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Sight for Sore Eyes? "J.C.O." returns to mound (w/VIDEO)

    FORT MYERS -- As he made his way to the bullpen to begin his warmups, the pitcher formerly known as Leo Nunez stopped to sign a child's autograph book with his new initials -- "J.C.O." It wasn't long after that that Juan Carlos Oviedo took the mound for the first time in an actual game since last September when the Marlins reliever was deported to the Dominican Republic for using a false identity.

    And Oviedo looked sharp in his first rehab outing for Single A Jupiter, retiring all three batters he faced in his one inning of work. Oviedo whiffed one batter with his signature change and, according to the digital display at Hammond Stadium, hit 95 with his fastball.

    Oviedo is eligible to return to the Marlins on July 23, and perhaps as the team's closer based on Heath Bell's long run of failures this season.

    "I don't care what inning it is -- sixth, seventh eighth -- it doesn't matter to me," Oviedo said. "I just want to pitch.

    Here's some video of tonight's outing by Oviedo: 


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The best thing that could've happened to JCO's career was the Marlins signing Heath Bell as their closer.


Again, let's not lose our freaking minds over the return of Leo Nunez. I know people have notoriously short memories, but come on, the whole reason we went after Bell was because of Nunez's multiple implosions,.

Now true, perhaps this year pitching under his own name will help him to relax; it had to be stressful knowing that any day the truth could come out and he would get busted. And guys DO IMPROVE; see how much better Mike Dunn is doing. But we have no guarantee of anything with Leo, so lets be happy, but let's NOT get carried away. Last I hear his real name is NOT Mariano Rivera.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Dear Alex, Call me crazy--you probably have----but I'm much more tolerant(Not Happy)with guys blowing saves at 2,000,000 per year than 9,000,000. Also I'm not sure so I'll look it up but I just don't remember Leo struggling with 2 run leads all that often. Hell,The Badyear Blimp struggles with 4 run leads.

Think I'm going to have fun next to the bullpen in DC?


A decent opinion piece by Cote on this team. Finally calling out "The Franchise" (ha ha) and their underachieving falling stars. This team should look up the definition for "pride" because clearly to a man that represents this dis organization, they have none. I would be embarrassed if I were on this team for myself, my team and the city I represent. This could linger like a bad fart for several years, that's the scary part. Imagine too that it would be Larry Beinfest and Michael Hill rebuilding if they decide to blow it all up. I'm just glad I didn't get a name on the uni I ordered this past Christmas because those with Ramirez, Bell, Infante, Sanchez, Buck, Reyes, Johnson, Morrison, Bonifacio, Coghlan, Zambrano, Nolasco.....they ain't given any refunds.

Net Detective

There in the commemt section under Cote's excellant piece, are commemts writtn by somebody who calls themselves Ligero1...Alex...Ligero1 has stolen your material and STYLE..Or...Hmmmmm....Coincedence?

Hang Em High

Does anyone think that Ozzie was told by the FO to have Bell close, even though Ozzie wanted to use somebody else. Maybe a power struggle kind thing ,and Ozzie figured he'd give Bell enough rope to hang himself. Purposely left him in and hung him out to dry to prove his point?

Leo Orestes Barberie

Veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Possible!!!!!! Remember when Ozzie was laughing like a little girl at a Justin Bieber concert when Bell nearly gave up the tying home run last week against the Brewers after having blown lead the previous day-----You Want Him!!! You Got Him!!!

Leo Orestes Barberie

Alex, If someone is copying you it should be expected that he should have the decency to use your name as well so people can soon differentiate between the real deal and the phony. The moron who uses my name at the Sun-Sentinel has the writting ability of the banjo player in Deliverance. Therefore I don't believe anyone thinks it is I. You don't don't post this quality of riposte without a high degree of creative acumen. AND if this guy is copying you at least it appears he is engaged in the highest form of flattery while exhibiting some quality.


JCO, Oviedo, whichever, anybody who was a fan in past years knows, that this guy was a steady 9th inning anxiety attack nearly every game he pitched in. Maybe now, being a bit older and the identity thing being exposed, he will do better. BUT, be prepared to be disappointed.

Dr No

Marlins have installed 500 Defibrillators throughout the stadium, for use during any future game appearance by the Queefer and Not Num-Nutz Nunez.

Stan M

On MLB.com there are lists of ML leaders in several categories. In saves the leagues #5 position is held by a fellow named Heath Bell with 19 saves. If that doesn't show the absurdity of the save stat and the whole damn closer nonsense, I don't know what does!

I've been following Coghlan in AAA ball and he is hitting well of late. Least we forget, he was our best (or close to it) player just 2 years ago. If he can come back to even close to his former performance, it would be the equilavant of a major trade aquisition. It might be a fanciful hope, but it is more realistic than expecting Loria to use his own money to acquire another bat. Remember Lee cost next to nothing as the Astros are paying nearly all of his salary.

