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VIDEO: Ozzie Guillen reacts to Hanley Ramirez being traded to the Dodgers

Lot of reaction from the Marlins this morning to the Hanley Ramirez trade.

Here is the first video we'll post: Ozzie Guillen's reaction.

- Guillen said Greg Dobbs, Donovan Solano and Donnie Murphy, will alternate at third base with Hanley gone. 


Did Hanley play the game right? "I can only speak on what I saw from him this year. This year, Hanley went by the rules. He played the game right. He did everything we asked him to do. Unfortunately, he wasn't playing up to his potential and we weren't playing up to our potential and that's the biggest reason he's not here right now. They can say what they want to say about him. But at the end of the day the reason Hanley is not here is our fault. We expected to play better and we didn't. I expect this ballclub to bounce back and react."

A lot of people thought Hanley had a bad attitude? "That's a lot of people. Ozzie Guillen can't say that. Hanley Ramirez have a great attitude with bad performance for me. I cannot say about his attitude. From Day 1 when we talked to today he was great with me. What he was in the past? That's their problems. I'm not saying this because he just got traded. I wish he had a bad attitude and produced. I would take that."

What do you say to fans? "The fans have to understand. We're going to play. We're going to show up and play the game right. It's going to be a different ballgame because we got the big boys out of the lineup. But, once again, this move you cannot blame the front office. You cannot blame -- well there we go again. No. You want to blame someone, you can blame me and the players. I think the front office showed everyone in Miami how much they want to win up to two weeks ago. They see we keep losing and losing and play bad baseball and unfortunately this is a business. When your business isn't going right you have to find the players to get it better."

Was management quick with the hook? "We got Giancarlo [Stanton] hurt. We were 10 games out of first place. A lot of people talk about the wildcard, but you're going to ask for more players when there is only one wild card game and ruining your minor league system? That's somebody else's problem. They were very patient. They were very optimistic. This conversation has been going for the last 20 days. I said it very clear going into Chicago and Pittsburgh [trip] -- this week will decide if we're going to keep this ballclub or move in a different direction. We played like crap and that's what we got. As a manager I want to have the best players out there. They just not performed the way we wanted them to perform."

You said this team was built around Hanley... "We did. Some people have to take responsibility and I'll be the first one to take responsibility. That we're not playing well, I blame myself. I don't think I managed the right way or coached the right way. But when you have the same team for so many years and see the same thing day in and day out same way -- you know how many hitting coaches, pitching coaches went through this organization with the same players? They look at it. I think they have to go maybe a different way with different faces. That happened with the White Sox when I got there. That happened with Tampa Bay. They traded key players and they got better. Hopefully with a couple players we got here we'll get better. I just had a couple meetings with a couple guys. I just talked to LoMo about what we'd like to do, what we want to do.

"I just saw some idiot on ESPN talk about we're dumping money. What an idiot. When you're on National TV and say we're dumping money that's stupid. We just added Carlos Lee a couple days ago. We just went different direction because a couple of players we have they weren't performing. That's not dumping money. That's trying to get better."

Money is moving with Hanley's contract, but are you confident management will spend money when needed? "They know the kind of money they want to spend. But it all depends on what kind of piece we're going to get. Is the piece the right piece? I never told management what to do. Of course, they ask me questions, I have my answer. You got the money. Only twice in my career as a manager have I said what I want. Mark Kotsay and Omar Vizquel. I never told management I want this guy, I like this guy. This year they asked me about Jose Reyes? How about Mark Buehrle? They were on the same page I was. But I didn't demand it. 

Were you satisfied with Hanley's effort to make adjustments... "Yes. He worked hard, very hard. He was in the cage every day. Things just didn't work out for him unfortunately. This kid has a chance to be a superstar -- that's what we thought, what we think. We are taking a risk here sending him to be good for somebody else. But that's a risk you have to take in this business. He never dogged except one time running the bases -- well, not running hard enough. But I don't have any problem with Hanley Ramirez -- at all. I'll take him any time. He was good for me, just was not the player they thought he was.

Can the mood of clubhouse with new voices be better here? "Maybe. But the only way the clubhouse can get better is winning. Don't blame Hanley. Don't think people are happy there. It's not Hanley's fault we are where we are. It's all those guys in there. Every one. Everybody should be pointing the finger at themselves. Are they going to be better without Hanley? We'll see how they react, how they play. But if they're happy Hanley is not here they're full of shit. They should look at themselves in the mirror and say we're not doing this because of us. If anybody says something different in there, they're watching different things than I watch. I think everybody should be blamed -- including myself. Myself No. 1. If they're happy Hanley is not here, that's not the way they should look at it. Nobody has more talent in here than Hanley Ramirez -- anyone. Be careful how you smile because you might be next."

Who will play at third base... "Dobbs. Solano. We got Murphy coming back. I like Dobbs coming off the bench a little bit better.

Even though Hanley didn't produce he was a presence in the lineup... "There's no doubt. If you're a pitcher and see Hanley you go 'Oh god.'"

What does it do to the lineup? "Nothing. Because he wasn't producing. We got to play a different way not... I think I saw a couple guys get walked to face Hanley this season.

"We're going to play better watch. I think we're going to play different. There is going to be more stuff gone. Just sit down in the press box and watch. We're going to have more little things -- squeeze, hit and run, stealing." 

What about Jose Reyes, he just lost the second baseman and third baseman who play next to him... "We might lose him too [laughter]. He has to worry about his own position. He can't worry about who you have on the side. Worry about your job. 

Is this an opportunity for him to be a leader... "We expect him to be the leader. We expect him to be the guy. I expect him to be the guy. He did it before and he should do it again." 

If it was Hanley Ramirez's team, whose team is now? "This is Jeffrey Loria's team now. I think it has an opportunity to be a couple guys' teams. Reyes and LoMo. I think those couple guys we look for to be the leader on the team. It's not easy to be a leader on the team. It's easy when you are 4 for 4 hitting .390... What's a leader? The guy they respect and love? Sometimes they respect you, but don't love you. Sometimes they love you, but don't respect you.Sometimes the leader doesn't play the game right. Sometimes the leader does crazy stuff off the field. To be a leader -- that package is pretty heavy. I think LoMo has a chance to do it. I think Reyes is a leader already."