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Hanley Ramirez out again; Ozzie Guillen thinks he could be out for a while

Hanley Ramirez’s infected right hand kept him out of the Marlins starting lineup for the second consecutive game.

Ramirez told reporters Saturday his status is “day-to-day.” Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen, however, used a different term to describe the timetable for his return from the injury that stemmed from his punching a cooling fan July 8 during a game in St. Louis.

“Hanley’s not day-to-day,” Guillen said. “It’s more like ‘2 days-by-2 days.’ His hand is a little bit better today, but just a little bit. I don’t see that much difference between yesterday than today.”

Guillen said it would be a “miracle” if Ramirez would return for Sunday’s finale against the Pirates, and said a return during the team’s upcoming six-game home stand is “optimistic.”

I don’t know [when he’ll be back],” Guillen said. “I know he still can’t grab a bat. They have to go by the doctors and trainers and see how he feels. The infection seems like it’s pretty strong. We’ve got to play by ear. If you want to, call it day to day, but to me it’s ‘check every two days.’ Maybe, we can have him pinch run, but that’s it.”

Ramirez pinch ran Friday in the ninth inning and stole a base. On Saturday afternoon, he kept his hands tucked away in a sweatshirt he wore in the team clubhouse.

“I’m just waiting for the swelling to go down,” Ramirez said. “I have probably about 50-60 percent use. I can still move my fingers. I just can’t grab the ball or the bat. Once I can do those things I’ll be back.”

Guillen said Friday he heard the infection was caused by Ramirez not properly taking his medication for the original injury. Ramirez said Saturday he forgot to take it only one day.

“[The infection] happened overnight,” Ramirez said. “It was pretty bad. I had pain and it kept swelling up. I’m taking the same pills. I think I got an alarm now every time so I don’t forget.”

Said Guillen: “Hanley’s a grown man. He should know how to do that, but he didn’t. And now it’s too late. Now, hopefully he will from now on.

“But I think the problem started in St. Louis when he did what he did. Players don’t realize it until after the fact. When [something like] that happens, you are hurting the ball club not just yourself and that’s what we’re dealing with right now.”


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Leo Orestes Barberie

The Marlins are now 1 for their last 25 with men in scoring position. That translates to an .040 average. This team should be thankful that it is plainly obvious that they just flat out stink or you would have people wondering-----REALLY wondering. After all if an NBA team shot 20% over 4 games or if receivers for an NFL team kept dropping passes, eyebrows would go up. In this case it is nothing suspicious it is just a Loria/Samson/Beinfest/Hill/Scouting Staff production that just flat out reeks as a horrific baseball team. Let's Go Bucs---for the long range fortunes of this organization LET's Go WHOEVER Plays This Team!!

Leo Orestes Barberie

Definitely time to sit Ruggiano!!! After all he still trails Buck in homers.


Shoulda had Buck bunting there! Keep him from hitting into a double play.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Dear Laurel, Buck is versatile. Infante would have probably been running and Buck would have bunted into a DP.

I am rooting against them with all I have. We need a 10 game losing streak up to trade deadline. Can't have any of this silly 2-8 crap. It must be 0-10!!!!

F. T. Ardkowalczyk

We tore down the Orange Bowl for these pieces of human jetsam, these pieces of garbage wrapped in skin?

Mr Cuckold

Love the "jetsam" reference!!! How about some FLOTSAM?????

SEE!!!!! Buck has the spirit. Good throw John!!!

Wouldn't you like to see the "old" Zambrano express what he is really feeling towards the .170 hitting, passed ball prone and double play grounding catcher? I'm taking Carlos.AND if Ozzie bcomes to get him now--we may see some old Carlos. Know I'd be fed up!!

Leo Orestes Barberie

They are approaching Carlos very tentatively in the dugout. That is a good idea. I would send him an e-mail.

Marlin Fan

Another disaster ....

Leo Orestes Barberie

What is the record for runs scored in an inning without a hit? OR What if someone hits a grand slam and they score 8 runs on 1 hit. This team is taking us places we have never gone before OR even contemplated attending.

The Real Alex

Buck is that RARE Major League catcher who sucks offensively AND ain't worth a damn DEFENSIVELY either. I don't wanna hear he "handles the pitchers well". This is a VETERAN pitching staff.

