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Stanton progressing; Ramirez still out

The Marlins are trying to avoid falling to seven games under .500 for the first time this season.

With the team in dire need of any offensive spark, it got some good news regarding injured slugger Giancarlo Stanton. An update Marlins executive vice president Larry Beinfest got from the team’s training staff said that Stanton is progressing as he continues to work his way back from knee surgery.

Stanton has been hitting balls off the tee and doing some light throwing for three days, and may be ready to take some batting practice at some point during the upcoming homestand.

            Stanton, who had arthroscopic surgery July 9 to remove two loose cartilage fragments from his knee, is expected to miss at least another 2-4 weeks.

As expected, Hanley Ramirez did not start for the third consecutive game. Ramirez, whose hand was almost fully wrapped Sunday, is recovering from an infection on the cut above the knuckles on his right hand that he suffered July 8 in St. Louis when he punched a cooling fan.


Marlins (44-50): Reyes ss, Bonifacio cf; Lee 1b; Morrison lf; Ruggiano rf; Dobbs 3b; Infante 2b; Hayes c; Sanchez p.

Pirates (53-40): Presley lf; Walker 2b; McCutchen cf; Jones rf; McGehee 1b; Alvarez 3b; McKenry c; Mercer ss; Karstens p.


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Leo Orestes Barberie

I just watched Miguel Cabrera hit a home run to dead center(his 2nd of the game) that you will be seeing on ESPN and the MLB Network. How does a person hit a ball that hard, that consistently and so often in the clutch, but what the Hell we got Badenhop for a couple of years for a future Hall of Famer.

Will never forget the son-in-law saying "Other teams are afraid of dealing with the Marlins", this just typified a level of arrogance based on---Well, I don't know what the Hell it's based on.

Leo Orestes Barberie

2 for 30 with runners in scoring position. I'm thinking that 2 for 50 will start to garner some national publicity, however, maybe this team is so far under the national radar that nothing would merit comment.


I've never purchased a ticket to a Marlins game after that Miguel Cabrera deal. Such a bad franchise.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Dave, Far Smarter than I have been!!

Hey Clark, Tell the Art Dealer and his diminutive son-in-law that was Cabrera's 300th!!!!! homer, and the man is probably younger than Brett Carroll. Well, I do know Cabrera is not 30. Of course Miggy probably can't run a marathon.

Leo Orestes Barberie

2 for 31

The Real Alex

So Jose Reyes got PICKED OFF of 1st base AGAIN today, and once again it appeared that he was asleep when it happened. Of course our noted baseball expert will DEFEND HIM and tell us that even though it APPEARS that Reyes is getting picked off because he's taking his eyes OFF THE PITCHER for some insane reason, that is NOT REALLY THE CASE! In fact, I expect to hear that "the same thing used to happen to Jackie Robinson during the 51 season" or some such BULLSPIT, LOL!!!!

The longer this season goes on the more apparent it is that at least SO FAR, Jose Reyes has been a BUST, in every way conceivable. This is a guy that the Front Office MORONS gave 109 Million dollars to and he can't even stay ALERT on the base paths. His offense is sporadic, his defense is inconsistent, his head is often NOT IN THE GAME, and he has joined Hanley as a laughing clown on the bench while the team loses; no leadership for all that cash.

But this is what you get when your OWNER is focused on getting fans in the seats rather than trying to build the BEST TEAM that you can. Reyes was signed because he was THE BEST LATINO PLAYER AVAILABLE after Pujols went to the Angels. He was clearly not the BEST PLAYER AVAILABLE; that was Prince Fielder and the performances of Fielder and Reyes this year CLEARLY SHOW that to be true. But Fielder is BLACK, and that meant that HE DID NOT FIT IN OVER HERE WITH LORIA'S PLAN to turn The Miami Marlins into AMERICA'S LATINO TEAM.

The Real Alex

And so we shall now see just how BRILLIANT Loria's LATINO STRATEGY was; the team is tanking BIG TIME, falling way under .500 and disappearing into IRRELEVANCE. Let's see if the Miami Latino population will BUY TICKETS with the team completely out of it! Or will the new stadium look like Sun Life did last August & September?

