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Jose Reyes explains embarrassing gaffe

      When I asked Hanley Ramirez what he and Jose Reyes were talking about when Bryce Harper swiped third last night as the two Marlins were busy chatting, the sheepish reply was "I don't remember." But Reyes remembered it vividly: they were talking baseball, at least.

      "We were talking about the throw (from Justin Ruggiano), the throw to third base," Reyes said of the play immediately preceding Harper's heads-up decision that caught the Marlins with their pants down. "The guy (Ryan Zimmerman) hit the ball to right field, Harper was at second base, and Ruggiano threw the ball to third. We were talking about cutting it off. It was too high."

      While Harper was unable to advance initially on Zimmerman's line out to Ruggiano in the first inning, he did when Ramirez and Reyes -- standing near one another on the edge of the infield grass -- became engaged in conversation. Seeing that third base was unmanned and no one was paying attention to him, Harper took off. Never mind that Harper and the Nationals didn't score that inning. It looked bad, enough so that ESPN announcers were mocking the play on SportsCenter.

      Ozzie Guillen called it a smart, "heads-up" play by the 19-year-old Nationals rookie but also acknowledged that "everybody's head was down, and he took advantage of that."