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Marlins reliever Juan Carlos Oviedo has sprained elbow

According to the Marlins, an MRI has revealed that relief pitcher Juan Carlos Oviedo has suffered a UCL sprain in his right elbow.

As of Monday evening the team has not given a timetable for his return.

Oviedo walked off the mound Saturday night in a rehab appearance at Triple A New Orleans after recording only one out because of right elbow discomfort.

Oviedo was back in Miami Sunday and was examined by team doctors. Manager Ozzie Guillen spoke to the media at 4:15 Monday afternoon and said Oviedo's MRI results were being evaluated.

Oviedo is eligible to return from his eight-week suspension for age and identity fraud on July 23.


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wish sucky bucky 180 avg would get hurt


I see that Ozzie the moron has Ruggiano BENCHED again tonight in favor of Dobbs in Right Field. Unbelievable? No, not at all! I TOLD EVERYONE here that Ozzie does NOT WANT Ruggiano playing every day, he views him as a PLATOON PLAYER, BARELY.

If we needed any more proof of just how STUPID Ozzie Guillen is, this just confirms what anyone with half a brain has seen very clearly this year. Not only is Ozzie Guillen a LOUSY in-game strategist who has no clue when to bunt, when to pinch run or pinch hit, or how to run a bullpen, he is also a TERRIBLE JUDGE OF BASEBALL TALENT! Ruggiano is just about the only guy other than Bonifacio that is worth watching on this team now that Stanton is hurt, and that IDIOT has him riding the pine.

Marlins fans, we are DEEP TROUBLE. Loria has given this mental midget Ozzie a FOUR YEAR DEAL. Bell has a THREE YEAR DEAL. Buck is still owed ONE MORE YEAR. Reyes and his .263 average is just STARTING a LONG CONTRACT. Hanley is still owed TWO MORE YEARS.


And ONCE AGAIN Dobbs has to make a throw home and he BOUNCES A WEAK FLOATER TO THE PLATE. Meanwhile Ruggiano, who has a freaking CANNON of an arm in RF, sits on the BENCH. That's two nights in a row that Ozzie has sacrificed the team's DEFENSE to get Dobbs' singles hitting bat into the line up.

Dobbs is a GREAT pinch hitter. But as an outfielder he is BELOW AVERAGE. And as a hitter, he is a SINGLES HITTER with little power. Yet Ozzie is stupid enough to bench Ruggiano for Dobbs two games in a row.

This would be funny if we didn't have FOUR YEARS OF STUPIDITY to look forward to.


Agreed Alex. What the hell is Ozzie doing with Dobbs in RF? Wow this season just gets stranger and stranger.


Hey Lou, LOB, I heard your comments on the radio today! The guy who drove in from Geenville South Carolina, LOL! Your remarks about Ozzie and this team were SPOT ON! Too bad that radio clown Dan Sileo cut you off. I called in after you and wanted to give you a shout out, but after sitting on hold for 10 minutes I couldn't take it and hung up.

On and on the Sports Radio BLOWHARDS are running their mouths about Joe Paterno, all of them PONTIFICATING on their soap boxes as if THEY are the "voice of morality". What a JOKE! None of those dirt bags care about the abused kids! They are just USING THIS scandal to talk big and make themselves FINALLY feel superior to Joe Paterno, a guy who was, up UNTIL THIS HAPPENED, so much BETTER than any of these radio HYPOCRITES. But now he's DISGRACED and better yet, he's DEAD, so every low life RADIO MORON in the sports world can take free shots at him.

Sileo is 100% CORRECT about the Marlins though! He said the following, and I agree with EVERYTHING:

1) Ozzie is a LOUSY manager

2) Signing Reyes was a HUGE MISTAKE

3) They overpaid big time for Reyes and his .263 BA

4) If they had ANY BRAINS, they would have signed Prince Fielder instead.

Sucks to be a Marlins fan

I hate this team. I have never had such disdain for a team in all of my years watching the Marlins.

