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Marlins trade Omar Infante, Anibal Sanchez to Tigers for prospects (w/VIDEO)

       The Marlins are effectively throwing in the towel on the season, trading second baseman Omar Infante and starting pitcher Anibal Sanchez to the Detroit Tigers for three prospects.

       "The team is really not in contention and is in a tenuous spot at best," said Larry Beinfest, Marlins president of baseball operations, in announcing the deal. "And I think it was time to restructure. We're not winning at the level that we want to be winning at with the current group, so let's change things up."

       The Marlins obtained three prospects, foremost among them being right-handed pitcher Jacob Turner, whom Baseball America ranked as the 22nd-best overall prospect before the season. Turner has made three starts for the Tigers this season but will start out for the Marlins at Triple A New Orleans. Also obtained in the deal were minor-league catcher Rob Brantly and minor-league left-hander Brian Flynn. Brantly is a left-handed hitting catcher while Flynn stands 6-feet-8. 

      Turner was the 9th overall pick in the 2009 draft.

      "Our intention is not for him to be a Triple A pitcher, so we see him in our rotation (soon)," Beinfest said. "Brantly and Turner are going to Triple A. Flynn's going to Double A in Jacksonville. So we're getting three 'close-to' players. Really in Brantly and Turner, we're getting major league ready players. That makes it more attractive, getting guys you may not have to wait as long for."

      The Tigers, who are in need of a second baseman, have been scouting Infante for weeks. Infante said before batting practice today that he expected to be traded.

        "I think I'm gone," he said.

        Sanchez, who is eligible for free agency, was also ripe trade bait and told reporters following Sunday's start in Pittsburgh that he understood the situation.

        Beinfest said Wade LeBlanc would likely move into the rotation to fill Sanchez's spot, but expected Turner to move up before the end of the season. Beinfest said the straw that broke the camel's back was losing two out of three to the Cubs in Chicago.

         "This is a restructuring," Beinfest said. "I mean, it's kind of an interesting word because it doesn't fit into white flag or selling or any of those types of things. But, let's face it, the current group that was here was not winning, so we could stay put and just hope. But I think it's enough sample size in this season to say wow, these problems are real. We've lost contact with the division. We've pretty much lost contact with the wild card. We better think about something else, so that's where we are.

         "The message to the fans is we're disappointed, they should be disappointed, the current team did not win at the level we thought it should, and we need to make some changes. We're not winning as is, so we might as well try something else."

        Beinfest did not rule out further moves before the July 31 trading deadline.

        "If we need to make further changes, then we'll do it," Beinfest said. "I wouldn't say we're going to close up shop with a week to go before the trading deadline. We need to go through it. We need to go through it all, and do our work, and if that leads to something, fine, and if it doesn't fine."

        Josh Johnson, who was on the mound Monday for the Marlins, is being scouted by other clubs and could be targeted in a deal. Lefty reliever Randy Choate, like Sanchez, is eligible for free agency after the season and could go to a team looking for veteran bullpen help.

         Here's what Beinfest had to say about the trade:


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Juan Varona

Tigers abuse Marlins again.


I am not Latin, but the strategy to appease Latin fans by getting Latin players (and coaches) seems insulting. I believe Latin fans, and all fans, will support a winning team that plays hard regardless of the races of the players.

I think the Marlins should trade Hanley because he has not performed well for 2 years now and they need to move on. However, I wish they had fired Perez earlier to see if a new hitting coach could turn things around. With the deadline fast approaching, there is no time to see if Hanley would improve with a better hitting coach.


Well put SunnyDee.

Stan M

Best headline of the day:
Marlin brass open to trading Hanley.

In a prior post I called Flynn a warm body. That might have been too quick an assessment. Evidently he does have some value. Good.

Stan M

Here's a pretty good scouting evaluation of Alez Fernandez who was our top pitching prospect until Turner came along.



Stan M,
Probably was a good scouting report, but I'll never know what it sez. Why should I buy an "insider" membership when I get all the lowdown I need (and sometimes a lot more than I need) from my astute team of fellow bloggers?


Again, to the doubters: Turner is 21 and extremely good. In 10 AAA starts this year, he posed an ERA in the low 3's. And most of the guys at that level are 3-5 years older than he is. He will be a major-leaguer for a long time, and the Tiger fans who called him "Miller 2.0" are just ignorant. He's far better, with better stuff. His numbers in "The Show" should be ignored. He's young and developing, and it's a small sample size. He's had half a dozen starts and put up solid outings against the Red Sox, White Sox and Rangers (I believe). And he got shelled a couple times. Jim Leyland was quoted as saying "He's not quite ready yet" after the Angels beat him up pretty good a couple weeks ago, and that's true. But he's getting close. Give him a year or so, and I think you'll be happy. Welcome to the show, kid.


You know, now that the Fish have officially thrown in the towel, this might be a lot more fun. Instead of fuming and agonizing our way through each frustrating at-bat, we can sit back, pop a top and see what develops — once we get rid of Hanley, of course. Let's get some young guys up here and see what they're made of.
I like Carlos Lee, but maybe some American League team looking for a dh will take him off our hands for a prospect or two. I've gotta admit, I don't know who would be looking for a dh at this time of year, but it was just a thought.

K E  Grossman

They need to trade Hanley. He has done nothing since his new contract. He is selfish, spoiled, immature, and overpaid! We could get good value in return and fill needs with a few new team players. Josh Johnson should not be traded!

Stan M

Ken Rosenthal has quire a bit to say about the Marlins in two different articles at Fox sports. Let's just say that he is not impressed with our FO. Does think a Hanley to Oakland trade makes sense. Says LA Angels had a scout watching JJ and Marlins had a scout at their game as well.

Stan M

There was a chat about Marlins elsewhere and I posed this question. Does the FO realize how much the fans dislike Hanley. The answer from Juan Rodriguez was, Probably because many in front office can't stand him either. I'm paraphrasing, but that was essentially his answer. I've posted the same question to Clark, but never got an answer.
It's pretty ovbious that Hanley is gone. The only question seems to be whether it will be now or in the off season.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Here is what I'm getting from my same 2 guys. The Rangers might jump in on Josh. The Red Sox are pulling their typical low ball stuff in any talks. The Tigers actually contemplated going after Hanley and thinking they move him back to SS--Why I don't know. Even though Miggy has made himself a very serviceable 3B(BECAUSE he's just a GREAT guy) with Hanley back at SS you could have had a pitcher's revolt. Oakland knows they can't win with INGE at third but they just don't trust Han Ram. More later. Nothing will happen for awile. They are still working out kinks.

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