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VIDEO: Stanton talks All-Star selection

He's headed to his first All-Star Game. Here is what Giancarlo Stanton had to say after Sunday's sweep over the Phillies was complete.


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At least he speaks English you can understand


Man, look at the freakin' guns on Stanton, LOL. Like I have been saying, in any other sports city in America, this kid would be a major celebrity. He wouldn't be able to go anywhere in NY, Chicago, Boston, Milwaukee or St. Louis without being mobbed for autographs.

However, this is Miami, a second rate Sport City if I ever saw one, so my advice to Stanton is BE VERY CAREFUL that you don't wind up getting shot by some trigger happy South Florida cop that thinks you are just another MINORITY THUG. And when your 5 years are up over here, GET THE HELL OUT OF MIAMI ASAP. Go where people will APPRECIATE YOU and give you the respect you deserve. Go where you can make EXTRA money from endorsements as well. Here in Miami no one gives a damn about baseball and some clown on the Dolphins will get more endorsement opportunities than you ever will.

Of course much of that is the fault of our idiot owner who doesn't even know what he HAS in Stanton, and is destined to lose him BECAUSE HE IS A CHEAP FAT SLOB. Besides, I don't think Stanton is "Latino enough" for Loria. He likes REAL LATINOS like Reyes and Hanley. LMFAO

no hab-lo espanhole

Stanton no Ha-Blo Espanol? Hay Carumba

Stan M

I agree that Loria is a parsimonious fraud. But how does the fact that Stanton is a fine young player equate to the population of Miami (and surroundings I guess) being composed of stupid fans? Or that Miami is a second rate sports city? I don't live there so I can only observe, but it seems to me (and you as well right above)that they embrace other sports rather well. Frankly, I don't blame them for not being overly enthusiastic about a mediocre team under the control of Loria and a history spotted with devastating selloffs. Let's see how dumb they are when/if this team becomes consistently good. Didn't they draw 3 million in their initial year? Not sure, but thought so.

Yes, the rest of the schedule will be trying and we still have a great deal to learn about this team's strengths and weaknesses. A couple of days ago I presented what (at least) I thought was a pretty good analysis of the team's chances to go on and win the division. They are miniscule, and even the chance for a Wild Card spot is foreboding. There is however a simple solution. The entire lineup must hide Cardinal jerseys under their uniforms while batting. Anyone who puts a Cardinal uniform on automatically becomes a .300 hitter.

Does a team only control a player for 5 years? Am I wrong in thinking it was six?

Stan M

Fellow Stanton lovers,
As a Met fan in NY at the time, I had the good fortune to witness Dwight Gooden's ascension into stardom. After his second year, every sportswriter gushed nothing but, "He's only 20 years old" and "Wait till he matures", etc. Well, the great Bob Gibson, who knew a thing or two about baseball, was quoted as saying in effect that he will never be any better than he was right then. Everyone snickered. In point of fact, he was never as good and flamed out as a star well before he was 30 years old for a myriad of reasons. That experience scares the hell out of me every time I read about the potential of Stanton's future exploits. He should improve, and they should happen, but it's no sure thing.


Stan, I have lived in several major cities in America, and I'm sorry to say that IN MY OPINION Miami has the worst fans. And when it comes to BASEBALL, not only do we have fans that don't really care about The Game, not only do we have an owner who has NO CLUE how to market a special once in a lifetime player like Stanton, but OUR SPORTS MEDIA is as anti-baseball as any I have ever seen in a town that HAS a MLB franchise. The Marlins are BURIED on the Sports Pages of this newspaper and this website.

Five years, six years, what's the difference? Stanton will NOT BE HERE in a few years, you can take THAT to the bank, and it's a damn shame. Nowadays he's the only reason to watch this team! Him, Ruggiano, and JJ. No one else worth watching on this team. Oh. Boni, when he returns. And Bell. We watch Bell to see if he is going to blow ANOTHER game.


Stan m,
Unless something has changed recently and I've missed it, team control is, in fact, for six years.
Trying to figure out where this team will finish is like trying to handicap a horse that runs well, but only when he dang well feels like it. I've owned several of those and bet on (or against) hundreds, and that's why Maalox stock is soaring.
It's amazing the spark a team gets when somebody like Ruggiano comes aboard and shows the so-called stars what it's like to put your asz in gear, keep your mouth shut and play baseball like you mean it. I'm tempted, but I'm not even going to mention the fact that you were grousing and whining about the Fish acquiring somebody else's cast-off when they should be looking for real players.


