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Marlins trade Omar Infante, Anibal Sanchez to Tigers for prospects (w/VIDEO)

       The Marlins are effectively throwing in the towel on the season, trading second baseman Omar Infante and starting pitcher Anibal Sanchez to the Detroit Tigers for three prospects.

       "The team is really not in contention and is in a tenuous spot at best," said Larry Beinfest, Marlins president of baseball operations, in announcing the deal. "And I think it was time to restructure. We're not winning at the level that we want to be winning at with the current group, so let's change things up."

       The Marlins obtained three prospects, foremost among them being right-handed pitcher Jacob Turner, whom Baseball America ranked as the 22nd-best overall prospect before the season. Turner has made three starts for the Tigers this season but will start out for the Marlins at Triple A New Orleans. Also obtained in the deal were minor-league catcher Rob Brantly and minor-league left-hander Brian Flynn. Brantly is a left-handed hitting catcher while Flynn stands 6-feet-8. 

      Turner was the 9th overall pick in the 2009 draft.

      "Our intention is not for him to be a Triple A pitcher, so we see him in our rotation (soon)," Beinfest said. "Brantly and Turner are going to Triple A. Flynn's going to Double A in Jacksonville. So we're getting three 'close-to' players. Really in Brantly and Turner, we're getting major league ready players. That makes it more attractive, getting guys you may not have to wait as long for."

      The Tigers, who are in need of a second baseman, have been scouting Infante for weeks. Infante said before batting practice today that he expected to be traded.

        "I think I'm gone," he said.

        Sanchez, who is eligible for free agency, was also ripe trade bait and told reporters following Sunday's start in Pittsburgh that he understood the situation.

        Beinfest said Wade LeBlanc would likely move into the rotation to fill Sanchez's spot, but expected Turner to move up before the end of the season. Beinfest said the straw that broke the camel's back was losing two out of three to the Cubs in Chicago.

         "This is a restructuring," Beinfest said. "I mean, it's kind of an interesting word because it doesn't fit into white flag or selling or any of those types of things. But, let's face it, the current group that was here was not winning, so we could stay put and just hope. But I think it's enough sample size in this season to say wow, these problems are real. We've lost contact with the division. We've pretty much lost contact with the wild card. We better think about something else, so that's where we are.

         "The message to the fans is we're disappointed, they should be disappointed, the current team did not win at the level we thought it should, and we need to make some changes. We're not winning as is, so we might as well try something else."

        Beinfest did not rule out further moves before the July 31 trading deadline.

        "If we need to make further changes, then we'll do it," Beinfest said. "I wouldn't say we're going to close up shop with a week to go before the trading deadline. We need to go through it. We need to go through it all, and do our work, and if that leads to something, fine, and if it doesn't fine."

        Josh Johnson, who was on the mound Monday for the Marlins, is being scouted by other clubs and could be targeted in a deal. Lefty reliever Randy Choate, like Sanchez, is eligible for free agency after the season and could go to a team looking for veteran bullpen help.

         Here's what Beinfest had to say about the trade:


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Pee Wee Allen

Turner has an ERA of 8.28. That's worse than Chris Volstad. Great job, Beinfest. And a big fat HAHAHAHAHA at all of us who thought there wouldn't be a fire sale this year under any circumstances.


F**k the Marlins. F**k Larry Beinfest and Michael Hill.


trade Miguel Cabrera for nothing. Cody ross for nothing and now Uggla for nothing with Infante long gone. Joke.


Pee Wee, Turner may turn out to be garbage but this is by no means a fire sale if you've been following this team. Sanchez has the most value of any of our tradeable guys right now and the team has shown 0 interest in giving him a long term deal.

The way this season has gone the Marlins will lose 90 games with or without either of these guys. Hopefully Hanley is next and I wouldn't shed any tears if there are others provided Beinfest actually brings a few players over.

Ringling Brothers

I dont understand why we always trade two players at once. We need to do a better job of maximizing our trades. We got fleeced once again. The last thing I want is Beinfest and Hill running a fire sale. They should trade Hanley to Boston for Middlebrooks and Ellsbury. Thats the kind of trade to propose.


The Fire Sale has begun in earnest. Loria and Samson are counting the dollars they collect off the concessions, merchandise, parking, ticket sales, tv.....all at the expense of the Dade county tax payer that got screwed. And now, time to trade off the most popular players.....for nothing in return. Ah, the "Franchise" is going to be a fun watch. Samson cursing like a little twit, and Loria's wife obsessing over what art work should go in the big white elephant. This team won't get another dime from me. I'm getting my twizzlers and charleston chew...and gonna sit back and watch this dumpster fire


Ringling Brothers you must be a Clown, Sox giving up Ellsbury for the perpetually underachieving Hanley? Where do some of you all out there come up with the material?

