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Stanton has successful knee surgery; Marlins expect he'll be out 4-6 weeks

ST. LOUIS -- The Marlins announced earlier this morning that All-Star Giancarlo Stanton had successful arthroscopic surgery to remove loose bone and cartilage fragments in his right knee. He is expected to be out four to six weeks.

The procedure was performed on Sunday morning by team physician, Dr. Lee Kaplan, in Miami.

An MRI taken on Tuesday revealed Stanton had some "loose bodies" in his knee. The 22-year-old missed four straight starts before returning to the lineup on Saturday against the Cardinals. He played two innings in the field and singled in his only at-bat before being lifted for Scott Cousins in the third inning.

The team is hopeful that Stanton, who leads the team with 19 homers and 50 RBI, can be back in early August to help them make a playoff push. Justin Ruggiano is expected to get plenty of playing time in right field with Stanton out. On Friday, the Marlins will reinstate center fielder Emilio Bonifacio off the disabled list and insert him in the lineup right away.

"Giancarlo knows he wants to come back, he needs to come back," Marlins President David Samson said. "We need him. He believes in the team and he wanted to have surgery immediately. It's not like he waited to have surgery. He left immediately. He was on a plane last night and on the operating table this morning. His interest is coming back. He's got to see how it responds. It was an arthroscopic surgery and it's a matter of the incision healing and then you're good to go."


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To Hell With David Samson

Hanloaf was just pulled from the game due to what's being a called a "finger laceration". I didn't realize you could lacerate your finger just by flipping off the Marlins' fans. This lazy bum needs to GTFO already.

Leo Orestes Barberie

I didn't see it. I hope the injury did not occur to his right hand that he utizlizes for the frequent and incessant uniform adjustments.


I think that girl is headed to the basement again.


Two things are very clear, Heath Bell was a huge mistake and Ozzie is more of an act than a manager.

To Hell With David Samson

A most appropriate way for this first half to end. As long as Queef Smell is still being rolled out to the mound, this disenfranchise does not deserve to win a single game. In fact, as long as Queef Smell is on the roster, even if he doesn't take the mound, they don't deserve to win. As long as Comunista Ozzie Guevara is mangling in the dugout, they do not deserve to win. Good. Bravo, St. Louis!


At what point do you fire that commie s.o.b. who just sits there like an idiot while that fat s.o.b. blows one game after another. Please get rid of Ozzie & the fat out of shape closer we over paid.


And Bell blows yet another game, LMFAO!!!!!! This STUPIDITY, however, is ALL ON OZZIE, as stupid of a manager as I have seen in a long time. It was F*CKING obvious that bell had NOTHING, no velocity, no command, NOTHING. Why let him pitch to TWO LEFTIES, Descalso & Furcal, when he had CHOATE in the bullpen?

Ozzie Guillen has proven to me that he is an IDIOT as a baseball manager, an absolute MORON. Why go down with Bell when it is clear that he had NOTHING? Just because Bell is "the closer"? I thought that we left THAT stupid shyt behind with Fat Fredi and Kevin Gregg.

The Truth

Out of all the mistakes that this franchise has made, Bell is by far the biggest. The scary part is that we're still on the hook for two more seasons after this... We're also on the hook for another season with that disgrace of a ball player John Buck... Ouch!

This team is gong nowhere fast. Last place in the NL East once again.

What's My Line

Will the real Leo Nunez ,please stand up.


And let's not forget that Lomo was in LEFT FIELD again, and all year long I have been saying that he does NOT BELONG THERE. Yes, that would have been a great catch on the double by Carpenter, but DECENT LEFT FIELDERS make that catch.

Stan M

Bell is a disaster but Ozzie cost us the game. Cishek could have finished the game and we win. Relief could have been brought in at any time in the ninth and we probably win. But it's the other little things that drive me crazy. When Cousins pinch hit in the ninth, why didn't he stay in the game and play LF? And this one really got me. Marlins have bases loaded in ninth with two outs and Salerno takes first two pitches for balls. I don't care if the pitcher lobbed the next pitch underhanded, he should never have been allowed to swing at it. The fact it would have been ball 3 is not even the problem. The problem is that an inexperienced player is batting with bases loaded and has a 2 ball count. They should have tied his hands up if need be.
But the bottom line is that one player has singlehandedly ruined our season. And we have him for 2 more years? There aren't words to express the disgust that I feel. And make no bones about it, we have a manager who is incompetent...period. Someone please get him to talk about Castro again.

