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Larry Beinfest, Mike Hill discuss Hanley Ramirez trade, future of Marlins

President of Baseball Operations Larry Beinfest and general manager Mike Hill discussed the Hanley Ramirez trade and more Wednesday morning:

What did Hanley Ramirez mean to the organization?

Beinfest: "He meant a lot to this organization, a premium talent, an uber talent in a lot of respects. Looking back on it and what he’s done for the organization, these are tough moves. These are tough trades. But when you underachieve at the level this team has underachieved, and has not won at the level we expected it to, we talked about a restructuring and this was part of it. Maybe it’s time for a fresh start for Hanley, and maybe it’s time for a fresh start with the Marlins. We could not figure out why Hanley and his talent, in his prime, was hitting in the mid-.240s. So hopefully he will do what he’s capable of, which is obviously not a .245 hitter. 

"We’ve had certainly a lot of achievements with Hanley. We never got to the playoffs with him. We had some challenges and disappointments with Hanley along the way. But the bottom line is he is an exceptional talent. Are we giving up on the season? I’ll leave that up to you guys. We don’t feel that way. We weren’t winning with the group we had, and we want to make changes."

Any idea why he struggled so much?

Beinfest: "We all kind of beat our heads....there were several guys....this guy is a proven major league player. Why are they performing the way they are. We’re going to try to get to the root of it. Hanley’s in the prime of his career, an exceptional talent. You can see he’s in great shape. Still the same kid we got to know seven years ago. Never thought he’d be hitting .246. Again, maybe it was time for a fresh start.

I think they (fans) should be wondering. I think they should be disappointed in the way we’ve played, where we are in the standings. We’re not going to do something just to do something. These things came together relatively quickkly 

Did you get back what you wanted?

Beinfest: "We wanted to bring back a young starting pitcher, that was a goal. If we were going to market Hanley, and Eovaldi fit that deal. Our plan is to put Eovaldi in the rotation. He should start here on Saturday. Wade LeBlanc will stay in the bullpen. We’ll see. We’ve got six days to go to the trade deadline.

Why make the trade?

Beinfest: "We were waiting for it to click, waiting for May to happen again, and we just felt like it wasn’t going to happen. I’m not going to tell you that third base is not going to be a focus between now and next April. I think it will be. I think it should be. We’re going to have to look at other avenues to fortify the lineup. We need Logan Morrison to perform better than he has. We need guys to pick it up. We still probably have some additional work to do. Whether that’s going to happen in the next six days, who knows? But between now and next April, we need to look at the middle of the lineup. We need to look at third base and see how we’re going to move ahead."

Did Hanley have a bad attitude or attitude issues?

Beinfest: "I think some of that stuff has been well documented and again, without getting into specifics, we’ve had some challenges with him. We’ve had challenges with other players too. But because of hype and because he’s a star player and achieved at the level he’s achieved, it’s a little more out in front. Hanley Ramirez is a Marlin today if this team is cranking. If we’re right there in the division, or we’re banging on the door of the wild card, and people are performing up to their abilities....we’re not quite there. They have just underachieved en masse."

What has Jeffrey Loria's reaction been?

Beinfest: "Jeffrey loves his players. I think he definitely had a soft spot for Hanley. We can talk about some of the challenges we had with Hanley. There were tremendous positives with Hanley. He’s an intelligent guy, sweet guy. You get to know him away from some of the superstar persona, there’s some really endearing things about Hanley. Very tough on Jeffrey. He had high expectations. We’re in this brand new building. It’s beautiful. It’s done its job. And the team has underachieved. And he’s very involved in every aspect of what we’re doing. At the same time, this has been difficult for him.

What is the financial component of the trade? Does this mean you will be active in free agency?

Beinfest: "We’ll see. Players all come with something. They come at 500 grand. They come at $15 million. And this trade where we wanted to restructure, this player had a hefty contract that he earned based on how he produced. So there is that financial component. We’ll get with Jeffrey and talk about net year. That’s putting the cart a little bit ahead of the horse right now. No doubt, Hanley had a substantial contract that the Dodgers have taken in total. To find major league starting pitching is very very hard. This kid has the worst run support. He’s a good-looking player. There was money being exchanged, so that was part of the component when you talk about a trade. There was a sliding scale. You take on money and maybe the player dynamic changes a little bit. That’s exactly what happened here. There were multiple suitors for Hanley Ramirez. We were working with them right up past midnight last night. This deal really wasn’t really completed done until 2:30, 3 in the morning eastern time."

