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Jose Reyes explains embarrassing gaffe

      When I asked Hanley Ramirez what he and Jose Reyes were talking about when Bryce Harper swiped third last night as the two Marlins were busy chatting, the sheepish reply was "I don't remember." But Reyes remembered it vividly: they were talking baseball, at least.

      "We were talking about the throw (from Justin Ruggiano), the throw to third base," Reyes said of the play immediately preceding Harper's heads-up decision that caught the Marlins with their pants down. "The guy (Ryan Zimmerman) hit the ball to right field, Harper was at second base, and Ruggiano threw the ball to third. We were talking about cutting it off. It was too high."

      While Harper was unable to advance initially on Zimmerman's line out to Ruggiano in the first inning, he did when Ramirez and Reyes -- standing near one another on the edge of the infield grass -- became engaged in conversation. Seeing that third base was unmanned and no one was paying attention to him, Harper took off. Never mind that Harper and the Nationals didn't score that inning. It looked bad, enough so that ESPN announcers were mocking the play on SportsCenter.

      Ozzie Guillen called it a smart, "heads-up" play by the 19-year-old Nationals rookie but also acknowledged that "everybody's head was down, and he took advantage of that."


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The Truth

Loser players making loser plays. This team is embarrassing. I will not spend another penny on these scrubs.

Nice job Beinfest and Loria. Keep up the good work.




Truth, don't forget loser owners, front office and managers. I'm with you last game I'll attend.

Stan M

Getting embarassed by a rookie was bad enough. But Hanley compounded the error when he tried to go to second on a bloop single w/o checking on the fielder who was within sight as he headed to second. I assume it was in retaliation for Harper's antics much like stealing second after being hit by a pitch. All Hanley did way shift all momentum away from the Marlins and leave a cloud of bad vibes. The TV announcers came as close as they could to calling both plays stupid.

Thank you, someone, on previous site.


That what happens when you have cheekos as the the leaders of a baseball team they care about everything else except winning.

lazy Julio's

Reyes..." Me and Hanley were laughing about how much money we are stealing from the Marlins".

Conine's Better than sleeping pills

Marlins fans are listening to Conine on TV,and saving their Ambien. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ


And this embarrassment masquerading as a Major League Baseball team continues to hit new lows, as I sit here watching the "pool boy competition" which PERFECTLY encapsulates what this joke of a "Franchise" is about: stupid statues, pool boys & strippers, plenty of salsa music, and really bad baseball.

Well, did any of you expect anything DIFFERENT this year? Oh, you DID? Ok, now I get it! Some of you baseball experts actually EXPECTED that this would be a good TEAM! And you get mad when someone who knew from Day One that this would be a disaster keeps reminding you that he was right and you all were WRONG. Sure, I bet you had visions of great success this year as Hanley would hit .320 with 30 HRs, Reyes would be leading the league, Heath Bell would be mowing them down, your "fave" Coghlan would be winning Gold Gloves in CF and batting .300, Lomo would be winning Gold Gloves for his play in Left.

And you call yourself "baseball experts"? How many years have you been watching the game? You actually saw Duke Snyder play but you BELIEVED that this team would be a WINNER? No wonder you so mad, Stan M! Hey, did you vote for the pool boy? Here, I'll make you even MORE MAD. Below this is what I wrote BEFORE THE SEASON EVEN STARTED. It sure pissed Joe Frisaro and the other clowns off. It will probably make you very mad, Stan. But don't worry! Unlike YOUR POSTS, it isn't about ME at all. Nothing about what kind of BEER I drink!

Freakin Jokes

Marlins so bad they have Minervini in the Clevelander for som BS pool crap. How low can they go? Guess they want to shift the viewers from the shitttty team they have.

Marlins are a laughingstock

When you have a gerbil like Samson as the team spokesman,doing his stupid publicity runs,sticking his ugly snout into every video and his wretced voice into all the sound bites,you cant be taken seriously ,let alone the crappy product on the field.