The Real Alex

This team will not get ONE MORE DOLLAR OUT OF ME THIS YEAR. There is no reason to watch this team anymore. Well, actually, there ARE a few, but these are not reasons to GO TO THE GAMES, just to watch them on TV.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Johnny B. Buck is doing everything in his power to guarantee that we will not only be "sellers" but willing sellers. The only thing is who wants to spend money on a Garage Sale of this proportion. Know those silly price tags at garage sales? What do you hang on Chris Coghlin, Gaby Sanchez, John Buck, Slow Mo Morrison, Infectedhandley Ramirez and a few others?

Mike Skor

The biggest problem the Marlins have is the same biggest problem they've had for years. Jeffery Loria! Remember he made such a mess out of the Expos the only way to save the franchise was for MLB to take the team and move it to a new city. Loria only went along with it because he was allowed to buy a second team and now he is working his magic again, althouh this time in in a way entirely new for him, actually spending money. This franchise will never go anywhere with Loria in control and given how difficult it was to for him to relinquish the Expos we are in for even more years of pain and misery. The only siler lining I see is that MLB will never move a team that has a new stadium so there is the hope (however small it may be) the next owner cares enough to stop hurting the community and build a team that can compete.

The Real Alex

Reasons to go to the Stadium the rest of the year: NONE.

Reasons to watch the team on TV:

1) Will Stanton STILL get to 30 HRs this year despite missing all this time?

2) Justin Ruggiano is worth watching. He's a great story, a guy finally getting a real shot at age 30 and making the most of it, despite Ozzie's best efforts at derailing him.

3) Bonifacio is always worth watching. He is an ELECTRIC player.

4) Will JJ be able to make the transition from THROWER to Pitcher, or will he continue to struggle? What he's doing is NOT EASY, as anyone knows who actually has a CLUE about this game. The list of pitchers who never could find success again after their fastball got slow is a LONG LIST indeed. Those MORONS who are bashing the kid obviously never played any baseball in their lives, or they would understand just how hard it is to do what JJ is trying to do.

Other than that, not much reason to watch this team, not even on TV.

Leo Orestes Barberie

IF---You could get a GOOD, not a very good or great, catcher, third baseman and leftfielder in a 3 way trade involving Mike Stanton would you do it? Assume all the players were from 25 to 27, I don't think I would do it. Would you?

1 for 26 after the Ruggiano ground out with runners in scoring position.

Leo Orestes Barberie

The Dynamic Duo just listed Volstad, Aaron Thompson and Justin Marceaux as the 3 guys Larry selected in the first 30 picks in that great 2005 Draft Class. Let's not forget Sean West--where is the Cajun Chubette??----Kyle Skipworth, Jeff Allison, Jeremy Hermida, Matt Dominguez and those other stellar picks that continue giving after so many years.

The Real Alex

By the way, Buck is another example of the Marlins' continuing CHEAPNESS, as is Heath Bell. How can they be CHEAP while paying Buck 18 million for 3 years and Bell 27 million for 3 years? I'll explain it to you guys.

Buck was signed before last season when it came out that Loria had been POCKETING the Luxury Tax money. The Fish then immediately went out and SPENT SOME MONEY, as if to show that they CAN and they WILL. But instead of trying to land a decent catcher, who would cost them MUCH MORE than 18 million for 3 years, they went for the BARGAIN and chose Buck, who had just had his ONLY good season ever. This way if he continued hitting here like he did in Toronto, that 18 million would be a STEAL. Unfortunately the only STEALING was done by Buck, who basically took Loria to the cleaners for 18 million "bucks", LOL.

Heath Bell is ANOTHER example of their continuing overall CHEAPNESS as an organization. After throwing way too much money at Reyes because they "NEEDED TO SIGN A MAJOR LATINO STAR" after Pujols jilted them, they now decided to cut corners ELSEWHERE. So they did NOT re-sign Helmsley & Brain Sanches, which weakened the bullpen big time, and they did NOT go after the BETTER closers that were available, like Papelbon & Street. Instead they went for THE CLOSER WHO WOULD COST THEM THE LEAST MONEY, Heath Bell. A 34 year old overweight over-achiever who had been declining so much that his home team Padres let him walk.

And THAT is how you can spend 45 MILLION DOLLARS on two players and STILL BE A CHEAPSKATE TEAM. You do that by not signing the BEST GUY AVAILABLE, and instead SETTLING for least expensive option. You end up spending money, but doing so CHEAPLY.

Mike Skor


I'm with you that would be a difficult trade to make, and would leave me even more disappointed in the team then I am now. Also FYI being 1 for 26 makes for a batting average of .037


Wouldn't even consider it — especially considering that Stanton is still playing for free.
Be like trading your home for three good, but not real good, motorcycles.