There are so many cities that "embrace" their sports teams better than Miami that it's not even worth listing them all. Miami basically "embraces" only the Dolphins and Hurricanes, PERIOD. Don't even go there with The Heat. Look at how many Miami fans jumped OFF that bandwagon after the team's last Championship in 2006, and the ONLY REASON they will stay this time is because they have a chance to win it all again.

Cities that truly "embrace" their baseball teams are St. Louis, Milwaukee, Chicago, New York, Boston, and several others. Those fans love their teams and GO TO GAMES no matter what the record is. The Marlins can't even draw when they are winning.

Of course I blame the Sports Media here for most of that. It's the Sports Media who is stuck on the Dolphins and CANES and helps keep the Marlins as back page second rate news.


Can't see Stanton having the same problems Gooden had, but again — as in horse racing — we all know that one misstep and it could all be over. That's why some people pray and others kill chickens.

Stan M

LB, you are correct. I couldn't understand the pickup then or now...from Houston's point of view. But what a great reason to be wrong. Should I put a curse on several others and see what happens?


Yeah, I saw Dwight Gooden's rise as well. That came AFTER Ron Guidry's meteoric rise in 1978. Neither of those are valid comparisons to Stanton because they were PITCHERS. Pitchers get hurt because pitching is an unnatural motion on the shoulder, and when they get older they LOSE VELOCITY ON THE FASTBALL. A kid like Stanton can either STAY THE SAME as he is now for the next 10 years give or take, or MOST LIKELY improve as he learns the various pitchers in the league, and he learns how to identify strikes better, as well as to differentiate between fastballs & breaking pitches.

That's the SCARY THING about Stanton. He's doing THIS WELL with hardly any KNOWLEDGE of the pitchers, the strike zone, or ANYTHING. He's doing what he's doing on PURE TALENT ALONE! You should know that, Stan; of all people, i shouldn't have to explain that to YOU! LOL...I bet you were just playing Devil's Advocate and you knew that all along!


I'm amazed that even guys that really know baseball, guys like Stan, LB, and most of the rest of ya'll don't see what I see in Stanton. The kid is 22 YEARS OLD and is as raw of a talent as I have seen in many a year. Back in the old days he would still be in the minors, and in reality, when you watch him strike out so much on pitches way out of the zone or you see him butcher Right Field, that's where he SHOULD HAVE BEEN these past couple of years. What he is doing at the Major League level he is accomplishing on just RAW TALENT. Now give him three more years to LEARN THE GAME, and the potential is astronomical.

Now MAYBE he is one guy who DOES NOT improve. Maybe he doesn't LEARN the pitchers, and maybe he doesn't learn pitch recognition, etc. Maybe he stays EXACTLY AS HE IS NOW. In that case he will "just finish" with 500 HRs when he retires in 15 years. LMAO! I wouldn't bet on that happening! This kid WILL GET BETTER than he is now; TRUST ME ON THAT!


Stan the Man,
I'm just giving you a hard time about Ruggiano. What we didn't know early on was that the Marlins had had their sights on Ruggiano for some time and had actually invited him to Spring Training this year. He chose to stay in Houston for family reasons, so landing him wasn't the desperation move we thought at the time.

Stan M

LB, I remember an interview on TV about 40 years ago when I think it was Carmon Basilio was asked what happened to the millions that he made in the ring. He just smiled and said, "Fast women and slow horses". You mentioned the free "salad bars" during your stay in Washington. What was your drink of preference? The idea of it being free is overwhelming. When I had my business and was fairly well off, I developed a taste for 12 YO DeWars(sic). Now that I'm old and a near mendicant, I've gotten used to Famous Grouse. Possibly because WEB Griffin has all of his characters drinking it. Have tried every beer known to man and settled on certain IPAs. I think I was full of both when I put up that silly piece on Buck a week or so ago. Sorry if I write pedantically. Unfortunately, it's how I think, too.


