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Oviedo headed back to Miami to have elbow examined

Juan Carlos Oviedo's comeback has hit a snag.

The right-handed reliever formerly known as Leo Nunez walked off the mound after recording just one out Saturday night in a rehab appearance at Triple-A New Orleans because of right elbow discomfort and is headed back to Miami to be examined according to the Marlins.

Oviedo, who saved 92 games for the Marlins from 2009 to 2011, is eligible to return from his eight-week suspension on July 23. The Marlins were hoping he would be ready to return to the team that day.

Oviedo hasn’t pitched in the big leagues since revealing last September that he had been playing under a false name and birthdate.

Prior to pitching in New Orleans Saturday, Oviedo had made two appearances in Single A Jupiter, giving up a hit and an earned run (3.38 ERA) over 2 2/3 innings. He faced three hitters in New Orleans before being pulled Saturday. He gave up a walk, a hit and recorded one out.

> How do you celebrate your first career five-out save? Steve Cishek did by waking up sick to his stomach Sunday with vomiting.

The 26-year old right-hander, who picked up his second save of the season Saturday night against the Nationals, was in the Marlins clubhouse with a cup of Gatorade in one hand and a piece of bread in the other.

"This is the first thing I've put in my mouth this morning," Cishek said. "I couldn't probably play catch right now if I tried."

The Marlins probably were not going to turn to Cishek to close today anyway after he became only the third Marlins pitcher since 2008 to record a save of five outs or more.

The last pitcher to do it before Cishek? Burke Badenhop on April 14, 2010 vs. the Reds. Prior to 2008, it happened 59 other times. Robb Nen has the most five-plus out saves in franchise history with 12. Bryan Harvey is next with nine.


> Nationals (50-35): 1. Steve Lombardozzi 2B, 2. Bryce Harper RF, 3. Ryan Zimmerman 3B, 4. Adam LaRoche 1B, 5. Mike Morse LF, 6. Danny Espinosa SS, 7. Roger Bernadina CF, 8. Jhonatan Solano C, 9. Stephen Strasburg RHP.

> Marlins (42-45): 1. Jose Reys SS, 2. Omar Infante 2B, 3. Carlos Lee 1B, 4. Logan Morrison 1B, 5. Hanley Ramirez 3B, 6. Greg Dobbs RF, 7. Emilio Bonifacio CF, 8. John Buck C, 9. Ricky Nolasco RHP.


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If Cishek has a stomach virus, what the hell is he doing in the clubhouse — trying to make sure everybody else catches it? That would be just what the team needs. I know it could be something other than a virus, but get him out of there anyway, just in case.
And now the Fish may not be getting JCO back after all.


Marlins can't catch a break.

Hey Heath, you see that? Here's a kid who can get a five-out save when his team needs it, and he doesn't make 10% of what you make.


This is what you try to do ANYTHING but build the BEST BASEBALL TEAM YOU CAN. Loria & Samson DO NOT CARE about building the BEST BASEBALL TEAM. They care about spending THE LEAST MONEY THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH and GETTING AS MANY LATINO PLAYERS that will put FANS IN THE SEATS. That's how we wound up with the Merengue Brothers, Reyes & Hanley, both hitting about .260 instead of Prince Fielder, who is BLACK and does not FIT IN with what these CYNICAL DIRT BAGS are trying to do here.

Of course, there are SOME here who swear that getting Reyes was a GREAT MOVE! After all, Prince Fielder is too FAT! Funny how a big FAT GUY with no speed is hitting .300 and skinny little Reyes is batting .260, huh? And let's not forget Reyes' shaky DEFENSE, and Fielder's 65+ RBIs! But hey, who NEEDS Fielder at 1st base! We have....CARLOS LEE! He's LATINO! Venezuelan fans will SAVE THE BOX OFFICE!


Alex...you are one delightful fellow. Congratulations on your insight. Now go away.


As I predicted (there's that word "I' again!) Ruggiano is ON THE BENCH TODAY. Just watch, that idiot Ozzie will make Ruggiano into a part time PLATOON PLAYER before long, as I PREDICTED a few weeks ago. I know it makes certain of you REALLY REALLY MAD when I keep REMINDING YOU of all my predictions. Especially since they all turn out to be 100% CORRECT. So yeah, I understand why some dislike me. Who likes to be reminded that they were WRONG about so many things? But hey, at least we can learn all about Duke Snyder and BEEr from some of you guys! And listen to fairy tales about how the best Marlins' outfield would have weak armed Coghlan in CF!

"And THAT'S WHY, Alex, you will NEVER be in the "inner circle" here! "WE" like Coghlan! And "WE" like Lomo too!"

"But Stan, I like Coghlan too! Just don't like him ANYWHERE NEAR Center Field! And I like Lomo, but not as an OUTFIELDER!"

"WE don't CARE, Alex! You have to like everybody the way WE LIKE THEM."

Oh...in that case you can shove your inner circle where the sun don't shine, Stanley. I didn't come here to be POPULAR or to make a whole bunch of FAKE internet friends. I came here to post MY OPINIONS about the Marlins. And if they bother anyone, GOOD! As long as all my predictions and observations continue to be SPOT ON, I'm happy! LMAO


Ozzie is as STUPID of a manager as the Marlins have ever had, and that even includes Freddy. You got an ACE pitching for the Door-Mats and you DON'T BUNT? You let Infante, who has SUCKED since June, bat in that situation? YOUR #2 hitter is SUPPOSED TO BE ABLE TO MOVE RUNNERS OVER!

