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Marlins say "no deal" to first-round pick

      Sources have confirmed that the Marlins have informed their first-round pick -- left-handed pitcher Andrew Heaney out of Oklahoma State -- that they do not intend to sign him. The news was first reported by Jim Callis of Baseball America.

      As the ninth-overall pick in the draft, Heaney is slotted to receive a signing bonus of $2.8 million, and sources said the pitcher did not ask for more than the established figure, according to a source close to the negotiations. But the Marlins offered the pitcher less than $2.6 million, which he rejected. The deadline for signing picks is 5 p.m. Friday, but an eight-hour physical would need to be performed before a deal could be completed.

      While there are strong indications that Heaney will go unsigned, another source said the team could be "posturing" by using pressure tactics as the deadline approaches and will ultimately reach a deal.

      If no deal is reached, Heaney could return to Oklahoma State for his senior season, but it's more likely he would play in an independent league and re-enter the draft next year. If the Marlins do not sign Heaney, they would be compensated with the 10th overall pick in next year's draft.

      There are currently six unsigned first-round picks from this year's draft. 


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What a ridiculous system. If the Marlins can't sign their pick, they should lose it forever. They shouldn't get a "do over" next year as this article suggests.


Maybe next year the Marlins should just stay home and watch the draft on TV.


Stuff like this just makes me really made. They were reportedly ready to fork over $250M over 10 years to Albert Pujols, but they disagree with a first-round draft pick over 200K? They are willing to pay Heath Bell $9M to blow 6 saves (and the lead a few more times) but they disagree with their FIRST-ROUND draft pick over 200K?

There goes another draft wasted. What the hell are Larry Beinfest and Michael Hill doing anyway?


That should say makes me MAD, not MADE.

To Hell With David Samson

I would like to congratulate Andrew Heaney for being drafted by a REAL team next year.

juan v

no international signings, and they won't sign their first pick what a way to build your farm. Couldn't bring up a outfielder had to trade for ruggiano,lee why have a farm system they are obiously bringing in contacts that other teams pay for still the same cheap s.o.b's in management way to build a team you had olivo,baker got rid of them to over pay for buck good call on a weak closer market in the off season you over payed for bell know you can't even sign a player that could of been in your bull pen by september I love the marlins because I grew up watching them but ownership has always found ways to f@$% this team up


Three Cheers for Andrew Heaney/Dont sign with Moocher Loria/Cause Loria is a Schnorrer/Hooray Hooray Hooray

Stan M

I'm not of the Jerish faith, but if I were, I'd be deeply offended by the post immediately above.


What a tough guy. Sometimes I wish there was a flag option to clean this crap up. My Post was deleted because I referred to Meyer as the cuss word for anus. Yet his post remains and is much more offensive.

Anyway, what I said in my post was that this is inexcusable.

michael lee deanno

Cut the ethnic, rascist crap, creeps. This is a baseball blog. I notice again that none of you have the guts to use your real names. Ignorant cowards are afraid of the light. Thanks for standing up, stan. I'm not Jewish either, but I'd rather be Jewish than whatever these weirdos are.


its funny, fans out there blast the FO when they sign a guy for too much or don't spend enough. Additionally the majority out there, myself included know nothing about Heaney but were quick to question the pick as another wasted on a tall and slight lefty in the mold of Miller and Volstad.

I admit frustration as well if they can't sign this kid but who knows the compensatory pick could be a better one than this guy anyway, crapshoot. Lastly, all reports said Heaney might be the most MLB ready pitcher in this year's draft so I can't see any reason why he'd prefer an additional year in college or the Independent League. Last I checked it didn't work out too well for Matt Harrington or Aaron Crow.

Marlins actually have some leverage here.


& MK JDL, you are an @ss

Nestor the Shylock

Cant wait for Bonifacio, the Marlins savior, to get back. He was red hot in his rehab stint, going a blistering 2 for 19 with 6k's and 3BB's..his usual BB/K ratio...

michael lee deanno

Glags, rbleigh...you are absolutely right. the herald has the email address of these lowlifes and should ban them, since they clearly know little about baseball anyway. Probably one bigot posting over and over again different names. Very sad little man, I'm sure.


Wow does this guy have a book of offensive nicknames for Jews. Where do you come up with this stuff. And to your point about them being criminals, I'm pretty sure they would be in jail if any illegal activity had actually occurred. Being a sheety owner hardly qualifies as a crime.

RB, I dig but with as many busts these guys have had in the first round and absolutely nobody available in the minors you'd think they're looking towards the future. Guys who can come up when the Yelich's and Fernandez's are ready(give or take a year). Does this organization really want to add another year of waiting for a guy that may or may not be able to help.


