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Logan Morrison placed on DL, could miss rest of season

       The Marlins have placed outfielder Logan Morrison on the 15-day disabled list with what could be a season-ending knee injury.

        The decision was made after Morrison met with Ozzie Guillen following Saturday's game and told the manager his right knee was not 100 percent.

        "I'm not doing anything to help the team right now, so hopefully I can take a couple of weeks to get it to calm down and be back and ready to go," said Morrison, who has hit just .116 since the All-Star break.

        But Morrison said he might also require further surgery if the problem doesn't improve.

        "It's unknown," Morrison told The Miami Herald and Palm Beach Post. "Hopefully it takes just two weeks. Realistically it's probably not looking that way."

        Asked if he thought he could miss the rest of the season, Morrison replied, "I think it's a possibility."

        Morrison played through tendinitis in the same knee last season, and also re-injured it when he slammed into a wall while chasing a fly ball. Following the season, he played with a team of U.S. All-Stars in an exhibition series in Taiwan, during which he re-injured the knee.

        He had surgery in early December to repair a tear in the patellar tendon, but missed time during spring training because the injury had not healed completely. He made it back in time for Opening Day, but the knee hasn't been right all season, he said.

        "There's good days and there's bad days but, for the most part, there's always something," Morrison said. "It's so frustrating, not even being able to run like I want to, much less hitting."

        Morrison said a MRI performed on the knee in late May revealed a new tear in the tendon, but the decision was made to try to play through it.

        "The suture that was made to keep the patellar tendon together, because I tried to ramp up activity so much that it opened back up," he said. "Played with it last year, so tried to play with it this year. Didn't work out."

        Guillen said that if the injury doesn't heal within a few weeks, he would prefer that Morrison get it taken care of immediately rather than wait to later to have surgery.

         "If you have a problem, I don't want you to wait til February to get it fixed," Guillen said. "You get it done now and move on."

        Guillen was critical of the decision allowing Morrison to play overseas after last season.

        "In the past, they do stupid (expletive) here," Guillen told the Herald and Post. "They let him go to Asia and play and have his surgery knowing spring training is coming up. It ain't going to happen again. They worry about more (expletive) off the field than worry about what happens here. I think it's more important, the Miami Marlins, than the USA team, or whatever he was doing. I think they knew he had this problem during (last season). I'm not going to blame anyone, but think about it. There's a lot of (expletive) we've got to clean up, and that's my job."

       Morrison is hopeful he'll play again this season, but not overly optimistic.

       "I want to be out there with the guys and battle with them, even though we're probably not going anywhere," he said. "Maybe next year it will be a full, healthy year and I'll be ready to go."

      To fill Morrison's roster spot, the Marlins recalled right-handed reliever Ryan Webb from Triple A New Orleans. 


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Tell us Another BS Story

What a bunch of B.S.....All of a sudden Lomo decides on July 29th that his knee is hurting so much that he cant hit because of it? Who's in charge? Inmates running the asylum? There's more to this than is being reported.

The Real Alex

Yeah sure, Ozzie The Nose Picker Guillen will "fix the problems" that the Marlins have. That is one of the funniest things I have ever heard, and as a Marlins fan, I have heard plenty of funny (stupid) things over the years.

This organization has managed to become an EVEN BIGGER laughingstock this year than they were before! Before they were laughed at for lousy attendance, really bad trades and FIRE SALES, and scummy, slimy OWNERSHIP that refused to spend money.

Now they are being laughed at for the WORST ATTENDANCE EVER for a brand new stadium, really bad trades and FIRE SALES, and scummy and slimy ownership that SPENT MONEY AS STUPIDLY AS HAS EVER BEEN DONE IN MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL!

The "Big Splash" that they wanted to make in Free Agency has turned out to be possibly the most idiotic and misguided WASTE OF MONEY in baseball history! A team that needed a BIG BAT decided instead to give 109 MILLION DOLLARS to a tiny bat in Jose Reyes who is hitting 60 points lower than last year, 20 points lower than his lifetime average, and getting PICKED OFF THE BASE PATHS at a record pace. Why did they sign Reyes when a REALLY BIG BAT like Prince Fielder was available? Because Reyes was a Latino, and the BRILLIANT PLAN OF JEFFREY LORIA was to make the Marlins into A Big Latino Machine that would cause all the Miami Latinos SELL OUT EVERY GAME and make them LOTS OF MONEY.

