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Hitting coach blames Marlins record on squandered scoring chances

   CHICAGO -- Marlins hitting coach Eduardo Perez said the team's failure to produce with runners in scoring position is the primary reason it is languishing near the bottom of the standings.

    "It's been frustrating," Perez said Thrusday before the Marlins closed out their series with the Cubs at Wrigley Field. "We would be better, obviously, if we produced with runners in scoring position. I don't think we would be in this situation. We wouldn't be where we're at right now."

    In Wednesday's rain-shortened 5-1 loss to the Cubs, Emilio Bonifacio was left stranded at third after leading off the fifth inning with a triple. The Marlins didn't just miss out on three chances to score the man from third. Because of a botched rundown play, they actually came up empty four times. Carlos Lee, Logan Morrison, Hanley Ramirez and Greg Dobbs didn't produce the hit, or ground ball, or fly ball, that could have scored Bonifacio and given the Marlins a 2-1 lead. Cubs pitcher Jeff Samardzija retired Lee and Dobbs on one pitch. Morrison also hit the first pitch for a ground ball that turned into a botched play when catcher Geovany Soto dropped the ball in the ensuing rundown to get Bonifacio.

    "Those are the players you put there for that situation," Perez said. "Yesterday we got into trouble because we swung at pitches that Samardzija wanted us to swing at. We went out there and swung at first-pitch breaking balls down in the zone. If you're going to miss, miss up in the zone. We've got to look up and realize that the pitcher's the one who's in trouble. We haven't been patient."

     Perez said if the Marlins did a better job driving in runs, it would have a snowball effect on other facets of the game.

     "It would take the pressure off the pitcher, and it would take the pressure off the defense," he said. "It's something we could easily take the easy route and say, 'I can't explain it.' But we've got to look at ourselves and take responsibility. I have to look at myself to take responsibility for it. And the players have to look at themselves and take responsibility for it."

     The Marlins are hitting just .227 with runners in scoring position.


     While confirming to a Boston sports talk radio station on Thursday that the Marlins inquired about outfielder Carl Crawford with Red Sox general manager Ben Cherrington, team president Larry Lucchino also dismissed the rumored trade involving Hanley Ramirez and Heath Bell.

      "(Marlins assistant GM) Dan Jennings, the guy from the Marlins front office who drafted Carl Crawford, he's been up in Boston scouting, presumably Carl Crawford and others, when Ben (Cherrington) let us know about that there had been an inquiry," Lucchino told WEEI radio. "And given the encouragement that we offer regarding being bold, I'm sure he said, 'What do you guys have in mind? What are you talking about?" That's just part for the course this time of year. We explore all possibilities, big ones, bold ones, small ones, incremental ones, whatever you can do."



     Marlins: 1. Jose Reyes, ss; 2. Emilio Bonifacio, cf; 3. Carlos Lee, 1b; 4. Justin Ruggiano, rf; 5. Hanley Ramirez, 3b; 6. Austin Kearns, lf; 7. Omar Infante, 2b; 8. John Buck, c, 9. Mark Buehrle, p.

     Cubs: 1. Reed Johnson, cf; 2. Starlin Castro, ss; 3. Anthony Rizzo, 1b; 4. Alfonso Soriano, lf; 5. Jeff Baker, rf; 6. Geovany Soto, c; 7. Darwin Barney, 2b; 8. Luis Valbuena, 3b; 9. Paul Maholm, p. 




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in other breaking news, it was discovered that water is wet


Good, rc. And sh*t stinks.

Stan M

Couldn't believe KC released John Sanchez. Guy is still young and had tremendous upside. There's a guy I'd try to sign to a minor league contract.


I don't know Stan this team has had too many brothers off the Sanche(s)z train; Gaby, Anibel, Brian et al. I think we need a catcher from the Molina stalk.

fed up

when are we going to trade John Buck? at this point we might be able to trade him for some paint to repaint that hideous lime green outfield.

The Real Alex

LMAO!!! Eduardo should have just basically said "I suck at my job", which we already know. This is rock bottom for the Marlins and it shows just how bad this team is playing. I don't think these players are responding to Ozzie. I don't think they respect him, and I don't think they like him.

Did anyone watch The Franchise? He's giving a little Pep Talk to the team after the All Star Game and it's like a few players had some MILD applause, but that's it. Something is going on with this team, other than the losing, of course. There is an enthusiasm problem with this team. Like Lou (LOB) said on the radio, he doesn't see any fire in their eyes, any intensity.

