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Marlins trade former All-Star Gaby Sanchez to Pirates for OF Gorkys Hernandez

ATLANTA -- Gaby Sanchez's career with the Marlins is over.

The former All-Star first baseman and native Miamian was shipped off to the Pirates along with a minor league pitcher Tuesday before the trade deadline for outfielder Gorkys Hernandez and a competitive balance draft pick (No. 2 after the 1st round).

Hernandez is expected to join the Marlins Wednesday in Atlanta.

Hernandez, a 24-year old Venezuelan, made his major league debut on May 21. He hit .083 for the Pirates (2 for 24) with two stolen bases and two RBI. He's spent the last two seasons in Triple A Indianapolis, where he's hit .274 with three homers, 65 RBI and 34 stolen bases in 67 games.

Sanchez -- the third starting infielder for the Marlins dealt within the past 10 days -- welcomed his first child to the world on Saturday when his wife Judy gave birth to Sky Michelle Sanchez. Gaby Sanchez, 28, was sent down to Triple A on July 4th after the Marlins acquired Carlos Lee from the Astros. Sanchez hit just .202 with three homers and 17 RBI this season in 55 games for the Marlins.

The Marlins also sent Double A right-handed reliever Kyle Kaminska to Pittsburgh. Kaminska was 6-4 with a 5.11 ERA in 31 relief appearances in Jacksonville.

The Marlins -- we're told -- aren't done dealing. Stay tuned.


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step up Josh Johnson. you're next.

No way to spin this firesale


Breaking news: The Marlins traded Josh Johnson for Nike cleats for the whole team!!!


Ed, lets calm the fire sale rhetoric for now. Come the off-season if the Marlins don't ante up with their $$ Savings then feel free to pick it back up. I guess Lomo is officially at 1B next season so which means one less liability in the OF.

However if senor Gorkys is MLB ready the Marlins are even further bereft of power in the lineup. Can Stanton hit 60? Clark, is Gorkys a CF?


Congrats to Gaby on baby girl born 7/27 and his trade to the Pirates...Good Luck Gaby...


Good luck Gaby and congrats on your new baby girl..


RB, he is a CF. Not very impressive numbers in the minors. They are literally gutting the fish.

el pescador

The Fish need to be gutted ..they stink from the Head on down.


this is beyond a firesale. this is just high comedy at this point. But hey, bid $150 to sit with Tommy and Rich in the Clevelander. woo hoo. What a flea market this stadium is. They should give $100 dollars to any fan that can name the starting lineup for tonight's game. Seriously....i could probably name three people at this point that i can put in the right position

Michael A.R.

Really?!?! A fire sale?!?!? Will some of you turn off the hyperbole machine! They traded a 1B who lost his starting job and was playing in AAA, and you're complaining about "gutting the fish?" Some of you just complain for the sake of complaining! Some of the spare parts of the team are being sent off for younger players to fill out the farm system. It's smart baseball. Johnson is NOT going to be traded. Reyes will be back, Stanton will be back. If you think keeping the dead weight of Gaby is "smart baseball," then you all should just stay following football where it doesn't take much brains (or where you idiots would demand that the QB gets traded after throwing 1 INT).

keepin it real

Wouldnt sit with Tommy and Rich, even if they were picking up the tab. Rich=Howdy Doody, Tommy=Born Again Hypocrite...

Branch Rickey

Marlins FO have proved over and over again that they dont know what they're doing..Dont get excited about any moves they make. Midas touch in reverse.


Congratulations and all the best to Gaby and Judy on their addition


unreal. the marlins are terrible. i hope no one goes the rest of the season . . . or ever again. only a moron would go anyways even if they already paid for tickets.

Joe Bagadonuts

Looks like Marlins will play Gorky Park in CF manana


what kind of a dullard would claim this was not a fire sale? a sad little man at best.

Marlins Park tidybowl man

Who has a hyperbole machine? Oh thats right ,the Marlins do..they cranked it up in Dec. and it turned into a toiletbowl machine in June...will turn back into hyperbole this Dec.


MichaelAR - are you a Marlins employee or just a dupe? It was a fire sale the minute the Marlins traded Hanley to the Dodgers soley because they were willing to absorb his entire salary. Marlins could and should have absorbed some of his remaining salary and got some real prospects. That is how serious, competitive clubs operate.

Then Samson went on Lebatard's show that day and refused to commit to reinvesting the Hanley $$ into next year's payroll.