And to top it off, they then threw 27 Million Dollars at Heath Bell, a 34 year old Fat Boy overachiever who even the Padres didn't want anymore. Why did they do that when they could have signed a REAL STUD Closer like Papelbon? Because Papelbon wanted TOO MUCH MONEY, and after OVERPAYING BIG TIME for Jose Reyes, they now decided to do what they do best - GO THE CHEAP ROUTE, like they did when they signed John Buck for 3 years, 18 million dollars.

So now Ozzie The Nose Picker is going to FIX THIS MESS? LMFAO!!!!!

the Truth

How convenient...reminds me of when they tried to send Coghlan down last year and he pulled the 'my knee is hurting stunt'.Who is trying to save face here for Lomo's putrid performance this season. Has to be Lomo himself. Lets see what happens in 2 weeks...sent down to AAA and calling it a rehab assignment? Lomo gets paid his Big League salary on the DL, but not in AAA. Who's kidding Who? Either way it will catch up to Lomo in the end,just like Coghlan...See Ya, Lomo.On the bright side ,this gives Lomo more free time to do what he does best and is known forthe most.Right, Twitter boy?

The Real Alex

But fans of the Marlins (the TEAM, not the dirt bags who own or operate it) should at least BE HAPPY that Logan Morrison will have knee surgery and we will NOT HAVE TO SUFFER WATCHING HIM IN LEFT FIELD ANYMORE, RIGHT? After all, the kid was NOT AN OUTFIELDER but a 1st baseman, and playing LF no doubt contributed to his knee problems, but that's the STUPIDITY of the Front Office for ya! They already RUINED one kid, Chris Coghlan by asking HIM to play a position he was not suited for, Center Field.

But DO NOT BE HAPPY YET, Marlins fans! Lomo going on the DL will UNDOUBTEDLY mean the following BAD THINGS will happen:

1) We will have to SUFFER through more Greg Dobbs in the OF.

2) They will probably call up Coghlan and his WEAK ARM and put him in Center Field again.

3) That will probably mean that eventually Ozzie will do what he has been DYING TO DO, make Justin Ruggiano a PLATOON PLAYER, alternating in CF with the left hand hitting Coghlan.

So do not expect anything at all GOOD to happen this year, or next year either. In fact, as long as Loria owns this tem, we should NEVER EXPECT anything good; after all, we are STUCK with Ozzie The Nose Picker for 3 More Years!

This organization is one of the most IDIOTIC I have ever seen operate a baseball team. Where other teams relize that there are GOOD REASONS why guys have been playing certain positions there entire pro careers, the Marlins love to MAKE THEIR PLAYERS PLAY WHATEVER POSITION THEY HAVE A HOLE AT. They don't care if this damages their young players, the way it has damaged Coghlan & Lomo; it saves MONEY.

I hope all Miamians show Loria exactly what we think of him by NOT GOING TO THE GAMES. The hell with them; I'll watch on TV. I'm not going to spend ONE DOLLAR on this garbage.


They should have left him in 1B.

The Real Alex

And don't expect JJ to be moved before the Trading Deadline. Too many people are WATCHING, especially with the Showtime crap going on. They don't want to be accused of having yet ANOTHER FIRE SALE, although that's already being said.

Expect them to quietly get rid of JJ during the FOOTBALL SEASON when all of Miami's attention is on the Dolphins and CANES. I actually am HOPING they do it, because I am a big fan of Josh Johnson. Once he gets out of this ZOO he will go on to another team and have a FINE CAREER. The MORONS who have been down on JJ this year don't have the first CLUE about baseball. JJ is going through what many power pitchers go through when they lose velocity: he's learning how to be a REAL PITCHER. He's going to be just FINE and the Marlins will regret letting him go.


Who cares what the spin is on this, at least we dont have to watch Lomo in LF or hacking away at the plate anymore. Excercises in futility. Thats a welcome relief

The Real Alex

I just put on the game and I'm LAUGHING SO HARD THAT MY SIDES HURT! When I posted earlier, I forgot a few other BAD THINGS that will happen now that Lomo is on the DL! Here is the COMPLETE LIST:

But DO NOT BE HAPPY YET, Marlins fans! Lomo going on the DL will UNDOUBTEDLY mean the following BAD THINGS will happen:

1) We will have to SUFFER through more Greg Dobbs in the OF.

2) They will probably call up Coghlan and his WEAK ARM and put him in Center Field again.

