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Pine tar at the root of Ozzie Guillen-Bryce Harper clash

So what led to Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen yelling at Washington Nationals All-Star rookie Bryce Harper in the fourth inning Sunday?

Apparently, it all had to do with pine tar.

Although Guillen surprisingly didn't want to get into the details post-game, Marlins left fielder Logan Morrison, Nationals manager Davey Johnson and Harper all provided some insight afterward.

According to Morrison, Guillen told Nationals third base coach Bo Porter, a former Marlins assistant, Harper had too much pine tar on his bat during his first at-bat.

"Ozzie did it the right way and then Harper came up the next time and pointed his bat at Ozzie. It was kind of showing him up," Morrison explained.

"He did him a favor by not going out there and telling him his pine tar was too high to the umpire. I don't know if it's an ejection. He did it in a way that isn't showing him up and Harper then showed him up was kind of a slap in the face."

The Nationals of course didn't see it that way.

"Ozzie had complained that the pine tar was too high up on Harper’s bat," Johnson explained. "So we changed it. Then he was still chirping about it. It got on the umpire’s nerves. It got on my nerves. He was trying to intimidate my player, I guess..."

Harper said he had "no clue" what Guillen was yelling about, but said he did switch bats to one with less pine tar before his second at-bat.

"It’s such a fine line," Johnson said. "They put the pine tar, it’s only supposed to be at the top of the label. Some guys, it might be over half an inch or something. There’s still a foot of the barrel to hit it with. If you hit it on the pine tar, it’s going to shatter everything. The replace the ball all the time, anyways. What’s the big deal?"

What Guillen apparently didn't like was Harper pointing the bat towards him. He made a similar gesture toward home plate umpire Marty Foster during his tirade. Asked what he yelled at Harper, Guillen joked: "Nothing. I was just telling him how cute he was."

Guillen said he planned to talk to Johnson about it before Monday's game.

"I could have said a lot of [expletive] about this kid," Guillen said. "I've been praising this kid like everyday. The last three times they asked me about him, the only thing I said was he's a great player. What he did [today] was unprofessional."

Asked if Guillen antic's bothered him, Harper said: "No. He battles for his team, and that's the type of manager Ozzie is. He's a great manager to play for. He's going to battle for you, no matter what. That's a manager you want to play for."


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Ozzie you are an idiot. Way to distract everyone from another poorly managed game, you moron! Hey Ozzie, just loved that throw home by Dobbs from RF! Why don't you put him in CF next time so he can bounce them home like Coghlan used to? Ozzie, you just can't stand to have REAL OUTFIELDERS like Ruggiano playing the outfield, can you? You're just not happy unless some infielders, 1st basemen and washed up DH types are out there. I can't believe they gave you a FOUR YEAR DEAL. Loria must have wanted to find someone the fans would hate more than HIM and Samson!

And who needs to have Infante bunt when you have runners on 1sty and 2nd and no outs with Carlos Lee on deck, right Ozzie? I mean it's not like it was IMPORTANT to get an early lead on an ACE pitcher like Strasburg, right? Of course Lee followed Infante's Strike Out with a single and it would have been 2-0 Marlins.

This team has turned out just as bad as I predicted it would when Joe "The Shill" Frisaro got all mad at me on the MLB site for saying so, LMFAO. Reyes batting .263, Hanley batting .246, but still the Merengue Brothers are having a grand old time, laughing and joking while the team loses. Yet some morons still want to keep Hanley. You know, guys like Joe The Shill! Hey Joe, tell us again about how Hanley is better than Jeter! LMFAO!


Oh oh, there I go again, reminding guys about my predictions coming true again! This really bothers all those guys that have been 100% wrong about everything. Expect a bunch of angry comments from them to follow! Hey, I'd be mad too if I had said that I expected Hanley to have a good year, if I had liked the Heath Bell signing, if I had really liked the Reyes signing, if I expected Coghlan to be playing CF and Gaby Sanchez to be raking, and I expected Ozzie to be a good mgr., etc. With a track record of FAILED PREDICTIONS like that, I guess I would be pissed off too!


Could I have that DSM-IV-TR code again?


Harper is a punk. And I really hope Guillen yelled at his own players for getting shut out after leaving 12 freaking runners on base.

Stan M

LB, what in the world does that stand for?

Stan M

LB, just happened to think that it might not be any of my business. If I intruded, sorry.


Ozzie, you're a clown manager, bro.


Ozzie, you're a clown manager, bro.


Thanks for clearing this up. I thought Harper had shot Guillen's dog.


Stan M,
You're not intruding. Google it and I won't have to explain it. Flagstaff mentioned on an earlier thread that he had diagnosed a certain contributor here and suggested the DSM-IV-TR code for that disorder, but I forgot the code he suggested.
Flagstaff is a pretty sharp guy.

Stan M

LM, Holy Moley! Am I making the correct inference from that site as it applies here?

Marlin Fan

Ok, since in all likelihood this season , save for a dramatic turnaround is over. Who would remain with the team next year? Who goes ?assuming all players continue with their first half production , without dramatic improvement . Obviously Hanley leading the pack . Reyes and Bell due to contracts will stay. Who from the bullpen?

Stan M

Good questions, Marlin Fan. I'd like to give my opinions tomorrow when I'm not half asleep. Will respond then.


It screams 301.83 in the DSM IV!

Miami wonk

Hey Alex, don't forget walking Solano to get to one of the best hitting pitchers in baseball. Sheesh!


Thanks, Flagstaff.

Stan M

My answer to Marlin Fan

My ultimate goal would be to favor players with upside when a choice had to be made. I am assuming that these ideas would start after another week or two and that drastic team improvement is not forthcoming.

