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Marlins trade Omar Infante, Anibal Sanchez to Tigers for prospects (w/VIDEO)

       The Marlins are effectively throwing in the towel on the season, trading second baseman Omar Infante and starting pitcher Anibal Sanchez to the Detroit Tigers for three prospects.

       "The team is really not in contention and is in a tenuous spot at best," said Larry Beinfest, Marlins president of baseball operations, in announcing the deal. "And I think it was time to restructure. We're not winning at the level that we want to be winning at with the current group, so let's change things up."

       The Marlins obtained three prospects, foremost among them being right-handed pitcher Jacob Turner, whom Baseball America ranked as the 22nd-best overall prospect before the season. Turner has made three starts for the Tigers this season but will start out for the Marlins at Triple A New Orleans. Also obtained in the deal were minor-league catcher Rob Brantly and minor-league left-hander Brian Flynn. Brantly is a left-handed hitting catcher while Flynn stands 6-feet-8. 

      Turner was the 9th overall pick in the 2009 draft.

      "Our intention is not for him to be a Triple A pitcher, so we see him in our rotation (soon)," Beinfest said. "Brantly and Turner are going to Triple A. Flynn's going to Double A in Jacksonville. So we're getting three 'close-to' players. Really in Brantly and Turner, we're getting major league ready players. That makes it more attractive, getting guys you may not have to wait as long for."

      The Tigers, who are in need of a second baseman, have been scouting Infante for weeks. Infante said before batting practice today that he expected to be traded.

        "I think I'm gone," he said.

        Sanchez, who is eligible for free agency, was also ripe trade bait and told reporters following Sunday's start in Pittsburgh that he understood the situation.

        Beinfest said Wade LeBlanc would likely move into the rotation to fill Sanchez's spot, but expected Turner to move up before the end of the season. Beinfest said the straw that broke the camel's back was losing two out of three to the Cubs in Chicago.

         "This is a restructuring," Beinfest said. "I mean, it's kind of an interesting word because it doesn't fit into white flag or selling or any of those types of things. But, let's face it, the current group that was here was not winning, so we could stay put and just hope. But I think it's enough sample size in this season to say wow, these problems are real. We've lost contact with the division. We've pretty much lost contact with the wild card. We better think about something else, so that's where we are.

         "The message to the fans is we're disappointed, they should be disappointed, the current team did not win at the level we thought it should, and we need to make some changes. We're not winning as is, so we might as well try something else."

        Beinfest did not rule out further moves before the July 31 trading deadline.

        "If we need to make further changes, then we'll do it," Beinfest said. "I wouldn't say we're going to close up shop with a week to go before the trading deadline. We need to go through it. We need to go through it all, and do our work, and if that leads to something, fine, and if it doesn't fine."

        Josh Johnson, who was on the mound Monday for the Marlins, is being scouted by other clubs and could be targeted in a deal. Lefty reliever Randy Choate, like Sanchez, is eligible for free agency after the season and could go to a team looking for veteran bullpen help.

         Here's what Beinfest had to say about the trade:


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Good work.


Red Sox and Rangers scouting JJ?!!! This I would not stand for.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Clark, Call me!! I'm here to help.

By the way, it figures that this site does not stress the CENTERPIECE of this deal who is Brantly who will be Brian McCann with defensive skills. Before the season started the Tigers would have laughed if you tried to get Brantly and Turner for Sanchez and Infante. This is a GOOD deal for both teams. The Tigers made themselves finalist for the World Series and the Tigers got a 10 year catcher and a #2 starter for a pretty good 2B(now Boni gets to play his REAL position) and a guy who would have NEVER resigned with the Marlins after being a part of this year.

Clark, Call Me!!


By the way, I thought you said the Fish would get the catcher (Brantly), Boesch and another outfielder. I won't go back and look, but tell me if I'm wrong. I don't think I was that drunk.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Meant to say the Marlins get a 10 year catcher.

ALSO, PLEASE quit talking about Castellanos. You would not get Nick for Reyes, Ramirez and Nolasco. Stop the foolishness!!

Leo Orestes Barberie

I have no idea why they acquired Flynn and neither do my buddies who must remain anonymous.