3) That will probably mean that eventually Ozzie will do what he has been DYING TO DO, make Justin Ruggiano a PLATOON PLAYER, alternating in CF with the left hand hitting Coghlan.

4) That MORON Ozzie will replace the POOR FIELDING LOMO with the POOR FIELDING Austin Kearns, so we will STILL HAVE TO SUFFER WITH A LOUSY OUTFIELD.

5)Those IDIOTS are now going to try to RUIN another INFIELDER by making him play the outfield - Donovan Solano.

6) The guys who SHOULD be getting a chance to play, Peterson & Cousins will continue to ROT ON THE BENCH or play PART TIME, unless they bat .400 like Ruggiano did and FORCE that IGNORANT MORON Ozzie to play them.

The Real Alex

Ozzie the MORON just cannot help himself! He is just NOT HAPPY unless he has either a first baseman, an infielder, or a washed up Pinch Hitter playing in the outfield EVERY DAY. Today's Corner Outfielders - Infielder Donovan Solano in Left Field and Pinch Hitter Austin Kearns in Right Field. Just too funny for words!


Lomo should be put on the DDL...DumassDisabledList.


Why is everybody so suprised that Morrison is hurt? Laurelbowie I think it was said earlier today that Morrison was obviously hurt and it was obvious to anybody who was watching that he was hurt. The only matter is why didn't they do something sooner to get him out of the lineup.

The Real Alex

What was OBVIOUS was that Lomo should NEVER have been put in the Outfield to BEGIN WITH.

Another Excuse for Crappy Play

Its All Bullshitttt.


Why are the posters who think they have all the answers the ones who have no right answers. It's laughable if not so sad.


LOB, there's a Donnie Murphy sighting.


lefty...what was the question to the right answer?


Do you think Ozzie would let a guy play for him,hitting clean-up most of the time,that couldnt hit because of a bum knee?


Today on MarlinsLOL. Bark at the Park,....and sLoMo to the DL because he can't hit his weight. Every time a player doesn't perform, it's the mystery "knee ailment". Josh Johnson's last game as a Marlin because Texas will give us five minor leaguers for him. Ozzie will pick his nose, and do his typical interview from the dugout. Samson will curse like a little twit for the Showtime cameras. Loria, will have not a care in the world, as he leaves the stadium in his red Ferrari, thinking about the revenue he gets from parking, merchandise, Clevelander, food, sky boxes, tickets, tv.........all for him and his greedy nepotistic son in law. And who paid for this???? Us "stupid Miamians"....according to Samson. Want to sell the stadium out.....wheel in the UFC cage....and raffle off to a season ticket holder the opportunity to fight Samson in the cage. I'll buy twenty tickets for that chance

Hold the onions, Murph

Where is Donnie Murphy? At the concession stand asking "Do you want Fries wit dat"? another stiff,the marlins are loaded with them.


If only they can even say "do you want fries wit dat?" at the concession stand. lol. Usually I get some broken spanglish and confused looks from the short order cook. Que??


Might as well pack it in, the marlins season is over too.

Hold the mayo,Murph

Thats why they put Murphy there,he speek ingles.They made him Supervisor. El Hefe.


Samson will only fight somebody his own size & athletic ability ,so they will only allow elementary school girls to fight him in the cage.Samson is a 3-1 underdog and will be disqualified if he speaks a word, as his voice is considered an illegal weapon.

The Real Alex

And "Smiling Jose" Reyes, the 109 MILLION DOLLAR MAN, showed today that he's NOT just good at getting PICKED OFF the base paths! He also reminded us just how SHAKY he is DEFENSIVELY, missing a sure Double Play grounder and costing the Marlins a run.

Sure, it's ONLY one run. But the way this team HITS this year, under the coaching of the great Eduardo Perez, one run is like THREE RUNS to a normal team!

The Real Alex

Ozzie The Nose Picker just can't leave well enough alone, the MORON. He just HAS TO BRING IN A NEW RELIEF PITCHER EVERY INNING. Why? Because he's an IDIOT. The more relief pitchers you bring in, the better the chances are that one of them will SUCK that day. Today was Mujica's turn to SUCK.

down yonder

What kinda name is Yonder? How'd they come up with that? Was he concieved out yonder or born out yonder? Maybe in the wild blue yonder? Over yonder?


Good turnout for Bark in the Park...485 dogs,not including the regular mutts: Ozzie,his coaches and the Marlins players who usually stink out the place 81 times a year.