Ozzie Guillen, another piece of the GREAT LATINO EXPERIMENT is proving to be incompetent, stupid, and stubborn, a very BAD combination, and it is OBVIOUS THAT OZZIE LOST THIS TEAM A LONG TIME AGO. These Marlins obviously do not respond to him; that much is clear! Either they don't LIKE the guy or they don't RESPECT him, or maybe it's a combination of both, I don't know. But anyone can see the lack of INTENSITY on this team, the lack of FIRE and the will to win. That's ALL on Ozzie, and maybe even a part of it is on Loria & Samson as well. They are STILL CHEAP, after all.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Alex, Stan is a good man who I have met. I think you have misunderstood about his Reyes comments. I would bet that Stan realizes Reyes has been a flop and I think he has admitted that. In reality the entire situation has been a flop and the ONLY way out of this morass is to hope for such an epic collapse in the next 2 weeks that even a pseudo Michaelangelo will see the need for huge changes.


How much more money have we spent compared to the team that's in the middle of sweeping us. Build us a team PLEASE

The Real Alex

Another example of Ozzie's maddening stupidity: with Hanley out of the line up, here was a great opportunity to see what Donovan Solano could do playing 3rd base every day for a few games in a row, but NO! Ozzie did what he does best - he stuck Dobbs at 3rd base for the 3 games. The result? Weaker defense at 3rd base, a weaker bench with Dobbs not available to pinch hit, and Dobbs didn't exactly light up the scoreboard, collecting his usual harmless single in each game.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Dear Clark, I'm imploring you!! PLEASE describe this mess. I will be in DC at the end of the month for the 3 game series. My wife and I will take you to Clyde's , the Old Ebbitts Grill , ANYWHERE in Georgetown if you just drop the hammer on these guys. I'm talking vitriol. You don't have to go in the clubhouse. Just tell the truth. I know you have the conscience and integrity to describe this fiasco. Talk about Beinfest and his incompetence. Describe the entire ugly mess. Hell, you might even draw national attention and get the Hell out of Dade County. Maybe Boston, Washington, LA, New York SOMEPLACE that respects hard writing insights. Come on!! Clark, Do It!!!!

The Real Alex

One more thing; I just heard that the Detroit Tigers have taken over 1st place in the AL Central. One of Reyes' BIGGEST SUPPORTERS over here, Stan M, told me about a month ago that he was GLAD we signed Reyes and not Prince Fielder. After all, he said, Fielder's Defense at 1st base wasn't all that, and anyway, look at the Tigers, they aren't WINNING!

I LAUGHED at that when he made that RIDICULOUS comment and I just thought it was time to REVISIT it so I could LAUGH AT IT ALL OVER AGAIN today! Congratulations to the Detroit Tigers! They have a GREAT EX-MARLIN in Miguel Cabrera (I heard you, LOB!) and a GREAT "SHOULD HAVE BEEN MARLIN" in Prince Fielder. They are going to be very DANGEROUS down the stretch.

And we have NOTHING from the Cabrera trade and instead of Prince we have Jose Reyes, Hanley's partner in clowning around on the bench, who can't even STAY AWAKE at 1st Base. I wonder what the Marlins record for getting PICKED OFF is? It looks like Reyes is GUNNING for that record!


Swept by the Pirates.....need I say more?

Leo Orestes Barberie

Does Not Really Matter Who Hits 9th--This is a World Series Contender.

Get this done!!

The Real Alex

LOB, I'm sure Stan acted like a fine man to YOU. And I treated him with nothing but the utmost respect when I came here, even though I disagreed with a lot of his opinions. But then Stan started to lecture me on how I was supposed to act if I wanted to be accepted by him and the "insiders" : Alex, "WE LIKE" Chris Coghlan over here, and crazy stuff like that. And then he launched an unprovoked attack on me accusing me of doing EXACTLY what he HIMSELF is always doing, posting about myself rather than about the team.

I lost ALL RESPECT for Stan M after that, LOB, because I hardly EVER talk about myself. Yes, I posted how old I was, but unlike Stan, I didn't talk about the beer I drink, the food I eat, where I live, my childhood as a Dodger fan etc., etc. That was what STAN M did all these months, not me. My posts are about this TEAM, the Florida Marlins, and my OPINIONS ABOUT THAT TEAM. So once Stan M stabbed me in the back like that, I was done with him. He showed his TRUE FACE.

Only YOU, LOB, and a few other guys like laurelbowie, flaggstaffmarlin (please forgive my misspellings and also forgive me you guys who I forgot to mention!) have maintained your CLASS and RESPECT for the whole season, and I thank you all and RESPECT YOU BACK, all of you.


