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Larry Beinfest, Mike Hill discuss Hanley Ramirez trade, future of Marlins

President of Baseball Operations Larry Beinfest and general manager Mike Hill discussed the Hanley Ramirez trade and more Wednesday morning:

What did Hanley Ramirez mean to the organization?

Beinfest: "He meant a lot to this organization, a premium talent, an uber talent in a lot of respects. Looking back on it and what he’s done for the organization, these are tough moves. These are tough trades. But when you underachieve at the level this team has underachieved, and has not won at the level we expected it to, we talked about a restructuring and this was part of it. Maybe it’s time for a fresh start for Hanley, and maybe it’s time for a fresh start with the Marlins. We could not figure out why Hanley and his talent, in his prime, was hitting in the mid-.240s. So hopefully he will do what he’s capable of, which is obviously not a .245 hitter. 

"We’ve had certainly a lot of achievements with Hanley. We never got to the playoffs with him. We had some challenges and disappointments with Hanley along the way. But the bottom line is he is an exceptional talent. Are we giving up on the season? I’ll leave that up to you guys. We don’t feel that way. We weren’t winning with the group we had, and we want to make changes."

Any idea why he struggled so much?

Beinfest: "We all kind of beat our heads....there were several guys....this guy is a proven major league player. Why are they performing the way they are. We’re going to try to get to the root of it. Hanley’s in the prime of his career, an exceptional talent. You can see he’s in great shape. Still the same kid we got to know seven years ago. Never thought he’d be hitting .246. Again, maybe it was time for a fresh start.

I think they (fans) should be wondering. I think they should be disappointed in the way we’ve played, where we are in the standings. We’re not going to do something just to do something. These things came together relatively quickkly 

Did you get back what you wanted?

Beinfest: "We wanted to bring back a young starting pitcher, that was a goal. If we were going to market Hanley, and Eovaldi fit that deal. Our plan is to put Eovaldi in the rotation. He should start here on Saturday. Wade LeBlanc will stay in the bullpen. We’ll see. We’ve got six days to go to the trade deadline.

Why make the trade?

Beinfest: "We were waiting for it to click, waiting for May to happen again, and we just felt like it wasn’t going to happen. I’m not going to tell you that third base is not going to be a focus between now and next April. I think it will be. I think it should be. We’re going to have to look at other avenues to fortify the lineup. We need Logan Morrison to perform better than he has. We need guys to pick it up. We still probably have some additional work to do. Whether that’s going to happen in the next six days, who knows? But between now and next April, we need to look at the middle of the lineup. We need to look at third base and see how we’re going to move ahead."

Did Hanley have a bad attitude or attitude issues?

Beinfest: "I think some of that stuff has been well documented and again, without getting into specifics, we’ve had some challenges with him. We’ve had challenges with other players too. But because of hype and because he’s a star player and achieved at the level he’s achieved, it’s a little more out in front. Hanley Ramirez is a Marlin today if this team is cranking. If we’re right there in the division, or we’re banging on the door of the wild card, and people are performing up to their abilities....we’re not quite there. They have just underachieved en masse."

What has Jeffrey Loria's reaction been?

Beinfest: "Jeffrey loves his players. I think he definitely had a soft spot for Hanley. We can talk about some of the challenges we had with Hanley. There were tremendous positives with Hanley. He’s an intelligent guy, sweet guy. You get to know him away from some of the superstar persona, there’s some really endearing things about Hanley. Very tough on Jeffrey. He had high expectations. We’re in this brand new building. It’s beautiful. It’s done its job. And the team has underachieved. And he’s very involved in every aspect of what we’re doing. At the same time, this has been difficult for him.

What is the financial component of the trade? Does this mean you will be active in free agency?

Beinfest: "We’ll see. Players all come with something. They come at 500 grand. They come at $15 million. And this trade where we wanted to restructure, this player had a hefty contract that he earned based on how he produced. So there is that financial component. We’ll get with Jeffrey and talk about net year. That’s putting the cart a little bit ahead of the horse right now. No doubt, Hanley had a substantial contract that the Dodgers have taken in total. To find major league starting pitching is very very hard. This kid has the worst run support. He’s a good-looking player. There was money being exchanged, so that was part of the component when you talk about a trade. There was a sliding scale. You take on money and maybe the player dynamic changes a little bit. That’s exactly what happened here. There were multiple suitors for Hanley Ramirez. We were working with them right up past midnight last night. This deal really wasn’t really completed done until 2:30, 3 in the morning eastern time."