What did you get in return?

Beinfest: "We wanted a young, controllable in the rotation starting pitcher. Eovaldi, Jacob Turner. These are major pieces for us going forward. There’s probably been more disappointment than joy. This building deserves better. I think our fans deserve better. We’ve had some challenges. The Ozzie thing was disappointing. There’s no getting around that. The team’s performance other than May has been disappointing, period. We would have liked to have made a better showing. But there is no sugar-coating it. We did not achieve up to our expectations, which I thought were realistic."

Is it hard to fathom what’s transpired since you spent all that money during the winter meetings in Dallas?

Beinfest: "I think we have to fathom it. We had a completely different picture of how this summer would look, yes. Love the talent we brought in. Loved the existing talent we had here. Thought that the team had a little bit of everything to compete in a difficult division: front-line starting pitching, speed and defense, fortified bullpen -- the whole package. And it’s baseball. It’s not always perfect. We were probably, at least to this point, more wrong than we were right. And that’s the way it goes and we are going to try to make things better and win more games. But none of us envisioned where we are today, but we are. So we have to deal with it."

Can you talk about the plan for Jacob Turner?

Beinfest: "I think he’s pitching Saturday in New Orleans. Let’s get him pitching. Let’s get to know him."

Are you guys waving the white flag?

Beinfest: "I think fans and all of you in the media, I think it’s fair to couch this however way you like. I will tell you how we feel internally, and you can buy it or not. Is that it wasn’t working, and if we were wrong, we were wrong. If people want to call white flags, they want to call selling -- however you guys want to do it -- I think it’s fair. But we felt like this thing wasn’t going to click. Jeffrey was very supportive, and he was extremely disappointed. We were all in and now -- we were all in that we needed to make some changes.

"We wanted to target young starting pitching. We think it’s the most coveted thing in the game, toughest thing to acquire. We’re talking about high, top end young starting pitching. And when you’re talking about a jacob turner in the detroit deal, this is one of the top prospects in the game, Widely known. We think he’s going to be a frontline starter for us for a long time, so we were able to achieve that. With Eovaldi, you’ve got a guy performing in the majors leagus, under control, and ready to start for us on Saturday. You look at the rest of the detroit deal with the catcher, left-handed hitting upside offense, profiles out as a starting catcher in the major leagues. Again a commodity that’s very difficult to get your hands on. Truthfully, we’ve had a tough time developing internally, so we’ve had to go externally to find that player. And we did. It’s part of a restructure. And we move ahead with it.

Is there concern about attendance after losing Hanley?

Beinfest: "We’re concerned about everything because of the complete disappointment we have in this ball club. These are difficult decisions we had to make, but we made them. So, yeah, I think we’re concerned about everything. I think we need to look at ourselves in the mirror. I think players need to look at themselves in the mirror, and say, hey, this is where we’re at and either deal with or not, and we’ve chosen to deal with it."

Was there just a big abberation between what you thought you had and reality?

Beinfest: "I think we have to ask ourselves everyday. Did we make a poor evaluation, or did we make poor business deals as far as our contracts? Generally, I do believe in this game, you don’t go from good to bad. You can go from good, to a little decline to mediocre, servicable. However you want to say it. I don’t generally believe in good to bad. And however you want to evaluate it, we’ve had some of that. We’ve had guys that are, we believe, premium, that are not playing up to premium, and we’re going to try to figure out why. Obviously we weren’t able to figure out why in time to elevate ourselves in the standings and have this be a different conversation.

Hill: "The formula that we put together, we expected players with track records, we expected them to do what they’ve historically done. You can’t sugarcoat what the numbers are."


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They have there new stadium, they spent some money to get fans excited, but its the same Marlins, fire sale. Lets get a new owner! Imagine Reyes,Hanley,stanton,Caberera, Uggla!


they complain about not having any offense, so they trade Hanley for SP. go fig.

No Score Wonders

Whoopee!!! They cant score runs ,but they can steal bases...try stealing Home


Maybe if you can draft better we wouldn't have to restock the minors through trades.

DC Heater

Beinfest and Hill should be fired. Can we fire Loria and Sampson too?

