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Larry Beinfest, Mike Hill discuss Hanley Ramirez trade, future of Marlins

President of Baseball Operations Larry Beinfest and general manager Mike Hill discussed the Hanley Ramirez trade and more Wednesday morning:

What did Hanley Ramirez mean to the organization?

Beinfest: "He meant a lot to this organization, a premium talent, an uber talent in a lot of respects. Looking back on it and what he’s done for the organization, these are tough moves. These are tough trades. But when you underachieve at the level this team has underachieved, and has not won at the level we expected it to, we talked about a restructuring and this was part of it. Maybe it’s time for a fresh start for Hanley, and maybe it’s time for a fresh start with the Marlins. We could not figure out why Hanley and his talent, in his prime, was hitting in the mid-.240s. So hopefully he will do what he’s capable of, which is obviously not a .245 hitter. 

"We’ve had certainly a lot of achievements with Hanley. We never got to the playoffs with him. We had some challenges and disappointments with Hanley along the way. But the bottom line is he is an exceptional talent. Are we giving up on the season? I’ll leave that up to you guys. We don’t feel that way. We weren’t winning with the group we had, and we want to make changes."

Any idea why he struggled so much?

Beinfest: "We all kind of beat our heads....there were several guys....this guy is a proven major league player. Why are they performing the way they are. We’re going to try to get to the root of it. Hanley’s in the prime of his career, an exceptional talent. You can see he’s in great shape. Still the same kid we got to know seven years ago. Never thought he’d be hitting .246. Again, maybe it was time for a fresh start.

I think they (fans) should be wondering. I think they should be disappointed in the way we’ve played, where we are in the standings. We’re not going to do something just to do something. These things came together relatively quickkly 

Did you get back what you wanted?

Beinfest: "We wanted to bring back a young starting pitcher, that was a goal. If we were going to market Hanley, and Eovaldi fit that deal. Our plan is to put Eovaldi in the rotation. He should start here on Saturday. Wade LeBlanc will stay in the bullpen. We’ll see. We’ve got six days to go to the trade deadline.

Why make the trade?

Beinfest: "We were waiting for it to click, waiting for May to happen again, and we just felt like it wasn’t going to happen. I’m not going to tell you that third base is not going to be a focus between now and next April. I think it will be. I think it should be. We’re going to have to look at other avenues to fortify the lineup. We need Logan Morrison to perform better than he has. We need guys to pick it up. We still probably have some additional work to do. Whether that’s going to happen in the next six days, who knows? But between now and next April, we need to look at the middle of the lineup. We need to look at third base and see how we’re going to move ahead."

Did Hanley have a bad attitude or attitude issues?

Beinfest: "I think some of that stuff has been well documented and again, without getting into specifics, we’ve had some challenges with him. We’ve had challenges with other players too. But because of hype and because he’s a star player and achieved at the level he’s achieved, it’s a little more out in front. Hanley Ramirez is a Marlin today if this team is cranking. If we’re right there in the division, or we’re banging on the door of the wild card, and people are performing up to their abilities....we’re not quite there. They have just underachieved en masse."

What has Jeffrey Loria's reaction been?

Beinfest: "Jeffrey loves his players. I think he definitely had a soft spot for Hanley. We can talk about some of the challenges we had with Hanley. There were tremendous positives with Hanley. He’s an intelligent guy, sweet guy. You get to know him away from some of the superstar persona, there’s some really endearing things about Hanley. Very tough on Jeffrey. He had high expectations. We’re in this brand new building. It’s beautiful. It’s done its job. And the team has underachieved. And he’s very involved in every aspect of what we’re doing. At the same time, this has been difficult for him.

What is the financial component of the trade? Does this mean you will be active in free agency?

Beinfest: "We’ll see. Players all come with something. They come at 500 grand. They come at $15 million. And this trade where we wanted to restructure, this player had a hefty contract that he earned based on how he produced. So there is that financial component. We’ll get with Jeffrey and talk about net year. That’s putting the cart a little bit ahead of the horse right now. No doubt, Hanley had a substantial contract that the Dodgers have taken in total. To find major league starting pitching is very very hard. This kid has the worst run support. He’s a good-looking player. There was money being exchanged, so that was part of the component when you talk about a trade. There was a sliding scale. You take on money and maybe the player dynamic changes a little bit. That’s exactly what happened here. There were multiple suitors for Hanley Ramirez. We were working with them right up past midnight last night. This deal really wasn’t really completed done until 2:30, 3 in the morning eastern time."

