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Ramirez dropped to 5th; Stanton watches HR Derby from hospital bed

     Only yesterday Ozzie Guillen was talking about how he wished he could find one lineup and stick with it. Well, here we are Friday as the second half begins and Guillen is rolling out his 62nd different lineup of the season in what will be game number 86.

      The big change is Hanley Ramirez, who drops to fifth in the order.

      "I'm trying to get something going," Guillen said. "I think right now Hanley is struggling at the plate, and as soon as Hanley starts to hit the ball better, he will be moved back to where he is supposed to be."

      Guillen said he still believes that Ramirez is a No. 3 hitter, even though he had been hitting in the second half before the All-Star break.

      "Right now, the way he's struggling the last couple of weeks, hopefully we can help him get his swing back," Guillen said.

      Guillen said he spoke privately with Ramirez about cutting his hand on a cooling fan inside the dugout in St. Louis last week. Guillen was upset about the incident, describing it as "immature."

      "Everytime players get upset and get hurt, you not only hurt yourself, you hurt a lot of people," Guillen said. "And I hope and wish it doesn't happen again. Thank God it's just a cut, it's not a broken hand."


      Giancarlo Stanton was walking without crutches on Friday, four days after undergoing arthroscopic surgery to remove two cartilage fragments from his right knee. But Stanton said the prognosis remains the same: four to six weeks.

      Stanton said the stitches will be removed on Monday.

      "It feels pretty good," said Stanton, adding that he has already started rehab work. "They say four to six weeks, but I have no clue."

      Stanton missed the Home Run Derby and All-Star Game because of the injury, but said he watched the home run competition from his hospital bed Monday night.

      "I know that we took care of business," Stanton said of the N.L. team's win over the A.L. in Tuesday's All-Star game.

      Stanton was officially placed on the 15-day list on Friday to make room for Emilio Bonifacio, who was reactivated from the DL.



      Marlins: 1. Jose Reyes, ss; 2. Omar Infante, 2b; 3. Carlos Lee, 1b; 4. Logan Morrison, lf; 5. Hanley Ramirez, 3b; 6. Justin Ruggiano, rf; 7. Emilio Bonifacio, cf; 8. John Buck, c; 9. Josh Johnson, p.

      Nationals: 1. Steve Lombardozzi, lf; 2. Bryce Harper, cf; 3. Ryan Zimmerman, 3b; 4. Michael Morse, rf; 5. Adam LaRoche, 1b; 6. Ian Desmond, ss; 7. Danny Espinosa, 2b; 8. Jesus Flores, c; 9. Jordan Zimmermann, p.

      Umpires: HP -- Jeff Kellogg; 1B -- Eric Cooper; 2B -- Marty Foster; 3B -- D.J. Reyburn.


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buck giving bell a high five what a joke wish they would have broke each others hands


Guillen is acting like a new guy who doesn't have any idea what to do out there. I mean, 62nd different lineup? Really Guillen?


Good post Bob. He's clueless just like the rest of the team. Zimmerman strikes out the side.


And that folks was our "ace" Josh Johnson. Another arse that's overpaid and underperforms.


Totally out of line, flagstaff! He's had a lot of good starts this year, but his bad ones have inflated the ERA. And they didn't exactly beat him down today. Outside of the HR, a lot of bloopers and crap.


When Reyes came here I hoped he would ELEVATE Hanley. Instead Reyes' game has come DOWN to Hanley's level! I'm starting to think that these two are a BAD COMBINATION. They are clowning around, talking to each other and laughing while Bryce Harper is stealing 3rd base. Reyes' LOUSY THROW cost them a DP just before the Ryan Zimmerman HR, and Hanley did his best Reyes impression on the bases and got thrown out by 20 feet trying to stretch a single into a double.

In my opinion, if the Marlins want to get ANYTHING out of Reyes, they might have to get rid of Hanley. The two of them together seem to be a bad influence on each other's GAME. The two of them together seem to be having too much fun on a team that's playing this poorly and it doesn't seem to bother them at all.


Only Ruggiano is exciting to watch on this team now that Stanton is gone. The kid plays ALL OUT, and acts like he REALLY wants to win and will do anything to do so. Stole 3 bases tonight, LOL.


And the Fish pick up right where they left off in St. Louis. This team has no spark, no spirit, no fire. The only one playing with any hustle and desire is Ruggiano, because he knows he's one or two 0-4s from Ozzie benching him again. The stadium seems emptier and much more QUIET as even the fans seem to sense that "the ship be sinkin'" in the immortal words of Michael Ray Richardson. JJ didn't pitch great, but a missed DP by Reyes hurt, and this team doesn't hit anyway.