The lead sponsor for this team should be Barnum and Bailey, because that's what they are... a freaking circus!


money dump!!! I bet if they would of picked up some of hanley's money they could of gotten a better player in return than two sub .500 pitchers with so many teams in it they just gave hime away as long as dodgers payed the contract like ross,uggla,cabrera and many of the 2003 team. same broke steinbrener F.o


After the novelty of the new stadium wears off and after the fire sale is finished, the Marlins will be back to drawing 3,000 fans per game. Look for an empty stadium in 2013.


So when does Beinfest and Hill hold themselves accountable?


They're not even denying it's a salary dump, which means the Marlins' brief experiment with legitimacy is over and it's back to business as usual. I'm too sick to my stomach to be mad.
What's going to happen this weekend? The newly gutted Fish vs. the Padres, and the Olympics are under way. Beinfest and Hill may be the only "fans' at that fancy new ball park — if even THEY bother to show up.
The Marlins can't buy a hit with RISP, but the front office trades away bats for a couple of shaky pitching prospects because, they say, starting pitching is so hard to come by. Yet, they trade away Sanchez and entertain talks for JJ. It's tougher than Rubik's Cube just trying to figure out which side of their mouths their going to talk out of next.
There are a few on here who are going to claim that they just KNEW this was going to happen. But the truth is, we all had high hopes for this season and suddenly it's 1998 again.


I really do know the difference between "their" and "they're." I'm going to blame it on a typo.


can the season be mercifully made over? At this point the only thing worth seeing is JJ pitching every 5th day and even that might be coming to an end.

Josh Hamilton 2013


I'm done attending games until Management ( not Guillen )

or new owner ship

Peter Gammons Dog

Do you actually think that Josh Hamilton would even consider coming to a shithole organization owned by Loria and run by Samson???? HaHaHaHaHa...keep smoking that good weed...


If Nolan Ryan keeps badmouthing him, Hamilton is gonna want to ship out to somewhere.

The Real Alex

Relax. It's not necessarily a Salary Dump. We shall see what they DO with the extra money that they WOULD HAVE PAID HANLEY WITH.

NOBODY HATES LORIA & SAMSON MORE THAN I DO. But this KNEE JERK "FIRE SALE!" crap that so many of you guys are crying is RIDICULOUS! CALM THE F*CK DOWN, OK? Hanley was a BUM and he HAD TO GO. Anibal Sanchez had GREAT STUFF but he never was able to become the great pitcher we hoped he would be, and guys like Infante are a dime a dozen.

Look, maybe this really IS the beginnings of another FIRE SALE. With this DIRT BAG owner, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! But it's way too early to make that call. Time will tell.

In the meantime, THANK GOD HANLEY IS GONE!!!! And we got a couple of young pitchers that MIGHT turn out to be VERY GOOD. So stop all your "chicken little the sky is falling nonsense", ok? Let's see what happens before going off THE DEEP END!

Stan M

I'm going to take a different approach. This team was obviously going nowhere. Sanchez was to be a free agent. Getting rid of Hanley had to happen and I'm one of those who think we are better off without him no matter whom we received in trade for him. And I don't think that this shakeup will be lost on those that remain. Management has freed about 20-25 million per year from the payroll. The whole point will be...is that money going to stay in Loria's pocket, or will it be reinvested in the team? In my opinion, he simply has to reinvest or this team will soon have no following at all. Lastly, the Commishoner or the players union might make a huge stink if chubby pockets the dough. Everyone of us...with one exception, of course, make mistakes. They have admitted as much. Now let's see how they rectify the past errors befoe we condemn them. In the meantime, I will root for Washington and hope that Bryce Harper and Mike Trout show us things we haven't seen since the coming of Mantle and Mays. Oh yea, we better get a third baseman by next year by fair means or foul.

The Real Alex

Can we DUMP Beinfest and the rest of the Front Office? I actually heard that MORON say he that they are "scratching their heads" at how the team has UNDERPERFORMED, especially Hanley. HOW STUPID IS THIS GUY? Where's he been since 2009? Hasn't he WATCHED HANLEY these past years? If so, HOW THE HELL COULD HE BE SURPRISED THAT HANLEY "UNDERPERFORMED"? I called it BEFORE THE SEASON STARTED! How could ANYONE think Hanley was going to have a GOOD YEAR? WTF were they SMOKING?