The Real Alex

I got a new nickname for Ozzie Guillen: Ozzie The Nose Picker! I can't even watch his Post Game interviews anymore; he's DISGUSTING. He just can't keep his fingers out of his shnozz!

Now I know how it is on a baseball field; I played a lot of baseball in my life and also coached, so I KNOW how the wind and flying dust gets in your face, eyes, nose, etc. So I have no problem with guys DISCREETLY picking their noses DURING GAMES; been there, done that! But Ozzie is STILL BUSY PICKING SNOTS A HALF HOUR AFTER THE GAME! He's picking his nose while answering questions ON LIVE TV! He's picking his nose while talking to a FEMALE INTERVIEWER! I have watched COUNTLESS baseball managers, coaches, and players for over 50 years, and I have NEVER SEEN ANYONE as GROSS as Ozzie Guillen.

I seriously DOUBT that he reads this website, but maybe SOMEBODY connected with the Marlins does and will give him a hint. Until he stops I will be referring to him as Ozzie "The Nose Picker" Guillen.


Josh Johnson is next and then the only two that should get dumped ...infected Hanley and heath bell. but guess what....it will be another latin heritage night, or another Flo Rida concert....maybe loria will wheel Muhammed Ali out there again. Parkinson's awareness night. I tell you, I will go to another game if they have David Samson in a dunk tank night. that i'd pay for

El Chupacabre

Anibal wasn't coming back next year, so getting rid of him is fine. If Solano keeps up his pace, by September we will be saying Omar who. Beinfest jsut better hope Solano is the real deal and that his start was not a flash in the pan . . .

Stan M

Marlin's management announces drastic improvements with the arrival of two new emplayees. The dancing gils in the Cleveland club have been increased from 3 to 5. I knew Loria wouldn't let us down.

In case you haven't heard, Ichero is now Yankee!!!


Well the knock on these guys is that they used to ask for quantity over quality. Which makes sense considering no one in the Cabrera/Willis deal is playing for us now. Maybe there finally going for quality.

Btw, Turners ERA is based on 12 innings this year. Settle down. Hardly a big enough sample size to make a comparison to Volstad.

The Red Sox traded Youk to give Middlebrooks more playing time. Under what circumstance would they trade him for Hanley.


Marlins are masters at making bad moves. We have the best of both worlds in South Florida sports. The Miami Heat make the right moves while the Marlins continue to make bad ones.

This time I'm kind of surprised, they usually trade their players when they're doing well. It's only a matter of time before Stanton is traded away.


How anyone with an ounce of self respect can ever go near a Marlins game is beyond me. Loria and Samson have stolen the tax payers blind, called the tax payers suckers publicly on TV and the tax payers keep coming back for more. Wow, were they ever right, you are suckers. Unbelievable.


i'll give the Yankees this: I'm not a fan of Ichiro but at least that team does what it can to win. Samson/Loria does what it can to pocket more money. Weasel carpetbaggers. I want the county to take back the stadium....eminent domain.

Pee Wee Allen

12 innings is enough. Jacob Turner is a bum. So is this catcher.

The Real Alex

What did anyone expect? This team SUCKS and it was DOOMED TO SUCK from the Start! At the end of last year it was obvious the Marlins needed a BIG BAT, a Top Starter and a Top Closer. And what did they get? Jose Reyes was the Big Bat, the Top Starter was Buerhle and the Top Closer was Heath Bell!

Jose Reyes was signed because he was the BEST LATIN HITTER available after Albert Pujols. Not the BEST HITTER, but the BEST LATIN HITTER. The BEST HITTER available after Pujols was Prince Fielder (unacceptable because he's BLACK) whose Tigers just ROARED into 1st place. Reyes was signed to put LATIN fannies in the seats. This was a Typical cynical business move by Loria/Samson, PANDERING TO THE LATIN COMMUNITY. "Hey Latinos, come see the Marlins, they are YOUR TEAM!"

Buehrle is a good pitcher, but he is not a Top Starter, not anymore. He's a good #3 guy.

And Heath Bell was chosen because he was the CHEAPEST OPTION at closer, not the BEST OPTION. The best option was Papelbon, but Loria wanted to save some MONEY on the closer after just stupidly OVERPAYING for Jose Reyes.

With these kind of moves, did anyone REALLY EXPECT success this year? I did NOT and I SAID SO before the season started. The only way this season would be a success was if all these Free Agents had great years, AND we also got great comeback years from Hanley Ramirez and Josh Johnson! If any of you REALLY EXPECTED those two guys to have great years, please tell me WHAT YOU WERE SMOKING! Hanley has been DECLINING since 2009; please go ahead and tell me exactly what you saw in Hanley that led you to EXPECT HIM to be good this year? And JJ was coming back from another injury; again, what made you think he was going to be good this year?

