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Stanton has MRI on knee, could miss All-Star Game

   MILWAUKEE -- Giancarlo Stanton says he will miss the rest of the Milwaukee series due to a sore right knee and, if he is unable to return to the linup for the weekend series in St. Louis, might not participate in either the Home Run Derby or All-Star Game.

    Stanton and the Marlins are awaiting the results of a MRI, which was performed Tuesday after he was scratched from the lineup. Stanton wasn't in Wednesday's lineup and said he would not play on Thursday, as well, when the Marlins close out their series against the Brewers.

    Depending on the results of the MRI, he said his goal is to play Friday when the Marlins open a series in St. Louis. If he is unable to play in that series, he said it's unlikely he would take part in All-Star festivities. Stanton is the Marlins' only representative to the All-Star team.

    "That would depend on how hitting felt," Stanton said of being in the All-Star Game if he doesn't play in St. Louis. "But it would make more sense (not to play in the All-Star Game). I'll (aim) for this weekend.  Have got to let some swelling and stuff go down, stiffness and whatnot."

    Said Marlins general manager Michael Hill: "Obviously you want him to play for us before he goes play in an exhibition game. It wouldn't be smart (otherwise). We have a long season. If we want to get ourselves back into it, he's a big part of it and you want to make sure he's able to do that."

    Hill said team doctors in South Florida will examine the MRI images, perhaps as soon as today.

    Stanton said he apparently injured his knee somehow in the eighth inning of Monday's game in Milwaukee while standing in right field and flexing his legs and arms in preparation for a possible throw to the plate.

    "I was getting my legs and arms ready, just to throw somebody out, anticipating it, and bending my legs it kind of just locked up on me," Stanton said.

    Stanton said he is going day-to-day to see how the knee responds to treatment.

    "It's one day at a time is pretty important right now to kind of evaluate everything, make sure all is good to go," Stanton said.


     Stanton isn't the only Marlins outfielder dealing with a sore knee. Left fielder Logan Morrison is also dealing with a sore left knee and, with left-hander Randy Wolf going for the Brewers, isn't in the lineup.

     "Lomo's knee is not too good," Guillen said. "He's banged up. I almost took him out of the game yesterday. I was two seconds away from taking him out because it was very uncomfortable watching him play. But he wanted to stay in."


     Closer Heath Bell said he appreciated Guillen for standing up for him in a post-game rant inside the Marlins' clubhouse following Tuesday's 13-12 loss. Bell gave up two-run walkoff homer to Aramis Ramirez in the 10th inning.

     "Ozzie's sticking up for his players, plain and simple," Bell said. "Did it make me feel any better? No. But I totally respect and appreciate what he said. But I blew the game plain and simple. I take full responsiblity and it was my fault that we lost the game because my teammates put us in a good position to win and I threw one bad pitch. I'm the reason that we lost the game. But that's the nature of the beast."

     Guillen said he was trying to show Bell's teammates, the Marlins' front office and the media that Bell was not solely to blame for Tuesday's loss.

     "I was upset because a lot of people were looking at Bell like (he was) a ghost," Guillen said. "Bell gave up one hit and two runs, and all those other (expletive) gave up 16 (hits) and 10 runs, and we're going to blame Bell for that? That's easy to kick the guy in his (expletive) when he's down. I'm not protecting the guy. But it's unfair."

     Guillen said he would become extremely upset if he saw or heard any of Bell's teammates criticize the closer.

     "They better not," Guillen said. "If I see teammates criticize him, they're not going to be on this ballclub anymore. I'm going to make sure I make their life miserable."



     Marlins: 1. Jose Reyes, ss; 2. Donovan Solano, lf; 3. Hanley Ramirez, 3b; 4. Justin Ruggiano, cf; 5. Omar Infante, 2b; 6. Austin Kearns, rf; 7. Gaby Sanchez, 1b; 8. Brett Hayes, c; 9. Josh Johnson, rhp.

     Brewers: 1. Norichika Aoki, rf; 2. Nyjer Morgan, cf; 3. Ryan Braun, lf; 4. Aramis Ramirez, 3b; 5. Corey Hart, 1b; 6. Rickie Weeks, 2b; 7. George Kottaras, c; 8. Cesar Izturis, ss; 9. Randy Wolf, lhp.

     Umpires: HP -- Dan Bellino; 1B -- D.J. Reyburn; 2B -- Derryl Cousins; 3B -- Ron Kulpa.


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Daily Planet

Superman injures himself


Well, that's the Final Nail in the Marlins 2012 Coffin of a season. It makes sense to shut him down and at LEAST 'scope his knee, if not have full surgery and hope to get him back some time NEXT YEAR after the All Star Game. This is great news for Loria! He can now shut it all down, dump as much payroll as possible, and blame this GARBAGE SEASON on injuries!