Their answer, of course, would be that this is money they can spend more wisely somewhere else. Their problem will be getting any of us who've watched them over the years to buy their excuses.
I'm pretty sure the cute little nut job with all the racial slurs is really that mentally handicapped kid Drew. I can tell by the slobber on his posts.

Leo Orestes Barberie

I'm here in Boca Raton for the weekend series and I tune in here and I see more bigoted stuff here than I do in South Carolina. You can desribe this train wreck of a team perfectly and not be racist. All the other people of a particular ethnic or racial background should not be besmirched with that type of language. You know how I feel about the Marlins management but I never have to use any language that goes after others who may share similiar beliefs but certainly don't deserve to be part of this.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Stan and Mike, Good job!!! I guess when I post on another computer in Florida I get a different thinamajiggee off to the right.

Stan, I definitely want to do a Tourist game and I'l treat you to dinner.

juan v

as much as another top ten pick next year seems good they will run into the same problem the way the draft is now to sign quick you need to draft seniors. highschool players can comand a full sloted amount and with two guys in the first round could make it dificult to sign the rest of the draft picks cosidering you might have some compensation pcks from guys like lee,sanchez,or zambrano. making it dificult to draft good talent nstead of cheap talent this draft rules were made for owners like the marlins f.o.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Michael Lee, You seem like a very good guy and I actually have toned down commentary because of your thoughts,however, I will disagree with you on one thing. NOBODY(Okay, maybe 1 in a 1,000) uses real name on the internet. Has nothing to do with cowardice it has to do with the realization of there being CRAZY people out there. If EVERYBODY knows(and they do) that maybe 1 in a 1,000 use real name that actually negates the crazines because none of this stuff is or should be taken seriously. I used my real name at first and since nobody recognized the name they knew it WAS a real name and I'm still being bashed on sights, but it's all Garbage so I don't care. I'll be at every game I wish I could meet you and buy you a drink. Sounds like we agree on a lot and just differ big time on a couple.

Good post about the bigotry!!

Stan M

Naturally, with any business, money is important. With our FO, it's always about the money. And the ironic thing about it is that they have often spent it foolishly, or tried to save it even more foolishly. Can anyone say Cody, Hopper, deAza, and I'm sure there were more.
Watched the first episode of "The Franchise". I can understand that athlets use 4 letter words frequently, but even an old fart like me was offended by LoMo at the very end when the credits were flashing. It was totally unnecessary. Did you folks see the suptuousness of the clubhouse? OK, the tax payers paid for the stadium, but how about all of those leather recliners and the like. There is no reason that all of that luxery should be paid for by anyone other than the ballclub itself.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Dear Stan, I have NEVER been called a "closet queen",and I'm going to "bet" that is not Moe Berg since Moe was actually a member of the INTELLIGENCE services during WW2. I also wish the guy would have capitalized "Tourist" as he has taken away from one of the best nicknames in baseball. If I promise I'm not a queen, I'm serious about checking out Greensboro-Asheville.

Leo Orestes Barberie

4 Marlins games in about 72 hours. Am I up to it?

What did you guys think was the most disgusting line yesterday----I thought it was when Bell said to reporters "I guess I shouldn't work as hard"----Well, NO!!! The answer would be to SAVE the games.

Who did you come across liking more after the hour than before the hour? I would say Stanton and I had already really liked that guy for being a real good person.

Stan M

Keith Law just published his mid-season top 50 prospect list. Yelich moved way up to #12 and Fernandez moved onto the list at #42. Law has a few comments about him as well. Primarily couldn't get over his command of his pitches at only 19 YO. Nice stuff to read.

Does anyone know what happened to Keys. There is no record that I could find of him playing in any games after June 29th. Was batting .361 at that time. Coghlan hit 2 HRs in same game a couple of days ago.

Moe Berg

Leo Orestes Barberie is really Lou Vales from Greenville S.C...How's that for undercover int. work, Lou?

Stan M

No kidding Dick Tracy! What was your first clue?

Dick Tracy

Hey Moe...Dont you mean Lou Valez....

michael lee deanno

Leo OB,
I have to admit, I agree with you that it's nutty to use your real name on the internet and there are times when I post on a variety of blogs using made-up names. It's just that once in a while when someone truly offends me on one of these blogs, I feel like the closest I can come to standing up and looking them in the eye and telling them where I stand is to use my real name.
When I spoke so rudely to you a few days ago, I was having a bad night, as Marlins fans often do. I wasn't upset that you used a made-up name, even though I might have said that, but I was upset that you said some pretty harsh things using the name of a real live person that I respect. I apologize. Because of family matters, I won't be in either Miami or Asheville this month, but when I am, I will take you up on that drink.
And I would still like to catch up with the bigot who is posting all the crap on here before his sheet and hood get back from the cleaners.