LMFAO!!!!! The Marlins leave the bases loaded as Lomo strikes out (he must think he's Wade Boggs as he always has 2 strikes on him before he gets serious about batting) and Hanley (OF COURSE!) grounds out to third base.

Hey Stan, tell us again how you expected Hanley to have a really good year! I mean seriously, you SUPPOSEDLY have all this baseball knowledge, what the HELL did you see from Hanley the past few years that made you even THINK that he would have a decent year? Better lay off that BEER, LOL!


Well, it sure didn't take long for OZZIE'S STUPIDITY in BENCHING RUGGIANO TO HURT THEM!

"Remember you got Dobbs out there in RF" says Tommy Hutton, as the Nats score easily and Dobbs throws a lollipop to the plate.

WHY THE HELL IS DOBBS OUT THERE INSTEAD OF RUGGIANO? Because OZZIE IS A MORON! This owner found the perfect manager: one as stupid as he is!


Alex...you even watching the freakin' game? Tommy Hutton is in Colorado somewhere and has been all week. When it comes to baseball knowledge, you're not fit to carry Stan's jock strap. Nobody hates you, we just feel sorry for you.

Sucks to be a Marlins fan

This is a sad, snake-bitten team. They're a comical bunch to watch. Loaded with bad contracts, underperforming players with attitudes, a terrible owner, mgr, gm, etc. This team is going nowhere fast and will be competing with the Dolphins for the title of worst team in the city, arguably the league.

They are the most lackluster, uninteresting team in pro sports right now. I am ashamed to say that I am a Marlins fan.


@sucks....you summed it up perfectly. The team looks depressed...it's depressing watching them. How pissed would yo be if you purchased season tickets? There is no doubt that this team will be forced to be sellers. Infante and please please please trade Hanley..there isn't a fan in all of Miami that likes him. I'd prefer to watch Solano at 3rd for the rest of the year. Reload on some young players and hang in the cellar for two or three years. And how bout firing Larry Beinfest huh? He and Michael Hill have to shoulder much of the blame with this cast they assembled. We're basically stuck with three Alfonso Soriano contracts on this team with Buck, Reyes, and Bell, oh and I almost forgot Hanley's ridiculous contract. It's all over.

Stan M

Or ace wasn't the only top pitcher to get lit up on his first start since the break. So did Hudson, Greinke, Kennedy, Lee, Dickey, Darvish, Peavy, Jiminez, and McDonald. I think that Lind of the Blue Jays was also a possible aquisition when we got Lee. The guy has been on fire over his last 8 games going 13 for 30. Pujols is still down in BA, hitting .268. Cody was back at cleanup for the Sox and the Hammer has 22HRs and 64 RBIs. Watching today's game, but starting to root for the Nats...is that treasonous or what!


Did everyone hear the boos today directed at Hanley? He even had some decent swings but couldn't find a hole. Ozzie lost this game today when he wouldn't let his veteran pitcher go after a rookie catcher and instead brought up a good hitting pitcher with the intentional walk. Everyone watching knew what woukd happen, and sure enough it did. Of course being a starting pitcher for this team must be psychologically taxing.


And that folks is about as bad as I've ever seen. Alright Alex bring it with the Reyes AB. We can take it man cuz dude you're right with this guy. Wow first pitch swinging at the change up that he'd been throwing to everyone. I'm glad Loria got to witness this game. I fell asleep twice during Marlins AB's.


Another DISGUSTING Loss that can clearly be blamed on Loria, The Front Office, and that MORON, Ozzie:

1) Reyes 1-5 (Thanks for that free agent!)
2) Hanley 0-4 (Great rebound season!)
3) Ozzie lets Infante swing instead of bunting with runners 1st & 2nd no outs and Strasburg struggling.
4) Ozzie has DOBBS playing RF instead of Ruggiano and he throws a wounded duck to the plate allowing the 1st run.

Of course SOME OF US (LMAO!) have been saying that DOBBS has no business playing the outfield ALL YEAR, haven't we? But hey, what do you expect from this idiotic Front Office and this stupid manager, both of whom obviously believe that INFIELDERS, 1st Basemen, and washed up DH types are FINE OUTFIELDERS!

The ONLY QUESTION LEFT IS THIS: How many games UNDER .500 will this team be on July 31st, the TRADING DEADLINE? And will they have the BALLS to finally DUMP HANLEY, or will they keep him in order to keep this "Latin Team for the Latin Fans of Miami" intact?

Bottom line: when running a baseball team you need to make BASEBALL DECISIONS. Signing Reyes and keeping Hanley was a BUSINESS DECISION to put fans in the seats, and it is backfiring badly!


Watching these guys is about as much fun as slamming your nuts in a car door — inning after inning after inning. Thank goodness the Olympics are coming up.

Sucks to be a Marlins fan

This is the most boring team to watch in sports. It shows in their body language. They all look miserable. It's time to blow it up. The sad part is, that we can trade JJ, Hanley and Infante and still not get anything in return. The likelihood that this team will blow those trades and get nothing in return is almost a given. This front office scares me to death with their decisions.

Mike Skor

The sad truth that everyone outside the Marlins front office realizes is this team is going nowhere until we get a whole sale change in the front office. Beinfest, Samson, and everyone associated with the must go before the fish stand a chance of getting better. I have never seen the same people consistently make such poor choices.

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