I did make a comment on the tigers deal I thought they should of gone with dean green or danry vasquez they are both young bt very talented watching those guys play is fun they can take over a game in any atbat and danry can steal run and hit as for your comment you where shooting down top players rondon and castellanos but they ended up with turner sounds like the moronitis you complain about is contagius


Jesu Christo, and now JJ is pitching like he wants out of SFL like there's no tomorrow.
At least after this start the Marlin's FO should ask Texas and Boston for the moon!


shoot if only JJ did this yesterday the Fish could have inquired about Austin Jackson for in the deal w/ maybe Boni instead of Anibal.

I live way out in the Seattle area so all I have is the ESPN ticker and boxscore, can someone tell me why Ozzie pulled JJ after 6 & less than 90 pitches? Was there a need for a PH or runner? If so seriosly? This team is playing like garbage and Ozzie's concerned about scrapping out a single stinking run instead of letting the horse gallop down the stretch? FO chiming in to conserve his and keep healthy for a blockbuster deal? Someone please reply to this post.


Boston has nothing the Marlins want. don't trade JJ. Maybe this trade wasn't a "firesale", but Loria's cougar wife needs some new shoes and maybe some botox....Loria will look to free up cash. Btw, Samson must have manorexia. He is looking sickly

Leo Orestes Barberie

I did say 2 outfielders. That is what a GOOD organization would have got back and my sources obviously were drunk when they thought the Marlins were a good organization. They should have DEMANDED Boesch and forgot this Flynn.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Dear Juan, Espero!!!! you were not talking to me about "shooting down" Castellanos and Rondon. I said the Marlins would NEVER get Castellanos and Rondon---they weren't going to offer Stanton.

F. T. Ardkowalczyk

Turner sucks and will make Andrew Miller look like Steve Carlton in comparison. He will never amount to anything, until he's traded away from here.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Dear Ed, Are you sure about this "cougar" stuff? Isn't a cougar an older woman? I'd be shocked if a multi millionaire is hanging around with a cougar.


free heath bell


JJ had some sort of irritation on the middle finger (I think it was) of his throwing hand. The clubhouse said taking him out was "precautionary" and that he's expected to make his next start.


lb, thanks. sounds like a blister, the ghost of Josh Beckett rears its ugly head. If anyone else is interested ESPN's Keith Law just posted his asssesment of the trade.
And in a moment of perspective: RIP Dr. Sally Ride hopefully one day someone as intelligent and courageous as yourself can find a cure for cancer.

Leo Orestes Barberie

I've had an irritation on my middle finger the whole year while tuned to Marlins games on DIRECTV. I think the irritation was the result of over use.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Wait!!!! Who are the Marlins bringing up or are they holding roster spots open for Trout and FELIX?????

YEA!!!! I HATE the Braves and even though I still believe a 10 game losing streak would have been the best thing, I'll take it.

Leo Orestes Barberie

The BEST thing about this deal--Kyle Skipworth can get on with the rest of his life!!


The Marlins Organization is a joke! They spend some money just to try and show people they are trying to win, and get a Manager that just likes attention and he is latin. I wish the OB was still there and just sent the Marlins packing!!!!!!


You're right about this cougar stuff. If you and I had a cougar, she'd be 90!

Leo Orestes Barberie

Brantly will be the Marlins catcher next year and contrary to what the Phi Beta Kappa, Cliff Floyd, said the "important thing" is not calling a game. It's the ability to fill a BLACK HOLE in your batting order.

Kyle, Go Home!!!

Now we need a CF!!!!! Josh brings a CF and an infielder and a prospect. I'll let you know more. I can't give up too much too early or even the Marlins will fill in the LEAK>


But a great-looking 90.

Leo Orestes Barberie

I'm telling you, some of you guys make me look like Bob Jones.

Where's The Franchise?????? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you once again, Marlins! The TIGER Nation says THANKS ! Sanchez, Infante .....did I mention ....CABRERA?

Danke Schoen !!

ROFLOL .....