We are fast approaching the time when moronic words from Loria about this being a playoff team will bring nothing but peals of laughter. I wonder if Showtime is ready to show "The Franchise" as SELLERS come the final days of July, and how the sight of empty seats will effect ratings. Maybe Ozzie will go off and curse somebody out; what other reason will there be to watch that show? What other reason will there be to watch these GAMES?

Well, I guess we can wait for Giancarlo to come back; see if he can get to 30 HRs despite being out a month and a half. And I guess we can watch Ruggiano who only goes out there night after night and plays the game with RECKLESS ABANDON; he's stealing bases, getting hits, drawing walks when need be, (here's one Fish with actual situational AWARENESS!) making laser beam throws from RF to 3rd base. Other than that, what reason is there to watch this mess?


Yes Alex "good starts" is an accurate description of Josh Johnson this year. 5.1 innings pitched, 11 hits, 5 ER. The guy doesn't battle and is another in a long line of epic busts on this team. Agreed though that every pitcher on this team probably feels the need to be perfect every time out. Hey how bout Bryce Harper, just kept running around the bases. Reminded me of my softball league. Too funny to watch Hanley trying to run back to cover 3rd. And on we go towards the off season. Can't wait to see what this team looks like next year. I'm sure it will be a coupon cutting type team with Justin Ruggiano being the fan fav.


No, it wasn't a good start tonight, you're right. But if you go to ESPN and look over his game Log, you will see about 4 or 5 really bad starts like that; the rest have been all quality starts. Check it out. Still, he is not what he once was.

But how can anyone expect him to battle? The team doesn't hit (thanks Eduardo Perez!) and Hanley and Reyes are chatting at SS while Harper steals 3rd base. Then Reyes airmails the DP relay.

Hanley is making getting Reyes a bad move. Oh wait, I said that once before! I guess I will be accused of using the word "I' again! All of my posts are about ME, says Stan M, which is BAD! I should be more like Stan M1 His posts are not about HIM; are they?

Except that's pretty funny, considering how many of STAN'S POSTS are all about...STAN. Good Old Stan, the Baseball Encyclopaedia full of great stuff about Duke Snider and the good old days! Stan's got stories up the wazoo to tell us! Hey, how is it that I know so much about Stan? Could it be from his ENDLESS POSTS that are so full of information about STAN, STAN, always STAN? Tell us what kind of BEER you drink, Stan? And what kind of whiskey! And tell us about The Giants! And Duke Snyder! How his stats compared to Mickey and Willie? The great Jackie Robinson; after all, that's why you like Reyes so much, he always smiles just like Jackie! And let's not forget Casey! And I also really need to know all about WHERE YOU LIVE, Stan! What's the name of that town, again? Is it in North Carolina? In a very short while I have sure learned a lot of CRAP ABOUT....YOU Stan. I can go on Stan; shall I? All stuff you posted about YOURSELF. And I NEVER complained about your endless stupid ramblings even once. Until NOW of course. After you said all my posts are about...ME! LMFAO

You know what they call guys like you? You know the word. LOL!!!!


Sorry, flagstaff for my digressing; I got carried away posting all the things I learned about STAN in my short time here!

I RARELY post about myself. I do post a LOT about this team. Reyes is a FLAT OUT BUST so far. Anyone who says they would rather have Reyes than Prince Fielder is smoking something non tobacco. But I think Reyes is getting into bad habits from watching Hanley. In fact, he's become basically another Hanley since coming here. I also think this Front Office is a disaster. Did you see Lomo make another misplay in LF?

Ah, who cares about that? Maybe I should tell you all what kind of BEER I drink? Or about my home town? My favorite players when i was growing up in NY? Oops...sorry, there I go again! I promise I'll stop!

Hey, I hope Coghlan comes up here soon! Now there's the guy who SHOULD (damn those CAPS! I'm a bad person; I know!) be playing centerfield! Nothing like watching Coghlan injure that wet noodle arm of his again trying to make throws from deep CF and hey, those throws get to home plate on NO MORE than 3 bounces!

Leo Orestes Barberie

Wow!! Gentlemen--It is not worth getting worked up over. In fact after this post I'm taking a hiatus because we dignify them by tslking about them.

The stadium is beautiful. I could have bought the cheapest seat and still moved down to a great seat--wait a couple more months.

Stan, I would say there were about 25,000. It really is hard to judge because people stand all around the stadium. Parking was easy and wil get easier. Thought the food was just a tad above ballpark food anywhere.

The Marlins are really lifeless and Ozie almost looks sad. Thw last 3 innings I had worked myself into within 2 rows of the guy who holds up al the signs and as I walked out I told him he seems like a nice man and he should probably head up the U.N.We shook hands and I told him his fortitude has been the highlight of this season.

Will take in these last 3 games and then take a month off to give myself and you guys a break.