Mr Wipple

Lomo and Venus de Milo have alot in common. Ozzie had a plane to catch and had to go ,thus no ptching changes to extend the time of the game. Cant wait to see Not Leo Nunez.


Finally, this game was a PERFECT microcosm of the entire season so far:

1) Reyes went 0-3 and saw his Avg. drop to .264

2) Hanley continued to SUCK big time and Ozzie shows just how STUPID he is by letting that BUM bat second. Hanley is batting about .200 in June and July.

3) A good starting pitching performance was WASTED as was a good bullpen performance by everyone but Bell.

4) Bell came in and blew his 6th save, which is misleading because he F*CKED UP several other games where he didn't get charged with a blown save, but he BLEW THE GAME.

5) Ozzie's managing was moronic as usual. How do you allow Bell to continue pitching when it's obvious to a blind man that he had NOTHING today? His velocity never went above 94, and he had absolutely NO COMMAND of his off speed stuff. Ozzie hung him out there to dry on a day that he had nothing. This was the day before the ASG. EVERY PITCHER should have been available. There was no need to let Bell keep pitching when he had such lousy stuff.

Mr Wipple

Well said...The Marlins play to 'not lose' instesd of playing to win.

Mr Wipple

Nice to see Ozzie finally call out Miss Hanley for coming out of the game,lack of maturity and professionalism, after Hanley hit a fan in the dugout,after at bat, hurting his finger.


The only ones happy are Loria & Samson. Now that the Marlins are 3 games under .500, it's a dead sure lock that these CHEAP BASTARDS won't have to spend any money at the trade deadline. In fact, they can do what they like to do the most, shed players and payroll. This was almost definitely the final nail in the abortion known as the 2012 season. These two stupid CON MEN and shysters had since 2006 to build this team for 2012, and this GARBAGE was the best they could come up with.

Of course, they will get away with it, because here in Miami, NOBODY holds them accountable! The Miami sports media doesn't give a damn about baseball, so Loria & Samson can get away with serving Marlins fans shyte on a shingle year after year.


Can we stop with the requests for Leo Nunez. I know bell is very very bad but are we so desperate that our memories are being replaced.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Dear Alex, You must assume the tact I've taken and quit taking this so serious. It is an EPIC failure and it may be as if the Baseball Gods have decided to show Loria and Samson who are the bosses.

Some questions for the OLDTIMERS:

(1) If this was still the Olden Days when deals were not guaranteed and multi millionaires were not set for life and players depended upon Post Season money, do you believe the players would have finally confronted a bum like this and someone as a team rep would have just beat the Hell out of this JOKE?

(2)Can any of you ever recall from the 50's,60's,70's 80's ANY relief pitcher being this bad consistently in the 9th inning?

(3)Now I understand that there is almost a mandate to trot his obese carcass out there because of the deal, but how long before the entire team just quits?

(4) Just heard Ramirez hurt himself hitting a fan and Guillen is distressed, could this possibly be the moment they have been waiting for so this would no longer be seen as a salary dump and they can finally move the DUMP?

By the way, Alex is correct that 98& of Major League leftfielders make that play but as he and others have been telling us--Morrison is NOT a left fielder. It's not his fault he is playing there and he WILL get hurt while out there. BUT not to take away from the pitiful nature of the Obese Closer that was yet another LINE DRIVE to add to many LINE DRIVE shots this year.


The way Hanley was hitting, it really made no difference that he hurt his hand punching a fan in the dugout. Too bad he didn't go "Doyle Alexander" on us and break his hand!


As for Ozzie "calling Hanley out" for that stupidity, it won't matter. He'll keep batting him 2nd or 3rd. And he'll keep batting Reyes with his shrinking .264 avg. leadoff too, even when Boni returns.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Stan, Missed your salient comment about 2-0 cut by Solano with the bags loaded and once again we got to hear Tommy Bahama waxing eloquently about how "It's difficult when you are GEARED up for the fastball"--Well, MORON, How about STOP gearing up for the fastball every pitch. Solano should have had the take sign and you should not send baserunners on 3-2 pitches against undisciplined hitters BECAUSE 50% of the time they feel need to protect runners and they will swing at ball 4. Is this really so complicated?