The Real Alex

And where's Stan M? I need his SHARP BASEBALL MIND to make up MORE EXCUSES for why Jose Reyes is on pace to set a NEW MARLINS RECORD for getting PICKED OFF! Stan M had some bullspit excuse all ready the LAST TIME Reyes got PICKED OFF; as a lover of FICTION I'm anxious to read his NEW FANTASY TALE! I have NEVER SEEN one player get picked off that many times; I believe he's up to 5 or 6 times already this year. That's UNCONSCIONABLE.

Jose Reyes is NOT WORTH the 109 MILLION DOLLARS they are paying him. He's not worth 50 Million! Tell me again Stan how we are BETTER OFF with Reyes than with Prince Fielder! That's another great work of FICTION, LMFAO!!!!

Yeah, Beinfest should be FIRED ASAP! He is the one that put together this ABORTION. Reyes, Heath Bell, and let's not forget Ozzie Guillen! It would be VERY HARD to find a MORE STUPID manager!


Stan, you don't even have to go all the way back to 51' to see what greatness is at such a young age. Anyone else out there remember Alex Rodriguez's 1996 age 21 season? Not too shabby and I doubt that will ever be matched though Trout's season thus far is looking awfully close.

Leo Orestes Barberie

When you are wrong, you are wrong and I was wrong BIG TIME. Did not see or hear this coming. They had to get rid of him but to get rid of him for what they got back shows either he is TOXIC and/or this was the best they could do. I think many of us here never thought he would get it back. I attributed much of it to this Charlie Lau BS that I know he was not utilizing when he won the Batting Championship. IF he goes to LA and goes back to his mode of hitting of a couple of years ago that would seem to demonstrate that he was doing ANYTHING to get out of here.

Got a kick out of Cliff Notes saying to Minnervini that the new guy had the worst run support in the Majors with a 1.4 for the Dodgers. Wait until the kid shows up here with Petersen, Buck, Murphy and the usual set of suspects in the lieup.

This is basically a Triple A team. When you have Black Holes in RF,3B and catcher(along with the pitcher's spot) you just can't win. IF they have the sheer audacity to not spend the saved money and it proves they were just engaged in positioning to get a state of the art stadium for minimal investment on their part and they are contemplating SELLING the team, at that point MLB must jump in or risk being made fools of along with ALL of South Florida.

The Real Alex

But at least Ruggiano is playing well! Two doubles today, and the only RBI, his average is over .370, LOL! And his DEFENSE in CF is just outstanding. But he is a perfect example of just how stupid Ozzie is. Ozzie was doing EVERYTHING HE COULD to mess the kid up, to make him into a part time NOBODY, a bench spare part. Why? Because he was an old guy and he already had that reputation as a good minor leaguer, but not a pro. And despite the fact that every time Ozzie put him in the line up Ruggiano PRODUCED, Ozzie would immediately bench him afterwards. Finally Ruggiano just went OFF completely, tearing the cover off the ball, and Ozzie had no choice - he HAD TO PLAY HIM. And he's been producing ever since!

Now Ozzie is doing the same to Solano. Word is he plans to PLATOON HIM at 3rd with...with Dobbs, of course! I just can't believe Ozzie's LOVE AFFAIR with Dobbs. Yes, he's batting almost .300, but he has TWO Home Runs and only 22 RBI in over 160 ABs. He is a SINGLES HITTER, and a great Pinch Hitter, but he does NOT belong on the field playing DEFENSE. Solano deserves a shot to show what he can do.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Can we do ANYTHING to call attention to the dismal record of Beinfest and Hill. To have only 2 QUALITY Major League Baseball players that you drafted is UNHEARD of and next to IMPOSSIBLE. You could not have had only 2!!!! quality players drafted in last 10 years IF you had tried to do it on purpose. You don't draft a Skipworth, a Volstad, A Marceaux, A Thompson, A Hermida, a Dominguez UNLESS you are either a--WON'T say "MORON"--janitor posing asa GM or a RELATION of the owner. Has Beinfest's name always been Beinfest or was there a name change??


Gee...worst thing that was created in a computer was the "copy and paste" buttons/functions...LOB and Alex mastered this function pretty well... LMAOF... Same things over and over and over...