What did you get in return?

Beinfest: "We wanted a young, controllable in the rotation starting pitcher. Eovaldi, Jacob Turner. These are major pieces for us going forward. There’s probably been more disappointment than joy. This building deserves better. I think our fans deserve better. We’ve had some challenges. The Ozzie thing was disappointing. There’s no getting around that. The team’s performance other than May has been disappointing, period. We would have liked to have made a better showing. But there is no sugar-coating it. We did not achieve up to our expectations, which I thought were realistic."

Is it hard to fathom what’s transpired since you spent all that money during the winter meetings in Dallas?

Beinfest: "I think we have to fathom it. We had a completely different picture of how this summer would look, yes. Love the talent we brought in. Loved the existing talent we had here. Thought that the team had a little bit of everything to compete in a difficult division: front-line starting pitching, speed and defense, fortified bullpen -- the whole package. And it’s baseball. It’s not always perfect. We were probably, at least to this point, more wrong than we were right. And that’s the way it goes and we are going to try to make things better and win more games. But none of us envisioned where we are today, but we are. So we have to deal with it."

Can you talk about the plan for Jacob Turner?

Beinfest: "I think he’s pitching Saturday in New Orleans. Let’s get him pitching. Let’s get to know him."

Are you guys waving the white flag?

Beinfest: "I think fans and all of you in the media, I think it’s fair to couch this however way you like. I will tell you how we feel internally, and you can buy it or not. Is that it wasn’t working, and if we were wrong, we were wrong. If people want to call white flags, they want to call selling -- however you guys want to do it -- I think it’s fair. But we felt like this thing wasn’t going to click. Jeffrey was very supportive, and he was extremely disappointed. We were all in and now -- we were all in that we needed to make some changes.

"We wanted to target young starting pitching. We think it’s the most coveted thing in the game, toughest thing to acquire. We’re talking about high, top end young starting pitching. And when you’re talking about a jacob turner in the detroit deal, this is one of the top prospects in the game, Widely known. We think he’s going to be a frontline starter for us for a long time, so we were able to achieve that. With Eovaldi, you’ve got a guy performing in the majors leagus, under control, and ready to start for us on Saturday. You look at the rest of the detroit deal with the catcher, left-handed hitting upside offense, profiles out as a starting catcher in the major leagues. Again a commodity that’s very difficult to get your hands on. Truthfully, we’ve had a tough time developing internally, so we’ve had to go externally to find that player. And we did. It’s part of a restructure. And we move ahead with it.

Is there concern about attendance after losing Hanley?

Beinfest: "We’re concerned about everything because of the complete disappointment we have in this ball club. These are difficult decisions we had to make, but we made them. So, yeah, I think we’re concerned about everything. I think we need to look at ourselves in the mirror. I think players need to look at themselves in the mirror, and say, hey, this is where we’re at and either deal with or not, and we’ve chosen to deal with it."

Was there just a big abberation between what you thought you had and reality?

Beinfest: "I think we have to ask ourselves everyday. Did we make a poor evaluation, or did we make poor business deals as far as our contracts? Generally, I do believe in this game, you don’t go from good to bad. You can go from good, to a little decline to mediocre, servicable. However you want to say it. I don’t generally believe in good to bad. And however you want to evaluate it, we’ve had some of that. We’ve had guys that are, we believe, premium, that are not playing up to premium, and we’re going to try to figure out why. Obviously we weren’t able to figure out why in time to elevate ourselves in the standings and have this be a different conversation.

Hill: "The formula that we put together, we expected players with track records, we expected them to do what they’ve historically done. You can’t sugarcoat what the numbers are."


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Leo Orestes Barberie

Dear Stan, I've received more salient "tidbits" from you, Laurel, Flags, Glags, rbleigh, mike, Ed and The Truth(Sorry for those I've forgotten) that I've received from AMYONE paid to write about sports in this area. How would papers from Boston, New York City, Chicago, LA and Detroit have covered this crap?

