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Marlins trade former All-Star Gaby Sanchez to Pirates for OF Gorkys Hernandez

ATLANTA -- Gaby Sanchez's career with the Marlins is over.

The former All-Star first baseman and native Miamian was shipped off to the Pirates along with a minor league pitcher Tuesday before the trade deadline for outfielder Gorkys Hernandez and a competitive balance draft pick (No. 2 after the 1st round).

Hernandez is expected to join the Marlins Wednesday in Atlanta.

Hernandez, a 24-year old Venezuelan, made his major league debut on May 21. He hit .083 for the Pirates (2 for 24) with two stolen bases and two RBI. He's spent the last two seasons in Triple A Indianapolis, where he's hit .274 with three homers, 65 RBI and 34 stolen bases in 67 games.

Sanchez -- the third starting infielder for the Marlins dealt within the past 10 days -- welcomed his first child to the world on Saturday when his wife Judy gave birth to Sky Michelle Sanchez. Gaby Sanchez, 28, was sent down to Triple A on July 4th after the Marlins acquired Carlos Lee from the Astros. Sanchez hit just .202 with three homers and 17 RBI this season in 55 games for the Marlins.

The Marlins also sent Double A right-handed reliever Kyle Kaminska to Pittsburgh. Kaminska was 6-4 with a 5.11 ERA in 31 relief appearances in Jacksonville.

The Marlins -- we're told -- aren't done dealing. Stay tuned.


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this guy mike is hilarious, defending gloria and peter pan. the biggest deficiency of the marlins has been offense, so, what have they obtained so far with all the trades...pitching and some more unproven position players.

real baseball teams traded for Victorino and Pence. Not saying the Phillies would have traded within the NL East, but my point is why trade for the sake of trading unless it is a salary dump? (Hanley, Anibel, Infante)


Mike is Samsons fluff boy.


richie, Hanley needed to go, whether you like it or not he was a .246 hitter this year, and a .243 hitter last year with 10 HR's and 46 RBI's, do you really think that was good offense. If you do your and idiot. Gabby was in the minors, and batting .202, that was the great offense your talking about. Come on are you really that obtuse. Vitorino was batting was batting .261, with .324 OBP, and 401 slugging please don't tell me that was a great offensive move for the Dodgers.


little Jose, like I thought over matched, You should know your limitations.


Employee, I just know what I'm talking about unlike you. Tell me where I've said anything untrue, instead of call me names.


I was born and raise in Miami, but before the Marlins we had the Yankees in Broward county. Thanks pap. Let's go Yankees.


Am glad the Marlins suck now and for years to come with this group on charge...Cheap tickets and parking no problem.

The Real Alex

Fire sale? Only a clown would call what the Marlins did a Fire Sale. Getting rid of Hanley was two years overdue. Anibal Sanchez had great stuff, but something was missing in him, call it killer instinct, aggressiveness, attitude or whatever; he had chances to STEP UP and show he was a top starter the past few years and he failed every time. He was going to be a Free Agent next year, and they were not going to throw big bucks at him, so trading him was a good move.

Infante was good, but very inconsistent; the bad move was a few years ago when they traded Uggla for Infante and held on to that slug Hanley. Say what you want about Infante, he was ok, but he was not a franchise type player. We got a catcher from Detroit that allegedly can actually HIT A BASEBALL (unlike John Buck) so this was a good deal too.

Gaby Sanchez fell apart after the All Star Game every year except this year when he fell apart on Opening Day and never recovered. Mujica was NOT the same pitcher as last year.

So where is this "Fire Sale"? Only in the minds of morons that just hate the Marlins and want to take shots at the them on the internet. I absolutely HATE Loria and Samson, and this Front Office sucks. This team was guaranteed to be a disaster when they decided to sign Reyes instead of Prince Fielder because Reyes fit the whole "Latin Team" concept that Loria cynically hoped would SELL OUT ONE GAME AFTER ANOTHER.

But having said that, I just DO NOT see these moves as any kind of a Fire Sale. Now, IF they dump JJ in the off season when nobody is looking, and IF they just KEEP THE EXTRA Hanley & Infante money rather than SPENDING IT ON NEW PLAYERS, then I will be THE FIRST to RIP THIS OWNERSHIP A NEW BUTT HOLE. But until that happens I see these moves as nothing more than what ALL LOSERS do at the Trade Deadline - get rid of players that haven't helped them WIN and hopefully pick up some prospects that might do just that someday.


Oh man Alex and I agree. Didn't you post that yesterday lol. Not that I disagree, but didn't you lol.


Alex everyone but the Infante move were baseball moves. The Infante trade was very iffy.


Hey Alex I like the rotation next year JJ, Buehrle, Ricky, Turner, and Eovoldi.

Brantley catching, Lomo 1st, Bonafacio 2nd, Reyes short, 3rd ?????. Coghlan LF, Ruggiano CF, Stanton RF. FO better use the money saved on 3rd, and LF, and some middle relief.

Casey S

Another line-up that cant score runs.


is Mike really debating that the Marlins made good trades, on a blog heading where the Marlins got some minor league lifer name "Gorkys".....sounds like a venerial disease. Marlins are pathetic. Samson...please stop posting here under the pseudonym "Mike". The Marlins incompetence is not defensible.

So when is Gorkys bobblehead night???

Leo Orestes Barberie

Alex, You are agreeing with Mike.

What is really sad is that Lee wants to stay in dade County rather than possibly win a World series----Now this is a LOSER IF true>


Pirates vs marlins comparison...
Most of the players on the pirates hail from draft selections. We got stanton and JJ. So they look to trades and recently free agency. Missed on hanley. Missed on maybin. Missed on andrew miller. Missed on heath bell. Missed on buck. Jose Reyes overspent. Missed on lomo. Its a never-ending malestrom of talent misevaluation.


Mike - you really know your stuff. Nobody can keep up with your intellect, except as the previous posters pointed out half your "facts" about who Beinfest acquired were wrong. As I said in my previous post Dombrowski was more responsible for putting together the 2003 team than your boy Beinfest. That great GM Beinfest who has missed on a decade of first round picks, whiffed on numerous free agent signings and gotten the wrong end of several crucial trades.

If Alex is agreeing with you then that says it all.

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