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Stanton receives lone All-Star invite for Marlins

Giancarlo Stanton is going to Kansas City in two weeks for more than just the Home Run Derby.

The 22-year old slugger, who made his debut just two years ago, earned his first All-Star Game invitation Sunday and will be the Marlins' lone representative when the National League and American League meet for the 83rd time at Kauffman Stadium on July 10th.

"If one thing is very bright for us, it's him," manager Ozzie Guillen said before Sunday's series finale against Philadelphia at Marlins Park. "For me, it's a shame. I looked at this ballclub in December and I said 'Wow we got a few All-Star guys.' Unfortunately they didn't play good enough to get in the All-Star Game."

But Stanton being selected, Guillen said, is great for baseball because he's a young power hittereveryone can fall in love with. Stanton went into Sunday's game with 18 homers, third-most in the National League. 

"That's something baseball needs. Because when everybody was hitting home runs [before] they were under something," Guilen said. "Now having kids like that coming up, enjoy this home run thing, that's good for everyone. Kids can see new kids doing that. That's a motivation for people to watch the game."

Stanton's 49 RBI, 44 runs scored and .910 OPS leads the Marlins. His .283 average ranks second to second baseman Omar Infante among everyday players.

Pitcher Josh Johnson, a three-time All-Star selection, said his advice to Stanton is to enjoy the trip.

"It's going to be a really fast three days, two and half days really. It's going to be non-stop," Johnson said.

Earlier this week, Stanton confirmed he also will participate for the National League in the Home Run Derby, which can be seen on ESPN at 8 p.m. on July 9. The All-Star Game, scheduled for an 8 p.m. start, can be seen FOX.

Since he was promoted from Double-A Jacksonville on June 8, 2010, Stanton's 74 home runs are the fifth-most in the Major Leagues.

In May, he batted .343 with 12 home runs and 30 RBIs, earning NL Player of the Month honors. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, since 1920, the only other player under the age of 23 who had that many home runs, RBIs and a batting average that high in a calendar month was Joe DiMaggio.

Teammates believe Stanton will be a perennial star.

"I think he's real capable of being an All-Star, not just the Home Run Derby, but to be an outfielder out there," closer Heath Bell said. "He'd be one of those guys who should be starting in a couple of years. Maybe next year, people will start seeing who he really is, and people will start voting him in. And Miami fans will start voting him in for next year."


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Stanton is the only Marlin deserving to go to the All Star Game. People here in Miami are as stupid as a bag of rocks. This kid has a great chance of breaking every HR record, including those of Ruth, Aaron, and Bonds. He's only 22 but already has hit 75 HRs, and he is still LEARNING THE GAME! Once he gets it all figured out, forget about it.

If our stupid idiot of an owner had any brains at all, he would approach Stanton RIGHT NOW with a 10 year 200 million dollar deal, and lock him up. But NO, he probably won't do that, and in two years Stanton will be a free agent and will set all those HR records in California or New York.

Jeffrey Loria is the biggest idiotic scumbag of an owner that there ever was. He signed Hanley to a deal and then helped ruin that kid by kissing his butt. Yet now that he has THE REAL DEAL fall into his lap, he will most likely allow Stanton walk away in a couple of years.


The reason I say Miami fans are stupid is because very few even comprehend what they have here in Stanton. In NY or Boston, or St. Louis, or any REAL SPORTS TOWN the fans and THE MEDIA would be all over this kid, he'd have the keys to the city. But here Stanton will get less love than the third string wide receiver for FIU. If I were Stanton, I'd give the Marlins their 5 years and get the hell outta here.


But hey, Loria says this is a good team! And didn't we just sweep the Phillies?

Except...except the Phillies are an injured last place team. Let's see how good this team looks after the next 7 games, 4 in Milwaukee and 3 in St. Louis. I predict a 2-5 record. Not what I WANT to see happen, but based on everything that I have seen from this team, 2-5 is a safe bet.


The Phils are a last place team but we just beat three quality starters. Nice series keep it up!

Bryan Harv'stache

Alex must be a Mutt fan. We all know/love/appreciatte Stanton. You have no idea what you're talking about, considering you've just had a conversation with yourself on this website. We just won 4 in a row, save your negativity for your daily life and personal issues. Go fish, thank you for never giving up on your dream of a world class stadium, Mr Loria.


Another moron opens his stupid trap. You are an IDIOT. Stanton couldn't even get enough votes from Miami fans to make the TOP FIFTEEN Outfield vote getters for the All Star Game, you stupid jerk off. LMFAO!!!!!! Way to show your "love and appreciation" for him! Hilarious!

It's stupid punks like YOU who talk about all the "love and appreciation" they have for Marlins players YET THEY COULDN'T BE BOTHERED TO VOTE FOR STANTON! Yet the Giants fans were able to get two players voted in as STARTERS who obviously had worse stats than other players.

The stupidity of many of you is really amazing. I bet you are a big fan of Joe "The Shill" Frisaro, you idiotic little girl. "We all know/love/appreciatte Stanton". Except apparently NOT ENOUGH to bother voting for the kid to make the All Star Team. LMFAO! I mean seriously, how STUPID can you get to make a comment like that? This is way too EASY! Too many UNARMED MORONS attempting to win a battle of wits with me. You are much too STUPID to win any debates or arguments with me. Seriously, this is way too easy. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you Mr. Loria for stealing all that Luxury Tax money when you had a chance to make the playoffs in 2008 & 2009! Thank you Mr. Loria for dumping Cody Ross because you were TOO CHEAP, a stupid move that this team STILL has not recovered from! Thank You Mr. Loria for scamming the citizens of Miami! Thank you Mr. Loria; I hope you get INDICTED shortly and that MLB makes you sell the team to someone who has a CLUE.

I like the Marlins and I voted for Stanton 25 times. But I HATE Jeffrey Loria, a scumbag who deserves to go to prison for about 10 years. "Thank you Mr. Loria!" LMFAO....why don't you give him some HEAD, Bryan Moronstache!

Bryan Harv'stache

Want to regurgitate anyone else's opinion on loria/Marlins? Kid, you're going nowhere in life with aanger problems like that. I would pray for you, but Im not very religious. So I'll just hope you finally get laid before you kill somebody out of pure animosity for your father.

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