It is a fire sale. Anyone who bought into the "new" Marlins was conned, and Samson and Loria think so little of you that they didn't even bother to try and hide their con for a full season.


amen omaximus. Michael must work for the Marleens.....he best watch out....they may dump him for prospects


Ruggiano plays a very good CF. Why give up on him? He has earned a starting outfield position for this year & next... imo.

Robert N.

This is ridiculous. I actually thought the days of the past were over. The front office gives up on what they put together after just two months? Especially after the May that they had??? Obviously there was potential there, you just don't win 20 games in one month if there isn't. This is just sad. I went to about ten games before they started the trades (live in Hollywood), and I won't go to another this season. Not like they will care, but what else can one do??

Comedy of Errors

Pretty funny stuff...Beinfart is trading his own picks. Why trust the new ones. Nobody should.

Chainsaw Al

Marlins will put over half their players on waivers in Aug. to see if they can retract them if their claimed and try to trade for anything of value. If not,bye-bye a la Cody Ross. They will get zippety-do-da.


It's very simple; If Luria & FO gave up and are re-building....LET'S do it right this time. Start from scratch including starting with Beinfest & Hill. At least the fans will see some kind of benifit from this wasted season. It's a real darn shame it's the first season on the Marlins re-birth.

Dr. Spock

Marlins re-birth turned into abortion.


Right a fire sale is trading Gabby Sanchez, who makes the major league minimum of 498K, and batted .202 in the majors, for an outfielder that they need now. And also trading a middle reliever with an era of .438, who doesn't make a large salary by major league standard for a 3rd baseman, which they need that was a number one draft choice of the Cardinals. That's not a fire sales. They also trade a 3rd baseman with BA of .243 and 246 the past 2 years for the number 22 prospect in baseball. Fire sale??


Come on Michael A.R., If you really are a Marlins fans you know this looks soooo familiar. They are dumping salaries and starting over. Start with your buddy Beifest. We have been there and done that. The players, fans and baseball world know the Marlins FO are clowns.

Monkey See, Monkey Still Do

Does anyone other than Beinfart actually think this guy Gorkys will be any good. He's only been in the minors for 7 yrs,was traded from the Tigers to Pirates to the Marlins and is a lifetime .281 hitter in the minors,which the Marlins have plenty of i.e Cogs,Petey,Cousins,etc. Another Beinfart brainfart.


Monkey See, Monkey Still Do, and he's play in the Futures Games 3 times.


The Marlins??? Oh yeh, I remember, aren't they the warm up act for when real sports start, - football and basketball? Loria and his little clown took you all to the cleaners. They're just getting the payroll down so the team will be easier to sell. Keep going suckers.


FLASLY, what move didn't you like, the Hanley trade, who everyone was begging to be traded, the Gabby trade, Gabby wasn't going to start next year, Morrison was going back to 1st with Gabby on the bench make the major league minimum, the Mujica trade, a 1st round draft choice, and a 3rd baseman, for a middle reliever, or maybe you didn't like the Sanchez II trade, for a kid that throws in the mid 90's consistently, and who won Friday. The only trade that didn't make sense in a baseball way was the Infante trade. Did you even know who was traded. Tell me which trade didn't make sense.


"Two teams told ESPN.com's Jayson Stark that the Marlins thought they had traded Lee to the Yankees today (Twitter link). However, Lee wouldn't waive his no-trade clause."

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! This is an embarassment. Do we start showing up with paper bags on our heads.


The trades make sense for the future, two, three years from now. I guess even you agree, they are re-building the team. They could have done that after last year. Instead they blow their own horn and start a facade of spending on free agency, to turn around and slash the P/R like before. As a fan I just want to enjoy a game, team without the soap opra. If it's rebuilding come out and say, "We don't know what we doing". Stop playing games and giving fans false high hopes, when they knew it was a trick to get a park, make more money to buy terrible art work(centerfield scrap metal) or sell the team now that it has it's own park.


Glags,do you pay attention, that happens all the time, did you see where Demptser wouldn't waive his no trade to go to the Braves, is that also an embarrassment. Or Hallyday not waiving his. Come on.It's just leverage to get more money from the acquiring team, or they just don't want to live in NYC, and btw he had to waive it when the Astros traded him here. Guess he wanted to be here.


They coundn't win with the team that was on the field. Bad chemistry, bad play. They had to break them up. How let's see what they do with the money. That's when the rubber meets the road.


mickey, you don't go to games anyway. No loss.

Watchin the Wheels Fall Off

It all doesnt matter because the Marlins will suck ,no matter what they do...with Schnoria, Scamson and Beinfart in charge ,they are doomed to failure,over and over again. They have proven it already.


