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Stanton lifted in third inning with right knee discomfort, All-Star Game, HR Derby in question

ST. LOUIS -- Marlins All-Star slugger Giancarlo Stanton left Saturday's game in the third inning with right knee discomfort.

The 22-year old All-Star was making his first start since Monday when he tweaked his troublesomeknee against the Brewers. Stanton was replaced by Scott Cousins when it was his turn to hit in the third inning.

In the first inning, Stanton made a running catch against the wall in right center field off the bat of Rafael Furcal. Stanton later singled to right in the second and scored on Justin Ruggiano's home run. He didn't show any signs of discomfort. 

The Marlins have yet to comment as to how long Stanton may be out, but the team told Stanton they wanted him to play in both Saturday and Sunday's games against the Cardinals if he was going to be given the green light to participate in Monday night's Home Run Derby and the 83rd All-Star Game Tuesday night in Kansas City.

Friday, Stanton came in as a pinch hitter in the eighth inning and struckout in his only plate appearance. That happened just a few hours after he tested his knee out under the supervision of the Marlins training staff. Stanton told reporters afterward while his knee felt "weird," he would return to the lineup Saturday and would participate in the All-Star festivities.

Stanton said Friday he will eventually need surgery to remove the “loose bodies’’ in his knee. But for now, he is looking to manage his knee with treatment.

“The muscles around it, my knee are not used to something bouncing around in there,” he said.

“... What we don’t want to happen is for it to get stuck in some place it shouldn’t, and make ligament damage. [But] the risk of that isn’t very high. It would lock up and tell me to stop before that. So, go from there.”

Stanton, who leads the team with 19 homers and 50 RBI, said he has to monitor the way he plays closely. “I’ve got to read my body,” he said. “If I’m changing the way I run or hit or anything, then that is going to lead to other problems and change the way I play on the field.”

As long as the Marlins remain in the playoff hunt, and he doesn’t think he will create any further damage, Stanton said, he will hold off on a procedure until after the season.

“I’ve had knee problems before, so I’m not new to the fact of managing it,” Stanton said Friday. “It’s just new to this feeling. I know my body well. So, it’s just a matter of what’s it going to do, and tell me.”

If the knee requires surgery before the season ends, Stanton said, he was told it could mean him missing two to eight weeks.

“It’s a big gap, but it all depends to the reaction to it,” he said. “It just depends. I didn’t have a lot of swelling or bruising. So that means it would be however my knee reacts to being cut open.”


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Well, that's it then. Let him have the surgery already and be done with it. This will also take the local sports writers off the hook. This way they can IGNORE the All Star Game and HR Derby without hearing any complaints about it from local baseball fans. They were going to IGNORE it anyway, even with one of the games most exciting young stars playing, because they have to perpetuate the garbage they write about this not being a baseball town.

Dr Vinnie Boombatz

Agree 100%...with Boni coming back in Cf,Ruggiano in RF and Lomo in left ,Stanton should have surgery and get it over with ,be back in late Aug.

David Samson

This had nothing to do with Giancarlo being injured. He's actually being traded! I'm breaking it here on this blog! Hey, Marlins fans, we're giving you double-middle-fingers again! Now give us another fifty million dollars! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


Anybody that is MLB savy doesnt pay any attention to the alleged MLB beatwriters covering the Marlins in S Fl. There are too many more knowledgeable, interesting and more informed writers and web sites on the net.If your interested in a PR fluff piece ,read the locals. If you want the facts,ignore them, especially the Marlins MLB website.

Robert Collins

Am visiting from upstate NY and have watched the Marlins games for the past week. Cannot believe how bad the TV announcers are. They sound like a bunch of giggling kids. Surprised more Marlins fans dont go to the games ,just to avoid having to listen to the sophomoric game announcers and their stupid attempts at humor.Guess the fans are used to them,and dont get to hear other good announcers do a game.


Beg to differ about the TV announcers. I have lived all over, and these guys are much better than the current Mets & Yankees crew, and the Rays announcers are horrible.

Not a Mets Fan

matter of opinion...Gary Cohen ,Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling give much better game insight ,with no giggling. Have Mlb game pkg and the Marlins announcers are average to worse than most.


Your first sentence was correct. Matter of OPINION.


Stanton will have surgery Saturday

jimmy the geek

Go to MLB announcers rating ...Dodgers Vin Scully #1..Mets announcers metioned above #2...Marlins announcers Rich and Tommy #19....independent survey from Docs Sports Service with over 40yrs in business. Believe that alot more than biased homer fans.