Leo Orestes Barberie

You Guys Are Great!!! I've been in Atlanta for 2 days and I come back to the funniest collection of comments I've ever read.

laurel, Your story was graet and that guy is my new idol. Tell me where he is buried in DC area and I'll lay a wreath.

Im now finding the BEST stuff is coming from those who have finally stopped taking this stuff seriously and are just bashing the Hell out of Loria and the stepson.

Guys, Thank You!!!!!Accept my apology for not singling all of you out by name but you know who you are. Hopefully they televise the first game Friday and I can make you guys proud.

The Real Alex

Hey, this was the BEST Marlins Game I have seen in a LONG TIME! Reyes got some key hits, and Justin Ruggiano just continues to be the best story of an otherwise dismal season. Two hits, two RBIs, including the walk off game winner, and BOTH OF THEM off of Right Hand pitching. Hopefully they will just LEAVE THE KID ALONE FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR!

Leo Orestes Barberie

I can see why many(most) are down on Ozzie but his comments about what SloMo did last year were spot on. To take that trip to Asia was obviously the dumbest thing you can imagine and that the team allowed him to do it was ridiculous. Another Phi Beta Kappa like Coghlan who hides an injury, screws up his mechanics, derails his career and YET STILL continues to speculate on WHEN he should have surgery. Could we get some SAT scores posted.

Heinie Manush

Whoopee!!!! only 47 games out of the play-offs

The Real Alex

Laurelbowie (forgive me if I misspelled that) is one of the most entertaining guys here, no doubt, LOB.

The Real Alex

True that, about Lomo, LOB. The sharpest knife in the drawer, no one ever accused him of being. In fact, I have no idea why he isn't having knee surgery NOW. If the Marlins by some miracle win 10 in a row and somehow get themselves back in the playoff chase, what good is Lomo going to do them when he comes off the 15 Day DL?

Dr Frankenberry

Lomo should get a Lomotomy...he might have already

The Real Alex

I'm glad Ruggiano is having this story book season; it gives me a reason to continue watching these games. What he's doing, making a big splash at 30 years old, is rare as hell, it just doesn't happen. Yet it IS happening, and he is not fading away as many have predicted he would. I am pulling for the kid to have a great final two months and I'd love to see him get a nice contract so as to be able to support his family. He's got a wife and two kids and it would be nice if he got a decent contract.

Other than Ruggiano, what is worth watching about this team? Well, I want to see if Stanton will still hit 30 HRs despite missing time on the DL. And it will be interesting to see if these young pitchers they picked up have any potential. Other than that....not much.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Real Alex, Perfect about Ruggiano. Funny thing, I was driving home from Atlanta and listened to the game on Sirius. I swear that the "Other Guy" broadcasting the game is far better than Van Horne. Dave transcends boring. I guess if you stay around for 40 years doing Expos and Marlin games you deserve the Hall of Fame.

Maybe SloMo is contemplating a trip to Australia and New Zealand after the season and therefore does not want surgery until next February.

The Real Alex

Finally! Someone else who doesn't like Dave Van Horne! Not only is he BORING, but he is MADDENING as well. How many times have I heard him describe a routine fly ball out as a "long fly ball down the left field line!!!"...and as I'm listening I'm thinking "great, that sounds like EXTRA BASES at least!"...only to hear Van Horne say later "and it's caught by the left fielder". Drives me NUTS.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Alex, Please don't agree with me or we will get "They are the same person" stuff again.

Need a lawyer to help me with this. If a player is under contract and has an injury and the medical staff determines he needs surgery does the player have the right to "See how some rest and rehab plays out", now I could see not requiring someone to undergo electric shock therapy or triple bypass surgery BUT are you within your rights if you are paying somebody significant money to ask he have MINOR knee surgery performed so that he can PERFORM?

LOVE the Nats. Morse 2 run dinger in top of 9th to tie it.

Leo Orestes Barberie

I hate it when LISTENING to a game you hear the announcer say in a crucial situation about an opposition batter--"He POPS it up----------------------------Back And Out of Play", a radio announcer's job is to let the listener know as soon as he can what is going to happen on every play. If you know that a foul ball is immediately out of play then you should say--"Fouled back and out of play", how hard is that?? If you follow baseball and you hear "Pops it up", you think "That is an out" and you don't want to find out a second later that it is a foul ball.


