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Stanton returns home to have knee surgery, out of All-Star Game, could be out 4-6 weeks

ST. LOUIS -- Marlins All-Star Giancarlo Stanton is on his way back home to Miami where he will have arthroscopic surgery Sunday morning at 7 a.m. to remove "loose bodies" in his right knee. 

The procedure, which will be performed by Dr. Lee Kaplan, should take less than an hour.

The Marlins say Stanton could be out anywhere from 2-8 weeks depending on how he responds. Stanton will not participate in the All-Star Festivities next week. He's already been replaced by Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper.

"It's a fairly simple surgery, athroscopic surgery, remove the loose body and he'll be able to resume range of motion and get back to functional activities," general manager Mike Hill said.

Hill said he met with Stanton as he was pulled off the field Saturday in the third inning.

"It was just discomfort," Hill said. "We knew once we tried it and it flared up again surgery was the logical option.

"Obviously he wanted to represent the National League, but he made it clear he wanted to be there for the Marlins first and foremost and if he couldn't be there for the Marlins he understood that wasn't going to be a possibility."

Hill said the Marlins will look to Emilio Bonifacio to help fill Stanton's shoes when he returns to the team after the All-Star Break. The Marlins will likely put Bonifacio back in centerfield and play Justin Ruggiano and Scott Cousins in right field.

"There's more than enough talent in that clubhouse and guys will have to just continue to step up to help us win ballgames," Hill said.

Manager Ozzie Guillen said the Marlins will take their time to make sure Stanton heals right and will have to find other ways to win without him. Stanton leads the team with 19 homers and 50 RBI.

"It's a big bat," Guillen said. "This is our power hitter, our RBI guy. We have to change the way we're going to play. I think Boni is coming around. Boni is not a Stanton, but we can play a different ballgame. Everybody has to step it up a notch and try to cover the space he's going to leave open. That's all you can do as a team.

"We feel bad for the kid, but we've got 25 guys out there that have to keep working, keep firing."


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jimmy the geek

Welllll... all you Bonifacio fans will get their wish...lets see how he responds ...


We lost Mike Lowell during our championship run & got him back late. Let's hope for a similar result with the Big G.


Yea... Beinfest signed Conine...we got Bonifacio

More Ozzie Gobble-de-goop

more Ozzie Bullshitttte...we can play a different game..like what Ozzie? maybe Cricket?


"Welllll... all you Bonifacio fans will get their wish...lets see how he responds ..." Jimmy GEEK

LMAO.....I guess if Bonifacio doesn't hit a bunch of HRs like Stanton would you are going to look like a real "HARD CORE MLB FOLLOWER", a pure genius who "derives plenty of INCOME from his website"! Jimmy, I'm sorry I laughed at you, really I am. Please give me another chance! I want to DERIVE A LOT OF INCOME TOO! Look, let me send you a check so I can belong to your website, I promise I'll be good and I won't make fun of you!

I also want one of them cool HARD CORE MLB FOLLOWER varsity jackets, and I want to learn the secret handshake too.


Yea... Beinfest signed Conine...we got Bonifacio

Posted by: Uh-Oh

Uh, "Uh-Oh", wasn't it Beinfest that got us Bonifacio too? In this case I'm not trying to bust your balls, just trying to understand what your point is, that's all.

Mike Skor

So much for the MLB rule giving every team a representative in the all star game


Spitballer, guys can come back from these types of arthroscopic "clean up" surgeries pretty quickly. There's an excellent chance that Stanton can get back by mid August. If only Hanley would hit JUST A LITTLE BIT, it might not hurt losing Stanton too much.


Yeah Mike Skor, I agree it sucks that no Marlin will actually be PLAYING in the All Star Game. But lets be honest, ok? What other Marlin DESERVES to be an All Star? Maybe Steve Cishek, but he's a set up man, and they rarely get chosen. Ruggiano is the ONLY other Marlin that is currently playing like an All Star, but Ozzie kept him on the bench too long, he hasn't played enough.

Anyway, Stanton is STILL the Marlins' "representative".


Alex....on the bright side....they have scored about 40 runs with Big G out of the line up. Hanley did have his opportunties today to help the team...but didn't come through. IMO, Hanley needs to be brought down in the line up...try'em in the 7 hole.

Mike Skor

Alex, it's still an insult. Do you mean to tell me the Astros or Rockies have anyone deserving of a spot.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Good!! Let's get Stanton healed up. It's not like they are going to win anything this year. By the way, what is Ramirez hitting with men in scoring position?

This entire thing is really sad. Of course hanley's relatives and in-laws are set for the next 3 to 4 generations. What a great country!!