Mike Skor

Prospects for Inafante and Sanchez, and one of those prospects has an ERA higher then Volsted. Way to go Beinfest! You at truly the most incompent man in all of baseball. Congrats Boston, you're about to get Josh Johnson for a box of Cracker Jack. This team needs a new front office from top to bottom and unfortunatey Luria will never do that.


rebuilding has started. getting rid of two of the best players on the team, Anibal and Omar, instead of some of the dead wood that remains. Saw Beinfest on TV and no surprise, he never mentioned that maybe some of the coaching needs to be changed. There was a survey for the fans to respond as to what they thought about the trade...62% said they were disappointed, 17% said they were surprised. The 17% who said surprised were saying they were really disappointed but wanted to be polite.


We have won 2 world series in 15 years. Red sox. 2 in 110 years. Cubs. O. It's year 1. Its not like they r 20-60 people. They traded infante. Not Stanton. Don't go by 8 era. Kid only had a few starts. 9 pick in 2009 draft. For basically nothin.

Stan M

If Loria found out his wife was sleeping around...look at him, she must be...then got a divorce, would we be rid of Samson as the son-in-law? Somebody, please, ask her out!! Then Loria can get a newer, younger, arm candy and die of a heart attack doing you know what. Now we have new ownership. One of us has to nail his present squeeze and I'm too old.

Flav C

We already have a very good catcher in the making in JT Realmuto (Jupiter). There was no need to bring another kid who will start with the minor leagues. Anyone who has watched Realmuto playing knows what I'm talking about.
Basically, this trade doesn't address anything this team needs and sends away two players who could have brought more positives than negatives.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Dear Flav, Realmuto is NO Brantly. Just trust me on this one.

Stan, Is that really you talking trash like that? Proud of you!!

Clark, IF I can predict the next Marlins deal 6 hours before it is announced, do I get to sit in the press box and make fun of Dave O'Brien about his run in with Tim Hudson??

Leo Orestes Barberie

Stan, You're not too old and you probably have more money than Loria and I bet that MAY be important. You do live in Hendersonville.

Bob C

Nobody comments on the coaching which is very weak.

Leo Orestes Barberie

It would give me SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much satisfaction to announce this next deal but I'm afraid I'd get someone fired and I'm not doing that. Does kinda make you wonder how someone in the Blogosphere is predicting trades 18 hours in advance. I just feel bad I missed on Boesch> The Tigs must feel that Brendan could explode. And Dirks is still hurt.

Clark, Call me. I'll let you leak the deal and not take credit but I need that press box seat on an E-Mail Tuesday.

Franky Killer Detroit

Sorry to rub it in, but as a tigers fan I have to say...I love you and thank you Miami. You just helped us win the AL Central, you gave us the best hitter in baseball in Miguel Cabrera...you have become our AAAA team. I'll be coming down there this winter to thank you and enjoy your beautiful weather and my favorite Lincoln st (shout out to divine cafe!) Thank you thank you thank you. Oh just so you feel better, Jacob Turner does have potential. Take care of him so we can sign him when he's 26. Btw, we'll gladly take Giancarlo when you guys want to unload him. Thank you, I love u Miami. Viva Venezuela!!!!!!!!

Flav C

LOB, sorry, I trust my judgement on this one. Realmuto IS better than Brantley. He hits well, has lost of speed for a catcher (being SS previously), very good fielding, steal lots of bases. Brantley is far from being major league ready. The other kid, the lefty pitching prospect, there's 4-5 other kids in Jupiter and Greensboro as good or with better numbers than this kid. Turner is a big question mark. Maybe he will do well, maybe he won't. And not only that: Anibal goes to the Tigers having better numbers, better stats than ALL of their pitching rotation, except for Verlander. Infante fulfills a much needed solid glove in 2b and then some. And what did we get in return? How are our needs fulfilled? We need good young hitting prospects, since this team can't hit its way out of a paper bag. Did we get any good hitting prospect? No.
This FO is laughable. Dombrowski is probably laughing as hard as The Real Alex. The problem is that Alex laughs watching our despicable outfield. Dombrowski laughs at the business decisions the Marlins FO makes.

Franky Killer Detroit

Leo, please tell me Miami is trading Giancarlo to Detroit! They were talking about a possible trade on Detroit Radio


Fredi says his best hitters were walking back to the dugout shaking their heads in disbelief at JJ's stuff tonight. Anybody scouting him saw him at his best, which can't hurt if a trade is in the works. His "injury" will cause concern because blisters, as rbleigh points out, can be ugly. Anybody who wants JJ will need him to be cocked and ready.