"This team has serious issues that better correct themselves soon. Building the pitching staff around JJ as The Ace and building the offense around Hanley as the #3 hitter is a very iffy proposition. Both were coming off injuries and Hanley hasn’t hit well since 2009. That long one handed swing of his looks crazy. I wonder how long before he says he’s injured again.

John Buck continues to be a terrible catcher. Not only is he a DP machine, but teams run wild on him. And I was not dancing in the streets when they signed Heath Bell as the closer. He’s a fat guy who was pitching above his talent level in a huge ballpark in San Diego. It was another case of the Marlins BEING CHEAP. Even when they SPEND MONEY they do so cheaply. They could have had a legit strikeout lights out closer like Papelbon, but no! Just as they did last year when they signed John Buck, they went for the CHEAPER option. When they were making their run at free agents I was very disappointed they missed out on Pujols and that they didn’t get a top starter like CJ Wilson. And not even TRYING to get Fielder but instead signing a slap hitter like Reyes was stupid, unless Hanley returns to form. Any bets on that? Like I said, depending on two question marks like JJ and Hanley was a big gamble."

I understand, I really do. It sucks being reminded how WRONG YOU WERE by a guy who just got here and is not a member of the "insiders", right, Stan? You were one of those guys that EXPECTED Hanley to have a good year, weren't you? And you expected Heath Bell to be great, right? And I'm SURE you thought we'd see Coghlan in CF by now, and you were totally against the Fish trying to get Fielder, too. You preferred Reyes. Seriously? Reyes over Fielder? LMFAO!!!!! No wonder you don't like me, Stan. You were DEAD WRONG about....EVERYTHING.

Peter Gammons Dog

WOW... you're are genius. How come you dont have a job in MLB,instead of wasting your time blogging about the stinkin Fish?

Peter Gammons Dog

Why are you picking on the Ol' Geezer for. Let him enjoy his memories,and share his stories. You'll be an Ol' Geezer some day,telling everybody how bad you knew the Marlins sucked,and would want people to respect your opinion. Geez. Be nice.


Doggie-style...that day you spoke of will be tomorrow, and the next day and the next day, etc. Oh yeah, and later today as well.

Peter Gammons Dog

lefty...arf...arf..think you're right....

Stan M

I'm only going to repond to you this one last time because, quite frankly, you are worth neither my time now my attention. First it should be noted that it wasn't someone named Stan who mentioned a personality disorder a couple of weeks ago when you first started blabbing about yourself. Why can't you write a cogent piece without seeking out a scape goat for your wrath? This is not typical by any stretch of imagination. There is something terribly wrong with your self image that you must denigrate others in order to feel importannt. I think a psychologist would have a fine time examining your rants. As Stan III pointed out in his devastating analysis, it's always all about you. Personally, I don't think you are literally nuts, but I wouldn't be surprised if you were a persistent bed wetter and was always picked last in choose up games. Some weeks ago, in one of your self proclamations, you noted that when acting as a baseball fan, you become a loud mouthed bleacher bum. Leave out the word "bleacher" and you have described yourself perfectly. Please note that this reply is from Stan M, not Stan III.

Please forgive me fellow rational posters, but this individual needed a takedown. There will be no more wasting of your time with comments on this subject from me.

Peter Gammons Dog

Arf Arf...Stan M...couldnt have arfed it better myself.

Marlin Fan

Great pitching duel tonight . Ozzie almost looked like a MLB manager . Fish did all the small things correctly . Buck another RBI . A Lot more aggressive on the base paths . Great not to dee Lomo on LF late in the game , and even better no Bell .


Nice win! Only Beurhle is a GOOD FREE AGENT signing by this stupid Front Office. Reyes continues his nightly 1-4 batting, and Bell is on the bench. It's a good thing we got Reyes and didn't go after that FAT Prince Fielder! He's only batting .300 with 15 HRs and 60+ RBIs! Hanley & Reyes together is a DISASTER. Reyes has sunk to Hanley's level. Just LOVE watching them laughing and clowning while the team LOSES and their BAs are less than .270! Time to TRADE HANLEY, that much is CLEAR!