Leo Orestes Barberie

Dear Glags, I actually believe Nunez was significantly better than Bell and I understand Nunez was not that great and yet I don't remember Nunez having this many 3 run save opportunities and I don't recall his giving up at least a run an inning. Nunez ain't no Mariano Riviera but he sure ain't no Heath Bell. And his name remains NUNEZ.


I'm sorry, LOB, I can't help it, I take the end of my baseball season very seriously. Now true, the season actually ended back in June, but there was STILL a tiny glimmer of hope. And if we had finished the 1st half ONE GAME UNDER .500 that hope would still be there, however faint. But now, pretty much all hope is dead, and to see it die because of the CHEAPNESS of this Front Office in leaving us in position to have infielders and DH types playing the outfield, and a washed up 34 year old tub of lard closing, is a bitter pill to swallow. And Ozzie also deserves whatever blame is left over; I defended him when people attacked him earlier this year, but he really does suck as a manager.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Dear All of You, To me the most aggravating thing all day was Samson complaining about the All Star representation. Anyone with an iota of brain matter would have taken the opportunity to say--"Well, nobody else belongs on the All Star Team maybe we can get better the 2nd half", not our david. I will give him credit for the marathons. That takes guts but not brains.


Do we really think Ozzie has a choice when it comes to Bell? How much pressure do jerks like Hill, Beinfest, Samson and Loria have to do with it? 30 million....play him. Blown saves....play him. This has been the worst Marlins season so far in their history. I'm not talking records either. The whole ensemble is boring and clueless. This team is disjointed and predictable in their play. But hell we've all blogged about this before. It's a tired story with this team and the cast of clowns, from ownership down. Oh well I don't see Jack Mckeon coming in to save the day this time.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Dear Flags, I actually think Ozzie has the GUTS(Now I never said BRAINS) to tell Loria and Samson to shove Bell up the proverbial spot where the failures of the world belong. I really believe about 1 more time and Ozzie will finally lose it. He's got Nunez coming back and he will throw Nunez in Bell's face physically and verbally. i believe he did that Bell thing last week because he thought he really needed him. Now I believe he has been around long enough and he has sen enough of Heath Bell.

This DEFECTIVE team should have gone 5-2 on the road against the Brewers and the Cards. Instead they go 3-4. This should be it.

To Hell With David Samson

Ozzie had a choice when it came to not fellating Fidel Castro, too. As long as Ozzie is employed by this disorganization, they can all go to hell.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Bell must be an extremely tough guy because i can't imagine not one player having yet crawled into his face. Billy Martin, Lou Piniella and others would have beat the ever lovin crap out of him or died trying. Agreed?


Sorry, LOB, I do NOT believe Ozzie has the balls to stand up to ANYBODY. Bell is TRYING, he just doesn't HAVE IT ANYMORE. The blame goes to Ozzie for continuing to bring him into games and then for LEAVING HIM IN when he starts imploding. I THOUGHT Ozzie had some brains a time or two when he came out and YANKED BELL OUT OF THE GAME before he could blow it; I thought to myself now THERE'S a manager with balls! But he doesn't do that anymore. He must have been told NOT TO. When Bell is brought into a game, the only smart thing to do is to have OTHER PITCHERS WARMING UP, ready to replace Bell at the first sign of trouble.

I also believe that Ozzie has been told that he HAS TO cater to Hanley as if he's still the Hanley of 2008 and 2009; why else would he keep him at the top of the order so long? Ozzie wasn't bashful about benching non performers or dropping them in the batting order, EXCEPT FOR HANLEY. Hanley has continued to get the kid glove SUPERSTAR TREATMENT from Ozzie when he has not deserved it.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Dear To Hell With david samson, I don't care what anyone writes,however, I just noticed we have the same little thingamajig out to the right and I wanted people to realize that you have your own unique and special style and I can't take credit for any of it. Plus you spelled the gerund wrong and I would have not done that.


Who cares about that Fidel Castro crap? I certainly DON'T; I only care about whether Ozzie can manage, and he has proven that he sucks as a manager, for a LOT OF REASONS. If he was managing well, I wouldn't care if he went to Havana for the All Star Break.


I don't think that Bell is a "tough guy" LOB. I think he's a very LIKABLE GUY and the players feel for him. He's NOT trying to blow these games; he just doesn't have it anymore. Why kick his butt for that? If they are gonna kick anyone's butt it should be Ozzie's for BRINGING HIM IN and today for LEAVING HIM IN.

