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Marlins' asking price for Hanley Ramirez "is not ridiculous"

Omar Infante and Anibal Sanchez were the first to go.

Could Hanley Ramirez be next?

According to our Barry Jackson, an official with an American League team said Tuesday that Ramirez, a three-time All-Star and former batting champion, is very much being made available by the Marlins and that the asking price "is not ridiculous."

The Marlins want young players in return, but want quality pieces - not a salary dump. Ramirez, hitting .246 with 14 homers and 46 RBI, is under contract through 2014. He is due $15.5 million and $16 million over the next two years. 

Oakland and Boston have interest, and USA Today mentioned Toronto as another possibility.

Ramirez, who missed three consecutive games with a right hand infection, is back in the Marlins lineup today.

Fox's Ken Rosenthal reported Tuesday afternoon that teams also have been inquiring about Josh Johnson, Ricky Nolasco, Carlos Lee and Randy Choate. Lee and Choate are impending free agents, and it wouldn't be surprising if either is moved.

The Marlins would love to dump Heath Bell, but finding a taker won't be easy.

> A headline in Tuesday's editions of the Miami Herald incorrectly stated that Larry Beinfest said the Marlins have given up on the season by trading Anibal Sanchez and Omar Infante to the Tigers for prospects. Beinfest did not say that. He said the Marlins are "restructuring."


> Marlins: 1. Jose Reyes SS, 2. Greg Dobbs RF, 3. Carlos Lee 1B, 4. Justin Ruggiano CF, 5. Logan Morrison LF, 6. Hanley Ramirez 3B, 7. Emilio Bonifacio 2B, 8. John Buck C, 9. Mark Buehrle LHP.


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Please let Hanley be taken out of the lineup before the start of today's game. Please let Heath Bell screw up somewhere else.


Restructuring, market correction.....what's the difference. These guys are hilarious.


The fact that the Herald had to make a headline correction — does that mean that someone from the Fish FO is reading your stuff? And can we infer from that that they're also reading what we have to say? If so, I have lots of ideas for them.


I notice now that the most recent update was written by Manny. So Manny, whaddaya think?

Eddie S

Why in the world does Ozzie start Dobbs in Right Filed and Slomo in Left Field .Why not Solano at 2nd base and Boni in right. This lack of speed does not show up in the Statistics but the MARLIN DEFENSE WILL GIVE UP RUNS BECAUSE SLOMO AND DOBBS WILL EITHER NOT CATCH UP WITH CERTAIN BALLS AND DOBBS ARM IS FROM HUNGER.DOBBS SHOULD COME OFF THE BENCH. HE IS A LIABILITY IN RIGHT FIELD . NIETHER SLOMO OR DOBBS HAS SPEED!!!!!


If the Marlins could put together a package to Baltimore that includes JJ, Hanley and a couple of fillers or 2 to the Orioles for Machado and Bundy then pounce!


If anyone will take Hanley and Bell off our hands, $10 and a bucket of bubble gum for the dugout seems like a fair price.

Stan M

Just spent most of the last two hours going over other teams needs and their prospects with regards to moving Hanley. Oakland certainly has a need, but I am hesitent about them because of salary considerations. My personal opinion would be the Dodgers. Here's why.

They desperately need both a SS and a 3B. Loney at 1B is hurting them. They certainly are well enough financed that money would not be a consideration. They are very much in the pennant race. New owners want to make a big splash. Their farm system is loaded with young arms. So Hanley and Gabby (to platoon with Loney) for some quality young pitchers.

My other choices were the LA Angels, Toronto Blue Jays, Baltimore Orioles and Oakland in that order. I won't bore you with details but Toronto has a great catching prospect and Oakland is loaded with all sorts of talent after trading 2 starting pitchers this off season.

Go, Hanley, go. Go anywhere!

Stan M

If the above trade is made, and we acquire many young arms, then I'd trade JJ to Texas for their great 3B prospect and more young arms. The Texas farm system is one of best in majors. I love JJ, but if we're retooling, might as well go all the way. If not JJ, then Nolasco even up for the 3B prospect. Throw on Choate if need be.


The disappointment regarding this "Franchise" have reached a deafening tone with the fans. I still can't believe that Larry Beinfest is working as well Michael Hill. It's apparent that the Marlins are scrambling to dump these under-performing players but let's take a look at who and how they were assembled.