What did you get in return?

Beinfest: "We wanted a young, controllable in the rotation starting pitcher. Eovaldi, Jacob Turner. These are major pieces for us going forward. There’s probably been more disappointment than joy. This building deserves better. I think our fans deserve better. We’ve had some challenges. The Ozzie thing was disappointing. There’s no getting around that. The team’s performance other than May has been disappointing, period. We would have liked to have made a better showing. But there is no sugar-coating it. We did not achieve up to our expectations, which I thought were realistic."

Is it hard to fathom what’s transpired since you spent all that money during the winter meetings in Dallas?

Beinfest: "I think we have to fathom it. We had a completely different picture of how this summer would look, yes. Love the talent we brought in. Loved the existing talent we had here. Thought that the team had a little bit of everything to compete in a difficult division: front-line starting pitching, speed and defense, fortified bullpen -- the whole package. And it’s baseball. It’s not always perfect. We were probably, at least to this point, more wrong than we were right. And that’s the way it goes and we are going to try to make things better and win more games. But none of us envisioned where we are today, but we are. So we have to deal with it."

Can you talk about the plan for Jacob Turner?

Beinfest: "I think he’s pitching Saturday in New Orleans. Let’s get him pitching. Let’s get to know him."

Are you guys waving the white flag?

Beinfest: "I think fans and all of you in the media, I think it’s fair to couch this however way you like. I will tell you how we feel internally, and you can buy it or not. Is that it wasn’t working, and if we were wrong, we were wrong. If people want to call white flags, they want to call selling -- however you guys want to do it -- I think it’s fair. But we felt like this thing wasn’t going to click. Jeffrey was very supportive, and he was extremely disappointed. We were all in and now -- we were all in that we needed to make some changes.

"We wanted to target young starting pitching. We think it’s the most coveted thing in the game, toughest thing to acquire. We’re talking about high, top end young starting pitching. And when you’re talking about a jacob turner in the detroit deal, this is one of the top prospects in the game, Widely known. We think he’s going to be a frontline starter for us for a long time, so we were able to achieve that. With Eovaldi, you’ve got a guy performing in the majors leagus, under control, and ready to start for us on Saturday. You look at the rest of the detroit deal with the catcher, left-handed hitting upside offense, profiles out as a starting catcher in the major leagues. Again a commodity that’s very difficult to get your hands on. Truthfully, we’ve had a tough time developing internally, so we’ve had to go externally to find that player. And we did. It’s part of a restructure. And we move ahead with it.

Is there concern about attendance after losing Hanley?

Beinfest: "We’re concerned about everything because of the complete disappointment we have in this ball club. These are difficult decisions we had to make, but we made them. So, yeah, I think we’re concerned about everything. I think we need to look at ourselves in the mirror. I think players need to look at themselves in the mirror, and say, hey, this is where we’re at and either deal with or not, and we’ve chosen to deal with it."

Was there just a big abberation between what you thought you had and reality?

Beinfest: "I think we have to ask ourselves everyday. Did we make a poor evaluation, or did we make poor business deals as far as our contracts? Generally, I do believe in this game, you don’t go from good to bad. You can go from good, to a little decline to mediocre, servicable. However you want to say it. I don’t generally believe in good to bad. And however you want to evaluate it, we’ve had some of that. We’ve had guys that are, we believe, premium, that are not playing up to premium, and we’re going to try to figure out why. Obviously we weren’t able to figure out why in time to elevate ourselves in the standings and have this be a different conversation.

Hill: "The formula that we put together, we expected players with track records, we expected them to do what they’ve historically done. You can’t sugarcoat what the numbers are."


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instead of interviewing Hill and Bienfest, should have interviewed Freddi Gonzalez and Dan Uggla. It would be very interesting to hear their thoughts.


When your team has a player or two that are underperforming it's very simple to either bench those players or trade them but when the team is underperforming in all facets of the game then you fire the Mgr and then proceed to fire the front office person that hired such mgr.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Why in the Hell do we have to read all these great thoughts from the Bloggers like Stan, Flags, Laurel, Glags, Flav and EVEN Juan and the guy who some accuse of being me, and YET we don't get any of the tremendous hard hitting stuff from anyone bring paid by a South Florida newspaper. This franchise(???) is being ripped across the land and yet we see this DOCILE commentary emanating from the 2 major sources in South Florida. Why is that?? They wouldn't dare restrict the access by the papers, nobody could be afraid of being beat down by Samson or Loria. So why this meek PAP? I just hope that all the people I mentioned keep it coming. Because if not for you guys there would be nothing of substance on this site.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Sorry!! Forgot rbleigh.