Anyway, a nice win. Cishek is a fine pitcher. Ruggiano struck out 3 times but is still one of the only guys that you want to watch every time he comes up. And we got HIM from Houston. That tells you about how LOUSY our own prospects have been over the years. Of course we will never know if Coughlan would have continued his ROY form. These MORONS tried to make a Center Fielder out of him and that was all she wrote for him. I hope they trade him to some team like KC where he might get a fair chance at either 2nd base or LF.

Nice to see Bonifacio back! He is ALSO worth watching.


LOL .... Alex...Alex...he is not only a clown but also an affictionado for "everything Cuban", calling himself Partagas & Orlando Bosch in other baseball boards...I gotta give to u though...u manage 2 B hated everywhere u go, no exceptions !! LOL


I diagnosed the Borderline Personality Disorder....yep that was me and I will stick with it. I enjoy the stories Stan. Well this was a great game by Buehrle. Gio is tough. Good win.


No discipline on this team. No pride. Hanley and Reyes act like 13 yr old kids. Ozzie does shows no leadership skills. We have season tickets and don't go. Can you believe that? Ozzie is afraid to show his face on the field. Watch him, he's still embarrassed about the "Fidel" incident. He's a goof. The team is in shambles.
Hanley and his dumb "smile". Get serious Hanley. Be a man Hanley. Start acting like men instead of boys. Look at Dan Uggla, he wouldn't act like you clowns. You're a disgrace to this city. BECOME MEN!! DON'T GOOF AROUND AND CLOWN ON THE FIELD LET'S SEE YOU BE SERIOUS FOR AWHILE.


anybody besides me notice when Ozzie signalled to the bullpen for righty Cishek, he waved his Left Arm? One has to wonder that maybe Ozzie can be a good manager except he gives instructions backwards or upside down.
There was a comment that Solano was not supposed to bunt, he missed a sign, although it worked out okay, well maybe Ozzie needs to learn baseball communication skills???
And the angry emailer is in full bloom again. I think he needs to spend more time watching TV Soaps and quit watching baseball, get some friends.


You idiots, you complain when the Marlins don't spend money, now you complain when they do. They're at about 106 million in salary, that's upper middle of MLB salaries. They have made some bad FA decision, but so have the Red Sox, so have the Yankees, and so have the Angels. The Pujals signing didn't look good through 2 months of the season. They to learn a little baseball.


Marlins can spend all the money they want,but their bad talent evaluations,from crappy #1 draft choices to bad FA signings are all on them. A fool and his money soon part. The Marlins FO are the fools.


Which one of you thought that the Reyes signing was bad, or the Bell signing. If you say you thought those signs were bad back when the signings occurred you're liars.

Flav C

I have to agree with Mike. When the Marlins signed those deals no one thought they were going to be that bad (except Stan on Bell).
However, there was criticism on the length and amount of money spent on some of those new contracts. But there wasn't any speculation on the quality of those players.
As much as we'd like to see Reyes put together something similar to last year's Reyes, this is not going to happen. That was a one in a lifetime type of performance, just like Hanley's in 2009. But still, both players are very far from a .300 bat avg that they are capable of performing regularly.

Stan M

Please don't call your fellow posters idiots. There are other ways to disagree. In fact, I think that the Reyes signing was a very good move and for the following reasons. The salary wasn't terrible. We simply had to get Hanley off SS. His age fits well into the contract length. He is a proven force, be it with BA, stolen bases, fielding (much better than you know who), and his energetic presence. Signing Pujols would have been absurd for obvious reasons. Signing Fielder would have gone against the club's intention of improving fielding. Furthermore this is not a power hitters park. I don't know your age, but 30 years ago the Mets, who also played in a difficult park for power hitters, picked up George Foster, a reputable
power hitter (he was the first man to hit 50 HR in many many years) with the Reds. He was a miserable failure. Baseball people don't forget stuff like that.