Leo Orestes Barberie

One Hour!!!!!!!!!! Get your Showtime ready and check out the weekly edition of profanity, squeaky voices, inane diatribe, dazed looks, and general perplexity.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Stan, If you would PLEASE answer this I'll drop it---How would newspapers in Boston, Chicago, Detroit, New York, St Louis, washington, Atlanta, and every other city in Major League Baseball have reacted to what has occured this year in this clubhouse and in this stadium and ESPECIALLY in light of what has transpired in the past? Do you really believe all those "Major League" cities would have responded with this level of pap WHILE the rest of America was basically calling out the family ownership of the hometown baseball team? Would you name one team ownership that would not have been vilified by the local press? Just one team, in one city and one paper? Please!!

Leo Orestes Barberie

Brantly at .667 for New Orleans, Skipworth feeling the pressure of release has elevated to .212 at Jax. I wonder what Buck would hit at Jupiter? Would he make the Florida State League All Star Team?

Flav C

LOB --
Considering that Roger Dean is hard on power-hitters, I doubt Buck would make it as a back up catcher for JT Realmuto.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Did you notice there was relatively little(Of course there is LITTLE of him) of Samson in this episode? I'm wondering if his voice was causing trouble with the FCC. I know there is no censorship with the cable networks but maybe as a public service it was mandated that Samson's voice was akin to water boarding so they mandated his air time be cut.

I tell you I do like Ozzie, even when i was mad at him I liked him and I really have much empathy for his situation. I know he makes mistakes but he did not deserve this collection of culls. He had no idea what he was getting into.

Bell threw that water bottle much more effectively than his breaking ball.

Flav C

Over/Under for Walks and HBPs by Big Z tomorrow? Suggestions anyone?

Leo Orestes Barberie

If the Miami Marlins, Florida Marlins, 7th St. and 12 Ave, Little Havana Marlins or whatever they eventually end up being called TRADE Josh Johnson straight up for Mike Olt and a no name, the Commissioner of Baseball--for the good of the game----should step in and straight raising Hell. He would have a lot of evidence to support the premise that the Marlins are manipulating pennant races by deliberately trimming payroll by targeting teams ONLY willing to eat entire contracts. It is not inconceivable that these clowns---actually geniuses in a "strange" sort of way----could have the payroll down to last year's level by the end of July. Watch these guys they are "good", it's a shame that because the rest of American sports journalism is covering this travesty that we don't get to read about it in local papers. Wonder if the Hindenburg Disaster was covered in the Lindenhurst, New Jersey Times? It's obvious the rest of the country was covering it so maybe they just concentrated on future dirigible designs in their editions.

Flav C

I wonder what the luxury suites owners think about all this circus. Those suites are (usually) long-term deals. I imagine Loria's and Samson's cellphones are receiving some unpleasant calls directly from these folks. I know one of them personally (CEO of a transportation company) who is extremely upset and talking about money back.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Flav, It would be wrong to share the cell phone numbers.

Stan M

Charlie Lowell really got lit up tonight. Darnit. He put 13 men on in 5 innings and gave up 5 runs.

Alex Fernandez was great tonight. % innings, put 4 men on. no runs, 2 Ks. The other well regarded pitcher who was promoted to high A ball with Fernandez has neen lit up since his promotion. He's a LH nemed Conley and is one year older than Fernandez who is only 20.

Stan M

Ex Marlin, LH pitcher Jason Vargas, is 10-7 so far this year and that's with the "hot hitting" Seattle team. Tonight he has given up only 1 hit to KC through 6 innings. Another trade this team must regret. For him we got Lindstrom and a closer named Owens who won our closer role and promptly blew his arm out...badly!

Leo Orestes Barberie

I forgot Jason Vargas who I believe the Marlins signed. That makes 3 players in 10 years!! Yipeee!! I'm going to the AJC to discuss this tomorrow. Maybe can draw the attention of a MAJOR metro paper to discuss this even more.


I liked Vargas and I always thought it was a shame he went to the American League, because the kid could hit. So I looked it up, and he has a .262 lifetime average — higher than two-thirds of the Marlins' starting lineup. Sign him and stick him in right field. We could use his bat.

Flav C

Adam Conley will be fine. His velocity is good, and he's been improving his changeup. Both Conley and Fernandez are limited to 5 innings per games, probably during their first 10 starts (they usually do that when a pitcher is promoted to high A). Due to that, both have high ERAs.