Agree with Leo Clark. The fans want to know what is really going on behind the scenes? Where do guys like Beinfest, Hill fall in this mess? Is Ozzie respected in the clubhouse? Is he even on the hotseat in terms of his job? It's time to drop the hammer on this "franchise" and expose what is really going on.


Alex forgot to take his meds today. Or is he frustrated with his new car, bought recently?. And who is he to talk about class? A New Yorker who only calls other people by the classy nicknames "idiot","moron", etc...
Alex, go back to your cave.

Leo Orestes Barberie

I would almost prefer to believe that they have FLAT OUT quit on Guillen BECAUSE the alternative is to believe they are trying and are really this bad. And now--and I know that Laurel hates the word "morons"--these MORONS are talking about how "hard" they hit some balls. WONDERFUL!!!! They hit some balls hard!! Aren't these guys Major League baseball players, aren't they suppose to hit balls hard once in awhile. I know that Minnervini, Wilson and Floyd must kiss up to these guys to insure the nice hotel rooms and the per diems, but C'MON!!!!

Leo Orestes Barberie

The Real Alex, I like all of you guys and I'm not taking sides. The only side I'm taking is those who will call out the most despicably run franchise in maybe the last 50 years. Beinfest has really skated on all of this. I really this was Boston, New York, Chicago, Detroit or any REAL baseball city because he would have his picture on either the back page of the paper or front page of the sports section.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Dear Juan, Ozzie is about to do his post game. This man DESERVES some meds for having to watch this garbage every day. He can't believe what is happening and neither can I.


The Marlins DID hit some balls hard with runners on and there is nothing wrong with the announcers pointing that out. They also said correctly that Marlins haven't done so in previous games. Maybe you weren't listening Leo. Your criticism of Marlins is quite correct but getting repetative and as a visitor from Boston and not familiar with your announcers, I think their doing well with a tough situation.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Ozzie is a riot. I have total empathy for him. He has managed some very good teams. For his own mental and emotional stability I hope he just FINALLY voices what he really feels. He played the game the way it was meant to be played and very WELL with limited ability. He is a good man and even a bad man would not deserve to manage this collection of--dare I Say????--culls???? Listen to Minnervini and Floyd?? This is denial, delusional thoughts and any other pattern of thought you can come up with.


Plus, I have no idea of your education, and you may be quite smart. It's hard to tell. But calling people names like moron makes you sound like a high school dropout, or maybe someone from W. Va. Actually names like that are as bad as racist slurs.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Dear Persh, Can you imagine how NESN, The Eck and the Globe would treat this fiasco? The Miami Marlins should thank God that they play in an area where about 33 people give a damn.


In Boston, this blog would have about 250 comments by now. But even when things were really bad...I lived and died with it...and even in Boston, their comments would be more rational (sp?) and less name-calling. But I understand your pain.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Dear Persh, So you can slander the people in West Virginia but I can't comment on some bottom kissing announcers saying what is mandated? I've only been to West Virginia once and I've been to Tanglewood, Scituate, Duxbury, Brookline and Copley Square numerous times. When I use the word "moron" it's only because I'm trying to relate to the masses. If you prefer I will start saying cerebally challenged gerbils. I don't really see a difference. I do know that Red Sox Nation would be using far more harsh verbiage than "morons", agreed??


The Real Alex, you're an idiot, and really have no idea about baseball. Period.


The Real Alex, Alex did you know that 3rd base is Dobb's original position when he came up through the Seattle and Phillie organization, and that he has a .967 career fielding percentage at 3rd base, which is higher than David Wright's career fielding percentage. Or did you know that Dobbs has scored 9 more runs, has 2 more HR, and has batted in 16 more runs than Solano. Aside from the fact that Solano is a middle infielder. Little facts you didn't know right.


Alex, I don't think Stan has been the only one to ask you to tone it down. Not sure why you decided to single him out.


This team has completely given up. Its very obvious they don't believe they can win consistently or win anything for that matter. It's been a disaster from the first game when Muhammed Ali was wheeled onto the field and everyone was cheering and laughing as he was have a Parkinson's moment...Ownership sucks and the fans dont come out because they dont trust this team. Wayne Huizenga ruined the Marlins fanbase 15 years ago!!! Got everybody excited for this garbage?


And they won a World Series 9 years ago, remember.

