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Jose Reyes batting 3rd in revamped lineup

     With Giancarlo Stanton on the shelf with an injury and Hanley Ramirez out of the picture via trade, Ozzie Guillen is trying out a new wrinkle with the middle of his lineup. Leadoff man Jose Reyes is moving to the No. 3 spot while Emilio Bonifacio will lead off. At least for tonight's game. We'll find out later how long Guillen intends to stick with this arrangement when we speak to him during B.P.

     With 1,000 plate apperarance in the leadoff spot, Bonifacio is no stranger to the top of the lineup card.

     But Reyes is somewhat of a fledgling in the No. 3 slot. Former Mets manager Jerry Manuel stuck him there for 20 consecutive games in April and May of the 2010 season, and Reyes didn't exactly take off at the plate, going 17 for 82 (.207) with only six RBI.


     Today's roster move: The Marlins, as expected, have recalled infielder Donnie Murphy from Triple A New Orleans. He'll take one of the two roster spots vacated in the Ramirez/Randy Choate trade to Los Angeles. Right-hander Nathan Eovaldi, who was acquired from the Dodgers and is scheduled to start Saturday for the Marlins, will be the other addition.


     Tonight's lineup for the Marlins:

     1. Bonifacio, 2b; 2. Donovan Solano, 3b; 3. Jose Reyes, ss; 4. Carlos Lee, 1b; 5. Justin Ruggiano, cf; 6. Logan Morrison, lf; 7. Bryan Petersen, rf; 8. John Buck, c; 9. Carlos Zambrano, p.




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Slap Johnson

Wow, I am Sooooooo excited about this lineup. It should strike FEAR into the hearts of the entire National League! Are you really earning a paycheck David Samson?


Really, really depressing.


I don't know why they haven't tried signing Bugs Bunny. I understand that he can play first base, second base, third base, shortstop, etc. And he even has the unique ability to catch his own pitches!

This would be a huge money-saver for Loria. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ijc8UWe16Pg

Stan M

If we can get that young 3rd baseman and 2 other good prospects from Texas for JJ, the team simply has to make the move. Not so sure about the Blue Jays prospects by comparison. Moving Zambrano would also be a good move if he can bring back something of value. Hate to let Carlos Lee go, but again, if we get something of value; do it. As Mujica wil be expensive next year,include him if it will cement a deal. I like Webb over him anyay. Let's hear some thoughts...about baseball!


Agreed Stan M.


Guillen keeps throwing sh*t at the wall and hoping it sticks.

Marlin Fan

Move Zambrano up to third in the order .


All we need is for Jose to bulk up and hope he goes from lead off guy to power threat. Oh wait, we tried that already.

Leo Orestes Barberie

3 of those guys were in the minors at some time this year, 2 of those guys belonged in the minors this year. That leaves you with Bonafacio, Reyes, Lee and Zambrano. Zambrano is still a pitcher more than a hitter but is there any doubt he would put up better numbers than Buck if he was a DH?You basically have 2 VERY DEEP Black Holes!!!! 5 guys with literally no power. AND even your clean up hitter/RBI man has become a doubles gap hitter. You have SloMO costing more runs than he drives in. You basically have a career minor leaguer who is fortunately having either a bust out year or the flukiest thing I've ever seen, you have a leadoff hiier with 1 homer, a 3rd place hitter with leadoff power, a catcher who there are no adequate words to describe, a 3rd baseman who has been a career minor leaguer, a right fielder who will SOON be seen as a career minor leaguer and a POOR mager who must be muttering "What the blank!!"

Stan M

Personally, I like the idea of Bono leading off.

Clark, is the team on the cuff for Oviedo's salary of 6 million for this year? Was the team responsible while he was suspended? Even if he had been healthy, that was too much to give him. Better if we had dumped him and then kept The Hopper and a couple of other middle relievers that we let walk.


Stan M,
I don't disagree with anything you said. At least your brain is still churning out ideas. I feel like I'm all out of astute thoughts at the moment, because no matter what we say or think, Loria's not thinking, "How can we make this team better?" He's only thinking, "How can we make this team cheaper?"

Leo Orestes Barberie

Definitely should have kept the Hopper as he is all we got in return for a future Hall of Fame Third Baseman and arguably among the 3 greatest hitters in baseball today as well as one of the greatest clutch hitters of our generation BUT we got the Hopper, Maybin, Miller, the Washout at Triple A and the guy with the funky name.

