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Zambrano: Zack Greinke was fish that wiggled free

     MILWAUKEE -- The Marlins had all but fire-branded a Miller Park "L" on Zack Greinke when it all came apart in an error-filled collapse. The Brewers, who trailed 5-2 entering the fifth inning and 5-3 going into the sixth, pulled off a rescue act to spare Greinke his first-ever loss at Miller. Greinke had gone 15-0 there. But three Marlins errors -- two by Hanley Ramirez -- ended up costing them.

     Carlos Zambrano, who was on the mound for the Marlins, likened it to a big fish that got away.

     "I almost had him," Zambrano said. "But he ran away from me. It's like when you're fishing, and you've got the fish, you've got the fish, and you bring it in, you bring it in, and then when you almost have it to the boat, it escapes."

     Zambrano had words with Greinke early in the game after the two pitchers delivered inside pitches. After Zambrano plunked Ryan Braun in the first inning, Greinke brushed back Zambrano in the next. When Zambrano completed the at bat by grounding to second, he said some words to Greinke as he trotted by the mound on his way back to the Marlins' dugout.

     "I didn't say nothing bad to him," Zambrano said. "I didn't curse. I didn't say any bad words. I just passed by him, had a few words."

     Zambrano said he did not try to hit Braun, that he threw a sinker that got away from him (Zambrano ended up walking the next three Brewers hitters, so his control was clearly not there in the first inning).

     "I've got nothing against Braun," Zambrano said. "He's a great player and I respect him."

     Said Guillen: "If Carlos is going to hit somebody, he's not going to throw 82 miles per hour. If you're going to hit somebody, throw 100. I don't think at all he tried to hit him. With Greinke, I think he pitched in to Carlos. I think. (Guillen, laughing) Carlos should kick his (butt) then if he think he hit him. I would like to watch that fight, see how Greinke's going to fight."