You guys watch, you'll see that I'm right! Loria will blame this entire fiasco on INJURIES! "we had a great team, and I know we were going to make the playoffs, but Bonifacio got hurt and then we lost Stanton too, so that was the end of our chances this year."


Stanton missing the All-Star game means who replaces him ? It has to be a Marlins since we have to have one in the game and Stanton was our lone representitive

As for Loria, I can see him dumping payroll and having a firesale. I actually agree with it. This crowd isn't going to win anyways, so scrap it and start with fresh prospects. Yelich & Realmutto look like the real deal and could be ready by next year.


Yeah, why not? Dump Hanley, that's number one. Let Solano play 3rd base; he hustles and plays the game the right way.

To Hell With David Samson

Damn shame. I was looking forward to the Whiffer swinging and missing at least seven times during the HR derby. This sham of a fraud of a mockery of a travesty of a disorganization has no business having any representation at the All-Star Game. They should all be tarred and feathered. Starting with Hanloaf.

Stan M

Alex, most of us liked Coghlan and Cody and do like LoMo because they all play hard. It's not LoMo's fault that Ozzie plays him out of position so that a .180 hitter can play 1st base. This new guy seems to fit that mold as well...Ruggiano. I disagree with some in that I think Reyes gives his all. It might be that he doesn't have the highest IQ on the team; baseball or otherwise. The two players that I admire most since I started watching baseball in the late 40s are Frank Robinson and Joe Morgan. Not only were they great, but the whole team would improve when they joined it. Jackie Robinson would probably be third. I also like players who smile a lot such as Bono, Reyes, and surprisingly, Zambrano.

Same Old Shitttttttttttt

Last years excuse was injuries...after all the B.S in the offseason...new players,uni's ,stadium etc, They will use the same excuse again.

jimmy the geek

Marlins close to trading for Carlos Lee ,according to ESPN's Buster Olney

Queefer Quafs Games

can he close?


"Alex, most of us liked Coghlan and Cody and do like LoMo because they all play hard. It's not LoMo's fault that Ozzie plays him out of position so that a .180 hitter can play 1st base. This new guy seems to fit that mold as well...Ruggiano." - Stan M

Huh? What did I say NOW to piss you ALL OFF? I say "ALL", Stan, because you do that a lot, talk to me like I'm an OUTSIDER and I should be careful not to say anything bad about anybody that YOU ALL "like". I'm trying very hard to understand these posts of yours, Stan.

1) What did I say bad about Coghlan?

2) When did I EVER SAY it was Lomo's "fault" that he sucks in Left Field? I believe I have ALWAYS said he should be playing 1st base, HIS NORMAL POSITION.

3) Cody Ross? When did I ever say ANYTHING about him except that the CHEAP OWNER was an idiot for giving him away?

4) Ruggiano? I have been saying Ruggiano should be playing every day SINCE HIS SECOND GAME! What the hell did I say bad about Ruggiano to piss you off?

As long as I can remember I have been RIPPING the Front Office and Ozzie Guillen for playing guys OUT OF POSITION. I have NEVER RIPPED THE PLAYERS WHO ARE BEING TOLD TO PLAY THOSE POSITIONS, so I really don't have a CLUE what you are talking about, Stan.

Finally, Stan, I don't know why you constantly feel the need to tell me who who "you guys" like, as if I should "like" those guys too, or I won't be admitted to your little CLOSED circle of insiders who are all pals, etc. Stan, I like what some of you guys POST HERE, but if I have to agree with everything that you say, then I don't want any part of your little group of INSIDERS or Fish Bytes "leaders" or whatever. Maybe I don't LIKE guys that are always smiling, LOL! Actually I could give less than a flying f**k if a guy smiles or not, as long as he plays hard.

Reyes? So far I'm NOT IMPRESSED Stan, sorry. I don't have to like everyone you like, do I? He's hitting about 65 points below last year and 20 points below his lifetime average. His defense is lackadaisical and I think it is negatively affecting Infante, who is suddenly making stupid little errors as well. SO FAR, Reyes is NOT WORTH the 109 million dollars the Marlins gave him, smile or no smile.

Damn, now I'll probably NEVER be accepted into the "Fish Bytes Leaders Club"! It's ok. I didn't come here to be a "board leader" or to be loved by all you guys. I come here to talk about the Marlins and share my OPINIONS on the team. You guys have YOUR OPINIONS and I have mine. I don't believe my opinions are any less valid than anyone else's.


Heath Bell said he threw one bad pitch and it is his fault the Marlins lost...ONE BAD PITCH???? Didn't he walk the first batter of the inning? Did I forget something?


Yeah, once he walked that leadoff guy, I knew what was coming. You are 100% correc t, Rich!


Man, I really hope Stanton is OK at least for the All-Star Derby. He's the most exciting guy in the Derby. Without him, there's no reason to watch.

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