Stan M

The Real Alex ,
It was Stan III who really put you down as a loud mouthed egoist. I was more temporate in my remarks. I even reached out to you yesterday. By your own admission you have been banned from one blog and if you continue dominating this post with nothing but vitriol, you will soon be banned here as well. Please ask yourself why you need a specific whipping boy; first Joe Frisaro and now me. Don't you realize that it reflects upon your own personality? I guess all of the comments a few days ago about personality disorders went over your head...and they weren't posted by either Stan. Alex, you obviously have a problem wwith self worth. Please knock off the "moron", "idiot" kind of stuff. Personally I can't stand Loria. But he didn't make millions being an idiot. And Samson is a little sychophant, but he probably has a higher IQ than most of us on this blog. One poster recently presented Ozzie's accomplishments...they weren't the work of a complete fool. As I said before, my son named you "Captain Obvius" because he felt your posts were shallow and redundant. As I said when I tried to reach out to you, some of your points are excellent even though you repeat them ad nauseum. I love baseball, and I'm sure you do too. Please, for your own sake and the sake of the rest of us, stick to baseball and remember that there is a possibility that you aren't the brightest person posting here.

Eddie S

Unless Slomo hits 300 he should not play Left Field ever again. After the ALL STAR BREAK, Ozzie for a few games used Slomo in Left and Dobbs in Right. Many things do not show up in the box score. I watched those games they played and discovered several runs that should not have scored. Although Ruggiano has not hit the way he did earlier in the season, he is human but does possess speed and power.Please lets get rid of EDUARDO PEREZand get a batting coach who will teach the ball players to hit where the ball is pitched so they can be respectable with RISP.Two days in a row I saw Buck and Dobbs bunt the ball in the air. That's something they should learn in spring training. Besides LET'S GET THE BUCK OUTA HERE


Look at it this way: A lightyear is just over 5.88 trillion miles. The Milky Way is 90,000 lightyears across. That means the Milky Way is 529,200,000,000,000,000 miles across, give or take a mile or two. That's just one galaxy. With their fancy new telescopes, scientists have actually observed approximaely 120 billion galaxies of similar size or larger, each with an average of 100 billion stars.
And that's just the ones they have seen. Mathmatical calculations indicate that if the size of the universe were reduced to the size of the Earth, the part we have observed so far would be smaller (much, much smaller) than a grain of sand.
Somewhere out there, the Marlins ought to be able to find a guy who can hit with RISP. Don't you think?

Eddie S



Every single free agent signed by this sham of an administration this past offseason has been a colossal, epic failure. Queef Smell. Josie Reyes. Mark Girlie. Carla Zambrano. All of them. Gigantic disasters. Embarrassments to the profession.


Who said "hit em where they ain't"? The Marlins have a very very difficult time understand this concept. And look Eddy Perez STILL has a job. When was the last time we saw a Marlins player purposely go the other way? I've run out of words that are allowable on this blog.

juan v.

I just read the red sox and tigers where scouting anibal I been following the tigers farm teams since they opened in the penn league and in double a here in ct.they only have a few players that are not bad dean green a big firstbaseman that can flat out hit the guy is been an allstar in the both leagues he has been and has batted 300 whith gap power and this outfielder danry vasquez very solid player still growing great feilder fast and can also hit,luis sanz is not a bad catcher, and as far as pitching brent smith,turner,melvin mercedes and rondon are all not bad but if the marlins don't pick any of these guys and castellanos they just got hosed by dombrowski one more time.

Leo Orestes Barberie

You AIN'T getting Castellanos. They have already moved him to RF because they expect him to be up next year and obviously the former Marlin and now future Hall of Fame third baseman is not moving. You also are not getting Rondon. They still have some very good B Plus talent and 2 of them IF one is a catcher and one a corner outfielder should get us Infante. I will NOT use the word "moron" anymore but you don't think the Marlins are "silly" enough to try to get Castellanos ? They couldn't get Castellanos for Infante, Sanchez, and Yelich. Go look up what he is doing---a smaller Stanton who makes more contact without the 500 footers.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Where's The Franchise on Showtime?? I need to get my "F Bomb" fix.


Maybe the art dealer will fire Ozzie the way he did Girardi. Just a matter of time...as he and his cougar wife sit right next to the dugout barking orders to the Venezuelan. Little Weasel Samson, all 89 pounds of him, playing tough guy shaking his head when Heath Bell blows another save. I love this circus act in their 600 million conjob stadium. Run these clowns out of town. loria, samson, beinfest and the communista



Somewhere above Carl Sagan is smiling down upon you.