Carlos Fernandez Blanco

...From an " old-sports-jock ", in addition to his physical therapy, one may try " soaking " in one of our beaches, suggest " south-beach " maybe " Haulover ", where one does not have but the price of access to the parking to take care of, and the ocean is a great soother of
muscle tension!


Stop the Presses! Hanley is on a ROLL! He just hit his SECOND HOME RUN since June 3rd! All you clowns that want to trade Hanley are crazy! What would happen to Reyes without Hanley? Can't have the "Merengue Brothers" (those wild n' crazy Dominican guys!) with only one guy!

If the Marlins trade Hanley, the attendance will collapse. The stands this year are full of eager Latinos coming out to catch the great Merengue Brothers. In fact, if Loria has any brains, he would get rid of all non Latino players ASAP. That would really do wonders for attendance! Hopefully they get rid of that bum Ruggiano soon!


"I hate this team. I have never had such disdain for a team in all of my years watching the Marlins.

Posted by: Sucks to be a Marlins fan"

BRILLIANT! I write so many sentences, and this guy absolutely NAILS IT in just 21 words! He is 100% CORRECT! He has PERFECTLY CAPTURED what it FEELS LIKE to be a Marlins Fan this year! DISDAIN! YES, indeed! Disdain for Loria & Samson! Disdain especially for Ozzie Guillen, who Loria ONLY HIRED because he wanted a guy that the fans would HATE MORE THAN HIM!


Oh my God, I'm laughing so hard my sides hurt! I hope somebody saw Dobbs staggering around the wrong way in Right Field, letting a ball go over his head! LMFAO!!!



But not to be out done, Lomo MISPLAYS a ball in LEFT FIELD too! Oh my God, this is just too freaking hilarious! Lomo in LF, Dobbs in RF....and that moron of a manager sits there grinning. This outfield is a DISGRACE!

Stan III

Dobbs : Right Field :: Alex : Blog

A little SAT humor for you.
Alex, I'll explain it later to you in a private message.


Marlins win! Ozzie the IDIOT finally lets Ruggiano into the game after misplays by Dobbs in RF and an 0-3 night batting, and Ruggiano IMMEDIATELY doubles and scores a big insurance run. Dobbs is a singles hitter with no power. Great pinch hitter, but that's ALL.

But this IDIOT of a manager continues to put the WORST OUTFIELD HE CAN on the field. Dobbs - 2 bad throws, and a misplayed double. Lomo - a dropped line drive and a misplayed double over his head.

He has been doing this garbage ALL YEAR. And he is DETERMINED to make Ruggiano into a PART TIME platoon player, but Ruggiano just keeps on hitting. Will it guarantee him playing time? HELL NO! Ozzie is a MORON! Next time he'll probably put Kearns out there!

Leo Orestes Barberie

Alex, Sorry. I said I would not post for at least a month but I wanted to thank you for the kind words. Sileo did get me off pretty quickly. In Greenville I would have been on for 5 minutes.I really did not attend tonight. They were so lifeless the first 3 games that I got sick of it. Went to Worth Avenue tonight and had a lot more fun. I actually called every show and had the best conversation with a guy I think was named Jeff--really friendly guy. I told him they didn't even have a Dump Button in Greenville because people are so polite. He laughed. Well, anyway, sorry for posting . Will be back in a month or two.


Don't send me any private messages Stan as I will not be responding to anything you say to me, LMFAO! This is the last time I directly address you. I lost all respect for you when you wrote that stupid crap about "Alex is always writing about HIMSELF". Coming from YOU, who insists on BORING US ALL TO DEATH with the details of your life (what kind of BEER?), that was hilarious. In fact, I am not going to even READ your posts anymore, and I doubt I will be responding to ANYONE'S posts. Maybe Lou's, LOB. I have some respect for him. He's not concerned with his IMAGE here like YOU ARE, Stan.

You go ahead and continue being the great "board leader" over here, Stanley, LMFAO. You can tell everyone who they should like, who they shouldn't like, etc. You can tell guys funny stuff like "We LIKE Coghlan over here".