Watchin the Wheels Fall Off, yeah they're on of 2 teams that have won 2 World Series in the past 15 years..............They never win anything right.


This front office has never won anything. They lucked into a World Series on the coattails of Dave Dombrowski and his scouting dept. They failed to keep that team together to defend their title. Since then they have botched a decade of first round picks and numerous free agent signing. They pocketed tens of millions of revenue sharing money that was supposed to go towards payroll. They lied about their finances and got a stadium built against the taxpayer's wishes. Now comes the fire sale.

It was all very predicable, although I didn't think they had the balls to start the fire sale this soon. I thought maybe they would wait till the offseason.

Mike - I understand your phones in the Marlins Ticket Sales office are not ringing off the hook and you have a lot of free time on your hands. But come on you could be less transparent about things!


For those complaining about the "fire sale" I have a couple of things to say.

1st: The Marlins have plenty of cash held over from the movement of Hanley, Sanchez, and Infante. They may trade for new talent or sign free agents in order to relocate the money that was given to those guys.

2nd: The team right now simply isn't that competitive. Let's be real. We acquired some major free agents thinking that they would compliment Hanley, Johnson, Morison, and Stanton. All four of those guys have either been hurt and/or haven't played up to the level we expected. it happens.

There's no point in pretending to be a big market team. Right now the team made some good moves for good minor league prospects. What this team needs to do is continue what they are doing; acquire good prospects, build their horrible farm system, and then allocate money to a couple of free agent pieces. We aren't the Yankees, Red Sox, etc; we don't have the LUXURY of spending on big time free agents and striking out. Not without a farm system. If this were the Yankees, they'd just restock on huge name free agents. This, however, is the Miami Marlins organization. Acquire prospects, hope they are as good or better than advertised, and then acquire pieces in order to compliment the team; not make it.

Stay Home&Laugh at Them

Another idiot pulling the WS card..big deal,that and 1.00 on Stubhub will get you into the Marlins game...who cares about what a team did 10 yrs ago,when they got lucky with 75% of Dave Dombrowski's players. Is that all you got? It aint sayin much.Was your prom date a beauty queen 30 yrs ago,too? Look at her now. Marleens are that same old beauty queen. You must be one dumbass Marlins fan. Next.


Sorry omaximus, you're wrong, period. What of what I said about the trades are is not true. Please tell me. Second Beinfest took over in 2001. Here are the players that Beinfest traded for prior to winning the World Series Dontrell Willis, Juan Encarnacion, Carl Pavano, drafted Josh Beckett, traded for Juan Pierre, Mike Redman, Jeff Connine brought back, Urgeath Ubina. So they didn'y inherit a whole lot. Cabrera was a Dombroski draftee, and he traded for Penny. Burnett was trade for by Dombrowski as well but was hurt the whole season and didn't pitch in the WS. Beinfest also brought pudge in as a FA. The following season they let Pudge walk but signed Carlos Delgado, Al Leiter, Guillermo Mota, Todd Jones, Paul LoDuca, but no one came even though the team on the field was better than the team that one the WS. omaximus, I just know me stufff, and history, unlike you.


Stay Home&Laugh at Them, you're another one that know absolutely NOTHING.


Stay Home&Laugh at Them, like it or not they have won more WS than the Yankees in the last 15 years.......not 30, dunny.


Stay Home&Laugh at Them 75% were Dombroski guys, HOW DUMB can you be.

Stay Home&Laugh at Them

Beckett was drafted in 99 by Dave D, Mike Redman came up to the Marlins in 1998..Dave D's last season as Gm was 2001, Lorias 1st season was 2002..Cabrera wasnt drafted he was a 16yr free agent signing from Venezuela in 99...You sure know your stuff,moron.


Think he got you there Mike...yes, you are an idiot.

little Jose

Mike, is your last name Dumbasski?


No he didn't first it's Mark Redman, he was the left handed number 3 pitcher who won so many games in Sept. He came to the Marlins in 2003. He played for Minn 1999 and 2001, Detroit 2001 and 2002. He came from Detroit in 2003. I acknowledged that Carbrera was a Dombrowski guy weather signed or drafted. And I was wrong about Beckett. But it wasn't 75% Dombroski's boys, not even close. I understand you can only draft US palyers. Beinfest took over the fall of 2001, look it up dummy.

little Jose, don't say another word, because I really don't think your on the same level as me intellectually, not even close.


Bob, what do you know, at least, can put thoughts together.

little Jose

Go away Mike you are a douchebag

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