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Hanley Ramirez out for Friday's game vs. Pirates

Marlins third baseman Hanley Ramirez’s moment of rage nearly two weeks ago in St. Louis caught up to him Friday, forcing him out of the team’s lineup, possibly for multiple games.

            Ramirez left PNC Park early Friday afternoon and visited a doctor in Pittsburgh to treat an infection that developed around the area on his right hand where he cut himself punching a cooling fan in the dugout during a game July 8th in St. Louis.

Ramirez received two stitches above his right ring finger when the injury occurred in the sixth inning of that game. He missed the remainder of that game, but returned immediately after the All-Star break.

“[Ramirez’s hand] looked pretty ugly and it was pretty sensitive,” Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen said. “I was a little worried about it. Hopefully, it will come out soon. You can’t play around with that stuff. We have to prevent it from becoming a big deal. That’s the kind of thing you have to be careful. You have to take the time to cure it and hopefully it’s right away.”

Guillen, however, was miffed by the apparent reason for the infection. Guillen said he heard it formed due to Ramirez not properly taking his prescribed antibiotics.

“How do you forget to take a pill the doctor tells you to take?” Guillen said. “Hopefully the doctor finds exactly the right pills and I will tell him open your mouth, like a baby, and put them in his mouth and make sure he takes his pills every night.”

Greg Dobbs took Ramirez’s place at third base and hit sixth Friday in the Marlins’ lineup. The Marlins said Ramirez returned to the park approximately an hour before the start of the game.

Emilio Bonifacio and Jose Reyes each said Ramirez was showing no ill effects from the injury recently during the series following the All-Star break against the Nationals and Cubs.

“[Emilio Bonifacio] and some of the other guys saw it, and said it was bad,” shortstop Jose Reyes said. “Hanley was good the past few days. He was playing with it fine.”

Ramirez, who has been the subject of trade rumors the past couple of days, has gone 6 for 26 since the All-Star break with two home runs, three RBI and has struck out 11 times.


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Alex, again Ruggiano is what he is, He's a sub .250 in the majors, with a sub .400 SLG. He's just going back to where his career average says he should be. Another K last night with 2 LOB. He doesn't need a manager to help get to where his talent level says he is.

Stan M

I never had the priviledge of playing other than youth baseball. However, your comments about locker rooms makes sense. Especially now with the "chapel" and the leanings toward a religious atmosphere among so many players. I don't think that they're saying "screw you" when they point up to the sky after they perform something good.

I use the "F" word a great deal, way too much. But not in mixed company or for publicatin. LoMo was one of my favorite Marlins. I liked his work ethic as well as his charity work. But even I was nonplussed by his completely unnecessary use of dozens of "F" words during his facetime when the credits were rolling after the first episode of "The Franchise." He also insulted all of the "little guys" who helped to produce the program.

Stan M

As Hanley's injury was self inflicted, and he neglected the perscribed follow up treatment, does the team have grounds to withhold his pay for some of the missed time if such is protracted?

Do you know if anyone within the Marlin's administrative personnel reads this blog or has any idea of how negatively fans are reacting to this team's foibles?

Dr. Ruth

During his visit to the hospital yesterday,after test results came back,Hanley was forced to admit he forgot to take his Birth Control pills for the past 3 weeks. Little Josito is due around Opening Day next season. No we know why Reyes is smiling all the time.


Stan by when I say tuning out, I mean the player have very little respect for managers/coaches that act out of control and not professional in the locker room or dugout. It has nothing to do with religion, I myself can toss f bombs with the best of them. I would think that Charleston Southern where I played, and the Marlins and their press coverage are worlds apart, but I would also think Ozzie's deportment is one way with the press and one way in front of players.


Grammar in the 1st sentence. Sorry.


Loria knew he was getting a foul mouthed, vulgar ,illiterate greaseball,when he hired Ozzie. Loria got what he paid for. And is getting what he deserves. Best part is,it will only get worse.

Stan M

Mr. Loria,
Please come forward again and tell us grieving fans that all is well and that the team will soon turn things around. We all want to believe you and not our lying eyes!



I am totally surprised the Marlins haven't found you to go manage this team LOL

You are critical of Guillen? FYI he played 16 yrs in the Big Leagues and as a Manager has been a WS Champion and Manager of the Year. Once his playing career was over, he went STRAIGHT to the Big Leagues as a coach and then after ONLY 3 years became a Manager. How many other people that you know have done that?

So I would think he is qualified to do this job. A bit more than you and others think.


Ruggiano may indeed turn out to be a sub-.250 hitter, but no one knows that (not even you) because he has never had a chance to play every day and show what he can do. And he still isn't getting that chance, even though he's earned it. We all realize that he's not going to lead the league in hitting, but he's frankly been the best the Marlins have since he arrived on the scene and he should be in the lineup rain or shine, righty or lefty. Even as his average has come down a bit in the last two or three games, he's still hit the ball hard on a number of occasions with nothing to show for it. And yes, he struck out with men on base yesterday — but even the best of them do that.
Bottom line, Ruggiano isn't Ted Williams, but the Marlins need him in the lineup and he deserves a chance to show what he has — good or bad.

Stan M

Ditto Coghlan. We must find out if that upside is still there. Move Infante, put Salerno at 2B , if not he, then Bono and let's see what we have toward next year. I like LOB's idea of Infante to Detroit for a young catcher...then play him, too. I also want to see that relief pitcher, Evan Reed, whom we got for Cantu. He performed very well in AA ball, was promoted and has been hit hard in AAA. He's about 26 now so it's time to test him. Also what are we going to learn with Gaudin. Release him and bring back Webb. That's a no brainer.


Yeah, once you decide this season is in the toilet (and I've already flushed a couple of times), you bring back guys like Gaby and Coghlan, give them a chance to show whether they can cut it, then get rid of them if they can't and move on. Solano I have high hopes for, but he's another one who isn't getting a chance to show what he can do.
And I agree that Gaudin is taking up the spot that should belong to Webb. The only possible situation in which you would use Gaudin is when the starting pitcher gives up 8 runs in three innings and you need to throw a sacrificial lamb into the wood chopper for four or five innings to save the 'pen. You could never use him in a game where the outcome is still in doubt.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Our ONLY chance to get something positive out of this is a nice, tidy 8 game losing streak. These guys actually believe some of these people are talented. NO!!!!! AND Coghlin???? He has not been the same since he decided to do that cub scout crap in that celebration. Gaby??? Look at his swing. he is not capable of pulling the ball. He has morphed into a near slap hitter. We need a LONGGGGGGGGGGGG losing streak to pull the rug out from under these guys. If they go on one of these illusory(Is that a word??) streaks, mah=nagement will be deceived and there will be no changes. Let's Go BUCS!!!!!!


laurelbowie, he has had a chance with Tampa Bay. He player there for 3 years with BA's of .214, .197, and 248. So he does have a track record, and he has had an opportunity. At 30 soon to be 31, don't think he has finally found IT.


Again, I'm not saying anything magical is happening here. But before this year, Ruggiano had never had more than 111 at-bats in any one season. That's about 25 games worth. I'm just saying he's shown enough that he ought to have a chance to play every day in a season that's down the crapper anyway. Would you rather have Dobbs stumbling around out there?

Jhonson Goldberg

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