteran leader. One who can teach these kids how to become better ballplayers. Someone who can teach them on how to focus on their craft (i.e. working the count, playing better defense, not spending too much time on twitter). Part of the problem is that this organization tolerates bad effort under the excuse of "growing up." This allows them to be "lovable losers." Enough is enough.

DejaVu All Over Again

The Miami Marlins rebranding worked well...NOT


As I said on the previous thread, the Fish can stockpile these fresh-faced Andrew Millers-in-making and proceed with confidence that our pitching coach Randy what's-his-name will turn them into superstars overnight.


What a joke! Didnt they trade Dominguez for Lee, wasnt he suppose to be our next 3rd baseman. Great and get nothing for Hanley.


Absolutely nothing back for Hanley Ramirez and a good reliever? But Loria gets to salary dump


If they trade JJ... that is it we have been taken care off again by Mr. Loria...got his new stadium spent some money...panicked and dismantle the team ...let's see if he is going to spend that money that he unloaded in free agents...

The Local Seth

About time. Hanley sucks.


I'm searching for horizon for some incoming hitters to bolster the Marlins' ridiculous offense. Anybody see any coming?


Dodger fans are gloating over how they got Hanley "for nothing." Wonder if they'll be gloating in a month.


Above, I meant to say I'm searching "the" horizon. Now, I'm a babbling idiot in the morning as well as at night.

Former Marlins Fan

Never will i ever go to a game again. I'm no longer a Marlins fan. We traded out best player for the past, what 6 years for two shitty prospects but were able to dump all of Hanleys contract, this team is a joke. Loria and company are a bunch of rich crooks.


who cares if the dodgers ate all of hanley's contract, you would think we would at least those prospects for the RP. I am shocked and i mean shocked that we didn't get more in return.

The Local Seth

I am now going to the game this afternoon BECAUSE they traded Hanley. I just called into work "sick" because I'm so excited. He was a mediocre player who thought he was good. NEVER did anything in or for the community besides supply local drinking establishments with excellent customer support. Good riddance and thank you Marlins management! I will be there to support the team from now on.



Tommy Bahama

Good riddance to bad rubbish..too bad it didnt happen 2 yrs ago ,when Hanmutt was worth something.


its kinda funny, most posters here were saying they'd be happy if the team traded Hanley for a dozen bats and balls and today they are complaining because the team didn't get enough back in return.

Whatever. This trade will only be good for the fans if Loria and the FO get back to the drawing board and decide how best to spend the money that would have been going to Hanley et al. Infante was due to make 4M, Sanchez @ 8M this year, and Hanley's 14M. A difference of $26 Million potentially cleared, who are the top impending FAs? Would love to see Josh Hamilton in a Marlin's uniform though I know it will not happen. At least he's someone you come out to the ballpark every night to see.

Loria is left with this, the current team as is will maybe have 15,000/night showing up to the ballpark. I think he may finally learn that the average citizen could care less about "experience" and only only Ws (not latin ballplayers - do you hear me Alex Fernandez and Livan Hernandez) puts butts in seats.


Hanley was not the Marlins best player. That would be Stanton. And it could be argued the next best player is JJ. I think they could have gotten something more for him, but he was not the best or worth the contract being paid. He is Eddie Jones (Heat) playing baseball. Not clutch and way over paid.


what the marlins got in return makes sense for Choate. As for the cancerous tumor, all they got was a payroll dump. But Rhodes Scholar Ozzie is saying there is no white flag being waived????????????????
They should have gotten rid of hanley a long time ago istead of firing Freddi because he disciplined him, and making Uggla look greedy because he put hanley down in the cluhouse, and no doubt the prior hitting coach was fired for complaining that hanley was not coachable, and what about the prior manager who "resigned" last year.
Good riddance hanley


I'm glad we traded Hanley I just hate what we've been gettin in return! We need offense but our last 2 trades looks like we've traded for 4 pitchers... unless they become great it does absolutely nothing to really improve this team. I lost my trust with this team when they were salary dumping while pocketing 30 million a year. I gave them a second chance and they blow it!


"The Beinfest Bust of 2012"

When is Larry gonna be traded? I can smell him from 7,000 feet and he STINKS!!

Flav C

With all this mess, I wonder what free agent will be willing to play for the Marlins. A true example of lack of sports management skills.

Stan M

I posted this yesterday afternoon:

Just spent most of the last two hours going over other teams needs and their prospects with regards to moving Hanley. Oakland certainly has a need, but I am hesitent about them because of salary considerations. My personal opinion would be the Dodgers. Here's why.
They desperately need both a SS and a 3B. Loney at 1B is hurting them. They certainly are well enough financed that money would not be a consideration. They are very much in the pennant race. New owners want to make a big splash. Their farm system is loaded with young arms. So Hanley and Gabby (to platoon with Loney) for some quality young pitchers.
My other choices were the LA Angels, Toronto Blue Jays, Baltimore Orioles and Oakland in that order. I won't bore you with details but Toronto has a great catching prospect and Oakland is loaded with all sorts of talent after trading 2 starting pitchers this off season.
Go, Hanley, go. Go anywhere!
Posted by: Stan M | July 24, 2012 at 04:56 PM


What would you expect from the pump and dump Marlins. Before Loria stole the Expos from their owners,Samson was a investment analyst for the Wall Street firm Morgan Stanley...enough said.


New franchise player, Giancarlo Stanton.

It's just too bad the Marlins couldn't send Heath Bell instead of Randy Choate.

Marlin Fan

I agree whole heartedly that Hanley had to go , but at least get something in return . We get more "prospects " while they develop ( and IF they develop) gives the front office excuses for not winning . If they develop , right when they are about ready to reach their prime , they won't be signed and other teams will reap the reward and benefits

easy ed

B O Y C O T T Loria and Samson. now. don't give them a cent


I'm going to the Dodgers games in a few weeks, just to boo Hanley's sorry ass.


Way to toot your own horn Stan.

Leo Orestes Barberie

They tried to get more. They could not get more. This was a Batting Champion from a couple of years ago and they came close to giving him away. You could say they "caved" but the alternative was keeping him and they did not want to keep him. IF he goes back to his old stance and losing the Charlie Lau crap swing that he has been using, then you will know he just wanted to be out of here and was willing to do nearly ANYTHING>

Leo Orestes Barberie

Stan, Good job!!! It's not tooting your own horn IF you get the melody right.


I'm on board with going to the dodgers game and booing Hanley till my hearts content.

Btw, I went to the game this afternoon with my 7y/o and had a blast. Theres no expectation anymore and believe it or not the game was more enjoyable.

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