Stan III

Alex, I'm sure in your extensive Baseball coaching background you have confused a player or two. Maybe the names sounded too similar, or they both had blond hair sticking out of their oversized caps, who knows. But we've all done it, and I can understand STAN M and STAN III can look very close if you 1) are looking at the screen drunk 2) have an old blurry monitor 3) Are a bit off and haven't gotten your reading glasses prescription updated in a while. Be what it may, I AM STAN III, like, Stan the Third, not Stan M. Different guy. I am the one who wants you to get to the point, not ramble on and use "I" statements. That "I" isn't a telephone pole either (just incase it looks a little blurry to you). It means don't use I, which you seem to be doing less of, so thank you! JUST trying to clear up any confusion. Again, I am STAN III, the guy who wants to go back and dissect your post about how the Marlins are CHEAP. That post made me smile, because your examples and thought-process were kind of funny. You DO post some good stuff, just wish you could turn it down to like an 8 from the 11 you are at. You at 85% would be much more effective than 100% ALEX.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Ed, You make me sound like the voice of reason.Isn't a "cougar" an older woman? I've been married for 36 years and have not kept up with all the current lingo. I have learned about the word that rhymes with pilfer.

I think Ozzie going "South Florida" in the clubhouse will occur a lot sooner than his firing. Of course that would result in his firing. Maybe this is all a coordinated effort to drive Ozzie nuts so they can hire Jim Leyland.

What was the actual cost of the stadium? I actually discovered that you could in reality---found out too late---buy a 10.00 seat, wait 2 innings and sit whereever you want. That is how I got behind the dugout every game. I actually had to sit about 12 rows back for 1 of the games.


Leo...You are right about my W.Va. comment. Sometimes I think I'm Jay Leno, and I should not have said that.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Persh, Big man to apologize. I quit using the "moron" word today. Friends?


Leo...Definitely. As I said earlier, I understand your pain. Remember, I'm from Boston.

Flav C

How not to like the A's?
They started building a nice team a few years ago, almost entirely through good trades. First, they sent Dan Haren to the DBacks, in return they brought good prospects and a very good infielder (SS) called Chris Carter, currently hitting .299. Then they sent their All Star closer Bailey and Sweeney to the Red Sox, in return, 2 nice prospects and young and promising outfielder Josh Reddick, currently hitting .272 and 21 HRs to go with it. Lastly, you do what seems to me something crazy at first: You trade 2 good starting pitchers (Gio and Trevor Cahill) and you get a bunch of young talents, among them: Jarrod Parker from the DBacks (7-4 with a 3.00 ERA), Ryan Cook, young reliever from the DBacks who was an All Star this year and has pitched 42 innings, with a 1.70 ERA this season; you add to that young and coveted prospect from the Nats, who is 9-6 with a 3.34 ERA this season. Then you surprisingly make a great offer to a so-much-talked Cuban outfielder Cespedes, currently hitting .299 with 13 HRs.
There you have it: A young, talented, hungry team, that this season is in 2nd place in the NL West, only 6 games behind the star-filled Angels and 7 games above .500. Just swept the powerful Yankees in a 4-games series. They had swept the Red Sox earlier in July and split a 2-game series with another powerhouse, the Rangers. They currently are 14-2 in July.
Price tag? $ 55 million payroll. 2nd to last cheapest payroll in the entire Major League. This is the so-called Moneyball. This is Billy Beane at its best.

Leo Orestes Barberie

4 Super Bowl Championships, 2 World Series Championships, Stanley Cup in last 10 years---What pain????

Just went to the Detroit News Tiger Blog and suggested the Tigers trade for Sanchez AND Infante giving up their Near Number 1 Rated Rated catching prospect and a couple of outfielders. One would probably need to be Boesch and maybe a B prospect. That probably gets the Tigers into the World Series. Boesch plays left, Solano to 2B, we have our catcher for next 8 years and one other prospect. How does that sound. You must give to get!! Sanchez is walking anyway. He's had enough of this.

Leo Orestes Barberie

I'm going to get this deal done with the Tigers even if I need to fly up to Detroit and talk with Ilitch.It makes too much sense not to work. Of course that might be a problem. If the Fish had control over Sanchez it would not work but they DON'T and Tigers will view him as a rental to get to the Series AND he may even sign with DEtroit with the future Hall of Fame Third Baseman to persuade him---Sorry son-in-law.

I'm working the phones!!!

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