I don't think you write pedantically at all, Stan, although I realize I'm horning in on a private conversation you're having with LB. Me, I try to write exactly like I speak in person when I post on the internet about baseball. Now, when I am writing a story, a short story, or an essay, I try to write more smoothly and learnedly; I am a college educated businessman, after all. But when I write about freaking baseball I write just like the loud bleacher bum that I have been my entire life. I guess it pisses some people off.


There are no private conversations on here.
I think we all recognize Stanton's amazing potential, and Marlins fans aren't the only ones who are awed by him. Matt Kemp said in an interview tonight that he asked fans to tweet him their suggestions for his HR Derby team and Stanton was the guy the vast majority of fans wanted to see. I've started taking better care of myself just so I can live long enough to see him perform his magic.
Stan M,
On the other hand, I don't want to take that fitness stuff too far. I'm also been a Scotch drinker and have been for as long as I can remember. I drink Glenlivet when I can afford it, but if you're pouring, I'll take whatever you've got. As for beer, my favorite brand is cold.

Stan M

As a scotch drinker, maybe you just can't remember much of anything. Just kidding. Glenlivet is magnificent, as are most single malts. As much as I enjoy scotch, Burbon makes me sick (except in an Old Fashioned) and I can't stand whiskey. Cute remark about beer. I can't drink "cheap" beers and laugh to myself when people drink right out of the bottle. One must open the mouth wide to get full taste of beer for those taste buds are in rear of mouth. Bud is really a beer made with rice if one checks the label. Here is the drinker's toast in case you are unfamiliar with it:
Here's to the only girl I love
I could not ask for more
She's deaf and dumb and oversexed
And owns a liquor store


Yes, they say:
Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day.


Yeah, well you know what the sad thing is, Stan? The sad thing is that although EVERYONE IN BASEBALL knows who Stanton is, and all REAL BASEBALL FANS are excited to see him in the Home Run Derby, hardly anybody in Miami cared enough to VOTE FOR HIM TO MAKE THE ALL STAR TEAM. And all those tweets came from people who KNOW BASEBALL, therefore they did NOT COME FROM ANYONE IN MIAMI. The Giants had two UNDESERVING guys voted as starters (Posey and Fat Boy Sandoval) yet Miami fans couldn't even get Stanton into the TOP FIFTEEN OUTFIELD VOTE GETTERS. That's EXACTLY why I say we have lousy sports fans here, ESPECIALLY in BASEBALL.

Stanton is a NOBODY in this town, and that's a damn shame. Of COURSE if he wins the HR Derby and does something amazing there, MAYBE some people in this town will take notice of Stanton, at least until the first hangnail in Dolphins camp.

I hate to be a wet blanket, and I would HOPE that we will be able to watch Stanton here for the next 15 years, but I seriously doubt it will happen. That fat Dirtbag Loria will not sign him to to a long term deal, and he will move on to a real baseball town.

Enjoy Stanton while you can, Miami! He will be GONE in LESS THAN THREE YEARS because Loria will TRADE HIM knowing he can't sign him.


By the way did any of you catch that CLOWN Hanley stylin' and profilin' after hitting his meaningless HR yesterday? Acting like Reggie Jackson admiring one of his moon shots when the TRUTH IS that he hadn't hit a HR in over 100 plate appearances.

The sooner we get rid of that idiot the better.


You know what would be the BEST THING for Miami baseball? If Loria was indicted by the government as a result of the ongoing investigation by the government and MLB made him SELL THE TEAM. Maybe we would get a real owner here instead of that Fat Clown.


I had to LAUGH a minute ago. Some idiot posted that "We all know/love/appreciatte Stanton." Obviously he can't spell, but he sure knows how to say "Thank You Mr. Loria!". Sickening.

But here's the funniest part: all these guys that say "We all know/love/appreciatte Stanton" obviously could NOT BE BOTHERED TO VOTE FOR THE KID TO MAKE THE ALL STAR GAME! Yet even the Giants low class crybaby fans (Waaaahhh! You guys hurt Buster Posey!) were able to get two undeserving players named as STARTERS!

But I love it when unarmed clowns try to have a battle of wits with me. Exposing their stupidity is a whole lot of fun. "We all know/love/appreciatte Stanton". LMFAO!!!!!!! Just not enough to VOTE for him it seems. Typical Miami STUPIDITY.