The Real Alex

You guys don't have to look at Washington or Anaheim to see young talent that has GREATNESS written all over it. Giancarlo Stanton is the REAL DEAL, gentlemen, and I can't believe that even YOU GUYS take him for granted! 22 Years old with 75 HOME RUNS in 330 GAMES? If you don't see THOSE NUMBERS for what they are, you should just quit watching The Game. And he's still so RAW and UNPOLISHED. Just wait until he's 25 or 26 years old! Bryce Harper? I'll take Mr. Stanton, thank you very much.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Real Alex< You must quit using the word "stupid" becase since we are the same person then I get blamed for your transgressions. Maybe we can explain to people that we alternate "Good" LOB/Real Alex and "Bad" LOB?Real Alex. Our split personality has resulted in my dropping the word stupid while your heinous self continues to use the dreade word. Boy, I just noticed that we almost timed those last 2 posts to come out at the exact same time.

The Real Alex

The Miami haters on the internet are going BERSERK, ripping our City and our Team for another "Fire Sale". I do NOT see this as a Fire Sale, not YET. Not unless they just POCKET the extra money they saved on Hanley and do not try to add some players via Free Agency. Or if they trade JJ, which would be a very stupid move. They need to keep JJ. If they can dump Bell, they should, and Nolasco too. But if they dump JJ that would be a sure indication of a Fire Sale and this ownership would get crucified for it. Except here in Miami, of course, where the ownership gets away with murder.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Hey Genius, That is supposed to read "LMFAO", maybe you are engaged in a reversal of adjectives and nouns which could be indicative of some learning problem.

Fred G. Sanford

Relax ,Marlins fans..its not a Firesale..more like a Yard Sale or Garage Sale...get rid of the Old Junk to get New Shiny Junk...the problem is the people in charge of this sale dont have an eye for Quality merchandise,and the New Junk turns to Old Junk very quickly for these Unqualified Junk Collectors. Not to mention junk they'll never be able to get rid of,cause they overpayed for it in the 1st place. But dont call it a Firesale. Thats when they blow everything worth anything out 1st and give the worthless stuff away.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Real, I hate to disagree with "myself" but this will soon qualify as a fire sale. The utilization of the word "arson" may be more apropos. They are going to end up shocking everyone on this Blog along with you/me.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Fred G, Very good point. This may be "the big one", actually O would prefer Grady and Officer Hoppy over Larry and Mike.


Cant wait for the Winter Meetings this Dec. ,when after becoming the laughingstock of MLB again,Loria and Samsom start all their Hype and B.S to get publicicty,then crap all over each other with more bad deals. Must see Reality T.V on how not to run a sports franchise. "The Team that Cried Wolf" got their new stadium and will come up with another angle or scam ,to get what little fans they have left, back for more abuse and mistrust. P.T.Barnum would be proud.

Leo Orestes Barberie

P.T. Barnum sounds like the player to be named later in a Marlins deal.


Hey Fred...I'll take that useless catcher off your hands,but ya gotta throw in 2 young starters for free. Say hey to Lamont.

Stan M

My dear Alex,
Saw your post above about needing my sharp baseball mind. Well, you certainly do, Captain Obvious, you certainly do! It's one thing that your posts show little imagination and are redundant in the extreme. But why must you criticize eveyone else while expressing yourself with such a morbid fascination with words that attempt to denounce everyone else's intellect? You are attempting to put not only me, but everyone else on this blog down with that comment above "So stop all this the sky is falling nonsense." Who in hell do you think you are? What you are not is some oracle who bespeaks great ideas. What you are is a damn fool with a major personality disorder who has so little self esteem that he must continually attempt (crudely I might add) to portray those around him as intellectually inferior. This was a nice blog before you came along...in my opinion anyway.


Strike 3, Alex...LMFAO (is that ok LOB?)
- You made the mlb site hell as Orlando Bosch59, you make espn boards unbearable as Partagas, and now here. Celebrate, Alex!

Stan M

Again I must apologize to all of you sane posters. I vowed to stop even communicating with this nut case. Unfortunately, anger sometimes overwhelmes restraint. It's obvious that this person can't be reasoned with and the above comments are a waste of everyone's time. But it did make me feel better and that counts for something.