Leo Orestes Barberie

Dear Stan and Skipworth Family, The young man is now 22 years old and has been in the minors since 2008 with a career minor league average of .203. I understand Kyle's family must be supportive. I'm having trouble understanding why any other human being does not see him as THE bust of the 2008 Draft. The youmg man is older than Mike Stanton. Their career paths seem to have diverged.

Leo Orestes Barberie

.203 CAREER minor league average for 5 years!!!! The Number 6 OVERALL pick. Try to grasp the depth of those numbers. This young man transcends train wreck and he is something else. I'm sure everybody realizes he has not been summarily dismissed because of where he was selected. Hopefully the lad has received satisfactory investment advice for that 6!!!!!!!! selection and hopefully he can be set for the next quarter of a century or so. Buck is of course set for much longer than that. You don't even have to teach your kid how to hit a baseball, just teach him how to swing and miss and he will still be fine if a Marlins backstop.

Flav C

Leo --
Skipworth hasn't been dismissed yet because, believe it or not, his back up is as bad as he is. And 3-4 years older.

What amazes me (and shouldn't at this point) is the ability of the Marlins' Administration to not find solutions for the critical areas: The Marlins has 2 outfielders playing hurt since the beginning of the season (Logan and Giancarlo), and a third one that has been on the DL for more than a month. When they have a chance to come up with a trade to help this critical area, having the possibility of exploring trades for Josh Willingham, Quentin, Francouer, Cuddyer, the very next thing they do is to bring a 1B. And now with Stanton hurt, they will continue playing band-aid with the outfield.

Big Z is on a very good run to break his season records of BBs and HBP. We better have LeBlanc handy.

The more games the Marlins loses, the bigger would be this team's opportunities to trade Hanley for very good prospects. The NL East has a couple of teams (Reds and D-Backs) that are in the thick of things and would benefit from having a 3B like Hanley. And...they are loaded with good prospects.

Thomas R

Alex.... Jimmy's website is for gamblers. They dont sell anything to do with MLB jackets or hats and such.

Flav C

The way the FO trades and drafts, and band-aids this team, reminds me of the Dr. Fredrick in "Young Frankestein" of Mel Brooks.
All these changes of players from infield to outfield, back to infield, sending players to minors, back to majors, back to minors, back to majors... There is a perfect dialogue between Dr. Fredrik and his assistant Igor that resembles the Marlins:

Fredrick: Would you mind telling me whose brain I did put in?
Igor: And you won't be angry?
Fredrick: I will *not* be angry!
Igor: Abby Someone.
Fredrick: Abby Someone. Abby Who?
Igor: Abby Normal.
Fredrick: Abby Normal.
Igor: I'm almost sure that was the name.


Flav C, I'm glad to see that you agree with me that "playing band aid with the outfield" is a really stupid way to run a team; I thought you disagreed with me about that once upon a time. Maybe I'm wrong, but it really doesn't matter who's wrong and who's right. Playing all these guys out of position these past years has been one of the main errors that this Front Office has made. It weakens the OF defense, stunts the growth of young players (see Coghlan, Chris, who should NEVER have been put in CF with that arm), and makes the team look like a bush league and CHEAP franchise. We are very lucky Lomo didn't break his wrist the other day coming in on that ball which he didn't catch anyway.

I think that Stan M is going to say I'm wrong about Coghlan, but this is one of our disagreements. Putting him in LF was one thing, and he actually didn't do too badly there, but then they decided if he can play left, why not put him in CF (after they dumped Ross). Although he had good range in CF, and made some nice catches, his arm was much too weak. But the kid is tough, and a real gamer, and he did what they asked of him without complaining; and he ended up with a sore arm. Flav, if the team had gone out and GOTTEN SOME OUTFIELD HELP LIKE YOU JUST SAID, who knows if Cogs wouldn't be here right now?

But no. Instead of getting REAL OUTFIELDERS we have guys like Lomo, Dobbs, Kearns and Solano in the OF, and our OF defense is one of the worst.


@ Thomas R - I didn't really think that I could get a "really neat varsity jacket" from Jimmy's website, LOL. I was having some fun at his expense. He got VERY angry!


Flav C, with all due respect, IMO the LAST THING we should do is trade Hanley to a team in the NL. Look what Uggla & Maybin and other ex-Marlins do to us when we play their new teams. We need to exile Hanley FAR AWAY; like to Seattle or Kansas City, LOL.

@ Mike Skor, I agree it's an insult, but we made it easy on them by having NOBODY WORTHY OF BEING AN ALL STAR. As for the Astros and Rockies, Altuve is pretty decent at 2nd base and hasn't faded like Infante and Carlos Gonzalez is a Bona Fide deserving All Star.