Dude STFU!!!! Who the hell are you talking to anyway?!!! Get off your pedestal for a second and realize how stupid and crazy you sound. Your opinions about this town are redundant and unoriginal and have been stated before Stanton came into the picture. David Wright didn't get voted in so that just tells you that the Giants fans were on top of their game. That hardly reflects anything on the New York fan base. You can't really argue against the guys that were voted in anyway. You know all star voting is a popularity contest and this team isn't very popular. That doesn't mean we don't know what we are witnessing in Stanton.

The worst thing that could've happened to this blog is you getting kicked out by Frisario. I dont say this because of you're criticism of the organization; most of it is justified. It's the arrogant and long winded rants that really is the reason I don't even come here anymore. You're worst than a troll. At least they say what they have to and leave and aren't heard of again. You sir are a pest.


Oh and BTW, yes, thank Loria for swindling the idiot politicians into building that stadium and keeping baseball in this town for another 30 years.. You talk about ingrates and people not appreciating what we have on this team. Well, If not for that scumbag Owner you wouldn't have a team to complaint about.


Glags, amen to that. I for one never thought the Marlins would have a stadium built for them any where in the lower 3 counties. Glad I was wrong. Also, Loria is the owner and though we may argue with many of his personnel decisions, its his team and he can run it any dang way he pleases. In his defense he put a team on the field this year that is good enough to compete (defensive liabilities and all) but has vastly underachieved.


If we look up 301.83 in the DSM IV it will explain our buddy Alex. I can sniff out a Personality Disorder even on a blog. It's exhausting.

On to baseball....how bout that sweep of the Phils!!! I don't care that they are in last place...it just gives me sooooo much satisfaction burying them in the cellar. It's the little things sometimes. Congrats to Giancarlo and I'll be looking forward to watching him with a Marlins uni on. I just pray that he doesn't change his swing after the HR Derby. It should get interesting in the next week with this team to see what - if any, changes they make. We have to think of a nickname for Ruggiano!! I do believe that Gaby will not see much playing time once Boni is back...think Lomo will be heading to 1B.


Right on Glags...Alex is an escapee from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest....

Stan M

Don't leave, Glags, especially because of Captain Obvious. Many of us who have been here for a while enjoy your input. We eventually got Lou to either leave or tone it down under an assumed name. That will eventually happen here as well.


Alex the idea that the media has something against the Marlins smacks of paranoia. The media's job is to give their customers more of what they want, what they want is not more Marlins coverage. Just because you are willing to support this pathetic embarrassing franchise doesn't mean that the more intelligent citizens of South Florida have to do the same.

The owner is one of the most loathsome public figures I have ever come across, as is his troll son-in-law.

Beinfest and the front office has proven over time to be a fraud.

They tore down the beloved Orange Bowl and fraudulently stole taxpayer money to build their crass monstrosity.

Instead of spending money and building a team over the past few years they pocketed tens of million of $$ and tried to build it all in one offseason. (They did this in the sleaziest way signing players to front-loaded contracts that I expect they will unload in a year as the stadium is increasingly empty.

Despite this the owner and his band of clowns talk down to the fans, treat them like fools and act like the organization is doing S. Florida some kind of favor by their very existence.

Attendence is pathetic in the new stadium already and the next (of many) fire sales is only a year or two away. I don't even like to support the Marlins by posting on this blog or showing any support in any way. I hope their TV ratings and attendance dwindle to NOTHING and they are contracted.

So you can justify your passion any way you want, similar to an abuser who complains and complains but keeps coming back. But I actually attend Dolphins and Heat and Hurricanes games even when they are bad. I don't expect my teams to be great but I expect ownership to try. But like millions of intelligent South Floridians I detest the Marlins organization and I would never attend a Marlins game or even bother watching on TV. They are the last blog I click on (yes even after the Panthers) when I am bored at work.