Larry and Mike, Well Done!! Can anyone say Lou Brock for Ernie Broglio, Frank Robinson for Milt Pappas. The only deal worse than all of those was Babe Ruth to the Yankees so that Frizee guy could put that bad play on Broadway. Miguel "Blanking"(Channeling my Inner Ozzie) Cabrera for The Hopper. That about says all you need and want to know about the stewardship of this franchise under an art dealer, his stepson(as found out today) and arguably the most inept Front Office and scouting department ever assembled.

It's not really that hard to print the truty. All it takes is the backing of the corporate heads--I'm not even blaming the writers anymore. Surely they feel just as bad about the pap they are producing as their readers.

Veeck as in Wreck

Beinfest wanted to sign Eddie Gaedel as the designated lead-off hitter for every game.Figured he have a 1.000 OBP. Eddie squats with the bat on his shoulder, takes the BB in the 1st inning and is replaced by Boni, who promptly steals second.Beinfest thought it would be great to start every game with Boni on second base.Only problem was that Samson objected strongly to using the Dwarf angle{wonder why} and Loria found out that Gaedel died in 1961. Back to the drawing board.


I'm pretty sure JCO doesn't get anything this year if he doesn't play. I could be wrong, but that would be what scientists call a singularity (speaking of black holes, as LOB was above).


Slap Johnson,the only position player traded was Hanley, so the line up is not that different. Do you see many games.

Moe the Bartender

hey Mike..the only position player traded was hanley? what do you call infante? see many games? Duh


I know Im in the minority on all this tearing up the team...most of the fish byters have been posting to tear this team up the past couple of months. IMO...the best time to trade players is not in July but during the winter. If Jeffery/Dave/Larry/Mike would have waited till winter they would have got better players in return. This is all looking like a "knee jerk reaction" to the poor play by the team. The marlins really should have waited til the seson was finshed to take the wreaking ball to the team.


mike...if you are going to act like a sarcastic jerk and make fun others, at least pay attention. my daddy always said it's better to keep your mouth shut and have people think you are a fool than to open your mouth and prove it.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Dear Spit, So you just said the guys who own the team engaged in a "knee jerk reaction" which would mean they "blanked up"(Ozzie's words) and should have waited. That would seem to mean you think they made a mistake so are you "tearing up the team(which also constitutes management) by saying they traded players at wrong time? Surely you are not saying that the Art Dealer and the Diminutive Stepson were PRESSURED by 20 or so Bloggers "tearing up the team" into moving prematurely? Tell me you are not saying that. Please!!

The Real Alex

LMFAO!!!! They are batting Reyes THIRD? Why is that? Oh, because they lack a big bat to drive in RUNS. But wait a minute! Wasn't that the problem LAST YEAR? Wasn't that why we went after Albert Pujols, so that we can get that Big Bat in the middle of the line up to DRIVE IN RUNS? But Pujols signed with the Angels, and suddenly THEY GAVE UP COMPLETELY ON GETTING THAT BIG BAT!!! Why? Wasn't one available? Yes, one WAS available, Prince Fielder. But for SOME REASON he did not fit into the IMAGE that they were trying to build here, so they signed...Jose Reyes!

That's right, they thought signing a slap hitting shortstop was a better move than signing a power hitting run producer. They figured that maybe they didn't really NEED a Big Bat; not if Hanley starting hitting like he did three years ago. But that plan FAILED because Hanley SUCKED, and now Hanley is GONE!!!

So, what do we have here? We have the Marlins Jerry-Rigging the line up once again. Don't have any outfielders? NO PROBLEM! Stick some INFIELDERS out there! Don't have any one to DRIVE IN RUNS from the #3 hole? NO PROBLEM! Put your lead off hitter in there!

Moe the Bartender

you should change your name to the Real Redundant Alex

The Real Alex

But anyway, look at the bright side, Fish fans! I'm sure Reyes is on track to break a Marlins record this year. Which one? Most time PICKED OFF in one season! I believe that he has been picked off FIVE TIMES already this year. And these aren't the kind of pick offs where the pitcher catches him about to steal a base. No, these are pick offs where he doesn't even MOVE and the ball is in the fielder's glove. These are pick offs where Reyes has been either daydreaming, or for some crazy reason has taken his EYES OFF THE PITCHER.

But you know what? Jose Reyes SMILES a lot! Who cares that he's batting about 60 points under last year and gets picked off a lot, at least Reyes is a big SMILER!