I would keep all of the starting pitchers. We know what we've got and to improve on one would involve a pitcher who would be costly in either prospects or money. Better to invest in other areas.

Bell must go and reason is obvious even if team has to eat all or most of his salary. Dunn, Cishek, LeBlank and Choate should stay. Mujica is too inconsistent so I'd trade him. Olievdo should be kept only if he shows very well, otherwise at his salary, the club can do better. Both Hatcher and Evan Reed should at least remain on the 40 man roster and both should be brought up soon to check their potential for next year.

Regarding infielders, I would trade Hanley for anything I could get. He has been a .250 hitter for the last 1 1/2 years and shows no willingness to make adjustments. I would trade Infante this year if team doesn't improve soon and try to get best prospect possible regardless of position. Put Solarno at 2B for a month to see if he is a fit. If not, Bono is still an alternative and I would like to give Smolinski a try back at 2B if Solarno fails there. LoMo at 1B is a given. Too much upside to ever trade him.

Stanton is a given in RF. Coghlan still has good upside and little trade value, so I would give him every opportunity to win back LF. I would not trade for a permanent CF because Yelich is only 1/2 year away. Rather I'd start year with Ruggiano and one of Patteron, Cousins, or Coghlan until Yelich is ready. If a trade is made, it should only be for a LH compliment to Ruggiano. Juan Pierre in LF with Ruggiano wouldn't be bad either in the short run. That would assume Bono stays in CF and someone else plays 2B.

The bench is secure with Dobbs already signed. A right handed bat is a problem area. kearns was fine there before his injury and must be tried for the remainder of this year. Personally, I see no future for Cousins or Patterson unless one is a stop gap in CF. One more bench player is needed and I would search for a personality who would also be a clubhouse presence. Giambi or Kotsay would be ideal.

This club is going nowhere with a non hitting catcher. I and many others wanted to see Hayes take over. However, the more he played, the more he exposed himself. He is no defensive whiz and can neither recognize nor hit a curve ball unless it is well inside. This is major lineup area that must be improved. It wouldn't upset me if Martin was brought back to replace Hayes if a front liner isn't obtained.

My ideal lineup would be: Bono, Reyes, LoMo, Stanton, Coghlan, Ruggiano, 2B, and C. I have deliberately left out whomever should play 3B because that along with C is where I'd put most of my off season emphasis toward an upgrade. I didn't completely restock the bullpen here because of possibility of Reed or Hatcher. If not they, then bullpen help is easiest gap to fill in off season. I personally don't believe in a closer as a specific role.

Marlin Fan

Thanks Stan . How do you feel about Webb? Any chance of retaining Lee next yr, probably not? I agree with most , except maybe Infante.


Great summary Stan M


No manager, I repeat no manager would pitch to the 8th place hitter to walk the pitcher. Although a pitcher may be hotting .360 he's still a pitcher. BTW, before this year he was 1 for 26 batting. The .360 is a normal year.

Stan M

Forgot about Webb. Would Keep him definitely. Good upside.


Stan that looks about right. I have a hard time thinking that the FO will go for broke again with FA signings and will be more cautious. I do feel that the other piece of this franchise that could realistically be replaced is both Larry Beinfest and Michael Hill. We rip on Jeff Ireland with the Phins for being a bad GM and I think that Beinfest no longer value with this club. Marlins ownership hire guys like he and Michael Hill to help make sound baseball decisions right? I just don't think this team is any shape to compete within the next several years because of the poor decisions. My fear is that with them at the helm we'll continue to head for the rocks!!


Marlins made a big mistake in bringing in Jose Reyes, who pays 106 million for a slap stick singles hitter. Should of came up with a bigger package and get Prince Fielder instead of these non english speaking latinos, No offense. For god sake please trade "Hanley IDONT GIVE A DAM Ramirez"


Thanks, Ozzie, for showing Bryce Harper, through your many episodes of mature behavior, how to be professional.

If Zambrano throws at Harper tonight, don't be surprised if LoMo or Hanley takes a pitch in the ear. Just sayin'.

Logan Morrison

I hope they throw at Harper just so the Nast can throw at Hanley. :)


From everything I've heard and read it seems Ozzie is willing to resolve this non issue amicably with Davey or Bryce himself. The only way I see them hitting Bryce is if Ozzie reaches out and is ignored or dissed.

This team has much bigger problems than the pine tar on someone's bat. If they do start some isht it would be very petty. Then again nothing would really surprise me.

nats fan

thanks for the entertaining thread folks. The Nats are having such a great year, and the right way, I enjoy reading the other teams' comments after we leave town (Phils are particularly interesting.)

Sorry you have a (a) crummy club, (b) crummy management, and (c) no hope. Hop on board the Nats express--after a decade of suffering with bad basketball and football it's a delight to see a new ownership patiently execute on a plan.

Go Nats!


Yes, he's being paid a lot of money and is by definition a professional but still Harper is a 19yr old kid. If Ozzie has Zambrano throw at Harper than Ozzie deserves a long suspension. Why? 1) Harper is the future of this game 2) The Nats are in 1st place while the Fish are drowning into oblivion 3) As Kevin already said how often has Ozzie come off as the professional adult? 4) I digress, sorry


Please get rid of Ozzie. Just read the starting line up on twitter. Is Ruggiano injured? Why is he not starting in right? I was at the game yesterday. So frustrating! I know Ruggiano struck out with bases loaded. But he is not a come off the bench guy. Dobbs is. Not to mention we have zero power in our line up right now. This team needs a shake up. Getting rid of that clown would be a great start!!!!!! And please send down Cousins. His at bat was a complete waste. Let's not even bring up our third baseman who never changes his approach at the plate.

fish fan

what an immature manager Ozzie is. I think his drinking issue is really affecting him with his day to day conduct.

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