It's heartbreaking to hear that you won't be posting here anymore, but over time we will learn to live with it. Goodbye.


laurelbowie - Your reading-comprehension skills must be poor as nowhere in my post did I say I won't be posting here anymore. I wasn't addressing you, your posts on this thread are mostly drivel and didn't require a response. You seem to be a different kind of moron than Alex but dimwitted nonetheless. Keep on hoping.

take a hike, nomaxipussy

get lost anyway, nomaxipad


Must be the first time anyone has referred to DSM-IV-TR on here, and I like it. But since most of us don't have copies lying around, you'll have to give us a clue. My guess is 301.83 is the section on BPD. Also, in deference to omaximus, will you look up the section on dimwitted morons and help me do a little self-diagnosis.
And yes, it was great to sweep the Phillies and always will be, regardless of the standings.


Ooops, just noticed the Fish gotta face Greinke tonight. Won't be easy.


Lol - Omaximus would be 301.81 Narcissistic Personality Disorder.....too funny...the rest of us are diagnosed with Delusional Disorder 297.1 - for following this crazy team!!

Still want opinions on what will happen with Gaby when Boni gets back? Are we thinking that Lomo moves to 1B and Justin "La Cosa Nostra" Ruggiano moves to LF?

juan v

something positive great for stanton I hope it's the first of many more voted 50 times for the guy(used my girls acount. something negative today was international signing day and yet none of the top 20 where even mentioned the marlins having interest in any of them. how can a team sustain year after year without taking chances in bringin top international players if the owner likes real latinos like you guys say why not bring in your own homegrown players and take advantage of the new cap and sign some decent players. and how about all these kids from hialeah or miami they are playing all over in the minors like machado,grandal,alonso,castellanos and many more players that can play. They can draft these kids and atleast have some local support instead of drafting in oklahoma,that is why there is no suport for the team. It is not a local team. how many telecasts do we watch when an oposing players whole family and friends are there to watch there kid multiply that if we could atleast have local kids playing like Gaby or Andino. but instead they sciphon trash piles and sign players that make no sense 109 million for a shortstop when we had Boni.you don't fill a stadium with one name you win on a countinious basis and it will fill by itself


My guess is, when Boni comes back, either Kearns, Cousins or Solano gets shipped. I'm not sure why Solano isn't getting a few more at-bats. He's a pesky hitter, and sometimes that's the guy they need up there.
Also, Ruggiano says in the minor leagues he was called "Scrooge" because he was a complainer. I think with little thought we can do better.


Maybe we should call Ruggiano "Spider" — 'cause he kinda reminds me of a spider. Anybody remember Eddie Basinski?

Baseball Stew

Greinke has never lost at Miller Park where he is 15-0.


Good post @juan V. I agree with you that it's funny that the fish have no interest in the international player on their signing day. Certainly food for thought.

Stan M

I see where someone has changed his name. Same long rant though. However, I have learned from this. If one wants to feel important and build self esteem, the best way to do it is to tear down anything and everything around him. So Glags and LB, you're it! Strange how both of you have lost so much intellectual prowess recently. After this and the Captain Obvious crack(my son's name for him), you may be sure that I, too will join you in the ranks of a lower form of species.
Flags..., I think Kearns will be the first goner.


Alex = Spartagas on espn.com conversation boards
Alex = Sharp_Steels_Spike on mlb.com boards

He was banned not by Frisario..he was banned by mlb.com due to several users flagging him for explicit language and being an idiot with everyone else.

Randall P. McMurphy

Maybe there is a reward out for him @ S. Fl. State Hospital. the Nut House...the Rubber Room...etc. B. O. L. O. for Alex aka all of the above.


Agree Stan that Kearns will be a goner real soon. Has anyone noticed that Boni is addicted to twitter? It's so funny to see all his tweets...he looks extremely bored. Looking forward to watching him fly around the bases. Can't let Ryan PED Braun beat us this series.

Marlins run differential -58

Marlins are in trouble if they have to depend on a no power slap-hitter, that 30% of his hits dont leave the infield grass, to win games. Stanton wins games with his HRs. Bonifacio is a gnat.

Stan M

Have to respectfully disagree about Bono's value. Since he has been away the team play has changed dramatically. It used to seem that baserunners were always running and the Marlins led the majors in steals. Now they all are hanging around waiting for Stanton to pop one. It is a baseball axiom that speed never goes into a slump. Let's hope that Bono's return coincides with a return to more of a running...and exciting game.

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