@ spitballer - I agree with you 100% about Hanley needing to be moved OUT of the #2 spot. He is killing us there. He is the exact opposite of what you want your #2 hitter to be: a contact guy, unselfish, willing to move runners by hitting to the opposite field, a thinking hitter who is AWARE of the game situation and tailors his ABs to that situation. Hanley goes up there the same if it's a 4-0 lead or a 4-0 deficit, whether there's guys on base or bases empty; he is SELFISH and either doesn't CARE about game situations or doesn't KNOW what to do in those situations.

And Reyes continues to disappoint as well, both offensively and defensively. He got picked off Saturday so completely that he didn't even MOVE when Lohse threw to 1st. He was obviously daydreaming and not even LOOKING at the pitcher! In the old days you got benched for falling asleep like that on the basepaths.

Stan M

No, Alex. When a man is picked off that badly, it means he was going to go on the pitch. Nonetheless, it was careless and stupid when he is as fast as he is and a reserve catcher was behind the plate. If memory serves, there were two outs, so stealig was a good idea. How he went about it was a bad idea. I mentioned in a prior post that I don't think he's the smartest guy on the team and this kind of showed it.

I was away from computer and missed the talk about out TV announcers. I grew up with Red Barber and the despised Mel Allen (if you were a Dodger fan). I vividly remember the day that Red Barber introduced Vince Scully as a "Young fella from Fordham". With Direct TV, I get to hear most teams during the year. In my opinion, no one comes remotely close to the Met announcers. They are consumate professionals. Our announcers do an excellent job of making the game both interesting and fun. Their repartee is enjoyable. Frankly, I can't understand why anyone would criticize them. Tommy in particular is as critical as he can be under the circumstances.

Stan M

Some announcer anecdotes. I posted most in years past so skip this if you've heard it all before.

The first time Phil Rizzuto announced a game after being permanently hired (he had just retired) he introduced the coached before the first pitch about like the following, "There's Bill Dickey in the coaching box at first, and there's the Cro (Frank Crosetti) flashing the take sign at third". He never made that mistake again.

During a Met game, Lindsey Nelson had a picture flashed on the screen of Ralph Kiner leaving a restaurant with Elizabeth Taylor on his arm. He and Murphy started to tease him about who was that girl. Kiner was, of course, shocked and embarassed and weakly said, "That was a long time ago, boys."

After each Met game Kiner had a show called Kiner's Corner. As the very first show ended, the camera went to Kiner and...nothing. Finally Kiner said, "If you turn that sign right side up, I'll read it."

The Dodgerss were primarily sponsored (not fleeting like today, but for years and years) by Schaefer beer and the Yankees by Ballantine Ale. Durind a Spring game (the two teams played each other right before the season began) The Yankees brought in a kid from the minors whose name happened to be Schaefer(sic). Red Barber, with his wonderful tongue in cheek style remarked, "I wonder how my compatriot over there in the Yankee booth is handling this young man's name"


now its time for hanley to come through, good luck with that. ramierz has got to go.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Dear Stan, You REALLY don't look that old.

One thing you said was troubling about "Tommy being critical UNDER THE CIRCUMSTANCES", I guess you mean Tommy Bahama is stymied by the organization in his comments. I'm eternally grateful that the Mets DON'T prevent their announcers from telling you what is REALLY happening. Those guys are truly great. I don't know how a guy who played the game could allow himself to be dictated to as far as his commentary. I'm not saying it's easy to make comments that would get you tossed but I know it's not easy to sit in a booth and keep your mouth shut.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Stan, Any interest in meeting up in Asheville just to watch Greensboro? I think they still have some dates there. Maybe Skipworth will be back with Greensboro by the time we see them. Kyle goes 0 for 4 in minor league games more than a 330 goes 0 for the evening in a bar in a college town.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Sorry!! That was suppossed to read "more than a 330 pound guy with acne goes 0 for the evening in a bar in a college town."

Leo Orestes Barberie

Stan, You know I think you're great, but I must ask if your last name is Skipworth? Have you ever lived in Riverside, California? You may be the largest "Kyle Skipworth Fan Club" in America.

Stan M

Skipworth? My last name is Fisario (or whatever his name is). Just ask Alex. I would rather go to a Braves game. Can get seats right next to visitors dugout...2nd row for from 50 to 100 bucks. My kids went last year, had those seats and had a great time. Met TV announcers, last manager, Craig Minorvini and were about 15 -20 feet from home plate.

Javier Honig

Stanton’s fans are sure going to miss him for weeks. But I’m sure after that surgery, he’s going to be more active. I hope he recovers fast. =)

jon weber

What difference does it make if he leaves.


Sucks he got injured


I guess if Bonifacio doesn't hit a bunch of HRs like Stanton would you are going to look like a real genius!

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