Magnum P.I.

Michelle Lee Dunnonothing---you can catch up with your buddy Lou when you visit Simpsonville S.C.

Marlins Park Groundscrew

Loria would rather save the 200k, to spend on the upkeep for the HR sculpture, when it rusts in Sept from lack of use.

Highway Patrol

Leo/Lou If you promise you're not "Closet Queen" you can continue to check out the Men's Rooms and Truck Stops from S.C all the way to Miami and back again,like you usually do. Promise? No fingers crossed behind your Behind.

No Surprise to MLB fans

Marlins organization proved on Showtime what everybody thought and now knows. They are a lo-class,crass,foul, garbage can team,that deserves to be ignored and despised.

Who thinks these crappy stunts up

Is it true that the Marlins are going to try to re-enact the Conine to Pudge play-off throw for the 1st pitch Sat Nite? Brillant idea. Is Loria gonna use Ali again, this time as the baserunner?

Leo Orestes Barberie

Mike, I may be crazy but I actually find that stuff funny, by the way, Simpsonville is actually Greenville. People don't understand about the Herald having the email addresses and people being aware of the sites where people they know post and if something bad ever happens one of the first places people would check out are those email addresses. Then people are questioned and it can get really strenuous. Kinda like what Brando said in the Godfather----"And if by chance my son should get hit by lightning then it will be you I blame."

Leo Orestes Barberie

Red Icon to the Right, Now I'm hurt. You think I DRIVE when I go to South Florida? That is really insulting.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Mike, By the way, you shouldn't say you would like to catch up with the bigot because if someone does catch up with him that will unjustifiably be traced to you but you will still need to answer questions. It's best not to negatively address the posters but I just felt the need to address the misconception that I would drive farther than Atlanta.

We Know Who U R..   .Netcops

Leo/Lou..youve been traced down before and have been legally pursued because of your internet postings. Tell us Leo/Lou. How did it go for you? Cost you much? One way or another? Tell us about that.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Yes Sir!! How can I argue? I've been traced down after posting my real name, where I live and the call letters of the radio show that I call in South Carolina where I'm a regular. I think I also gave times of when I call in and the few times I've been in studio to co-host. The sleuthing abilities that would have been required to trace me down would have required some of the finest detective work of the last 50 years.


Golly Gee Whiz Sure learned some new offensive curse words for Jewish folk. So what if the Marlins have sheety owners. Aint no crime if you can get away with it and laugh all the way to the bank. Is it?I'm pretty sure they would be in jail. Right? Whats the SEC? Isnt that football?

Leo Orestes Barberie

Hey you guys, I apologize for diverting the baseball talk.It won't happen again. Sometimes I just react to the lunacy. I tell other people to ignore it and then I jump in. You guys are better than that and deserve more than that. If I respond to anything Non-Marlins related again I hope they ban me. Actually spend way too much time on here. You know--I'll ban myself the next time I address anything that is personal. I'll let you guys handle the racist and bigoted claptrap. You guys do it well. Once again--Sorry for the digression.

Leo Orestes Barberie

I meant to say you guys can handle the racist and bigoted claptrap by the way you respond to it. I've gone against it my whole life and after awhile you just realize it's not going to help.

Jews for Jesus

Leo/Lou----How many Cease and Desist Orders did you get hit with and have to answer? Tell us the truth.How did you handle it?

michael lee deanno

Leo OB, You're right. We're only anonymous until somebody starts to look for us. In most cases, it would take a properly motivated investigator an hour, maybe two, to track us down. But as you know, keeping your mouth shut in the face stupidity isn't always easy.

Stan IV

Holy Mackerel Andy!!!! Wit all this scuttlebutt goin on ,my grandaddy has unplugged his computer and has a takin to drinkin agin. Hpoe he starts chasin women agin, wit teeth this time, maybe I'll git one. Finally.

Happy Foreskin Chandler

HHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA....U Goys R Killing Me...Funny Stuff...Is it Sports or Shwartz?


WTF is a property motivated investigator

your Pal

Goodnight..give the wife a kiss..sorry, forgot I left my shoes under the bed


BSO..you can't possibly be that naive. he's talking about a cop or hacker. anyone can find you in minutes, it's true


minutes??? whats taking them so long?

Larry J Flynt

yeah....lock the bum up for having poor taste. how come they havent locked up the Marlins owners for the same thing and worse.

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