Samson's Boyfriend

Marlins have not given up on Coghlan,and if he stays hot ,expect him back before Sept 1 roster expansion..sooner than later ,especially in place of Cousins ,who has proven to be inconsistent in yet, another chance. Cousins hasnt impressed with 42ab's,14k's,0bb and a .190ba and.190 OBP. Next .

Mr. Whipple

Call Miami's own radio icon Hank Goldberg ,with host Andy Slater @640am today from 3-7pm to give your riff on the Good,the Bad, and the Ugly on the Marlins first half...call line # is 888-640-9385... Now's the chance to let er' rip...


So Mr. Whipple is a shill for hopeless Hank. At least now we know.

Mr. Whipple

No..just want to hear Marlins talk on the radio instead of Heat and Doofins, during the boring All-Star break.

Neils Ghost

Better than listening to LeBaturd and the douche-bag that Hank gave the name Stugotz to...They are Samsons movie review goys on films...Oyeeeee Veyyyyyy. What Dreck...

Flav C

Stan and folks, you just nailed it on the closer position. We've been debating for a long time on the absurdity of the "save" stats. A closer should be measured strictly by ERA, WHIP and the stats that truly measure the efficiency and effectiveness of a pitcher.
If we look at those two stats and if we consider what Bell really is (a reliever), out of 97 pitchers in the NL playing as reliever with minimum of 20 Innings pitched, Bell is 94th in ERA and 93rd in WHIP. That pretty much sums up how scary it is to have him on the mound in the 9th, or for that matter, in any other inning.

Samson's boyfriend: Yes, Coughlin has impressed in NOLA, however we have to be careful. Gaby was impressing with his numbers in NOLA before being called up and when he came back to the majors, he was worse than before.
Now he is impressing again in NOLA, but so is Murphy, hitting .299, with 8 HRs and 18 RBIs in 77 at bats. And so is Petersen batting .315.
Bottom line, their performance in the minors does not work as a reference for me any longer. I have a hard time believing these specific players have what it takes to be a major leaguer.


Stan M and Samson's BF,
Some of us — you guys included, I think — have been saying since the preseason what a boon it would be if Cogs could somehow get back to where he was a couple of years ago. Put him in the two hole and watch 'em roll. I really have no idea why he can't get it back together, but you have to believe that his problem is mostly between his ears. We all saw him bang the ball all over the park in his rookie year, and there is no way that was a fluke.
And this part isn't hindsight — I said before he played even one out in CF that putting him there was a big mistake. Once in a while, you find a player who can bounce from one position to another and it all comes naturally. But 9 times out 10, shuffling a good young hitter from one position to another and pressuring him to learn a new set of defensive skills is going to adversely affect his hitting, at least temporarily.
I'm not saying that move "ruined" Chris Coghlan, but I'm convinced it played a part in his downfall.

Samsons Boyfriend

Flav C...talking about the last glimmer of hope the Marlins have for Coghlan,with Boras as his agent going into 1st yr of Arb...Marlins hope to at least showcase Coghlan for some trade value with a ROY on his resume, remembering the hot Aug and Sept Coghlan had in 09. Marlins want to see if lightening will strike twice with Coghlan before they deal. Gaby might be done period,as he cant play anywhere else and wont make sense to bring back unless an injury occurs to El Caballo,even then Lomo can play first. The rest of the bunch. Cousins,Petey,Murphy,are not steady Big League material,just AAA lifers in the PCL..they probably will move on also.

Stan M

Just for kicks, it would be interesting if we told whether or not we watched the HR contest yesterday. W/O Stanton I darn sure didn't watch and didn't care. Samson (great to have you posting again) I agree that those 3 are AAAA players at best. My recommendation on Gabby is to try to improve his catching skills. It's the only chance he has now. With regards to Coghlan, he does have trade value, but the possibility of a resurgence would be so much better than anything we could get for him, that I hope the team keeps trying.


Yes, Cousins, Murphy and Petersen are all marginal Major Leaguers at best, but I'd take any of the three over Kearns at this point, despite his big home run the other night. All three can play defense, have some speed and add a little versatility that Kearns just doesn't provide. Can't see him sticking around much longer.
Of the three, Murphy is the weakest hitter but he made some spectacular defensive plays while filling at several positions earlier in the year.

Samsons Boyfriend

Lb , Feel just the opposite..would rather see Kearns pinch-hitting ,than the three you mentioned..Kearns was hot before his DL stint turned him rusty. Still hitting .308 with a .976.OPS in 16PA as a PH. But keep him off the field and in the dugout between AB's.