Not sure what ever became of Baseball Bill, but my guess is that he's dead or approximately so. Bill was a very rotund fellow with absolutely no inclination to take care of himself. Besides his other exploits, Bill was known on Capitol Hill as the beer-chugging champion of DC, and the story was that he won the title by chugging 52 Budweisers in one sitting. I wasn't a witness to that feat so I can't say whether that was an exaggeration, but his fondness for anything cold and wet was legendary.
One version of his encounter with Bob Short had him pouring a beer over Short's head, but he always insisted he didn't do that, that he just returned from the bathroom and found Short covered in beer thrown by another fan. That was his story and he stuck to it.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Laurel, I assume you have DirecTV--if you don't GET IT--and start following the Nats. What a nice story.Top of the 11th--Harper takes very close pitches and on 3-1 count WAITS for umpire to make call without dropping the bat and he gets the Ball 4. Zimmerman than takes outside pitch on corner and drives it to right on the ground through huge hole--1st and 3rd, Morse than delivers 2 run double down the line and Clippard will be coming on to pitch the 11th.

Leo Orestes Barberie

If I can find out the Marlins hotel in DC I'm going to buy Ozzie a nice bottle of Camus and maybe I'll let him commiserate about the elderly Loria and the stepson. I'll know where to find Ozzie because he has already told everyone he goes to the hotel bar and gets drunk. Maybe I can catch him early.


Leo, in all instances the patient has a say in the recommended course of treatment. So at this point it's important to know who made the decision of resting as opposed to surgery.

Maybe we'll find out on showtime. At any rate glad to see him out of the line up. Too bad it didn't happen sooner.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Glags, Thank You!!!

Does anyone have a "real question" he wants me to pose to Ozzie if we meet up??

Real Alex, I'm not asking him anything you might propose because I believe these guys might really read these Blogs. No Kidding!!

Leo Orestes Barberie

The Nats Win!! The Nats Win!! THEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Nats Win!!

Don't you hate John Serling(It is SERLING and not Sterling)?


Stan M

On the last post you implored everyone to come out when Hanley is in town with LA and boo him to death. I honestly don't think it is necessary to implore for that to happen. My guess is that his homecoming will be filled with so much wrath that they might not play him in the second game. Hope everyone brings rotten fruit. Dog it for 2 years and get traded to a pennant contender. And if he shines there, it will verrify that he was dogging it with us. Disgusting!

The Real Alex

Well, Stan M, I am SHOCKED that you and I agree actually AGREE on something! I have been saying that Hanley was DOGGING IT in order to get out of here for the past three years. Man, did the Hanley lovers rip me for saying that, but it sure looked like he was purposely dogging it. Hanley's pal was MANNY RAMIREZ, and he sure knew how to get a team to trade him, didn't he? I believe that Hanley would have had a good year here, IF THE MARLINS HAD GIVEN HIM A RAISE AND EXTENSION WHEN HIS AGENT DEMANDED IT AFTER THEY SIGNED REYES. But they refused, so he decided to show them.

Disgusting is right, but that's how some of today's players get down.

Now that we agree on something, you can go back to taking your sly little digs and cheap shots at me. It's ok; really it is. I don't want to be in your little club of "insiders" anyway. I don't need a "crew" to admire my posts. I post to make MYSELF happy. If someone else likes my posts, good. If someone else doesn't like them, that's good too.

The Real Alex

Posted by LOB:

"I hate it when LISTENING to a game you hear the announcer say in a crucial situation about an opposition batter--"He POPS it up----------------------------Back And Out of Play", a radio announcer's job is to let the listener know AS SOON AS HE CAN what is going to happen on every play."

YES, EXACTLY! That's Van Horne to a T, and that's why I can't stand the guy. Hall of Famer? What a joke!

The Real Alex

LOB, I will NOT ask you to pose any questions to Ozzie. I have seen enough of him this year to know that I am not interested in knowing more about the guy. Of course, if you FEEL LIKE ASKING HIM why he's always picking at his NOSE in those Post Game Interviews, be my guest!

LOL! No, I'm just kidding, DO NOT ask him that. Look, like I said, I have been on baseball fields practically my whole life, as a kid playing the game, as a young man, and as an older guy coaching kids. So I KNOW how dust and wind blows in your face and I UNDERSTAND why ballplayers are often caught on camera in the dugout cleaning out their schnozzes. But I just don't understand why he is STILL DOING IT a half hour after the game is over! LMFAO


Ozzies still cleaning out the rocks from the nite before.

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