What caught my attention was Matt Dominguez's performance with Oklahoma City (Astros Double A): hitting .311 in his first 45 at bats (12 games). At the pace he is right now, he will score the same amount of runs and RBIs he had with New Orleans....only playing a third of the games he played with New Orleans. Also, his OBP with the Zephyrs this season was .291. His OBP with Oklahoma is .373.

Flav C

Correction: Oklahoma City Redhawks is the Astros' Triple A affiliate, not Double A.

Flav C

Looking at Huston Street's numbers as closer for the Padres this year, I come to one conclusion: It is a breeze to be a closer in that ballpark. He went to the Padres after some seasons with the Rockies, having his ERA on high 3+, 4 blown saves, 4 losses, 10 HRs allowed. Now with the Padres, 0.91 ERA, 0 Blown save, 0 losses, 0 HRs allowed. Not saying Street is bad. He is a good pitcher. But the Padres' ballpark helps him a lot. That ballpark was definitely a good reason for Bell's great numbers while with the Padres. That and the fact that they play for the Padres, so...no pressure.

Stan M

You're going to find this hard to believe, but here are Bell's stats for 2010 and 2011.

Stan M

Sorry, hit wrong key...stats in a minute...please wait

Stan M

You're going to find this hard to believe, but here are Bell's stats for 2010 and 2011.

In 2010, his ERA at home was2.15 and 2.88 on the road. But batters hit .230 against him at home , but only .213 on the road He gave up 2 HRs on both home and road.

In 2011, his ERA at home was.215 and on the road 2.88 Batters hit .230 at home but only .213 on the road
He gave up 2 HRs in both places.

In 2010, his ERA at home was 2.25, but only 1.59 on the road. Batters hit .229 at home, but only .213 on the road. He gave up i HR at home and none on the road.

In 2009 he was better at home all around.

Stan M

Please ignore the first paragraph of 2010..I meant to delete it.

Stan M

That's what happens when an old man tries to hurry. Terribly sorry for all the screw ups.

As you can see, a good argument could be made that during his last 2 years, the home park wasn't really an advantage at all. I wonder if that had any effect in the Marlin's FO decision.

Leo Orestes Barberie

There do not appear to be any good arguments in any Marlins decisions. Of course dealing with the city of Miami was a good decision.

The Marlins'DH with Washington next week starts at 4:15. Do you realize how few people will be in that ballpark at 4:15. You know I'llbe in that park at 4:15. I need some help with my decision do I sit behind the Marlins dugout and talk to Ozzie in a friendly manner about how he was taken for a ride OR do I sit next to the Marlins bullpen and take a slightly different tone with Heath Bell. For those who remember Robin Fricker who sat behind the visitor;s bench at Washington Bullets games, think of me as a Robin Fricker who is better looking and does not see the need to stand and project. I can project while seated. ------SO, behind the dugout where my Blog Buddies have a real good chance of hearing me or where only Heath will hear me. I'm leaning to the dugout. Maybe the art dealer will make the trip!!! Please Vote:

Bull Pen

Leo Orestes Barberie

I also need suggestions for a sign. The content will obviously preclude the Marlins' crew picking it up but I'm sure the Nats will not be adverse. If you were there without any Marlins Power rangers to mess with you, what would you like to say?

Leo Orestes Barberie

To clear up the confusion of last few days, look at the blond/red head in the testosterone add on the first page of the Blog. See, see is NOT a cougar to a 60 year old man. I've been speculating as to what she is looking at out of our view? Farther speculation is probably not warranted.

Marlin Fan

Ok some questions for next year ,
Maybe later this year.....
Assuming Turner develops accordingly and becomes part of the rotation next year ( also assuming Johnson is still here) , who gets bumped out if the rotation ?
Does anyone see Cousins, Peterson, or Murphy making major
Contributions? What about Yelich and Ozuna?
Out of the three catchers , I'm assuming Brantley has the biggest upside ? What about Realmuto and Skipworth? Can any if these guys be up next year , AT LEAST in a back up / platoon role so we won't have to see Buck as much ?

Leo Orestes Barberie

Nobody gets bumped.
If Cousins, Petersen or Murphy are here next year Ozzie will be suicidal.
Need Ozuna to make a BIG move so we can go with Stanton, Yelich and Ozuna no later than June 2014
Skipworth CAN'T hit!! He would have hit by now and especially considering time already spent in the minors. Brantly has been in minors 2 years and he is already in Triple A.kipworth spent 2 years at a hitter's paradise in Low A and still could not hit. Realmuto can be a Number 2 catcher. Buck will have to be dumped or Ozzie will probably act upon those urges.