The truth is that this team SUCKS and it had SUCK written all over it from Day 1. Heath Bell? Even the Padres didn't want him anymore! Didn't anyone see any RED FLAGS in that? Don't tell me I was the only one, because I don't BELIEVE THAT. Anyone with an OUNCE of baseball knowledge could see that this team was gonna SUCK; even Beinfest ET AL knew it, despite what they say now. They are acting all surprised and disappointed, LMFAO! Don't BUY IT. That's an ACT.

Joe Mine

Shoulda tried to get Castelannos and then trade Hanley for Upton... Dumb Management like always, something NEEDS to change up there..

The Real Alex

But who knows? Maybe they might actually win some games now! If Solano plays 2nd base and LeBlanc takes Anibal's spot, this team might actually be ok! But they need to get rid of some more DEAD WOOD first. Hanley, for starters. Gaby and Coghlan too. Those two deserve a fresh start with a new time. Hanley deserves to get exiled to Seattle or KC.

Marlin Fan

I wish Infante and Sanchez well . I'm glad they get to play for a contender


Mickey that is a good point.

After Loria and Samson:
-lied to for a decade about the financial health of the team
-lied about their "attempts" to put a winning team on the field
-repeated floated fake "trade talks" to the gullible media
-pocketed tens of millions of revenue sharing $ that was supposed to go to payroll
-paid off Miami Dade officials and secured their stadium in a way that is unethical at best and criminal at worst
-are now being investigated by the SEC for criminal wrongdoing related to the stadium
-again failed to field a competitive team

It all leads to the question: Why would anyone with any self respect give one cent of their money or waste one second of their time cheering on the Marlins?

The Real Alex

Getting rid of JJ would be pure stupidity. He is going through what most power pitchers go through: that rough year when they have to learn how to win with a diminished fastball. It's not an easy thing to do for guys that were used to just blowing hitters away. But JJ has shown signs that he CAN make that transition. If we give up on him now, MARK MY WORDS! We will REGRET IT FOR A LONG TIME AS WE WATCH JJ GO ON TO HAVE A SUCCESSFUL CAREER SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!!


agreed omaximus. the Loria/Samson cabal is one that needs to leave town. two shysters

Stan M

Checked out some top 50 and top 100 prospect lists. Turner is on all and rated above both Yelich and our Alez Fernandez. The others are on no top lists. On the Tigers top 20 list, Turner is #1 and Brantley is #16. He was moved from AA where he was hitting well over .300 to AAA where he's only at .250ish. Little power. Flynn looks like a warm body...bad minor league stats. Only Turner was on Tiger's 40 man roster.


ed, these guys are free agents at the end of the year. So far this isn't a fire sale. A fire sale is when you trade expensive player contracts with multiple years remaining on the contract. These are inexpensive player with expiring contracts. You have to get something for them if they become FA's and you're not in the play off's.


This may be the only time I ever agree with Alex. This isn't a fire sale...........yet.

Stan M

Mike, I believe Infante is signed through next year.


I want to preface this by saying that the FO sucks. Thats an indisputable fact. However, the notion of these individuals being involved in criminal activity is just plain dumb. There are so many moving parts in getting deals like this done that it would be nearly impossible to get away with. Not to mention MLB is involved in all the wheeling and dealing and certainly Bud wouldn't jeopardize himself or anyone else that worked with the team on getting this done.

If I read correctly the SEC is reviewing if the city didn't misrepresent the value of the bonds used to fund the stadium. The city was responsible for selling those bonds not the marlins.

Are they crooks, maybe figuratively, certainly not literally until otherwise noted.


They should trade Hanley Ramirez.
He never had the right attitude.
And get rid of Samson before that.


Stan you are right, he's still cheap though, and I think that's the point. My bad he did sign a 2 year contract.


ed, they did spend money this. They may not have made the best decision on how they spent it, but they did spend about 104 million this year.


Can the owners be traded also? Nobody would take them anyway.


The Marlins should trade Larry Beinfest, Michael Hill, and David Samson to the Cubs for Steve Bartman. I heard the Cubs have three spots open for beer vendors walking through the stands, and they want to make it up to Bartman for running him out of town.


Sanchez was making 8 million which was coming off the books after the season, and Infante wasto make 4 million next year. In the whole scope of things both contracts were inexpensive.


And yes the FO has made some terrible decisions. Someone needs to lose their job over the construct of the team.


Like an operation for lung cancer...they removed the liver and the bladder...