Marlin Fan

Hanley gets RBI single . Nice to hit with RISP . Wonder how long before Mattingly gets tired of his antics . Garciaparra and thorn giving excuses that Hanley " wasn't comfortable in the ballpark , I.e . It wasn't a hitters park. Yeah that must be it . Lol lol

Marlin Fan

Funny Stanton hits rockets out of the park . Guess it only applies to Hanley . After moaning his move to third , he's given a chance to move back and is hesitant ??

Leo Orestes Barberie

Oh my Goodness!! I just read Passan's column on Yahoo Sports. He basically called the art dealer and the son-in-law thieves and con men. I'm sure these guys are lawyered up to the point where they know what they can write and get away with it. I understand the concept of public figures but can you still call public figures crooks and con men? Does this have something to do witl public figures not fighting back because then they must prove they are NOT crooks and con men. I would hate to be called a crook and a con man by a national publication. Wil this take away from Dave's reputation as a Dual Marathoner? Has anyone on the Blog every been called a crook an a conman. And it appears they will be called that all over the United States of America. I'm assuming the Miami Herald still has lawyers----kinda like the Washington Post to determine what they can safely write-----IF a site like Yahoo can call n owner and his son in law crooks and con men and not be fearful of any litigation coming back, would the Miami Herald and Sun-Sentinel be able to call an art dealer and his diminutive, high pitched voice son in law crooks ansd con men. I certainly would NEVER call them crooks and con men. How would I know what has transpired in their dealings in South Florida. I'm wondering if a nice long expose--maybe worthy of a Pulitzer IF it was to SOMEHOW find bad stuff---might be in the cards. It might even be nore exciting than listening to 2 guys who have drafted 2 quality players in the last 10 years. Wait, isn't Hill a marathoner as well??

Clark and/or Manny before you leave this fragile orb, wouldn't you like to write a Passanesque article? Bet it would be fun and good for your careers.

Leo Orestes Barberie

I still can't gt used to wht=at theignominy of being called crooks and conmen must do to someone's psyche. And they are basiaclly being labeled crooks and conmen all over America. Doesthat affect yout reputation as a globla art dealer? Will people in Florence and Venice want to deal with someone so dastardly labeled? I don't koow if Samson will be too affected because there are still people trying to figure out what he does besides run marathons and cause people to squeal when they here his voice.

We really need about 20 volunteer counters to walk around the stadium and give an accurate count as to how many people are really there. That would be fun. Just realized The Marlins are playing a DH against the Nats on that Friday. I will have more fun than a barrel of Lorias. I hope to speak to Cliff Notes and Craig. Tommy is too high up but I'm going to try to find a sweater vest made up of pink and turquoise.

Leo Orestes Barberie

I'm through too many typos.

easy ed

Saturday Night show after the game.....Loria and Samson circus under the big top, with the musical stylings of Flo Rida.

On the trades, hey, not that Ramirez is gone, Stanton will have absolutlely nobody protecting him and guaranteed he will not see a pitch to hit. The art dealer, and the manorexic midget are the laughing stock of the league. When is Josh Johnson moved.....I guarantee that they are fielding offers on Stanton.

Marlin Ballpark,.....the albatross of Little Havana. It would be a symbol for decades to come of power and greed run amok, and shady dealings.

easy ed

We should have known the season would go like this when Loria and the cougar, golf carted a trembling Ali out to the center of the field. An embarassment on so many levels. Forget the 2 million dollar tacky art in center field....or the classing up of the baseball experience by the Cougar's wishes......; every baseball decision has been an utter failure. Allowing Showtime to film this dumpster fire is icing on the cake.

I am having a firesale for my Marlin merchandise. Never worn orange Marlin ball cap with the flat rim.....heck, I'll just donate it to another country.....like the Oklahoma Thunder NBA champs T-shirts you see kids in Guatamala wearing.


We keep 'splaining it to him, but easy ed still can't figure out this "cougar" business. Is it possible that there are folks out there who are even more out-of-touch and un-hip than I am?

Urban Dictionary

Cougar...An older woman,who frequents clubs,looking to score with a much younger man.....Not an old ,triple-chinned ,fat overweight phucck like Loria.

easy ed

loria's cougar wifey.....the art curator...