Flav C

LB, fear not: The Marlins will trade JJ and will get 2 tickets to next year's Home Run Derby (bleacher seats), 2 vintage shirts displaying the 1997 Marlins WS Championship Trophy, and a pack of gums. That should do it.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Dear Franky(Lary?????), NO!!!! I'm trying to imagine what it would take an intelligent FO to ask Detroit for to trade Stanton?


See, that looks like too much, but is it enough??????

Isn't Rod Allen pathetic? My first Tiger game was a DH against the Red Sox on Sept. 16, 1956. The Tigers scored 3 in bottom of 9th to win the opener. Frank Bolling hit a home run off the facing of the second deck and being my first game in person at 9 years old, I thought ball was in play. Seems like yesterday!!

Franky Killer Detroit

Rod Allen is definitely annoying. Sorry, but I don't think Miamis FO is too bright. I'll give you both Boesch and Dirks and a 4th round pick for Giancarlo :-)

Flav C

Funny comments in several Detroit Tigers' boards, where fans are relieved that Turner, and not Castellanos was traded. "Overrated", "Andrew Miller 2.0", Dead weight", Nothing special", were also some of the comments they had for Turner. Interesting.

Stan M

Marlins have redone their top 20 prospect list. Turner is now #1; Brantly is #12; and Flynn is # 17. They didn't put my man Keys on the list. He's been hurt all of this month. If Flynn is #17, we have an awful minor league system after the first dozen or so. My guess is that they put him there to make the trade look good.

Flav, the Marlins traded The Hopper for a 23 YO catcher named Jefferies. Here are his stats:
AA ball 30 games .229BA 1HR
AAA ball 6 games .133BA 0HR
Now that is one of worst trades ever in my opinion.

I had to watch Atlanta broadcast because Marlins blacked out when they play Braves. The announcers couldn't sat enough good things about JJ. He sure looked good to me, too. Best since year he won ERA title. They also loved Cishek. Couldn't get over how hard he throws for a sidearmer.

I liked tonight's lineup but would make 2 changes. I'd flip Bono with Reyes who is a more discliplined hitter and should hit 2nd. Last I'd bring up Coghlan and play him every day for at least a month. If he hasn't got it anymore, let's first be sure. Kearns isn't our future as a regular and Coghlan just might be.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Stan, Coghlan CAN'T play. He has not been the same since the adolescent prank that ended up derailing his career. Chris Coghlan can not even pull the ball anymore. Watch him if they are silly enough to recall him. Everything is fouled off to the left. it is truly pathetic. I've NEVER seen 3!!!!!!!!!! guys seemingly lose it this fast in one organization--------------Coghlin, Sanchez and Ramirez.

Every time I hear the desultory tones of Chip Caray i realize that Nepotism should be a crime punishable by 10 years in prison. Hopefully he has no male progeny and this will be the end of the Caray "Dynasty", I don't even know if the Chipper can drink like his daddy and grandpa. If I was driving in a car and Chip was doing the radio play by play, I would turn down the sound to eng=joy the game.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Chris Coghlin has a "future", we all have a future. You, Flav, Glags, Flag, The Real Alex, Stan 3, Ed and myself all have futures and like Chris Coghlan of "Walkoff Shame" none of them lie in Major League baseball. Chris is now Brett Carroll, Chris Aguila and any other Triple A Hanger On you can think of.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Let's bring up Coghlin, Cervanek, Green and let's find Logan Kensing, Taylor Tankersley, Reynal Pinto and even Hermida and Marceaux and Allison and West and Ceda and just the whole gang. It would be amusing to watch a collection of talent that would serve to showcase one of the most inept talent evaluators in all of baseball. REMEMBER----what round Stanton was drafted in and realize if Larry really knew how good he was he would not have waited that long to select him.


Larry Beinfest looks horrible. His arse has to be on the line. I would imagine his career is winding to a close with this team he helped assemble. I'm sure there will be more to come. Got a bad feeling their gonna hold onto Hanley.

juanh v.

marlins also swapped thei small revenue pick to the tigers they dropped a full round . and gave the tigers highest pick since turner


Stan M, in response to your post above, think #2

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