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Samson wants explanation as to why Marlins won't be represented at All-Star Game

ST. LOUIS -- Marlins President David Samson expressed his disappointment Sunday over the fact the Marlins will be the only major league team without representation at the All-Star Game in Kansas City next week.

"I think there were a lot of different ways [National League manager] Tony [LaRussa] or MLB could have gone. I think it's unfortunate. I think every team should be represent on the line in the All-Star Game," Samson said.

"... if our guy had surgery, he had to have surgery. Obviously, it's been a disappointing first half. That being said, there are plenty of other teams that have had a disappointing first half and they have All-Stars. We have a team full of All-Stars. You look at the fact this game counts and you need to win it, having [Greg] Dobbs as an All-Star pinch hitter off the bench was an option. Having [reliever Steve] Cishek come in and get righties out was an option. Having [Justin] Ruggiano come in, who is completely clubbing the ball was an option...

"Whoever made the decision, they had their own view of it and it's disappointing. There's nothing else you can say except to say I wish the first half could have gone differently."

Samson said he spoke with Tim Brosnan, an MLB vice president, about why no Marlins were selected. Asked about the explanation given to him, Samson said: “Can’t say that I had one.”

Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen, meanwhile, said while "it feels weird" the Marlins won't be represented at the All-Star Game, nobody other than Stanton in his eyes really had an All-Star caliber first half. Asked who he thought could have replaced Stanton, Guillen mentioned Rugginao (but worried he didn't have enough at-bats), Cishek and second baseman Omar Infante. 

"Everybody else, they should be watching on TV," Guillen said. "The funny thing about it is when we built this ballclub we thought we were going to have five guys in the All-Star Game. You look at the names we have, we should have a pretty good group of guys. They're just not playing up to the caliber."

> Samson also questioned why Nationals rookie Bryce Harper was the player selected to replace Stanton and why Ruggiano wasn't when they have nearly the same service time. Harper, though, has played in 62 games. Ruggiano has played in 31. Harper is hitting .283 with 8 homers, 25 RBI. Ruggiano is hitting .410 with six homers and 17 RBI.

> Samson said what bothered him the most about the Marlins during the first half was their inconsistency.

"There's been a lot of attention with the team there's never been before. I think when you talk about all the excitement going into the season that's what leads to this level of disappointment because you don't expect to be under .500 at the break at all," Samson said. "But the way things went I think we're pretty happy to be this close to .500. It could have been a lot worse. It took a record breaking May just to get to this position. I'd like to see us consistently win series and that's how we'll make the playoffs. This team is capable of it. Ozzie told the guys himself, there's no reason to think other than we'll be in the playoffs. 

"You look at the top of the lineup. There is so much upside with Jose and Hanley. Having a professional like Carlos Lee in your lineup makes a difference. Heath had his first half struggles, but he has 19 saves. I think he's blown five and that to me is a year's worth of blown save. I think his second half has a chance to be perfect. So, there's a lot of upside. The disappointment we feel now is what you take two seconds and say what could have been and you move onto the second half and realize what you have to do."

> Samson said that on paper he believes the Marlins could now have the best three through five hitting combination in the majors with Hanley Ramirez, Carlos Lee and Stanton. But Samson said it's time for those guys to deliver -- especially Ramirez.

"Hanley is the man on this team. But being the man -- saying you're the man and being the man -- are two different things," Samson said. "He has it in him to do it. I hope the switch goes on because he's sort of the catalyst."

> Samson said the key for the Marlins in the second half is getting back to .500 "as quickly as possible." The Marlins will certainly have a huge opportunity to gain ground right away. They open the second half with a four-game series at home against the first-place Nationals, whom they swept on their first trip to Marlins Park.

> Samson said the grass in the outfield at Marlins Park, which has turned brown, should be much improved when the team returns to action on Friday. Samson said the roof has been left open, allowing for rain and sunlight to help the situation.

> As for the team's home attendance, Samson said it's hard not to be happy with what Marlins Park drew (28,329, 18th best in the majors) in the first half. But he said the team's struggles hurt. He expects improvement in the second half because he expects the Marlins to perform better.

"Right now, our performance is just to the left of mediocre. We're not a team that shoots for mediocre," Samson said. "There are some teams that do. That's not our team. We're shooting for the playoffs and being around .500 is not anywhere near where we want to be.

"I think this market, our market can handle a good Marlins team, a good team and a good Dolphins team."

> With the Showtime series The Franchise set to resume Wednesday, Samson said Marlins fans will be privy to everything they want to see -- within the allotted time frame.

"We promised to give them access to everything and we've delivered that," Samson said. "They're everywhere we are. They were there when we traded for Carlos Lee. They're there when we send players down. They there when we talk about players, off the field and on the field. It debuts Wednesday and it should be very interesting because there will be a lot of stuff that won't make the show because of the hours of footage. I think fans around the world while they won't see us at the All-Star Game, they're certainly going to see us everywhere else."

> Guillen said he plans on keeping his starting rotation the same after the All-Star Break -- Josh Johnson, Mark Buehrle, Ricky Nolasco, Carlos Zambrano and Anibal Sanchez. The Marlins and Reds are the only teams in baseball that have maintained the same starting rotation all season long and not used a sixth pitcher. 