Leo Orestes Barberie

`Dear Easy Ed, I believe that people are saying the art dealer would never have a "cougar" for a wife because any guy with the money and the power probably will not be amenable to having an older woman when there are so many young women available that "might" enjoy being set up for life. Of course there is usually a deal of reciprocity that I see no need to get into. Personally the reciprocity for me-----and I'm saying if I was the "Cougar" engaging the woman---the reciprocity may preclude any arrangement even if said woman was the richest in the world.

Leo Orestes Barberie

By the way, I'm throwing up an olive branch. I realize I rub a lot of people the wrong way--usually purposefully as I'm a sweet heart in real life (Stan M can vouch)---but I am not responding to any stuff directed at me. Say whatever you want and maybe after a week you will be able to believe that I now believe WE are allin this together and the only aim is to describe this "franchise" in such a way that others around the country may pick up on it.

I apologize for ALL my intemperate remarks to EVERYONE NOT associated with the Miami Marlins and I can't help it I do feel sorry for Ozzie.

Stan M

Just came on line. Many articles about Marlins to read. About evenly divided between it's a fire sale, and the trades make good sense. Richiej, great idea above on whom should be interviewed. My personal opinion is still that the moves will prove to be positive if, and only if, Loria reinvests the money saved. It will be interesting to examine potential free agents for this Fall. We have one major gap to worry about...third base. There is no one on the ML roster, nor in the farm system either ready or capable of playing there as a plus player. Only possibility other than a trade or FA signing is Solarno to 2B and Bono to 3B, but Solarno is still unproven and his track record is not terribly impressive. With Blue Jay's catcher out for year, would they possibly take Buck off our hands? LOB and LB...you mean that's not chubby's daughter sitting with him?

Leo Orestes Barberie

Would someone PLEASE put up a good caption to that picture of Beinfest and Hill sitting together. I'm too tired. I had to wake up at 5:30 for my 5 year stress test and I'm exhausted. I'm proud that I made it to 17 minutes and only needed to stop because shoelaces became untied.

Laurel, Could you please answer the question I posed about the legal clearance that must be issued by a publication before they call guys "Crooks" and "CON-MEN", or can you just call public figures anything? Either way, to what do you attribute the reluctance of our intrepid journalists to say nothing even remotely close to that degree of commentary?

Stan M

Just searched for next year's 3B free agents. There is David Wright and then there is David Wright, or on the other hand, David Wright. Mets probably resign him so it's got to be a trade or Bono. Will now search other teams for an available 3rd baseman. Beginning to think JJ almost has to go now for a 3B prospect...he better be a good one or we will smell the stink all the way up here in NC.

Dick Young

The local beat writers hands are tied as to writing the truth about this abortion of a MLB franchise by their employers,who have to kiss Loria's Hoover Dam like ass,for the almighty advertising dollar.They're also afraid of Samson's rabid wrath. Bottom line ,they are gutless eunuchs, mere proleteriat fluffers to the game.

Dick Young

The stink of the Marlins reached Montreal ,when Loria was given the team by Bud Light.

Stan M

Oh oh! Third base is barren and I mean barren. A. Ramiriz and K. Youkilis will be in their mid 30s, Headley on the Padres is too much in demend therefor costly), then there is the Baby Panda. A proven ML hitter but terribly overweight and (I think) a liability in the field. That's it folks! No wonder there were teams interested in Hanley. Can Coghlan play third? This could turn out to be a big problem. With Buck in the lineup, this team can't tolerate another automatic out.


Libel laws are complicated and I'm not a lawyer. But basically, it is libelous to publish anything false that exposes someone to disgrace, shame or ridicule or injures someone in their business or occupation. The key word is "false." If the newspaper publishes anything calling Loria a crook or con man — possibly even in blog comments — Loria could sue for libel. If the case went to court, it would be up to the newspaper to prove that the allegations were a true and fair representation of Loria's actions or intent. If the newspaper can't prove that, it could be subject to a whopping judgement. There are also issues of whether the newspaper had malicious intent to harm Loria or his henchmen. As I understand it, Marlins management would be private businessmen and not public officials, so the newspaper couldn't use that as a mitigating factor.
Remember, I'm not a lawyer. I'm just doing my best to answer your question based on what I know of the law. Sorry it sounds so stodgy, but I just coudn't figger out any other way to explain that sheet.


