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Marlins ship Mujica to Cardinals for minor league third baseman

ATLANTA -- The Marlins have shipped off reliever Edward Mujica to the Cardinals for minor league third baseman Zachary Cox.

Zachary CoxThe 6-foot, 215-pounder and 25th overall pick in the 2010 draft was hitting .254 (76 for 299) with nine homers, 30 RBI for Triple A Memphis. 

Cox fills a big need for the Marlins, who traded away three-time All-Star Hanley Ramirez to the Dodgers last week for pitching prospects and have little at the hot corner.

Cox, a left-handed hitter, will report to Double A Jacksonville the Marlins have said.

More deals are expected we've been told.

Here's a video of Cox hitting a home run for Memphis on July 20.


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Rowdy Yates

Hip Hip Hooray...no more Poo-hica....Roll em ,Roll Em Roll Em...Keep those Doggies Rollin...


He fills a need? We needed a minor league prospect with horrible peripherals? Awesome reporting.


Ozzie Guillen said the Front Office is making moves "with their brains, and not with their hearts". If this is Samson/Beinfest/Hill/Loria thinking with their "brains", then their brains are lodged so far up their collective arses that we'll need some of the best coalminers to go in their and find them. However, I think its equal parts they are morons/ and equal parts....scale down the payroll because the season is paid for and Samson collects all the Cheddah. Remember it was Samson who said...."even if nobody shows up we'll make all the $$$". Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me......have a third fire sale????? well then, i'll never spend another dime on this team


The sale is on


all you people who "will never spend another dime" on the marlins always come back once they start winning again.
Its cyclical..


not with the art dealer as owner. Here is a guy who fibbed about their finances in order to get a sweetheart deal on a stadium. Here is a guy who fired Joe Girardi,...GIRARDI, for crying out loud, because Girardi wouldn't take his bulls&*$. He left Ferdi Gonzalez hanging in the wind with the Hanley Ramirez deal. And you know what.....Samson is worse. Samson thinks Miami citizens are morons. Enjoy the empty blue seats front office, enjoy the empty seats and empty stadium in lil havana. get used to it.


Loria is a good man who isnt afraid to make tough decisions. Fact is this team is over done with for this season. Why not begin to rebuild. Its bad business to throw good money after bad if the bad can't or won't improve. The great thing about baseball is you can remedy your team faster then any other sport. You just have to have a little luck and the flexibility. They gave themselves flexibility but can they get lucky???

Marcos Rodriguez

Loria a good man? Really? If memory serves me correctly, a couple of years ago, the owner of Telemundo or Univision wanted to buy the Marlins....and Loria refused to sell. Now he has his new park and what does he do? Goes out and spends a bunch of money and then, at the first sign of trouble, starts dumping players right away. Now, baseball wise, I agree that Ramires needed to go...but Infante and Sanchez....don't know about that. Wonder what it would have been like if he would have sold the team to someone who actually has money...


"Loria is a good man"----signed Nobody in Montreal or Miami.


Loria is is not truthful only a con man. He thinks, and Samson has publically state (caught on video) that Miamians are morons and he fleeced them out of hundreds of millions of dollars for stadium that will increase the value of his franchise, soon to be sold at a huge profit.


What is all the complaining about ? Mujica always gave runs away. Sanchez was NOT the same player as a year or two ago. Good trades to dump them. The new boys will be a lot better. When the stadium was finished everyone thought seats would be impossible to get well they are easy so not everything is bad ! Hold on to your complaints things will get better !

luvin it

who's cheap,easy to get tickets and no parking problem for years...to watch the other mlb teams come in and kick the marleens assssss.

Leo Orestes Barberie

I must meet Clark in DC. Someone must be forcing him to say things like he "fills a big hole"--What the Hell!!! Annapolis is GREAT!!

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