Leo Orestes Barberie

What if while playing catch with Slo Mo on the field it is determined that your 7 year old son has a stronger and more accurate arm? Could your son be classified as a draft and follow until he reaches 18? Of course having a stronger and more accurate arm may be expected of a 7 year old.

Well, a big "clutch hit" by Carlos Lee and a swing and flail by Slo Mo.

2 gor 28-----.072. See, that hit by Lee was huge.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Another 55,556 "earned" by Heath Bell. that happens to be 9,000,000 divided by 162. Realize there are 3 more years of 55,556 a game for an in dceline relief pitcher, but that is fine. As we are often told these guys are "entertainers", you feeling entertained by Reyes,Ramirez, Buck and Bell. I think another entertainer, Ruggiano, makes about 4,000 a game.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Sorry!! That was meant to read "decline" and not doeline.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Trust me!! The Tigers are there!!! They are there for one guy and it ain't John Buck. The Marlins and Tigers better get this done .

Leo Orestes Barberie

You guys take it from here.


how can they keep on putting buck in the line up give hayes a shot dummies


The fact that a guy is a lousy baseball player doesn't make him human jetsam or a piece of garbage. Frankly, I have a lot more respect for a lousy baseball player (such as yourself, no doubt) than I do for a guy who calls folks he doesn't know "garbage."
Flagstaff, get your book out on this guy for me please. And in other business, don't forget the follow-up on the altitude study.

Stan M

Lowell pitched tonight. Now get this:
7IP 0Hits 0Runs 1 Walk 9 Ks

Some of the younger fans don't like Tim McCarver. He is the grandfather of the true baseball TV analyists and paved the way for more learned fans through his explanations of what just happened and also what might happen next. Some might not realize that he was also a fine major league player. He was a catcher who amassed over 1500 hits, over a 21 year career, once led the league in triples and finished 2nd in the MVP voting in one of the 3 years that he went to the WS. He caught both Bob Gibson and Steve Carlton. He was Carlton's spokesperson because the big lefty refused to talk to the press at all for many years. As his regular catcher for several years, they became so identified together as a duo that the saying was that they would someday be burried 60 feet 6 inches apart.He also has the unique distinction of having played in 4 different decades. Few have done this. Ted Williams was one who did.

Stan M

Veterans of this blog well know my feelings about Buck. He is a second division ballplayer...period. However, I cannot fault his character and don't think others should either. By all accounts, he is a good teammate. And I have never seen him dog it in any way. There are Marins who would do well to follow this example. Oh yea, never ask him to bunt!

Leo Orestes Barberie

Stan, The only reason to not hope for some genetic discovery that would stop and/or reverse the aging process is the possibility John Buck could play 4 decades.

Laurel, I don't believe any of these guys are garbage. I do believe there are more than a few who have flat out quit. I believe there are more than a few who really don't work at getting better. I believe theRE are more than a few who really don't care about learning the game and I think more than a few don't respect the game. They are putting up numbers that are nearly unfathomable. Almost by accident you would have players at this level producing even a modicum of hits with guys in scoring position. I'm serious--IF it wasn't so patently obvious that they are really just this bad at their craft it would almost call into question What the Hell is going on?? Imagine NBA players--even the worst starters on any team who could not shoot 20%, imagine football players in the NFL who continually whiffed on blocks, nearly ever got open or even NHL golies who let in easy goals every game. You can't believe that you can have guys WHO LITERALLY nearly never get a clutch hit. What is the record for this kind of junk over the course of a season. Is there any chance they think they can get Guillen fired by underperforming? I don't know the answer. I actually have always believed he was a great motivator and I would have easily taken him over Jim Leyland the last 6 years. You can see Guillen does not believe they are this bad. He looks depressed. he almost looks like he is in shock. I told you i was 2 rows behind the Marlins dugout and was already to rip away and I just felt sorry for him. His greatest joy appeared finding kids to flip balls to in the stands. When you're down, I'm leaving you alone, but when you are either too stubborn or dumb to care, that is a different story. They aren't flotsam or jetsam but they also are not professionals and they owe that to the game.


As badly as they've played, I have to think they're really that bad with potential to get worse. There's no team they can catch except the Phillies.

Is it Ozzie's fault? Probably somewhat, but we all get a bad boss once in a while. I've had some who should have been assassinated. Even so, the demoralized workers kept their pride and gave their best efforts every day, all day. A shame that the bad boss got more credit for it than they did, but business is that way. If you're cashing the paycheck, you ought to earn it.




The only thing John Buck has over every other catcher in the league is he's still allowed to hear all that crap on his helmet.