Also, I think Yahoo and others feel confident that they won't be sued because a lawsuit might force Loria to open ALL his books and business dealings to public scrutiny, which they're pretty sure he doesn't want to do.

Dick Young

Marlins will trade with the Rangers for 3b Mike Olt.


Back in the days of the dinosaurs, when I worked for newspapers, it was common to send an "independent" reporter in to do an expose so the the beat reporter didn't burn all his sources. In other words, instead of having your City Hall reporter do an expose on City Hall corruption, you would send someone else in to do the dirty work (with the City Hall reporter's help, of course) so the beat reporter's name wouldn't be attached to the story. The theory, naturally, was that your beat reporter wouldn't be worth much if nobody at City Hall would talk to him anymore. I guess you get my drift.


Stan M,
I understand the Astros have a guy named Dominguez in their system that the Marlins might want to trade away a few guys for.


Why does anyone believe that The Marlins FO can build a deep into the play-offs team, when they have never done it before? Beinfest trained in the Seattle org,they havent won anything.Beinfest went to Syracuse to become an announcer,got his Masters in Communications,and went to work at a radio station ,selling air time. The radio station was owned by Jeff Smulyan owner of the Mariners. An entry level job opened up in the Seattle Mariners FO and Beinfest took it. Point is ,he is not really a Baseball talent guy.He was hired in Montreal as asst GM when Loria took over and the GM immediatly resigned. Loria had nobody else and Beinfest was made GM. Thats how he got to his current position. The answer to the question of them building a championship caliber team is they cant and they wont. They cant even build a top-quality minor-league system ,let alone a solid MLB contender. Wake up Marlins fans ,the Emperor Penguin has been exposed and he is a Charlatan

George Weiss

Hey Marlins fans...Did you know that every prospect that Dave Dombrowski traded away since he left the Marlins, has never panned out for the other team. You can look it up.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Dear The Truth, I'm still tired from that Nuclear Stress(and Treadmill) Test-----Are you sure what you wrote is accurate?? I really appreciate that info. It would explain a lot. For someone who complains as much as I do about the 2 quality players in 10 years, it was certainly lazy on my part not to just look that up. Once again THANKS for thre info.

Guys(GIRLS??), I've been watching Tiger and Nat games---more fun---so I haven't seen behind the screen that much. Who in the Hell is the art dealer sitting with to cause this much consternation?

Leo Orestes Barberie

Dear The Truth, WHY?????? would the art dealer have hired this guy as GM with that resume?? It doesn't make sense unless he was trying to save money but he is smart enough to realize such a hiring could quite possibly result in baseball decisions that might lead to faulty talent evaluations. Why would he want faulty talent evaluations sincve it clearly mattered to him what kind of a team he put on the field for his fan base. Certainly he would not have wanted talent that would result in near empty stadiums for a prolonged period of time with the possibility of a need to move underachieving franchises.

This makes no sense.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Dear George, Jair Jurrgens worked out for awhile but even then Dave traded himm because he thought he would not hold up as a Major League pitcher. His worst trade was when he acquired an OLD and FAT Renteria. The worst thing he has done as President of the Tigers is the RIDICULOUS nature of the contract extensions he signed on to for no apparent reason that would have broken most owners except a billionaire Pizza King. Willis, Sheffield and Ordonez all signed on to huge deals when most in baseball thought they were done--They Were!!!

Dave did trade Omar Infante for Jacques Jones. Infante turned out to be pretty good. There are also 2 guys in the Fister deal that could make it.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Laurel, SO!!!!!!! Why doesn't the Herald and/or Sun-Sentinel exefcise the same ploy and send out a young guy to do the story or failing that a "business section" or "local" gvuy to do the sniping?? What the Hell could the Marlins do?? Deny access?? Fine!!!We'll deny you coverage in our paper--That would cause 2 or 3 people to cancel subscriptions. This is a WIn Win Situation. I'll be in DC and Baltimore/Annapolis most of next week. I'm assuming you're still there. I'll take you to a Marlins game AND we can start putting together an independent piece on "The Stench of the Marlin"

Stan M

Why do they have to write such stuff. Everyone else is doing it already. It's out there for all to see in nearly every site and paper. I thought Clark's recent pieces were right on target.

Frank Cashen

Point being the Dealin Dave has the experience and baseball savy over the buffoons in Miami...Look what he did with the Expos before the Marlins...After they cleaned house in 05 and were left to their own devices,the Beinfest Buffoons have been an epic failure.