Samson's BF,
Kearns might be a slightly better pinch hitter in certain situations than the other three, but I'm not even sure about that. He's a perfect candidate for a double play any time you've got a man on first, and if he does get on in a crucial spot, you've got to get a pinch runner out there to keep him from clogging up the basepaths. I've got nothing against Kearns — I just don't like wasting a roster spot on a guy you've to hide between ABs, and I think the others give you a little more flexibility.
I want to see what the Marlins powers-that-be decide — 'cause you know they're gonna get it wrong.
Stan M,
I never even thought about the Home Run Derby and didn't see a single swing. I did switch to ESPN just in time to see some idiot presenting a fat guy in a Tigers uniform with a check with lots of zeroes on it. The presenter and the fat guy both looked as bored as I was.

Leo Orestes Barberie

There used to be a definitive rule of thumb that projected a batting average differential of 35 points between Triple A and the Majors. the differnce between Double A and Triple A was significantly lower. At one time if a guy hit .315 at Triple A he would hit .280 or abouts in the Bigs. I guess the PCL really does skew those numbers with those funky parks and altitudes.

Samsons Boyfriend

LOB....very true rule of thumb,but these PCL guys are smoke and mirrors when they come up ..they get exposed. Like looking at the guys in the FSL high A and JaxAA as a better gauge on future performance estimates. As far as the All-Star game and HR Fly Ball Farce, the former is passe, the latter is for the ohh and ahh novice, easily thrilled by softball slo-pitch Baseball. Dont care,see,or pay attention to either.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Neither do I.

Stan M

What a pleasure. There are over a dozen posts above and not in one do I see the words "stupid", "idiot", "moron", or "fool". Are things returning back to normal?

There are 4 of us who all said he didn't watch the HR extravaganza. Can't wait to see what the TV ratings were. Not good, I'll bet.

Stan M

There is much talk about this kid in who can run like the wind.
For years I've wondered about the following. If a base runner on first assumed a sprinter's stance, facing second base and with his rear foot on first base to use as a push off point, would he reach second base faster than the traditional player who takes a lead? Probably not, but I wonder if it's ever been tested. Does anyone remember if that Olimpic runner who was signed for Oakland by Charlie Finley assumed that position? I don't know but I think he was picked off in a WS game by that phys ed. guy (Mike something) who threw over to first something like 16 times in a row before nailing him.


Didn't watch the HR derby either. Did watch Jennie Finch for a few seconds during the softball with the stars cuz she's beautiful.

Looking forward to seeing how Ozzie is going to handle the Heath Bell issue if it's close on Friday? Seeking anything positive I have to say that Mike Dunn has looked like a different pitcher recently. He is throwing 95-96 from a lefty, and has been peppering the strike zone. Good to see him find his stuff.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Stan, You are talking about Herb Washington being picked off by Mike Marshall--Why do I know worthless stuff like that? Yuck!!!

Leo Orestes Barberie

Flags, I've already been called by about 8 guys in Florida who want to join me to register displeasure at the game with signs and/or banners. I have told them that we WILL be tossed if that occured. I'm saving my best material for National's Park. I have already ascertained that the people in Washington don't care what I say about Heath as long as it is not profane or offensive--by offensive they don't mean cataloguing his record as a Miami Marlin in a very LOUD!!!!!! voice.


What a pleasure. There are over a dozen posts above and not in one do I see the words "stupid", "idiot", "moron", or "fool". - Stan M

I guess that's because I haven't been posting about Loria, Samson or Ozzie, Stan. Somehow those words always seem to come to mind when I think about those three. I had no idea that bothered you, but to be honest, it won't stop me from calling 'em like I see em. Even if I don't get invited into the "inner circle of website leaders" here. I didn't come here to be popular.

I watched The Franchise tonight and saw Loria in action as The Boss. What a really SMUG individual he is! How completely un-likable he comes off. Good thing I don't work for the Fish. I'd have to be grossly overpaid not to succumb to the urge to slap him in the mouth if I worked there. Samson is what I expected; a little butt kissing annoying twerp. Ozzie came off as the most likable and sympathetic, but then I remembered how he has managed this team and those words, Moron, Idiot, and Fool came to mind again. I wish I could promise you, Stan, that I won't use them ever again, but I'm sure Ozzie will leave lomo in LF late in a game again, or not pinch run for Buck in the 9th inning down by a run, or he will let Choate pitch to a RH batter....


I guess we are all moving to the next thread.


A few posts before coming to Stan M's observation about the absence of moron, idiot and fool references, I noticed the same thing. It's very refreshing. The nastiness was so severe that I quit reading the board.

Hang'em High's suggestion that Ozzie purposely let Bell flush himself down the john the other night isn't outlandish when you think about it--especially without an explanation from the mgr. himself.
I've always believed that if you have a great closer, a Rivera or a Hoffman, go with him but if not just have a couple of guys ready for the 9th. A good bullpen makes that do'able.


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