Mr. Robert Collins you hit the nail right on it's head! I'm a long time Miami resident and the Marlin broadcasters drive me bonkers with the broadcasts. Their attempt at humor is suicidal! And if Alex thinks the Mets broadcasters are no good, well, he just doesn't know, They are the BEST in baseball, Gary Cohen is amazing and Darling and Hernandez complement each other perfectly

Marlin Fan

Marlins announcers average at best. Little insight offered . Sad to see Stanton out, hopefully he'll be back soon. What does everyone think of LeBlanc ?


Oh, the MLB announcers rating! Well, that settles that! I hear that they have a scientific method for judging the best announcers. Wait...they don't? The MLB announcers rating is just the OPINIONS of a whole bunch of people? In other words, it's back to being A MATTER OF OPINION.

Look, all I know is that I enjoy the Marlins announcers. I listen to the Rays announcers and I CRINGE. Talk about HOMERISM. At least the Marlins announcers give proper credit to the opposing teams. I do think Tommy Hutton is much better than Waltz, but together they're ok. I wish that Hutton would speak his MIND more often, but I understand who signs his PAYCHECK.

I grew up in NY watching Phil Rizzutto and Bill White And Frank Messer and the Mets announcers, Bob Murphy, Lindsay Nelson and good ol' Ralph Kiner. There was plenty of laughter and what some of you contemptuously call "giggling' which I call HAVING FUN. I'm sure all you "broadcast connoisseurs" would have HATED THEM. It's a freaking BASEBALL GAME, not a NEWSCAST, ok? I watch baseball for ENTERTAINMENT, although I must admit watching Ozzie's Marlins this year has been torture and not a lot of fun.

I remember laughing my butt off listening to Phil Rizzutto, and he would say great old baseball phrases that I'm sure those great Mets announcers you love wouldn't DREAM OF, but they were CLASSIC AMERICANA. When Rizzuto would say "wow, that was a real WORM BURNER!" you would connect with great baseball lingo that is unfortunately long gone, sad to say.

Baseball on the Radio is Best

Fact is the Marlins announcers ,out side of their following in SFl, arent well liked or respected. Its what the locals are comfortable with after all these years.


"Fact is the Marlins announcers ,out side of their following in SFl, arent well liked or respected."

Fact? Sounds like your opinion to me. It's your OPINION that people outside SFL don't have a good OPINION of them. So once again we're back to OPINIONS.

You know what OPINIONS are like, right?

Personally I could care less about what other people think of sports announcers. Like I said, all of you would no doubt HATE Phil Rizzutto and Bill White And Frank Messer and the Mets announcers, Bob Murphy, Lindsay Nelson and good ol' Ralph Kiner. Ya'll would probably HATE Mel Allen and Joe Garagiola too. I know for a fact that a lot of people HATE Joe Morgan and Tim McCarver and I like them both. I also know that many of the NEW BREED of fans love Joe Buck and I don't think he's all that.

It's all about OPINION.

Rent Out Alex the Mosquito Fogger

....do they use you as a mosquito fogger in the summer ,with all the smoke you blow out your azzzz???

Get a voice transplant, Samson

After having to listen to Samsons voice as Team Spokesman all these years, Marlins fans are immune to the Rich and Tommy Show and gladly fall asleep listening to them ,after hearing the wretched Samson voice, similar to nails on a chalkboard.


I guess "Jimmy The Geek" is REALLY REALLY REALLY mad at me! Made up quite a few fake names in the past few minutes. LMFAO....But I STILL want to be a HARD CORE MLB FOLLOWER, Jimmy! Please! Let me send you a check!

Marlins Park Groundcrew

Can we rent out Alex as a leaf blower too? Or just a Big Air Blower in general...like an air pressure cleaner or a tire inflater..thanks.. we could use his hot air this week for the next homestand..housekeeping could use him to blow out all the stadium bathroom stalls then the seat cleaners want him to blow all the lower section seats clean. Alex'hot air will steam them, fart free. Please respond to Groundskeepers Office@Marlins Park.


Nah, when it comes to BLOWING, it's pretty obvious that you are the best at that! How many fake names can you make up? I liked Friends of Joe Frisaro the best. LMFAO


Yes, you definately are the same assssshole that has been banned by every site that you've poisoned..Drop dead you sick fuccccckkkk...Love,All your friends on the Net

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