Why that is, I don't know. Teams don't have to LOVE their manager to be successful; look at the Billy Martin Yankees of the late 70's. But they should have at least some RESPECT for their manager, and they should WANT TO PLAY HARD for him. I'm not saying the Fish aren't playing hard, some guys definitely are. Nor can I point at any individual player and say "this guy's dogging it". But there is definitely a shortage of INTENSITY on this team, and that HAS TO BE on the manager.


When the hell are they going to release this bum Eduardo Perez

The Real Alex

Notes from Today's Loss:

With a lefty pitching today Ozzie had Ruggiano, who Ozzie is NOT platooning, in the lineup. He had two hits. Ozzie will bench him ASAP.

This team is "Slippin' Into Darkness" (with apologies to the great band WAR) and is now 4 games under .500 as they let the lowly Cubs take the series.

The selling off of players is probably coming very soon. Hopefully Hanley will be the first guy dumped. I'd rather see Donovan Solano playing 3rd base than have to endure any more of Hanley's miserable ABs.

At what point do we finally admit that signing Reyes for all that money was a mistake? The only way signing Reyes made sense was if Ramirez had a come back year, and nothing that I saw from Hanley made me believe that would happen.


Eduardo appeared on the Billy's Bunch Show last weekend. He did a great job there. Marlins should consider transferring him to co-host Billy's Bunch and see if Cliff Floyd will take the Hitting Coach Job.

By the way, it was very perceptive of Eduardo to notice that the team is not hitting very well. That proves that he does know something about hitting.

The Real Alex

I'm glad that pretty much EVERYONE has finally realized that I was 100% CORRECT about Hanley all these years. I took lots of insults from a variety of idiots over the years because I said that the Marlins should get rid of him. I started saying this back in 2009, by the way.

What? But wasn't that the year Hanley won the batting title? That's right. It was also the year that Dan Uggla wanted to whip his butt in the locker room, and Uggla was 100% right. Hanley was dogging it even at the end of the 2009 season. He had the batting title wrapped up so he started playing real lazy. That was the beginning of the end for Hanley.

Of course our idiot of a douche bag owner, Jeffrey Loria is very much to blame for how Hanley has deteriorated. I have a feeling that with Loria as our owner, this team's days of winning championships are in the past.


Hammering Hanley Ramirez 0-4, 3 LOB......John Buckshot Buck 0-3, 3 LOB. Hanley's BA .246 starting 3b.....John Buck hitting a whopping .176 as a starting C. Jose "little jose" Reyes 1-4 2 LOB hitting a scorching .264 trying to catch up to his Dominican brother Hanley. I know Lomo didn't start but his BA sits at a red hot .242. If Eduardo Perez can keep his job with numbers this bad I say we all apply for positions with Miami Marlins Inc. Heck I can be the water boy and fill coolers with air and nobody would say a thing! Alex can be equipment manager and instead of baseball uniforms set out swim suits, Stan can be head trainer and instead of working guys out just feed the team emapanadas to keep them in shape, laurel can be the pitching coach and teach the pitchers how to bowl, Leo Orestes can take over as hitting coach and teach the entire team to swing with one arm and everyone else can work in the FO and trade Giancarlo Stanton for Mario Mendoza, Bob Uecker, Curt Blefary and Steve Balboni!!

Now if you would have told me that this is what it would look like


Big mistake benching Ruggiano who is the player best hitting Ave more than .300. Also as no sense put Doggs in Right field, bad defensive and weak arm, maybe as first baseman should be better. These little mistakes don't allow good performance.


Here's why Ozzie is sitting Ruggiano, since the 1st St Louis game on June 6 he is 7 for 25 with 1 HR, and get this 11 K's. He's batting almost .500 in K's. In 108 AB's with Tampa Bay he hit .214, .197, and .248, with a slugging percentage of under .400. He's also has historically been a very big K threat. He's hot now but in the past 8 games his hits have been diminishing, and his K's increasing. Ozzie is giving him a chance to regain his stroke by platooning him. 11 K's in 25 AB's is just not acceptable. He struck out 2 times in 4 AB's today which are not counted in the 11 I wrote about. Ruggiano is this team savior. God save this team if he has to be.


I blame the Marlins' struggles, partly, on the terrible hitting coach. Why does this guy have this job? Because Tony Perez is his dad? Our hitters have no approach up there.

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