Stan M

Unless the FO is literally making Ozzie use Bell, they can't be blamed for these present fiascos. They spent money and gave Ozzie a team. What he does with it is usually in his hands as the manager. I am no friend of Samson and Loria, but it wasn't they who didn't send Coussins to LF for defense. It wasn't they who let Salerno swing at that 2-0 pitch. I even find it hard to believe that they are still forcing Bell on Ozzie after all that has happened. Yes they made a mistake signing Bell, but it is Ozzie who has misused him to the point that the season has been ruined for hundreds of thousands , if not millions of fans, and the 24 other teammates as well. I can't know if the FO is doing anything, but I damn sure have seen Ozzie with my own eyes make our club a laughing stock...that we can all be sure of because we can all observe that in its entirety.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Dear Alex, You may be right but it's difficult to believe that fellow professionals do not hold others accountable for not doing their jobs. It will be interesting to see who has the right take on this. You may well be right and I may have totally misconstrued the situation or maybe nobody on the Marlins has enough guts to tell Bell he is a "Mess" Up. So you are saying Guillen keeps sending Bell out there? I think he and Bell really get into it when he FINALLY takes the closer's role away.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Dear Stan, I believe the only time the Marlins have millions of "fans" is when the parade is rolling down Biscayne Blvd. You and I and about 23 others really care and that is about it.

Leo Orestes Barberie

I would love to see Guillen v. Bell on Showtime. In fact I'd pay to see Guillen v. Bell. It would be a NO LOSE situation for all of us.


Stan, I blame Loria ET AL for SIGNING BELL IN THE FIRST PLACE! That's why I got BANNED at that other site; I was like the only guy there saying that it seemed STUPID to sign a 34 year old, overweight Cinderella type overachiever that even the PADRES DIDN'T WANT ANYMORE. That was the biggest mistake right there.

But also, the Front Office definitely DOES tell the manager who to play. Especially when they spend a lot of money on a guy; why do you think Buck keeps playing? Why do you think Hanley continues to get the "superstar" treatment? Now Ozzie IS the manager and of course he can do what he wants, but he is a MORON who doesn't have a clue. So, you have bad players signed by a CHEAP and STUPID Front Office who are in the line up due to a stupid manager.


LOB, do you believe Bell is NOT TRYING? I don't. I believe he's doing his BEST, but his best is not good enough anymore. If a guy is dogging it, one would expect the other players to hold him accountable, but not if the guy is trying.


JCO is not greater than Heath Bell. It's a lateral move at best and at worst you have two sheety closers trying to out do each other. Not to mention he hasnt pitched this year so there's no way of knowing what he looks like when he gets here.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Alex, Let's continue this under the new Blog story.

Captain Sparky

I love how people here call Ozzie communist for admiring the long and tyrannical rule of Fidel Castro. I too admire a person whose been able to put down a people for 60 years and not one single revolution. Says much about the people on that rock.

Ozzie is not the problem. Problem is that we do not have a balanced lineup and had it not been for Bell's 6 blown saves we'd be in this thing. The Marlins need to hit up and down the lineup.


At least you all have a team trying to win
Look at the Red Sox Their star pitcher who came from the Marlins , who hates his manager, who hates Boston, and who hates his teamates manages to give up 6 run in the first inning now thats a classy guy. and the rest of epitching staffs follows right in line for the most parts , maybe they asre trying to ruffle Papi feathers and see who can give up the most runs this season.
They haven't haven't thrown in the towel, they alreay threw in the kitchen sink
How can we convimce the Yankees to hire Valentine. that would be great the best move the Yankees made last fall was leting the Red sox owner hire the new manage over the objections of the general manager, no wonder the previous GM is now in Chicage. Gee maybe the marlin could use valentine as their manager as we'd take ozzie in a flash, maybe they'd throw in STANTON FOR BECKETT


I have read all the coments and they are 99% correct in what they say about Ozzie and handley .. Number 1 Trade handley now and get some pitchers . plus get rid of Buck who clearley stands out as the problem with the pitchers and especially Bell...It seems strange that bell was great with SD and then all of a sudden he stinks with Buck ...Buck is not an aggresive catcher and cannot hit ..He calls a terrible game.. i wish i could call the pitches .. If you watch him swing , its always going for the fences ..If the hitting coach would slow up his swing it would make a world of difference ..Ozzie is prob on meds so thats why he is not making good decisions .. TRADE THE CANCER RAMIREZ!!!!

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