And you can continue being 100% wrong about damn near everything you say about this team. Like how you expected Hanley to have a great year, LMFAO! After all, all the signs were there, right? Like how signing Reyes instead of Prince Fielder was a great idea. Like how Coghlan should be the Marlins Center Fielder. I could go on and on, but what's the point? Me, I don't need to LAUGH, so I am just not going to read your crap.

Oh, and since I'll be ignoring you, maybe you can join in with Frisaro and the rest of the haters in TRYING to attack me, LMFAO. Those attacks would really bother me - IF I READ THEM, or if I came here to be POPULAR, like YOU, Stan. I'll just post my stuff and leave, not bothering to read any of the replies. I been doing that the past few days and it works for me. That way I don't have to read any STUPIDITY.


Leo Gomez
Orestes Destrade
Bret Barberie


We wont miss u LOB. We have Alex. Which is the same thing.

Same delusional behavior.

Alex = Orlando Bosch = Steels_Sharp_Spike = Partagas759

Marlin Fan

Marlins bullpen came thru tonight . When was the last time IN THE SAME GAME has Hanley hit a Homerun AND Bell pitched a scoreless inning ?? Lol lol

Stan III

Alex, once again, different Stan. Stan III, not STAN M.
Something about your posts tell me you spend a lot of time alone, and you have a lot of hate in your heart. I like that in a Little League Coach. Your posts are great. I just wish they were in the third person. As I read them, I try to imagine the cookie monsters voice reading aloud to me. When I COME TO THE CAPS I make sure to imagine a really high pitched frustrated voice, it makes the post that much funnier. Keep up the good...er, I mean, work. Maybe for the next game you can post in the voice of DRUNK HULK. DRUNK HULK NO LIKE OZZY. DRUNK HULK SMASH STADIUM. DRUNK HULK MAD AT OWNERSHIP!!!!


Nice job with Dunn earning his first save of his career. Bullpen pitched well last night and it was good to see the Fish drop down a squeeze. 4 DP's and pretty solid defense was also nice for a change. Still don't know what Ozzie is doing with Ruggiano? Dobbs really should be used off the bench and spot starts as Ruggiano has certainly earned a starting position. Speed, good arm in the outfield and the guy CAN hit!

Stan M

That save was a nail biter and some of the DPs were more luck than skill. Yet it's a good start. We are due for some breaks and luck.Agree that Ruggiano should be starting and Ozzie, as much as we all are down on him, must know so as well. My guess is that the guy has something like a mild hamstring strain and Ozzie doesn't want him to aggravate it. I feel a little bit of hope beyond the baseball horizon. It's conceivable that we could sweep the Cubs and it's about time for Pittsburgh to return to earth. That one kid in CF is a marvel but he can't carry them forever.

Fernandez, our top pitching prospect and who was recently moved up to high A ball, had a great outing. Only 5 innings, but no runs, no walks, and 8 Ks. Whose contract is up in two years? He'll darn sure be in the bigs then.


Thanks for the minor league update Stan. I don't do enough checking when it comes to our prospects. Think it's because I always hear that we don't have any but clearly we got a few.

Harry Caray's dead azzzz

Marlins at 43 wins need at least 88w's to get to wild card....That's another 45W's playing .620 ball the rest of the season. Without Mr May,Stanton. Dream on Fish Fans..wait till next year.Impossible? No. But for this group of losers,Yes. If they're not at .500 at the trading deadline ,Beerfart Beinfest will start trimming the fat. Next year for the wanna be ,made over but still the same, Miami Marlins.All hype,no substance.

Gary Moore....To Tell the Truth

How many freakin Stan's are there anyway? Will the real Stan ,please stand up.

Flav C

Harry Caray's dead azzz - Going 45-28 would give the Marlins less than 50% playoff chances. If they really want to have any chance (above 70%) they have to go (at least) 48-25. Which means, from the 23 remaining series, they can't afford to lose any. If they do lose a series (even 1-2), they would need to sweep the next series to remain with any possibility.
What this whole mumbo-jumbo really means is: Marlins should start thinking of playing as spoilers. They would probably have much more fun by doing it and some interesting results would show up.
This team is limited and average at its best.


