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Logan Morrison placed on DL, could miss rest of season

       The Marlins have placed outfielder Logan Morrison on the 15-day disabled list with what could be a season-ending knee injury.

        The decision was made after Morrison met with Ozzie Guillen following Saturday's game and told the manager his right knee was not 100 percent.

        "I'm not doing anything to help the team right now, so hopefully I can take a couple of weeks to get it to calm down and be back and ready to go," said Morrison, who has hit just .116 since the All-Star break.

        But Morrison said he might also require further surgery if the problem doesn't improve.

        "It's unknown," Morrison told The Miami Herald and Palm Beach Post. "Hopefully it takes just two weeks. Realistically it's probably not looking that way."

        Asked if he thought he could miss the rest of the season, Morrison replied, "I think it's a possibility."

        Morrison played through tendinitis in the same knee last season, and also re-injured it when he slammed into a wall while chasing a fly ball. Following the season, he played with a team of U.S. All-Stars in an exhibition series in Taiwan, during which he re-injured the knee.

        He had surgery in early December to repair a tear in the patellar tendon, but missed time during spring training because the injury had not healed completely. He made it back in time for Opening Day, but the knee hasn't been right all season, he said.

        "There's good days and there's bad days but, for the most part, there's always something," Morrison said. "It's so frustrating, not even being able to run like I want to, much less hitting."

        Morrison said a MRI performed on the knee in late May revealed a new tear in the tendon, but the decision was made to try to play through it.

        "The suture that was made to keep the patellar tendon together, because I tried to ramp up activity so much that it opened back up," he said. "Played with it last year, so tried to play with it this year. Didn't work out."

        Guillen said that if the injury doesn't heal within a few weeks, he would prefer that Morrison get it taken care of immediately rather than wait to later to have surgery.

         "If you have a problem, I don't want you to wait til February to get it fixed," Guillen said. "You get it done now and move on."

        Guillen was critical of the decision allowing Morrison to play overseas after last season.

        "In the past, they do stupid (expletive) here," Guillen told the Herald and Post. "They let him go to Asia and play and have his surgery knowing spring training is coming up. It ain't going to happen again. They worry about more (expletive) off the field than worry about what happens here. I think it's more important, the Miami Marlins, than the USA team, or whatever he was doing. I think they knew he had this problem during (last season). I'm not going to blame anyone, but think about it. There's a lot of (expletive) we've got to clean up, and that's my job."

       Morrison is hopeful he'll play again this season, but not overly optimistic.

       "I want to be out there with the guys and battle with them, even though we're probably not going anywhere," he said. "Maybe next year it will be a full, healthy year and I'll be ready to go."

      To fill Morrison's roster spot, the Marlins recalled right-handed reliever Ryan Webb from Triple A New Orleans. 


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Stan M

I once had a (hated) Yankee game on the TV and was switching around trying to find something or other on the radio. I hit the Yankee game and at that moment the pitcher threw a high inside pitch to DiMaggio. As he fell away the ball hit his bat and flew just over the 1st baseman's outstretched glove into very short right field. Mel Allen (also hated) roared on the radio something to the effect, "Joe swings and lines a sharp line drive into RF for a single." In those days the announcers still weren't accostomed to there being a video of what was going on and were used to exaggerating to their heart's content. I never heard him personally, but a very famous announcer named Bill Stern supposedly broadcast an entirely different game than what was taking place. That was in football. And then there were the recreated games when the announcers weren't even there and made up the happenings from a ticker tape feed. President Reagan did that for the Chicago Cubs for a while back in the dark ages.


I can imagine parents trying to hit hard this obnoxious "coach wannabe" called Alex, when (and if) he (ever)coached kids.

The Real Alex

Really Juan_Idioto? That's pretty good. What I can't imagine is you ever posting ANYTHING relevant over here. Or humorous. Or entertaining. Or even just worth the four seconds of life it takes to read it.

The more that dirt bags like you take shots at me, the HAPPIER I AM. I mean if you even ONCE posted something worthwhile over here, then MAYBE your stupid insults would have some weight behind them. But as it is you are just an ANONYMOUS punk that likes to take shots at people because you KNOW you won't get slapped in the mouth. Like you do in REAL LIFE. LMFAO

The Real Alex

Hey Stan M, that's a really nice story about YOURSELF again. Weren't YOU the guy who got all upset at me for doing EXACTLY WHAT YOU ALWAYS DO? What do they call that? Hypocrisy?


Stan M,
When I was a kid in Oregon, we used to listen to recreated broadcasts of Portland Beavers games when the Beavers were out of town. The announcer would slap two pieces of wood together to simulate the sound of the ball hitting the bat and crank up a recording of crowd noises (and occasionally even raucous booing) when he thought it appropriate.
They had an ancient broadcaster named Rollie Truitt who would announce several times a game, "There's a long fly ball to left field. It's either fair or foul, fair or foul, fair or foul." Since those were the only two choices available, we knew it was either fair or foul. But we'd go absolutely nuts waiting for him to tell us which it was.
Dave Van Horne is infuriating because he announces a walk-off home run in the same tone of voice he uses for a routine groundout.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Can't we all be friends???

I really LOVED all the stuff posted the two days I was away. If we could ALL direct our venom to the people who deserve it that would be great. We all know who DESERVES IT!!!!