Actually, I think he's LAUGHING, not SMILING. I think he's LAUGHING HIS BUTT OFF at the STUPIDITY of this owner and Front Office in giving him 109 MILLION DOLLARS for no other reason than he was the BEST LATINO FREE AGENT AVAILABLE after Pujols signed with the Angels. Reyes or Pujols was EXACTLY what they wanted, a LATINO star that would put fannies in the seats. So that's why I believe Reyes is smiling all the time or laughing. He realizes just how FUNNY it is that for maybe the FIRST TIME IN THE HISTORY OF AMERICA, a white man actually paid MORE MONEY in order to get a LATINO WORKER! I'm sure the irony is not lost on Mr. Reyes!

The Real Alex

OUCH!!! Someone named "Moe" made some sort of remark that is supposed to be SHARP and WITTY, and it is supposed to BOTHER ME and cause me to feel angry and UPSET! Why oh why does this "Moe" say such hurtful things to me? I guess I will no longer post here because it's VERY IMPORTANT to me that all the various Moes, Joes, and He Blows, LIKE ME and appreciate what I post here!

Well, maybe if my self esteem was tied in to the INTERNET, and my whole sense of self worth was dependent on ignorant snots posting their APPROVAL of what I write, Moe's remark might have it's intended effect. Unfortunately for Moe, Joe, Shmoe, and all the others that BLOW, I could give less than a FLYING F*** what they think of me or what I post! I'm an old guy who grew up BEFORE the advent of the internet. I PLAY AROUND here. I write what I write FOR FUN. Doing so ENTERTAINS ME, and maybe one or two others. Or maybe it ONLY entertains me, which I'm 100% cool with.

So Moe, and all the rest of you, if you don't LIKE what I post, I have a good suggestion for you: DON'T READ IT. I damn sure ain't gonna stop posting or in any way CHANGE what I write just because some guy who blows doesn't like it.

The Real Alex

Getting back to the Marlins, all we can do now is watch the train wreck. Will they trade JJ? These MORONS certainly might! It would be a really bad move and it would send the WRONG SIGNAL (FIRE SALE!) at the WORST TIME, so I wouldn't be surprised if these clowns did it.

These guys are hotly denying that what they are doing is just another Marlins Fire Sale. If they traded Josh Johnson, that would make those denials LAUGHABLE. Not to mention that it would be a stupid move BASEBALL-WISE. JJ is going to get it together and be a good pitcher for years to come. What he is going through this year is not unique; many a power pitcher has gone through the loss of velocity and the transformation from Strikeout machine to a THINKING pitcher that uses guile and location to make up for a loss of stuff due to age or injury. If the Marlins DUMP JJ they will regret it big time when he goes somewhere else and THRIVES.

As a Marlins fan, I hope they DON'T trade him. But as a Josh Johnson fan, I hope they DO trade him. He will do GREAT wherever he goes, and THIS TEAM will suck for quite a while, in my opinion. Why? Well, for one thing, they hired Ozzie Guillen for FOUR YEARS and he is an IDIOT. Add to that the fact that the FRONT OFFICE is a poor judge of talent and the owner is a cheap DIRT BAG who is more concerned about FANS coming to games than he is about building a winning team and you have all the ingredients of a BAD TEAM FOR YEARS TO COME.

Stan III

Alex, what eaxactly do you like about this team? I can't understand why you follow it. Was there a time in the past when you were happy with the owner(s) and manager? I'm curious.
-Stan III, not Stan M....

Smokey the Bear

No Firesale at Marlins Park...Just Spontaneous Combustion


Fire in the Hole


I would trade JJ to Texas if they give up Olt and Leonys Martin. Anything else is unacceptable.


tractor pull, monster truck, the circus and Shakira concerts for the park formerly known as marlin park

Leo Orestes Barberie

Dear Glags, They are going to blow this up. You will be shocked by what we are going to get back. Supposedly even the scouting people are aggravated. This is going to be viewed as a true travesty before it's all over and even though the rest of the nation's newspapers will be reporting the stench of the fiasco, I STILL believe the home town newspapers have a RESPONSIBILITY to discuss the crux of the odor and not ancillary tidbits dissecting cursory throw ins on one sided deals.


This game is so unbearable I quit watching and started painting the bathroom — and the painting wasn't nearly as excruciating. Now I'm torn between the game and watching the paint dry.
The fans, all 2,000 of them, actually seem too bored to boo.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Look at that "crowd", I've seen more people at a University of Miami home ACC Game.

