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Jose Reyes batting 3rd in revamped lineup

     With Giancarlo Stanton on the shelf with an injury and Hanley Ramirez out of the picture via trade, Ozzie Guillen is trying out a new wrinkle with the middle of his lineup. Leadoff man Jose Reyes is moving to the No. 3 spot while Emilio Bonifacio will lead off. At least for tonight's game. We'll find out later how long Guillen intends to stick with this arrangement when we speak to him during B.P.

     With 1,000 plate apperarance in the leadoff spot, Bonifacio is no stranger to the top of the lineup card.

     But Reyes is somewhat of a fledgling in the No. 3 slot. Former Mets manager Jerry Manuel stuck him there for 20 consecutive games in April and May of the 2010 season, and Reyes didn't exactly take off at the plate, going 17 for 82 (.207) with only six RBI.


     Today's roster move: The Marlins, as expected, have recalled infielder Donnie Murphy from Triple A New Orleans. He'll take one of the two roster spots vacated in the Ramirez/Randy Choate trade to Los Angeles. Right-hander Nathan Eovaldi, who was acquired from the Dodgers and is scheduled to start Saturday for the Marlins, will be the other addition.


     Tonight's lineup for the Marlins:

     1. Bonifacio, 2b; 2. Donovan Solano, 3b; 3. Jose Reyes, ss; 4. Carlos Lee, 1b; 5. Justin Ruggiano, cf; 6. Logan Morrison, lf; 7. Bryan Petersen, rf; 8. John Buck, c; 9. Carlos Zambrano, p.




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Whoa, whoa, whoa!!! Let's not get things twisted. The Ross, Uggla, Hanley years (i.e. 2009) were great but I think to say they were a move away from being a contender is a bit of a stretch. They were a competitive team nothing more nothing less.

Btw, I'm buying on the Pirates and A's. They are both on an impressive run. These are my two new rooting interests.

I'm happy to report that Hanley is 0-4. How soon before LA starts to regret this decision. Hill and Beinfest ain't looking so dumb right now.

Now if only we can reinvest that money somewhere else. Problem is I'm looking at the free agent class of 2013 and I'm not seeing game changers.

Stan M

Glags, agree that next year's FA crop isn't encouraging...with one exception. If the Mets tank rest of year could they leave Wright out there. Doubt it, but he is an ideal to wish for. It is inconceivable that Loria could again get away with pocketing those millions he just cut from payroll. Do you too think Jj is history, and should he be?

Stan M

Hanley just popped a 2 run HR in the 10th to give Dodgers a 2 run lead. Had been 0 for 4


I wouldn't trade JJ for Hamilton unless the Marlins are prepared to go balls up to sign him at the end of the year, and I just can't see that. Don't know whether Hamilton has any say over who he's traded to, but if he does, he's not taking his talents to South Beach.


F*ck Hanley.


Stan M,
I do remember the story about Red Barber. Maybe you said this, but as I recall, there were about 400 fans there that day. Barber was employed by the Yankees, but unless I'm mistaken, Rich and Tommy are employed by Fox Sports. I don't think they're intimidated by Marlins management at all, but their job is to keep the viewers coming back for more. And they can't do that by constantly harping on how bad the Marlins are and the fact that there's nobody in the stands. Even Jay Leno isn't going to walk on stage and announce, "Well, we have a lousy show for you here tonight," even though there are nights when he knows the show won't be worth a sheet.
I think Rich and Tommy have done a pretty good job of conveying how boring and incompetent this team is without actually saying that.
I'm so tired, if any of this makes sense, it's pure luck. Goodnight everyone.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Stan,Glags and Laurel-You are GOOD men, however, I must respectfully say that it's time to find a new team. An entitu only deserves your respect and affection if it fulfills its side of the bargain. The Hanley deal and convinced me and--- others in the organization--that it is suddenly business as usual. If that was the plan all along once the stadium was done, I have no idea. We all know that Hanley had to be GONE but to capitulate and get back what they got back shows an utter disregard for the responsibility these guys have to this area AND MLB to TRY and produce a product. We know Beinfest and Hill are totally out of their element, and yet nobody cares and they continue as employees. AND THEN to read how this Hanley deal is a POSITIVE is INSANE!! NO!!, it's not a positive and ESPECIALLY when the word was out throughout baseball as to what the Marlins SHOULD and DEMAND to get back for a recent Batting Champion. And it was not a POTENTIAL Number 2. Although this deal reeks of Number 2. Johnson will probably be given away UNLESS MLB has advised the Marlins they are watching carefully this DUMP---Another highly appropriate word and when we must read in our local newspaper that this was a "good" deal I must really wonder what is going on? As I have said the Art Dealer and the Stepson are so despised now and have so little respect in this area that they DON'T have the power to stop either the Herald or Sentinel from writing the definitive article on this travesty from all angles. I shudder at what the New York Times and Washington Post and Boston Globe would do with this material if it involved the Nats, Yankees, Mets or Red Sox. In fact they might still do something if certain readers of the Miami Herald can continue to foster relationships with writers for those papers and provide info and "tidbits" about this SLEEZE. I'm betting these guys can get motivated and especially if it can be demonstrated that there will soon be 4,000 actual bodies in that Air Conditioned White Elephant at a dastardly cost to the taxpayers of one of the most manipulated tax bases in America. I know the local guys will provide good "tidbits" extoling the Number 2's--actually a GREAT Name for this team---and the FUTURE of your Number 2's.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Sorry!!!!! Meant to say they AIN'T spending any money. If you believe that you believe there is a friendly purple T-Rex,named Barney, who entertains kids with morality lessons in the morning.

Gentlemen--Move On. I would suggest the Nats or another down trodden team who is trying to extricate itself. Just because you have loved a woman for 20 years and are a "FAN" of everything she does, if she starts sharing intimacies with the poolboy, you are under no compunction to continue being a "fan",move on!!! The only reason I still care is about some exposure being detailed.

See U Later

Miami Heralds website will have a pay wall before the end of the year ,just like the Sun-Sentinel,which means user will have to pay for access to Blog and read news. How long before the newspaper industry goes belly up?

I'm Luvin' It

It feels much better to root against the Marlins,their scumbag FO and their crappy players. Favorite team to root for is anyone playing the Marlins,and enjoy watching them getting their brains beat in by the rest of MLB.

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