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Marlins say "no deal" to first-round pick

      Sources have confirmed that the Marlins have informed their first-round pick -- left-handed pitcher Andrew Heaney out of Oklahoma State -- that they do not intend to sign him. The news was first reported by Jim Callis of Baseball America.

      As the ninth-overall pick in the draft, Heaney is slotted to receive a signing bonus of $2.8 million, and sources said the pitcher did not ask for more than the established figure, according to a source close to the negotiations. But the Marlins offered the pitcher less than $2.6 million, which he rejected. The deadline for signing picks is 5 p.m. Friday, but an eight-hour physical would need to be performed before a deal could be completed.

      While there are strong indications that Heaney will go unsigned, another source said the team could be "posturing" by using pressure tactics as the deadline approaches and will ultimately reach a deal.

      If no deal is reached, Heaney could return to Oklahoma State for his senior season, but it's more likely he would play in an independent league and re-enter the draft next year. If the Marlins do not sign Heaney, they would be compensated with the 10th overall pick in next year's draft.

      There are currently six unsigned first-round picks from this year's draft. 


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Leftfield..if they can find someone in minutes...how come the Marlins cant find anyone that can hit w/RISP for two years?

Doubleplay Inc.

Got all you chickenshit bigmouths by the balls now.


19 E 72nd St. New York New York 10021


Is that where the Marlins fans send the ashes to?

Eduardo Perez, fake hitting coach

Yes ,and all wooden baseball bat material WILL be recycled.

Stan M the Foist

Clark..I'm not of the Arab Palestinian faith ,but if I were ,I'd be offended by the owners of the Marlins. I'd also drink Dos Equis.

Jane sec 8

How can I get rid of the rest of my 81 game season ticket pkg, without losing my arse to Stubhub? Help!

Aykroyd Ins Co.

Jane ,you ignorant slutttt. Leave all remaining tickets in your car ,parked in the south garage. Make sure you have full coverage ins. Puff the Magic Dragon will make sure your tickets go up in smoke. Keep all your reciepts. See you at the games.Your Welcome.

Lloyds of London

Sorry Jane..we are voiding any claim made by you for full face value of what you paid in Feb 2012,for the remaining 78 game season tickets in the lower section 8, as they are only worth 1/10 of what you paid for them. Hire a lawyer and sue the Marlins for false advertising.

Elliot Ness

Better yet Jane,you can go after the owners of the Marlins for ongoing scheme to defraud, deceptive sales practices,maybe call the F.B.I for inter-state wire fraud. Thats just the tip of the iceberg. Hire a good Federal lawyer. You might get somewhere.Maybe a RICO. Dig deep and you'll have a case.


If you paid for a Marlins season ticket pkg within the past 90 days using a credit card ,you may be entitled to a refund under Federal Law. Call your CC company.


I don't think you can file a claim with a CC company for buyers remorse. Well, you can but good luck with that.

J. Edgar

Well you can,but good luck with that. Unless you didnt sign,unless they have a voice verification. Identity Theft. Wipes it clean.

Stan M

There is a photo of the young Pirate star on the SI.com site. Look at his leggings. First it looks like hell. But more importantly, would it slow a player down a tiny bit due to wind resistence? I think uniforms should be standardized. Opinions anyone?

Heinie Manush

Yes it would slow him down due to wind resistence,but if he eats alot of pork and beans before the game,it would even things out ,and he might get a close call because the guy trying to tag him out and the umpire trying to make the call both might have watery eyes and might blow off of the whole thing when they see and smell this guy running their way.

R Lee Ermey

No to standardized uni's. This aint the Army.

the Dice Man

Marlins are still in the race and have a good shot because no team in the NL is running away with anything. It's wide open. All the teams have holes,just like the Marlins. Whoever gets hot first,and gets on any kinda roll ,will have the big advantage ,going into Sept.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Mike, I just saw you comments about what aggravated you about my post. I'm sure--unless it was during my banned time---that I even mentioned the name I was going to use was a combo of 2!! Marlin CF'ers who I thought got raw deals in their careers. I have no computer acumen so I don't know if it was deleted or not. Apologize for ever having offended you, Stan, Flags, Laurel, Glags,Alex and ALL the good posters who I've forgotten. Shouldn't even have gone after Clark because it's really tough to be too critical when you know you will be denied access. I should have walked in his shoes. The other stuff I wrote--I'm fine with.


You NEVER offended me, LOB! It seems I have offended Stan with my use of idiot, moron, etc. But then again, Lomo offends him too, and I though he was HILARIOUS on Showtime!

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