Where is Hanley batting in the lineup today against the Braves?? Did I miss something? Oh it's just the same old polished turd that it's been for years now. I thought I was hallucinating and just realized that Larry Beinfest traded away relatively big names for "we'll see what they got" type players. Gotta move Carlos Lee still so they can salvage what is left with LoMo's knee right? Trade JJ for a single A relief pitcher and a AA 2 tool 3rd baseman. How bad do you think they would love to unload Buck and Bell? Oh I bet it tears them up writing their checks every two weeks.

I got lucky that they moved the game I'll be attending in Phoenix to a double header so I don't have to spend the money on a hotel as it's the early game. There won't be anyone left to heckle by that time. Just going to see Stanton hit and that's about it.


How many top free agents are going to come to a franchise that spends all this money in offseason to have a firesale, that nets cheap peices for a rotation that will be headlined by buehrle or nolasco if they trade johnson? In addition, this franchise doesn't give a no trade clause.The reason they haven't drafted good players is bonuses. The pirates and nationals spent money on drafts while the marlins skimped on a few picks. Internationaly they where cheap on cespedes,chapman,and on julio teheran and lost out each time.And as far as pitchers they get in these deal turn out pretty good, they got traded for a reason. how many pieces in the last firesale turned good nolasco,sanchez,and ramirez,how many other players did anything what did they get for castillo,0. we all had high hopes because the players they added complimented last years roster but to end up with a rotation revamp and still the same batters,and bullpen (bell). ruggiano is no difrent from cantu,ross,and countless players the marlins pick up to fill spots while pocketing revenue. why would they also trade their draft spot with detroit, a full round to save money on the slotted bonus that is 30 something prospects they will not have a chance to draft to save some cash? I think they acted like they wanted pujols and wilson, if they really wanted pujols the no trade clause wouldve been given. as far as the owner spending next year, doesn't mean he will end up paying the bill.



Scathing from Passan. The national media are having a field day as was mentioned above. What else can be said?


Those of you who think this isn't a fire sale, I certainly hope you're right. My concern is not what Beinfest and Hill said, but what they didn't say. They're eager to put people in the seats to make their fat-cat boss even more money, but when given every opportunity to offer fans some sort of assurance, they ducked the question. If they were even considering spending that money to bolster the team, I think they would have said so.
Asked if the Marlins would be seeking free agents, Beinfest said, "We'll see."
Asked if the team were worried about lagging attendance, Beinfest said something like, "We're worried about everything."
On either occasion, he could have said, "We're going to do everything we can to build a team the fans will be proud of, a team they're going to want to come out and see." But they didn't.
"We'll see," coming from these blowhards just doesn't seem very encouraging to me.


I think juanv brings up a great point. I would imagine that every team in baseball is now onto this scam with the Marlins. They dump payroll and will trade away players and will basically take scraps in return. Eventually there won't be one FA that will ever want to come to Miami to play. I also have to wonder at what point this team is going up for sale? Loria is getting older and now he's got the stadium built it would eventually make sense right?

Christ I am so disappointed. I'd hate to have spent money on season tix.

Karma Chameleon

Hope Marlins Park catches on fire ,burning to the ground, with Loria and Samson trapped inside. That would be Karma Justice, at its best. Talk about a firesale.


They were talking yesterday before the trade, if we trade Hanley we will get someone good in return, we will make sure of that. The result a 1-6 pitcher 4.15 era , sure that should get the job done. We have a bad habit of picking up garbage pitchers, we do this all the time.Wish we could have shoved Heath Bell down their throats with the deal.


Look at the bright side. If we have another fire sale the fans will have had enough and no fans means no revenue and they move the Marlins to Peoria . Which will open the door for the Canes to finally have their new stadium right back at the old site.

Marlin Fan

The dog Hanley hits a triple in his first ab

Stan M

There is an excellent chance that "The Franchis" will be very entertaining from this point on. They certainly have enough subject matter if they only make use of it.

That was some article, Flags...


Yeah, Hanley hits a triple on the first pitch he sees as a Dodger — and barely trots down the first base line, either assuming he's hit it out or that it's going to be caught.
Interesting that he was given a choice of starting at shortstop or third and he chose third.


the cable network traded the franchise to fox for pair of releif camera guys and cash considerations.


as far as the owner selling it there is a clause where he can't sell the team for a few years or face a penalty.

Julio at UM

Hanleys triple was a mis-played fly ball by John Jay. Routine Out.Good riddance to that piece of shittt.

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