We can blame the mastery (NOT) of Larry Beinfest and Michael Hill for the most part when it comes to evaluating the FA's they brought in as well as the trades over the past several years that we don't have time to get into. Their ability to draft = FAIL as well. EVERYONE that watches this team has known for two years that Hanley is done but not ownership or the FO. Heck they even made it a point to remind all of us that this was "Hanley's Team", look how that has worked out for them. Now we'll end up trading this guy for "prospects" wow what a shock, "prospects" evaluated by who? Which "baseball" guy will be the judge of talent for the Marlins?

Lots more questions ????????? than answers. I still feel sick with this whole season. It's amazing to see athlete's that had so much promise go from heron to zero in a matter of months. Ozzie scoffed at the suggestion of a Sports Psychologist but clearly there is a psychological component that needs to be addressed. Maybe that component is Ozzie himself.


This whole organization is a bad dream.


Stan M you and I both. His name is Mike Olt and is hitting .290 with 26 HR and 73 RBI. JJ for this guy and another top prospect sounds fair.


This all could be a rush to judgment by dumping all of these players for prospects. The trade of Cabrera for the Tigers so called "can't miss" prospects still hurts. Another example is Mike Lowell...he had a terrible year at the plate his last year & he was "given" away to the Red Sox...he went on to have some very good seasons for them. Hind sight is always 20/20...but the list of bad trades by the FO for prospects is almost as bad if not worst than how the Marlins have played this year.


Spitballer, a very fine point w/ the Lowell inclusion that year. In this case though I have to believe that Ramirez has lost the will to succeed in a Marlins uniform. Not everyone has that go out there and just get it done pride like JJ did last night.

I find it ironic in that I want the FO to trade Ramirez and JJ if they can get good (perceived) value for JJ. At this point I really believe giving up Ramirez is addition by subtraction. The ironic part is I don't know what MLB level team would be fielded next year. I can't see the FO having a 200M payroll paying other teams on lost contracts. And I too well remember the Miggy, Dontrelle and the 7 dwarves teams of 2005? 2006?


Trading JJ and Ramirez would mean this franchise would have No Face of the Team Next Year. Ozzie? Great, can't wait!

I got on Stan and Alex the other day because they continue to bring up letting go of Ross and signing Reyes instead of Fielder so I'm going to apologize for this one: What in the H*ll was the FO thinking in giving Bell such a huge contract? 27M for 1/2 inning of work a night, geez. My Lord that money could have better spent on another monstrosity of a monument out in CF. How horrible is that contract. My best Chris Hansen, "What are You Thinking?"

Rinse Wash Repeat - Sunk Cost

Rico 1

The only thing that Beinfest is good for is to dump players with high salaries and get no good prospects in return.I say get rid of Beinfest. He is the biggest piece of crap with the Marlins.


These comments are hilarious. Everyone of the writers takes the Marlins seriously. Can't you suckers see the Loria and Samson are happy as pigs in a sty. They start the season pretending they have a good club. They get you, the suckers, to buy various ticket packages and then in mid season dump all the high priced salaries they got to fool you into buying tickets and pocket a HUGE profit, more than the two years they claimed to have lost money only to have it leak out that they MADE $31 million. Keep going to the games suckers. While you're at it, cut my tax load, buy lotto tickets and lots of cigarettes. One is born every day.


Seems like a ton of confusion going on here. Started with the manager supporting Castro now the team falling apart after spending hundreds of millions on payroll. I dont feel bad for them.

juan v

any deal with the blue jays I hope they get travis darnaud,arencibia,or a.j. jimmenez any of those three would be great or maybe raja davis in center could be a good fit for the reconstroction


Can we agree that this isn't a salary dump. By all accounts everyone here is hoping against all hope that Hanley gets traded. Sanchez is a free agent to be and Omar wasn't making a lot of money.

We all complaint about how sheety our farm system is and they're now trying to correct it. If they keep the team intact we'd be complaining about how they're going to put out the same bad product in 2013.

You can't have it both ways. The lines been drawn. PICK A SIDE!!!

Leo Orestes Barberie

Stan, Quit fooling around wasting time with other team rosters. Ask a question and I'll do my "best" to answer it.


it's about time we got rid of Hanley....he has no heart, no desire, to play this game. It's amazing the marlins gave him that 60 million contract !

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