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Zambrano: Zack Greinke was fish that wiggled free

     MILWAUKEE -- The Marlins had all but fire-branded a Miller Park "L" on Zack Greinke when it all came apart in an error-filled collapse. The Brewers, who trailed 5-2 entering the fifth inning and 5-3 going into the sixth, pulled off a rescue act to spare Greinke his first-ever loss at Miller. Greinke had gone 15-0 there. But three Marlins errors -- two by Hanley Ramirez -- ended up costing them.

     Carlos Zambrano, who was on the mound for the Marlins, likened it to a big fish that got away.

     "I almost had him," Zambrano said. "But he ran away from me. It's like when you're fishing, and you've got the fish, you've got the fish, and you bring it in, you bring it in, and then when you almost have it to the boat, it escapes."

     Zambrano had words with Greinke early in the game after the two pitchers delivered inside pitches. After Zambrano plunked Ryan Braun in the first inning, Greinke brushed back Zambrano in the next. When Zambrano completed the at bat by grounding to second, he said some words to Greinke as he trotted by the mound on his way back to the Marlins' dugout.

     "I didn't say nothing bad to him," Zambrano said. "I didn't curse. I didn't say any bad words. I just passed by him, had a few words."

     Zambrano said he did not try to hit Braun, that he threw a sinker that got away from him (Zambrano ended up walking the next three Brewers hitters, so his control was clearly not there in the first inning).

     "I've got nothing against Braun," Zambrano said. "He's a great player and I respect him."

     Said Guillen: "If Carlos is going to hit somebody, he's not going to throw 82 miles per hour. If you're going to hit somebody, throw 100. I don't think at all he tried to hit him. With Greinke, I think he pitched in to Carlos. I think. (Guillen, laughing) Carlos should kick his (butt) then if he think he hit him. I would like to watch that fight, see how Greinke's going to fight."


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Braun deserves it. He didn't get the plunking from MLB because he was their star, but he still cheated with steroids.

Dr. Feelgood

they should all do steroids,under their own doctors supervision

Stan M

A couple of excellent posts about Hanley on the last blog. I agree that he has worn out his welcome. Trading him now would almost be addition by subtraction. When I was researching 1st basemen a couple of days ago, I also glanced at SS and 3B as well. Both of these positions have teams that would cry out for improvement. A few of us have wondered in the past whether or not this team will ever win with Hanley. He has been answering that question many times over. Not only isn't he a star any more, he is a bad ballplayer and a detriment to his team. For God's sake, Beinfest, move him! And if Loria won't let you, bat him 7th for a while to shake him up.

Ozzie has shown bad tactical judgement during games and this team also reflects what must have been a disasterous Spring Training. The lack of very, very basic fundamentals reflects horribly on Ozzie as well. It's obvious to anyone who follows baseball closely that his aquisition was a terrible mistake. Loria wanted to build the team around Hanley...strike one! Loria wanted Ozzie as manager...strike two! Strike three will soon occur if he doesn't allow the front office to do something drastic to improve this team.


Hes easily out coached. This is the second that team tries a safety squeeze successfully without producing an out. Btw, I saw on another blog that someone suggested the nickname "the rugginator." It doesn't mean anything but I like it.

To Hell With David Samson

Too bad last night's humiliation had nothing to do with Queef Smell. Can we blame him anyway? His mere presence on the team caused that collapse. I have never hated an athlete from a local team more. Not Sammie Smith. Not anyone. Queef Smell is a terrible baseball player and an unjustifiably arrogant arrogant human being, which means he fits in on this team of losers perfectly. Screw the Marlins.


"The Rugginator" ain't bad, and he's living up to the name right now. Of course, his teammates won't end up calling him that because it's too big a mouthful for casual conversation. You know they're going to end up calling him "Rouge" or "Roogy" or "Roogles" or maybe even "Rhubarb."

Eddie S

The reason the Marlins lost is they brought back Webb for the 2nd inning of work. Cishek oveall has been marvelous as the 8th inning worker. When they finally brought in Cishek he STRUCK OUT THE NEXT 2 BATTERS. WHY DOESN'T OZZIE GIVE SOLANO A CHANCE TO PLAY WHY SEND UP KEARNS HE HAS BEEN AWFUL THE LAST 7 GAMES STRIKING OUT SO MUCH GIVE SOLANO A CHANCE HE'S ONLY HITTING OVER 300.

Leo Durochers Ghost

Ozzie is a crappy National League manager,thats gets beat by fundamental moves b ythe other manager. Consistantly.


Marlins minus 59 in runs scored/given up...trending downward...not a good sign


Picking up from where Flags and Flav C left off on the previous thread, I also like the idea of acquring Quentin and think his relationship with Ozzie in Chicago might make his move to Miami a little smoother. On the other hand, he would be a rental unless the Fish were committed to outbidding for him in the offseason. As bad as Hanley has been, I don't know if they'd want to give him up for a guy who's just visiting.


Stanton scratched from todays line-up...did he hurt himself practicing for the HR Derby????


Stantons Right Knee sore is the excuse


I saw Stanton stretching his knee out in the on deck circle last night. Anyone else see that? Not good news at all. Maybe Ozzie will come off the bench and show us how's it done. As long as he's not involved in a squeeze play we'll be fine.

All the newer more innovative coaches in the league expose Ozzie Guillen as a manager. Joe Madden made him look foolish as did the Brewers last night. Ozzie and his "rub some dirt on it" style don't work as much in today's baseball. The safety squeeze was perfect last night and our team wasn't ready for it even though everyone watching knew it was coming. It's already been talked about letting Z pitch to the lefty as well and having Webb come out for another inning. I keep hoping that Ozzie will learn from past lessons but he appears to be too thick skulled for that. We'll see how Anibel does today. Any news on the Hanley trade?

Flav C

I just insist on the Quentin deal because of the following: He has a 1 yr contract with the Padres, with a $ 7mil contract. Hanley's salary is $ 15m. If traded, the Marlins could pick up Hanley's salary for the remainder of the year. After that, its up to the Padres decide if they will keep Hanley or not. But at least, the Marlins would unload $15 mil salary for 2013 and 2014. $ 30 mil off of the books. If Quentin shows good return of investment, they could offer him 1 yr contract of $ 8 mil for 2013 and Yelich would be almost ready for 2014,with some appearances in 2013. And there would be enough money to start talking with Stanton on a long term deal.

Peter Gammons Dog

Nobody wants Hanley the headache.....except Loria

Medellin Cartel

We are glad that Solano is starting instead of the Dominican Dog ...hope he has a big game today ,and opens some eyes for the future playing time.

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