Thank god Bonifacio's back. We really needed that speed in the line up. This is the shot in the arm that the teams been missing.


Alex is the pot calling the kettle black. Dude, your oblivious. SMH.

Stan III

Alex, Stan III posted that, not Stan M. I am Stan III, different person. Really enjoy your poorly worded Diatribes! Just a tip: When you say, "I could care less", that means you actually could care less, so there is more room for less caring. The proper wording is, I COULDN'T care less, meaning you are at the absolute lowest level of your caring. Keep em' coming, and remember Alex, crack your nuts!!!

-Stan III (see, it should say that below the post. Look down......no, the opposite of up...down...yes, good boy.

DC Marlin

When do we begin trading these bums? I would start putting feelers out on Johnson and Hanley. The only issue is that we have the worst front office in baseball, so who knows what they will get back for our two biggest scrubs


19 year old rookie took the two multi millionaire veteran infielders to school last night, stealing third base while they were busy enjoying each others company. nice. perfect example of what the current marlins team is all about.

Marlin Fan

Another lack luster performance . To echo everyone else, Ruggiano was the only one hustling. Lomo continues to butcher plays in left. Johnson had a dissapointing start, but no one hit.( pretty sad when Buck has your lone RBI ) . Won't discuss Ramirez.
It's evident the difference between a first place team
And for all intent and purposes, a last place team, which became apparent last night .
I know may stadiums do not have the ability to walk around 360, but perhaps that lloyd people from actually sitting in their seats and actually watching the game ?? I think attendance was 30 and change last night , but with the no shows I'd guess no more than 27 tops( again with everyone walking around hard to tell). You'd think a big series against a first place team would be more ?
I'll try to stat optimistic , but with Gio and Strasburg next ???

Marlin Fan

I guess some positives , Boni is back( hopefully adds a spark) , and Leblanc, Choate, and Webb all looked decent .

All of Stan's Friends

Good post, Stan III...Guess Alex was so blind with rage that he couldn't fathom the notion that there are two Stans on here.
To Alex...The difference between your posts and Stan M's posts are that his are actually interesting.

Flav C

I posted this somewhere else so I thought of sharing here too:

Some stats are very telling of this team. I will put just the numbers here and will not make any analysis or comments.Up to each one to see and think whatever they want.

Considering only the seasons where they played more than 60% of the games they were supposed to play (I am not including injury seasons), this is what we have for our key players:

Josh Johnson: Galloping rapidly to his worst season on ERA, WHIP, and H/9. In pace to have his 2nd worst season in BB/9.

Hanley Ramirez: Putting together his worst season on BAVG, OBP, SLG, OPS, and Ground in DP. Batting 2nd and 5th will definitely not help his RBI totals as well. On pace for worst fielding % season (.961%) but still better than the league avg for fielding percentage on 3B (.951%).

Jose Reyes: Worst season on BAVG, SLG, Ground in DP, Triples, HRs, RBIs and SB. Data shows he will possibly be very close to his best season in Doubles and Strike-outs. On pace for worst season in fielding percentage (.972%) and Errors. League avg on fielding percentage for SS is .971%

Heath Bell: Worst season on every single pitching stat.

John Buck: Worst season on BAVG, SLG, OPS, SO%, Errors, and Passed Balls. On pace for 2nd or 3rd best season in HRs, and best season in BB% (only reason why his OBP is higher than other seasons).

Ricky Nolasco: On pace for 2nd best ERA season and HRs allowed. Worst season on SO/9, SO/BB, and on pace for 2nd worst season on WHIP.

What all these guys have in common (as far as data) is that their key stats (or most of them) worsened as their salaries increased.

The only exceptions to this rule were Omar Infante and Mark Buehrle.

Infante is having a good bat avg season and is on pace for best season on RBIs, 2Bs, SB, and close to best on HRs.
Buehrle is on pace for his best season on ERA, WHIP, BB/9, and surprisingly he's having a big surge on his SO/9 numbers.

Stanton, Morrison, Gaby, Coughlan, have very little data as far as seasons to make good comparisons.

Anibal was expected to put good numbers in his "free agency"year, but his ERA and SO/9 have worsened.


Hanley is a cancer on this team. He has been terrible going on his 3rd continuous season. His attitude has always been selfish and aloof. He's no doubt been a terible influence on Reyes. Hanley is done. As long as this team continuous to pray that he gets his stuff together, it will continue to fail. A human body that has a cancerous growth within cannot survive. The only hope is to have it removed. Hanley must be disposed of. Even if it means eating his huge salary. I think this team will begin to flourish with the deletion of just one player.


"Some stats are very telling of this team. I will put just the numbers here and will not make any analysis or comments.Up to each one to see and think whatever they want"

Stats are owned by the player not the team, is this MLB we're talking about?

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