Gary Moore,
How many Stans are there? There can never be enough, I say.

Stan M

In addition, it's time to plan for next year. Bring up some minor leaguers to see how they can perform. Also promote other prospects up a level. Lastly trade anyone who is not in team's future plans. Infante, Cousins, Peterson, Sanchez, Hayes, Mojica, and a chubby fellow named Bell if at all possible to name the more obvious.

I am Stan M of Hendersonville, NC. 75 YO. Formerly of Marco Island, FL, and Long Island, NY. I am standing up as this is written.


Anybody know the scoop on Charlie Lowell, the kid who struck out 14 in seven innings for Greensboro? I've heard he's a 250-pound lefty with a 95 m.p.h. fastball, but I won't say my source is entirely reliable.
The Cubs are starting a lefty tonight, so just maybe that means Ruggiano will be back in the outfield. I actually felt sorry for Dobbs last night, because he gives it his all, but Ozzie has shoved him into a spot he's really not suited to play.
I was thinking, as I watched him spin round and round chasing Zimmerman's double, that there are a number of ways he could have played that. If he were mathematically inclined, he could have watched the ball come off the bat and employed Einstein's theory of general relativity to predict the trajectory of the ball and determine within a fraction of an inch where it would land. Or he could have done what he did — close his eyes and guess.
Thankfully, most outfielders find a method somewhere between those two extremes.

Stan M

LB, there's this new site on cognative disorders I'd like to refer. It might explain your method of deploying outfielders...YOU STUPID IDIOT. It's exactly as I PREDICTED months ago when you and ALL THE OTHER FOOLS couldn't understand WHAT WAS SO CLEAR TO ME.

To the best of my knowledge, racehorses never turn the wrong way or lose their way in the lights. YOU MIGHT THINK YOU KNOW ABOUT RACE TRACKS, BUT YOU ARE WRONG. HORSES CAN'T GO BACK ON FLY BALLS but you never knew that. WELL I KNEW. The key to the issue is those things over their eyes called blinkers...I think that's the name. Branch Rickey actually tried them on Rex Barney when he was a talented wildman if I'm not mistaken. And I AM NEVER MISTAKEN. I remember predicting that IT WOULD NEVER WORK but NO ONE LISTENED. Why don't you people listen?

Some MORONS thought DEWEY would be president. I KNEW THAT TRUMAN WOULD WIN. Anyone but a STUPID FOOL could see what would happen. Do you want to know about this November...never mind! You will know about how I KNEW THE WINNER ALL ALONG and I'll explain in December if MY ENEMIES DON'T TRY TO STOP ME. THEY'RE OUT THERE YOU KNOW, but I'M WISE TO THEM. YOU'LL SEE!


Stan M,

Stan M

Charlie Lowell is a lefty. Born in Oct. 1990. Is 6'4". and 235 pounds. In last outing he pitched 7 innings, gave up 1 hit and 1 earned run. No walks and 14Ks. Record for year is only 4-4. Has better record at home, but better ERA on road. For the year, he has pitched 84 innings while giving up only 65 hits .He has struck out 97 (very good), but walked 45 (not so good) Here are some very encouraging signs. Batters are hitting only .212 against him and here are his ERAs over the past 4 months: 6.38; 3.74; 3.18; 2.40. He is NOT listed among our top 20 prospects but it sure looks like that will change. Everything except walks is very positive and his age is normal for the league he's in. Glad you pointed him out.


Stan M,
Thanks for the update. Maybe we're grasping at straws, but it looks like there's promise there.

Marlin Fan

Sitting through another twitter/email answer night . I enjoyed Conine doing the games. Hoperfully the fish can take 2 out of 3 .

Marlin Fan

Kearns looks like Willie Mays out there compared to Lomo . Lol lol

Marlin Fan

Kearns looks like Willie Mays out there compared to Lomo . Lol lol

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