I don't think you, or anyone would dispute Buehrle's signing. Whereas it is easy to criticize this FO (and I am one who consistently does so) one must remember that nearly all players on this 2012 team are in their prime years. One can't blame the FO for Coghlan stupidly injuring his knee, Nunez lying about his name and age, nor for Sanchez falling completely on his face. In light of what I just said, signing a proven closer was a logical step. They just signed the wrong damn closer.
In retrospect Bell was a horrible mistake. Is that the only mistake a ML team's FO made last year. Detroit signed Fielder and ruined their defense to the point they have gone from a winning record to a losing record. In my opinion, LA would gladly dump Pujols considering how well other hitters have picked up. I'm sure there are others that this old man can't think of at the moment.

Flav C

Stan, how exciting it is for the Angels fans to see those two kids? Trumbo and Trout, or as they are already calling them "T & T".


Stan I don't know how you could interpret my post as being a proponent of signing Pujols, or Fielder, I don't see where I mentioned anything other than the Pujols signing in LA looked bad for 2 months. I never disputed that signing Burhrle was anything but good along with the signing of Reyes and Bell when it happened. I did criticize the FO for making some bad decisions, but the decisions they made, when the players were sign, were lauded by everyone. In retrospect they look bad.

If there's one thing that the FO should be criticize for is the dismal drafting, and the Cabrera trade. Not one player is still with the Marlins from that trade. The player received from that trade should have been cornerstones of the team.Please read my posts a little closer.

BTW George Fosters big years with the Reds were 77 and 78, he didn't go to the Mets until 82, and as part of a trade that included Ray Knight, and not through free agency. His years with the Mets were very similar to the years he put up with the Reds during his last 3 years with them. Yeah I remember George Foster.

Stan M

Mike, I didn't criticize a thing you said about baseball. I just gave my opinions. If in any way they contrasted with yours, and I don't think they did, it wasn't criticism; stated or intended. I did suggest that you not call fellow posters idiots. We've had enough of that lately.

Would you agree that Fielder was not a good fit for the Marlins. Especially as you, too, remember Foster and his comments about how the low flying planes over LaGuadia must now be careful of his prodigious blasts. Kingman, another power hitter of that era, could reach the walls at Shea stadium, it was the frequency (among many other things) that was the problem. He ranks right up there with Hanley as a home town player that I loathed. How about you?


I never mentioned Fielder except in my second post. I don't care about Fielder, and yes I don't think he ever was a good fit. As for Foster I have never been a Mets fan, so I never game it much thought. And I don't loath Hanley, Hanley is what he is. He's a player with much talent that's put it together for a very short period of time. Hopefully at some point he'll recapture what he had in 09.

Stan M

Mike, how I hope you are right.

nats fan

Nats fan here again--here's a comment from our Pulitzer sportswriter Tom Boswell (btw..even your writers are horrible)

"Ozzie is the contemporary Billy Martin, though not even half as bad. But still Guillen is a pretty lousy guy in my book. Ozzie is all about Ozzie.

Guillen is losing his grip on that Miami team and it's an easy team to lose. He's still annoyed that Harper showed up the leftside of his $100M+ infield in the 1st inning on Friday nite. Reyes and Hanley Ramirez, both having poor seasons on huge contracts, were chatting in the infield while the pitcher rubbed up the ball on the mound __and Harper stole third while they were napping between pitches. It personified the way the Marlins are seen this year in their new stadium.

Ozzie apparently tried to upset Harper by protesting the pine tar on his bat __as if. The next time up, it's possible Harper pointed his bat at Guillen or the Marlin dugout, but he does that before every at bat. Did he look up as he did it, while he usually doesn't?

Here's what interesting. Guillen tried to get into Harper's head. Harper, 19, got into his. Then Harper made the sliding catch on a foul fly, while colliding with Lombardozzi, to end the game with the bases loaded. Just the kind of play Guillen can't seem to get his expensive Marlins to try very often."

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