Laurel, Leave Tuesday. Two days in Annapolis. Never been there. One day in Baltimore. Then onto DC---noon lunch at Old Ebbitts Grill(I know it's touristy but you gotta love that bar) and then the Metro to be dropped of right behind the center field fence to watch my Nats play YOUR(At least until someone gives a damn who can do something) Marlins. Best seat I could get on Internet was 20 rows behind the dugout but 1st game with a 4:15 start time should be pretty empty and I will be chatting up Ozzie. Actually will sing his praises for having to put up with this crap. the guy was a winner when he played, did pretty darn well as a manager, now he gets around Loria and the Little Kid and I'm suppose to believe he got dumb?? Well, I don't. i don't like SloMo in left and a pinch hitter in right and a second baseman in CF BUT except for the NOT riding a hot Ruggiano and going too long with Bell, he really does not have a whole lot to play with and what he does have are either not that good, non producing hot dogs and dimwits who hid injuries and then he has RUGIE, Buehrle, JJ and Stanton. Coghlan and Gaby are where they belong and now we have the recycling from New Orleans.

Do you think Camus is good enough for Ozzie?

Leo Orestes Barberie

PLUS!!! Now I've discovered that the supposed Number 2 guy in the radio booth actually paints a much better picture than the "Up, Up and Away Guy", Is Chuck Thompson in the Hall of Fame?? Once you heard Prince work with the "Gunner" and Elson and Red Rush in the 60's; the stuff you hear now is not really good EXCEPT for the young guys who all seem to get it--with the exception of Chipper Caray. I'm an old school guy who likes new voices and not stale hangers on.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Are we all going to be ostracized because we don't like Dave van Horne? I also can't------though I certainly respect him for what he did those first 143 years--listen to Scully repeat those same stories each time a team comes in for a series. By now we all know the derivation of the word Uggla, I don't want to hear it again. We paid attention the first 7 years. I also like Brenneman.Really, Milo?? Really????


Not sure, but think the Marlins might stay at the Renaissance Mayflower in Washington. 202-397-3000. They'll probably tell you if you ask them.
Used to eat peanut butter pie at the Old Ebbitt Grill when Carter was President. About 5,000 calories a slice, but back then I weighed 142 pounds and couldn't care less. If it's still on the menu, and I bet it is, give it a try.


Make that 202-347-3000. Sorry.

Leo Orestes Barberie

I know this expression is used often but---Laurel, You Da Man!!! Did you ever eat at Germaine's which I hear was excellent. Also once ate at Taverna Cratoku in Alexandria that was great.

Is there a plaque or anything worth seing that would mark the site of Griffith Stadium?

Leo Orestes Barberie

First let me say that I have always thought Al Michaels was great, thought Don Criqui was underrated, Loved Thompson as a football announcer but not a baseball announcer. Wanted to say that so you know there are and have been many announcers I like maybe it's just the Hall of Famers I question because I thought Ernie was boring. Did not want to hear about a foul ball being caught by some kid from Livonia.


Catcher Brantly hit a 3 run PH HR to give the Zephyrs a W.


I haven't spent a lot of time in D.C. in recent years, so I'm not a good source of info about the city. I'm pretty sure that Howard University Hospital now sits where Griffith Stadium used to be.
I don't remember ever eating at Germaine's or the Taverna. Don't forget, I was a poor reporter (which is redundant) when I was there, so I spent most of my time in the dives along Pennsylvania Avenue where the food was greasy, the waitresses were nasty and the drinks were cheap. I understand they've totally ruined all those great haunts by fixing them up and making them "nicer."


One more recollection of my time in D.C. and then I'll drop it for the night. The saving grace for most penniless reporters in those days was that you could saunter into some bigwig's snooty cocktail party almost every night of the week and get a free buzz on before hitting the bars. The "in" delicacy at those parties was turkey testicles — but I'm proud to say that in all the years I was there, I never knowingly ate a turkey's nuts.

DC Marlin

Get that knee right. I still think he has some talent if healthy and playing 1B.

LF - Ruggiano
CF - Victorinio?
RF - Stanton
3B - ?
SS - Reyes
2B - Bonifacio
1B - Morrison
C - Brantley/Buck




This could be a decent team if healthy and guys like Johnson, Morrison and Bell get back to their old ways.


I've read that the Marlins are shopping Lee or at least he's available and this means that they gave up their former no. 1 pick 3B prospect in Dominguez for a 1 month rental on a guy way past his prime. Maybe now would be the right time for Clark to post a nice write up on how terrible this organization has been with the draft.

Seriously now who's starting at the hot corner next year who can at least put up acceptable power numbers? Hecht Bonifacio plays everywhere I guess they'll just stick him there next year but then who's in CF? I know, Coughlan will man that whole, perhaps he'll be above the Mendoza line too! Ugh, and there's why trading JJ and bringing up Yelich a little too soon wouldn't be such a bad idea.

I only wish Clark would read these posts just a little more.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Dear rbleigh, You will sooner see Loria executing a reverse slam dunk while jumping over an Escalade than you will read Clark really going after this organization for its inepitude ande incompetence. There have been a couple of apologists who say Clark CAN'T say anything critical because he would be denied access. Access to WHAT????? What do we want access to except for the truth. I'm hoping to see Clark at that hotel in DC. I'm actually paranoid enough that I'm not staying at team hotel because I literally think it possible that as a BIG TIME customer the Marlins could mess with a reservation. I'm once a year, they are multiple times a year and every year. I'll report any abhorrent behavior I see, but I really believe these guys are a collection of milquetoasts. There will NEVER be any Hank Bauer, Whitey Ford and Billy Martin action with the Fish. Clark, What does Ozzie drink? I'd love to already have first drink sent over before he settles in.

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