And Hanley, useless.

Eddie S

I hope that Ozzie continues to play Ruggiano every day. If Slomo continues to hit so poorly especially with runners in scoring position, it is a no brainer to play Ruggiano in Slomo's spot in Left Field when Stanton comes back, Maybe we can trade Slomo and Annibal Sanchez for Dempster. PLAY RUGGIANO EVERY DAY !!!


First it was bad, then it became real bad, now they are quitters. They've raised the white flag. The worst Marlins team ever assembled. Epic Fail. I'm stuck with a ticket in August and I'm embarrassed to put on the jersey as a fan. I hope by that time all these prima donnas are traded and Solano, Ruggiano, and three rookies are playing.

el guru

Tired of Ramirez and his idiotic behavior! Get rid of him already!!!


Hanley Ramirez has the baseball IQ equivalent to a cardboard box of wrenches. Samson is an impetulant child who is the textbook definition of nepotism. I don't care for his filthy mouth, obnoxious demeanor nor his self-flagellating marathons for "charity". Loria is a carpetbagger plain and simple. To watch him and his trophy cougar in the front row every game is nauseating. Larry Beinfest is a classic blowhard who got lucky once and is resting on his laurels. He couldn't identify talent if you put Kate Upton in a room full of Rosie O'Donnells. And the stadium....the taxpayers bit like live shrimp on a hook. Loria, the crook

Leo Orestes Barberie

Dear Ed, I don't know where you came from, but you will be my favorite poster if you can keep that up.Erudite, witty, concise and brilliant use of analogies. Please tell me this is not going to be a one time post!!!!! Hell, I know you probably have a life and won't be able to engage in a determined drive to expose stuff, but even periodically it would be nice to read your stuff. I know people get tired of me but it's my abject distaste for how this disaster is not discussed by local media that drives me. Please stay.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Just realized the Marlins play Atlanta 3 games. Now I have a dilemma. I want them to play so badly that they MUST make moves ala Houston,however, I really want the Nats to win this thing and I hate the Braves. I believe my distaste for everything Atlanta---Larry Jones, Chip Caray, 1!!!!! less World Series CHAMPIONSHIP than the Marlins with 12 nore opportunities than the Fish---and respect for Washington will cause me to pull for a brief surcease in this drive to finish last. Everybody outside of Florida in the Southeast remember that you get to listen, to hopefully the last of the Carays, Monday-Wednesday. Harry and Skip were good but to utilize nepotism to the point that Chip Caray is allowed anywhere near a broadcast booth is insane.

juan v.

how can they not find a decent catcher or leftfielder. Why sit with their thumbs up there a55 saying it was going to turn around that we had the right players and that they were going to turn it around. How can they sit there and not add any future via draft or international signings and how the heck do you trade a bunch of under performing players and get something in return. the tigers should give us some more players for cabrera because all we ended up was with mujica and webb from that deal they ended up with a h.o.f. oh and bye the way loria a latin star far much better than hanley the one you kept. f.o!!!

Leo Orestes Barberie

Guys, Thanks for contributing. If you live there PLEASE make the point on radio that the farm system has 5 guys who could make it, that Johnson and Stanton are the only quality players in the Bigs that were drafted by Miami, bring up Volstad, West, Thompson, Marceaux, Allison, Ambres, Hermidia, Dominguez, Skipworth. How in the Hell do you manage to get it wrong that often?? They selected Yelich and yhey will soon be acting like they are the incarnation of Branch Rickey. Hold their feet to the fire.

I'm really hoping Ozzie snaps out of what looks a little like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after taking this job and just blasts the collection of clowns that have assembled this riffraff.

OZZIE, You have a GUARANTEED deal and everybody in baseball will understand if you just go NUTS and rip these guys. You will get your money, another job and the satisfaction of no longer having to defend what you see.


thank you Leo,....read your posts often, and I overwhemingly agree. Keep bringing it


Stan M,
Thanks for the update on Lowell. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Hopefully the kid will make it. You could have had a chimpanzee throwing darts at a board containing all the draft eligible players in America and I would have trusted the chimp to get more quality guys than Larry B.

Flav C

Lowell was hardly a "found" or "good job" by Beinfeast. He had been selected by the Rangers in 2008, while he was in High School but decided to attend college instead. All the Marlins scouts did was to keep an eye on him, to see how he developed.

LOB, by the way, you have good taste on this little symbol by the right side.

Leo Orestes Barberie

I have so little computer acumen that I have no idea how that thing even gets there.


Alex have you even been to the new ball park (not stadium).

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