I don't know what everyone is in arms about. We are at the 2/3 point of games played, and gave up a .246 hitter whose power numbers equate to 21 home runs and 68 RBI's for a full season. In 2011 he batted 243, 10 home runs and 45 RBI's. And the team is paying him 14 million a year despite the fact he's a cancer in the locker room. We also gave up a pitcher who is 5-7 with an era of 3.94. Some times he has electric stuff, but more times he is very hitable. What did we really give up, Infante was a useful player not a difference maker. In return the Marlins got back 2 pitchers that throw in the mid 90's, and a starting catcher who bats lefty, has power and makes contact. Pretty good deal. Please go out to games and really get educated.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Dear Stan, They should write it just because it is happening in their(Circulation base) own back yard. Why should people who live in Davie,Parkland, Oakland Park, Holywood, Miami Beach, Hallandale, Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Hillsboro Beach, Hialeah, Ojus, Key West and surrounding environs find it necessary to go to different sources to get an evaluation of the stewardship of a baseball team that cost them all millions of dollars. If there is a storm in Oklahoma City that kills 300 people, I;m willing to bet the Oklahoma City paper covers it even though every other paper in America wwill be on it as well.

By the way, do you really see the stories being written in South Florida as hard hitting?? People on this Blog and in phone calls to local sports radio have done all in their power to describe the abject failure of this front office and the total lack of any Major League players being produced and YET nobody who gets paid by a newspaper in South Florida has yet described the monumental stench associated with the drafting decisions of guys currently giving press conferences. I MEAN MONUMENTAL STENCH as in MONUMENTAL STENCH not some article that skirts the edges of a story that would result of the dismissal of this front office in any REAL baseball area.

Leo Orestes Barberie

The Truth, Since you actually seem to care--Where did Hill come from? I'm almost afraid to ask?


LOB please read my post,


Hill came from Tampa Bay and is a Harvard grad.

Alfred E. Neuman What?Me Worry?

@Mike...Dont know what everyone is up in arms about? How about the season being over in July ,before the 100 game mark,with a 100million$$$ payroll. How about going from 31-23 to 45-53. How about being a half game out of last place? Little things like the afore mentioned are what everyone is up in arms about. Duh.

Leo Orestes Barberie

dear Mike, Very good points . I was for the acquisition of Brantly. Also wrote that Sanchez was going to leave anyway and thought it a good idea to move Bonafacio to real position and we find SOME outfielders which I thiught we would do in trade to Detroit. All for moving Ramirez but I believe we capitualted in what we got back, BUT still had to move him.

I've said it many times . Maybe you missed it--and I'm not being a Wise A##----My problem with the entire scouting corps, GM and ANYONE else associated is that they have produced ONLY Stanton and JJ as QUALITY Major League players in last 10 years. That is unheard of.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Tommy Lee Jones was a Harvard grad and we would have done a better job of selecting players.

the Geek Squad

The guys that started Facebook in their Harvard dorm couldve done a better job than Beerfest and Blueberry Hill. Not knowing anything about MLB.


LOB their drafting has been terrible. If you're a pitcher that's 6'8" and throws 85, you're a Marlin 1st rounder.


Alfred E. Neuman What?Me Worry?, I'm talking about the trades. The Marlins are out of the play off picture. The trades they made are baseball trades, not dumps. Well Hanley was a 1/2 dump, but he had to go.

Stan M

Mike, I don't think that Bradley is much of a power hitter right now. Maybe he'll grow into it. He is a very good hitter for average though.

LOB, still disagree with you completely. Clark and Manny have to see these guys every day and troll for stories. Don't you think that the players and FO would be wise to them if they tried to use subs. Right now Clark gets a lot of information, sometimes he gets it first as well. Why jeopardize that? It's silly. Regarding derogatory articles, they're all over the place. Do you want me to paste some to you here. Flags... did just that on page one of this series. The articles are about even between calling this a fire sale and feeling that the trades were logical under these conditions. However, most went to town on Loria and Samson. Juan Rodriguez has an interesting article today.

Only the Shadow Knows

Rumor going around that Hanley purpously jaked it this season with the Marlins to get out. Didnt like the dimensions of Marlins Park,no contract extension,another losing year,Ozzie, other assorted complaints...

Leo Orestes Barberie

The FRANCHISE 10:00PM TONIGHT ON SHOWTIME. Channel 549 DIRECTV. Get your Samson fix.

Granpa Simpson

Rather get a circumsion than watch or hear Samson.

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