I'm not going to criticize Tommy or Rich anymore. what is their alternative to walk out of the booth? There is nothing they can really say. You can just let the pictures tell the story. I'm really hoping they start having 3,000 people in that place. I feel sorry for the Cuban famlies who expected a renaissance in their finances. There will be no need for "No Block" signs as soon there will be just the crab grass sitting in front of the dilapidated homes. This is really a civic catstrophe because there was a trust between an area and 2 men that things would be different this time. is it different this time? The rest of the country turns a jaundiced and disgusted eye in our direction with almost a sense of pity for an area that usually does not lend itself to that emotion,however, no fair minded human being could get any joy out of what is occuring here. I would not be shocked to have a 50 million payroll by September 1.

Take Me to Your Leader

Lomo, the Marlins fearless leader,definately believes in leading by example. He's hitless in his last 14 ABs. A red hot 5 for 41 since the All-Star break.Sporting an impressive .231BA...hitting.165w/RISP. Lomo's the kind of leader a winning team would look up to.Right,Ozzie?

The Real Alex

Looks like ANOTHER Rebuilding Year coming! The first was the Class of 2006, the Hanley-Uggla-Cody Ross Marlins, who by 2008 and 2009 were a pretty good team. Hanley was actually GOOD both of those years and with Uggla chipping in his 30 HRs a year, plus good offense from guys like Ross, Willingham, Cantu and even Jacobs, those teams SHOULD have been made it to the playoffs. But Loria was not interested; his focus was on the new stadium and THIS 2012 team, and both of those years the Front Office shamefully neglected those teams. I had a feeling then that the Gods of Baseball would get even with the Marlins for that bit of hubris; when you have an opportunity to compete at the top levels, to make the playoffs and maybe even WIN, and you turn your back because “the time is not right”, the Gods of Baseball will make you pay for your arrogance and STUPIDITY. Those 2008-2009 teams were the best that we have had since the World Champs of 2003. With just a little help at the trading deadline those years, that team "could have been a contender", like Brando said in On the Waterfront.

But no, the timing was all wrong for Loria who wasn’t making any money at Sun Life stadium and wasn’t interested in spending ONE DIME until 2012! They dismantled that team in 2010 and we got the Stanton-Lomo-Gaby Sanchez Marlins. They were young, they had potential, and they went nowhere. So this year they added Reyes, Bell & Buerhle, and the crash has been spectacular.

Now it’s obvious that we will have to endure yet another rebuilding period after this season. Who knows how long it will take to put together a decent squad capable of competing? The Gods of Baseball are fickle; sometimes it takes YEARS before teams start winning again, look at how long it took the Pirates. The moral of the story is simple: NEVER TAKE WINNING FOR GRANTED. If you have a decent team with a shot to make the playoffs, you gotta TAKE THAT SHOT. Because who knows how long it will be before you get another one.

the Baseball Gods


The Real Alex

This is going to be very interesting to watch; I'm sure Ozzie, Loria ET AL are hugely regretting this Showtime deal right about now. The microscope is on them, so they can't really operate the way they are used to operating here in Miami. They are used to pretty much doing whatever the hell they want and screwing over the team's fans and getting away with it. After all, the local sports media doesn't care about baseball, so Loria and the Front Office have been able to get away with stuff that would have caused riots in REAL baseball towns.

But with the glare of Showtime on this team, they are not going to be able to get away with Fire Sales and trades like the Miggy trade. This should be fun to watch.

A lot less fun will be watching Ozzie. He has obviously lost this team COMPLETELY. They are playing with absolutely no PRIDE, NO INTENSITY, NO NOTHING, and that is COMPLETELY on the manager! This is one of the ways that you find out about a manager; how does he handle the team when they are out of it? Well, Ozzie is showing that he SUCKS as a manager in EVERY WAY. He sucks in making out a line up card, he sucks at IN GAME STRATEGY, and he sucks at keeping his team playing with PRIDE and PROFESSIONALISM. You know what he is doing? He is throwing THE PLAYERS UNDER THE BUS. The reason the Marlins sucked this year? According to Ozzie it's because THE PLAYERS UNDERPERFORMED. Of course HE had no part in this collapse! Of course his COACHES had no part in this either. According to Ozzie, it's ALL the players' fault; Ozzie is great at POINTING THE FINGER AT OTHERS.

And you know what? The players know this and they do NOT appreciate it. It's gonna be hard as hell to get this team to snap out of it and at least play with some pride for the rest of the year. I have my doubts that Ozzie can do it. This team could wind up 20-25 games UNDER .500.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Alex, A REAL GOOD point. I forgot all about those times when just a little move could have made the difference. You are right about the Baseball Gods getting back at people who mess with the GAME!!