Just incorporated Beinfest quotes and a video of him explaining the trade into the post -- Clark

Stan M

How this trade turns out will not be decided for several years. But right now, my opinion is that it could be good for the Marlins. The catcher obtained is a LH hitter and is supposedly just about ready to be called up. Fine. Let's see what he can do. Turner has the potential to be an ace and is only 21 YO. The catcher is 23 I believe.


As I Tiger fan, we received two players that can help us now. Turner ranking has been over inflated since we drafted him. I am glad he is gone. We dumped another "prospect" on the Marlins. Btw, thanks for Cabrera.

matt pohl

As a tiger fan all we've heard about for the last 3 yrs is Turner is the second comeing. Happy to have Omar back we don't need another star just a steady everyday 2nd baseman good deal for both teams

Michael Courtney

Anyone notice that the first round picks since Beinfest came on board have all been busts??? The biggest travesty--the five pitchers drafted in the first round of 2005 have never panned out for us.


Who goes to Marlin games?? They trick the fans every year then chop the team up to reduce payroll. They traded those players to lose contracts not to get better. Miami needs a minor league team so people can go watch baseball at a decent price. This stadium is used as someones piggy bank with bad baseball.


Definitely agree with that omaximus.

""After Loria and Samson:
-lied to for a decade about the financial health of the team
-lied about their "attempts" to put a winning team on the field
-repeated floated fake "trade talks" to the gullible media
-pocketed tens of millions of revenue sharing $ that was supposed to go to payroll
-paid off Miami Dade officials and secured their stadium in a way that is unethical at best and criminal at worst
-are now being investigated by the SEC for criminal wrongdoing related to the stadium
-again failed to field a competitive team

It all leads to the question: Why would anyone with any self respect give one cent of their money or waste one second of their time cheering on the Marlins?""


Here's a comment from a Tigers fan up north -- You got a good one in Turner. He's 21 and has 6 major league spot starts because he's developing fast. He has fantastic, front-of-rotation stuff, and has shown he's mastered the minor-league ranks. That said, he's shown a few jitters at the major-league level -- pretty natural when you're facing Pujols, Trout and Trumbo in 100-degree heat. I'll tell you this: in his 2005 cup of coffee with the big club, a young Justin Verlander also got shelled like a Japanese beachhead, but you could see the magic in the arm. So Turner's major-league stats mean nothing -- look at his progress through the ranks. Brantly is also a very talented hitter as a catcher, and will continue to improve. For a couple of vets who are under contract for less than a total of 2 more years, the Marlins did well.

The Tigers are in "win now" mode, and Sanchez and Infante will solve big problems for our club. As Dombrowski said, "We gave up a lot. We know that." As fans, we all just hope it was worthwhile.

In time, you're going to like these two. Flynn might pan out, too.

The Real Alex

By the way, this is FAR from a "Fire Sale" type of move. That's not to say that Dirt Bag Loria WON'T have a FIRE SALE in the near future; I expect anything from that slime ball. But this was a very good trade. They got that catcher Brantley who I've heard about, and after suffering through Buck for two years I LOVE that move. And the word on the Turner kid is all positive; good stuff and lots of potential. Could he BOMB like the Andrew kid we got for Cabrera? Sure! But Anibal Sanchez was a maddening pitcher as a Marlin. Great STUFF, sure, but somehow he lacked that killer instinct that is needed to become an ACE. He had his chances to STEP UP and be that ACE last year and he spit the bit. They weren't gonna sign him anyway.

And Infante was very inconsistent. I have a feeling Solano could be a better player. So, FIRE SALE? Absolutely NOT. Not YET, anyway....LOL....

Leo Orestes Barberie

I come on this site and I don't see one STINKING reference to my comment at 11:22 last night that the Marlins would trade Infante and Sanchez to the Tigers for the Tigers #1 catching prospect and 2 other prospects. Well, they actually got 3 prospects. Anyone who does not believe I'm connected now is either silly(NOTE!! I didn't say "moron") or brain dead.

Clark, call me if you need any help.


Mbiggmiike, have you ever gone to agame, probably not. The games are fun despite of some uneven play in the field. I've been to several games, you can get a ticket for less than $20.00, that's pretty cheap. The seat are comfortable, lots of women to watch, and the food is great, and sometimes the game get interesting. In fact I saw a perfect game pitched........against the Marlin, but a perfect game nonetheless. You ought try going. This was a baseball move not a fire sale, try to know the difference.


Michael Courtney, Yep very true he likes tall soft throwing pitcher. The taller the better, 6'8" or better and an 85 mph fast ball.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Just a LITTLE shout out for old Leo.


LOB, credit is due to you sir.

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