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Stanton to test knee Friday, but not play

    MILWAUKEE -- Ozzie Guillen said Giancarlo Stanton will not play Friday when the Marlins open a 3-game series in St. Louis. Whether he plays the other two days of that series and, beyond that, participate in next week's Home Run Derby and All-Star Game remains to be seen.

    Stanton took batting practice in the indoor cages on Thursday, and he said he'll take part in all of the pre-game rituals -- taking batting practice, shagging in the outfield -- on Friday. But Stanton also said that if he does not play on both Saturday and Sunday in St. Louis, he probably won't take part in any All-Star festivities.

     "Tomorrow's the test," Stanton said.

     Stanton said that if his knee doesn't feel right, it's unlikely he would compete in just the Home Run Derby on Monday and not play in the All-Star Game on Tuesday.

     "It all depends on how hitting out there, and not just in the cage, feels, especially trying to get it over the fence all the time," he said. "I definitely don't want to go there and have to come out after five or 10 swings."

     Stanton said the MRI on his knee revealed a "loose body" of either bone or cartilage of about 6 mm.

     "The description of it is like the tip of your pinky," he said.

     Stanton, the Marlins' only All-Star representative, said he wouldn't necessarily go to Kansas City and make an appearance even if he is unable to take part in the Derby or Game. He said there's a chance that he could return to South Florida to have the loose body removed arthroscopically, instead.

     "If I have to go down (to Miami) and get it out, then no," Stanton said.    



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Infante is close to a Gold Glover at 2nd. If Boni was similar to that he would be playing there,instead of all over the field. True Boni is better now than 2 yrs ago,when he was sent up and down several times.Last year Bonis OBP was .360 hardly one of the best in the league which was over .400. His defense is rated at average at best according to experts not appearing on the Tommy and Rich Comedy Hour. Above average arm.Yes have seen him take the scenic route on fly balls,especially in Marlins Park.His Strikeout rate is double his walk rate throughout his total pro career.Yes he is a better player over the past 2 years,otherwise he wouldnt be here. Thats not saying much.

Stan M

Regarding Bono's OBP of .360. I assumed that it was understood that I meant as a lead off man. Granted I wasn't clear and you were right to point it out.

Am watching tonight's game with the announcers talking about the heat. Reminds me of the story of Casey Stengel when he first visited the prior Busch Stadium when it was first built. It too was open air and had Astroturf. When asked what he thought of the brand new park he said, "It hold the heat well". Ya have to miss that guy


Also regarding Boni's breakout age of 26 as you call it .The only thing that keeps Boni on a MLB roster is his speed. Do you think hes going to get faster,or maintain his speed ,as he gets older? No. He'll probably be gone from the Marlins in 2 years,maybe less.

Stan M

Pardon me, but that's a silly comment. Speed is the only thing that kept a lot of players in the ML. Let's worry about Bono's decline when it happens.
I question Infante as close to a Gold Glove 2nd baseman. Last year, yes. This year until he took that leave of absense, yes. For the last several weeks, no. Do I think he is better there than Bono. Maybe. As I said above, I didn't agree with that stat head. However, Bono would be a very good second baseman in my opinion. perhaps better than Infante after some time there. Neither of us really knows. I do know that he does not hurt us in CF. My ideal lineup would have LoMo at 1B, Coghlan in CF, Ruggiano in LF and Bono at either 2B or 3B...assuming a trade. I'm talking about next year. I haven't given up on Coghlan. If Ruggiano proves to be better in CF, switch them.


Well ,guess we will agree to disagree. I would trade every player you mentioned,except Ruggiano,because its too early to tell about him.


Hey Mrs. LOB, don't worry about the haters using his name. That just shows that the things he writes are good and that really annoys some people. Others are just imitating; which is the sincerest form of flattery.


Beinfart, you are dead wrong. Bonifacio has been getting BETTER every year and hit .300 last year. The kid and Reyes together cause mayhem & havoc on the bases. No coincidence that the offense stalled when Boni got hurt.

Stan, I'm sorry, but I gave up on Coghlan. He is a guy who should never have been put in the OF. The Fish hurt him with that. His shoulder and arm got hurt trying to make throws from CF and then his hitting suffered. They should trade him and give him a fresh start elsewhere.

Bonifacio's a little league Hacker

Bonifacios a hack,hit .300 on a crappy losing team,big fraekin deal,wont do it ever again. a loser that never won anything,never will.

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