> Marlins (41-43): 1. Jose Reyes SS, 2. Hanley Ramirez 3B, 3. Carlos Lee 1B, 4. Logan Morrison LF, 5. Justin Ruggiano CF, 6. Greg Dobbs RF, 7. Omar Infante 2B, 8. John Buck C, 9. Anibal Sanchez RHP.

> Cardinals (45-40): 1. Rafael Furcal SS, 2. John Jay CF, 3. Matt Holliday LF, 4. Carlos Beltran RF, 5. Allen Craig 1B, 6. Matt Carpenter 3B, 7. Skip Schumaker 2B, 8. Tony Cruz C, 9. Joe Kelly RHP.


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To Hell With David Samson

That's fine. I want an explanation as to how this team spent all that free agent money on Queef Smell, Mark Girlie, Carla Zambrano and Josie Reyes. I'm sure that Bud Selig's explanation will be far more plausible than that of Leerya, Thamthon and Beinf--k. Worst organization in the history of sport.

Connie Mack

There isn't a shred of rationality in the comments above. Worst organization in history? How about St. Louis Browns, Boston Braves just for a start in baseball. He who speaks in generalities does so because he lacks the knowledge to acquire specifics.

Mr Whipple

Samson said on paper...blah.blah.blah...he was refering to toilet paper ,when talking about Hanley. Fact of the matter is, that Hanleys pouting like a beatch because the Marlins blew off his agent Adam Katz, about a contract extention. Adam Katz is also the agent for Cespedes and El Caballo. Samson and Katz deserve each other. One lies ,and the other swears to it.

Mr Whipple

Marlins should be represented at the ASG by the body-painted dancers at the Clevelander. The Marlins and the Dancers are similar in the fact that they tease the public to pay money to see them ,but the public cant really see the truth thru the camouflage.


Funny how they insist on stroking Hanleys ego even though he's not even the shell of his former self.

Mr Whipple

Samsons definately a stroker...not sure if its only Hanley's ego that Samsons been stroking.


Well played whipple.....well played.


Simply put, Harper is way more hyped up than Ruggiano.

Mr Whipple

Simply put, MLB fans across the nation would much rather pay to see the Phenom Kid,than Justin Who?

Mr Whipple

Memo to Loria and Samson: Please dont Stroke the Hanley.

Mr Whipple

Hanley tore his pantyhose and removed himself from todays game. Oh,it was his fingernail. Whatever.

Leo Orestes Barberie

I can't bekieve Samson has the audacity to complain about the composition of this All Star Team.

MORON, Get some player evaluation guys in there so we quit with the Volstads, Marceauxs, Dominguezes, Skipworths, Rasmussens and other clowns in the first round or Sandwich Round. MORON, Name a starter in the Major Leagues worth a crap besides Stanton that has been selected since 2004 by the Marlins. GARBAGE!!! Yippee!! We have Yelich, Fernandez, Ozuna and Conley in the minors!! GREAT!!

Mr Whipple

Samson swears by his FO talent team of Beerfart and Blueberry Hill. Marlins fans swear at them.


Because your team SUCKS, Samson, you little piece of GARBAGE.

tony carlesimo

Another blown save (and game) for Heath Bell. I don't blame him; he doesn't have it anymore and should not be the automatic closer on this team. No, I place the blame solely on the manager, who refuses to acknowledge what most fans know- putting Bell in in the ninth inning is like rolling the dice. There are several relievers on this club who can get you three outs without giving up three or four runs. But Guillen is a stubborn man who considers himself a baseball genius. How disheartening it must be for the players on this team, especially the starting pitchers, who see their efforts wasted when the so-called closer blows so many games.


Well said, Tony! Bell is TRYING, he just doesn't HAVE IT ANYMORE. The blame goes to Ozzie for continuing to bring him into games and then for LEAVING HIM IN when he starts imploding. I thought Ozzie had some brains a time or two when he came out and YANKED BELL OUT OF THE GAME before he could blow it, but he doesn't do that anymore. When Bell is brought into a game, the only smart thing to do is to have OTHER PITCHERS WARMING UP, ready to replace Bell at the first sign of trouble.


I ask each of you to call or email the Marlins front office staff and complain about the job that the ownership / Ozzie are doing this year. It's been obvious from early in the season that Heath Bell doesn't have the stuff this year. Whether it's his weight, the tougher division he's in, his weight, the new ballpark, his weight, whatever it is, ANY PITCHER in the bullpen can do a better job than Heath. I really hope that with Juan Carlos Ocivedo coming back in a few weeks, that he gets the relief job and Heath either sits in the bullpen or gets demoted to the minors to figure his head out.

Mr Wipple

It's not Bell's head that's the problem...it's his arm..he doesnt have "it" anymore.


Stanton was the only Marlin who deserved to be on All Star team period. Does Samson even have a clue when he comes out and says the have best 3-5 line-up with Hanley,Stanton & Lee ? Stanton is just coming into his own and should become a great player the other two are both has beens and no longer feared by other teams. Marlins only chance in second half is that Phillies donot wake up and get out of cellar because that is were the Marlins are headed. How come he did not mention John Buck who should be sent to minors along with Gaby Sanchez as he can no longer hit a lick !


@T-Bone - Sanchez has been back in the minors for at least 1 week now... I don't expect him back at all with Carlos Lee at 1st. John Buck at least catches a good game and has shown some improvement at the plate recently...we don't have many options at catcher as our backup Brett Hayes is 1 for 32 in his last couple weeks.


There r no all stars in the team



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