Marlin Fan

I also wonder about first base , most likely Lee is gone . Does Morrison move to first ? Have we seen the last of Sanchez?

easy ed

Loria's companion is the cougar. Cougars don't have to date/marry younger if and only if, they date/marry for the $$$ (hence the older man in Loria) She's a cougar. Tough to see her next to the bloated art dealer flashing his rolex, smug look, cazal glasses, and barking orders at Guillen half the game. Respect to Joe Girardi for telling Loria to STFU.

On to Samson, the Prodigal son, the poster boy for nepotism, the 89 pound wonder boy, the "smartest man in the room", the man who thinks Miami Citizens are just "too dumb". Got news for you Samson. If you didn't marry into it, you'd be cold calling penny stocks for some boiler room operation down on Brickell. Your voice alone would make you an utter failure. Here's an idea for the "Saturday Spectacular"....forget the fireworks, forget Flo Rida or whatever other gangsta act. Please wheel out the octogon, and throw Samson in there versus a "lucky season ticket holder" that will be raffled during the game. It is a guaranteed sell out and sure way for a fan to take out their aggression........for charity and fun of course ;)

Marlin Fan

Thanks LOB . When I asked about the rotation with Turner, ( again assuming JJ is still here ) , it would be Johnson, Bhuerle , Nolasco, Zambrano , Ovedeli( guy we just got fro
LA) and Turner?
So is it safe to say , or is it premature to write off Skipworth ?

keepin it real

Samson didnt marry into 'it'...His mother did. Loria was/is his stepdaddy.For over 20 yrs ,until the divorce. Samsons parents got divorced,shortly after he was born. Hmmmmmm

Leo Orestes Barberie

Dear Marlin fan, Skipworth was drafted around the 6th overall pick in 2008. He batted .208 in the Gulf Coast League that year. In 2009 and 2010 he played ina NOTORIOUS hitter's park that shews ALL numbers. Did not skew our beloved Kyle. He batted .208(must like that number) in 09 and jacked it all the way up to .249 in 2010 in a repeat performance in one of the most hitter friendly parks in America--short of little league fields. In 2011 the Marlins with nothing else to do with the 1st round failure sent himall the way to Jacksonville where of course he hit close to that .208 number he likes so much and hit .207. Of course they had to send him back to Jax in 2012 where he is hitting .213. Now remember Kyle is older than Mike Stanton and several other major League players who have already made a mark. I believe you could do some research--I won't--and find in the last 50 years of organized baseball that not one catcher has put up these horrific numbers in the first 5 years of his minor league career and then gone on to be a productive hitter in the Majors. i have see3n Skipworth a few times now. he makes John Buck look like Johnny Bench Ernie Lombardi and Elston Howard. You would have to be on some heavy duty hallucinogens to believe Skipworth will make it. The Marlins don't want to look like idiots AGAIN so they are holding on to him. He has been a failure so long that he will soon be a minor league free agent who they will have to dump or put on the 40 man roster. I can't say this often enough--Skipworth CAN'T play. How he was drafted remains a mystery to all except the collective genius of Beinfest and Hill.

One More Time!! Skipworth CAN'T play!!

Fan, There is no way that Johnson,Zambrano and Nolasco will be on the same pitching staff next year. Consequently instead of worrying about too many, we will need more.

I believe there is one very respected member of this Blog who still believes in Skipworth(and the Tooth Fairy, Mother Goose, Easter Bunny and Santa) that continues to be one of the most shocking things on this Blog. I no longer will mention people by name, I will only refer to their posts if they wish to take credit for comments that is great with me.

Dear keepin it, Thank You!! Like I said, I'm learning far more from the wonderful bloggers than the others.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Dear keeping it real, IF what you say is accurate that means one member of this discussion could have been asked frequently--"Who's your step daddy???"

I'm going to have so much fun at Nationals Park. Still need help with the sign ideas. I want the Nationals broadcast team to find them amusing enough to show. Maybe Craig will come by and interview me. Am contemplating bringing a magic marker so that I can do multiple messages.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Laurel, I'm telling you this will be fun. Tell me if you want to go. My wife wants no part of it. I say we make Sports Center.

Marlin Fan

Thanks LOB


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