The Real Alex

Speaking of Lomo, once again a misplay in left field led to a big inning. I have lost count already how many times Lomo & Dobbs & Kearns got turned around the wrong way on fly balls. But Ozzie keeps writing his name in Left Field. Yet even his hitting has sucked.

And Carlos Lee at 1st base is doing a great Gaby Sanchez imitation. Batting like .200....


What a disappointing game. Zambrano really needs to do improve his emotional state. He was cruising until the 6th, then just suddenly collapsed. Rich and Tommy were speculating that perhaps Zambrano will be sent down to AAA to make room for Jacob Turner. I'm thinking that's becoming a very real possibility given Zambrano's performance today.

Marlin Fan

You can't beat a last place team at home with Kip Wells ( whose something like 33 games UNDER .500 for his career) pitching for them . Pathetic


The way the Fish are playing, TV ratings — normally surprisingly strong — will plummet and next year FSF will cut its broadcast schedule in half. Living in Stuart, I'm too far away to get to many games at the park. But I'm in the Marlins local broadcast area, so I can't get the games on MLB.TV. Which means I'll have to find something else to do with my evenings next summer.
Maybe I'll take a remedial reading class, buy a book and see what unfolds.

Leo Orestes Barberie

You live in Stuart? I thought you lived in Maryland. I'm not flying your butt up to DC for that DH Friday.

Stan M

Alex just posted that he doesn't like Reyes. And just before that he also told us that we should have signed Fielder. Well, I wish we knew before this. Why haven't you spoken up about this in the past? How would the rest of us ever know? You shouldn't keep these thoughts to yourself. My goodness, we are all just dying to know. Reyes and Fielder huh. Now we can realize the importance of these ideas. Please speak up more often. This blog has improved tremendously since 1/3 of all of the posts tell us about things like Fielder and Reyes. And when you get a chance, tell us a little bit about yourself, too. For as you also told us in the past, none of us understand these things as you do. As Jackie Gleeson would say, "Captain Obvious, you're the greatest". We know this for certain because you told us once or twice.

Stan M

LB, it might be more interesting if we get a bunch of kids to watch develop. At least then there is some kind of hope. The poor TV guys are talking about anything and everything but the game. And who can blame them. I wonder how they would handle this whole situation if they were died in the wool "homers."

One thing that I have always appreciated about them is they seldom say, "That was a good piece of hitting" whatever that means. Unfortunately, Conine loves the expression and uses it often. Your concern for the TV ratings is well founded. Maybe they have a contract of some length.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Yelich, Fernandez, Conley, Ozuna, Brantly, Turner, Realmuto. Still have hopes for Canha. ---Those are the "Kids", not even enough for a Top 10.

You know, in the words of Ozzie--"This really is a Bleeping Joke', and we were ALL taken in.

answer man

Marlins contract with Foxsorts Fl runs thru 2020.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Too Bad!! Although an Edward Bennett Williams could probably find grounds to break it on performance clauses and presenting a representaive product.


Stan M,
I like watching a bunch of promising young kids play ball. But we don't have any — at least not any who are Big League-ready. And I hate the notion of rushing guys like Yelich up too soon out of desperation. It'll be fun to see what the two new pitchers have to offer, but we can't expect them to perform well when they know that if they give up two runs, it's all over.
I lived, worked and played in DC for years (hence the laurelbowie) and I campaigned hard to bring baseball back to the city. But by the time the Nats came along, I was living in Florida and had become a Marlins fan. What a dastardly turn of luck!


answer man,
You're right. Fox Sports does have a contract to broadcast Marlins games through 2020. But I'm not sure they're required to broadcast 150 games a year, as they do now, if nobody is watching. Kinda like that tree falling in the forest, you know.

Stan M

Bet we all watch that kid pitcher tomorrow. I was supposing that JJ is gone for 3 kids, 2 of whom should be ML ready. You know that I am sometimes "off the wall" with nutty ideas. Well, would you trade JJ for Josh Hamilton? Two tremendous talents but limited because of health considerations. I wouldn't do it but Hamilton is in Nolan Ryan's doghouse. And JJ's value is at an all time high (for past 2 years anyway) because with Greinke gone, he is now the only pitcher available who is not only a game changer, but also under club control for all of 2013. In my opinion, JJ's gone.

Do you remember why Red Barber was terminated by the Yankees? Team had been under corporate ownership and was awful and not drawing at all. The Ol' Redhead told the TV camera to pan the stands that were almost empty. And he was gone! Bet our TV guys know that and are under orders not to do that anyway.

Recently read that Cepedes has been best hitter in AL since the All Star game. That might have been the FO's biggest mistake.

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