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Bonifacio, Ruggiano return to lineup

    DENVER -- Emilio Bonifacio and Justin Ruggiano return to the lineup today as the Marlins shoot for their first three-game winning streak since the All-Star break. Bonifacio, as well as Donnie Murphy, were activated from the disabled list, as expected, and were immediately inserted into the lineup. To make room, outfielder Scott Cousins was optioned to Triple A New Orleans and infielder Gil Velazquez was designated for assignment.

    Here's how the lineup looks:

    1. Bonifacio, cf; 2. Ruggiano, lf; 3. Jose Reyes, ss; 4. Carlos Lee, 1b; 5. Giancarlo Stanton, rf; 6. Murphy, 3b; 7. John Buck, c; 8. Donovan Solano, 2b; 9. Josh Johnson, p.

   Stanton will be bidding to equal a major league record this afternoon when he tries to become the third player in history -- joining Roy Campanella and Willie Mays -- to homer in seven straight games at one park. Campanella hit in seven straight at Ebbets Field in 1955. Willie Mays equaled the feat in 1965 at Candlestick Park.

   Stanton has hit in six straight at Coors Field. The "true distance" of Stanton's home run last night was measured by ESPN Home Run Tracker at 465 feet, making it the 13th longest homer of the season in the majors. Stanton hit a 494-foot shot the night before that was the longest in three seasons. Stanton has hit seven home runs this season of 450 feet or longer. Miguel Cabrera is next on the list with three.     


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Flav C.

Why would any pitcher actually challenge Stanton, knowing that Murphy is coming right behind him?

Fire Beinfest

Ozzie, showing his brilliant stupidity, bats Lee and Stanton 4th and 5th, instead of vice-versa.


The rockies I doubt will throw any good pitches Stanton's way. If he hits another home run it more than likely will be a bad pitch to hit.

Fire Beinfest

So who would you rather hit behind Stanton, Lee or Smurphy???

Flav C.

Good nickname: Smurphy.


if a manager has to be smart we have the worst manager in baseball

Fire Beinfest

But he's Latin


and he finally got his GED 10yrs ago on net. GoodEnoughDiploma.com

Fire the Whole Front Office

Ozzie failed the audition test to be on 'Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?'


Could we please call up Chrissie Evert Coghlin as soon as possible before all his confidence is drained. He is now down to .281 in a league where such potential All Star candidated as Scott Cousins and Brent Petersen batted in the .340's. hell, even Brett Hayes is hitting, along with Cervanek?????? Everyone hits in the PCL. Even Gil Velasques hits in the .330's before he gets designated for assignment. Bring up Chrissie!!! He has his fans.

Father Flanigan

Wait until Sept for the holy roller

Stan M

If ever a situation called for Greg Dobbs, it was in the earlier inning when the Marlins loaded the bases with 2 outs and Murphy up. Nothing against Murphy personally, but he was just reactivated and hadn't seen major league pitching for a while. Naturally he struck out and a great opportunity was lost. For what? So that Dobbs could make a meaningless appearance in the 8th inning with one out and the bases empty. In the first instance, a single, and Dobbs is not a power hitter, would have netted 2 runs. In the 8th, it would take a HR to be meaningful.

Although I don't actively watch their games, it's fun to see the Orioles win in the AL East with smoke and mirrors and one hell of a manager. +


feel bad for JJ. He has a Loss for his past two games. he certainly pitched good enough to have gotten two Wins. I agree with the comments about the Lineup. Talk about setting yourself up for a Loss. If the front office and coaching staff of the Marlins actually tried to do everything wrong, they could not possibly do a better job...unless it is about frivolous crap in the new ballpark, like fish tanks behind home plate and amusement devices in center field, and paintings in the concourse area. What a bunch of misfits! I think it is spreading to Rich and Tommy. They are making such a big deal about Stanton's 6 consecutive homeruns and what a big "record" it is. What kind of "record" is this? It is an "oddity". Just like hitting for the cycle is an oddity.

Stan M

Just revisited Fernandez minor league record again. He is one first round pick that really seems to be working. Overall he is 13-1 in his debut in professional ball. When moved from low A to high A he had two very mediocre starts as he adjusted. Here are his stats afte those two starts. They show a pitcher with an outstanding future. It is a rare feat for a pitcher, any pitcher anywhere, to strike out more batters than the total of hits and walks combined. And he did nearly all of this before he turned 20 three weeks ago.
IP 35 Hits 22 Runs 4 HRs 0 Walks 9 Ks 42

Jacob Turner who is rated as the Marlins top prospect (Fernandez is #3 behind him and Yelich) hasn't been giving up runs in his last 3 starts, but he is putting an awful lot of men on base.

Coghlan is in a horrendous slump...really bad!

Stan M

Richie, good point about the oddity. Yet, I can't blame them. All they seem to have is that and the Clevelander to talk about. They're the least of our problems.


Stan, I am Not picking a fight with you over Chrissie. It's just a legitimate disagreement that I feel very strongly about. Our differences on this matter are so divergent I find it incomprehensible. I really do want him up so that he washes out so clearly that they finally send him the way of Carroll, Kensibg, Pinto and all the others. They had their CF right under their noses and they botched his injury situation and he is now the 1st place White Sox's leadoff hitter and CF. Kinda hoping that Willingham leads the AL in homers. By the way has Tweet Boy chosen HIS medical alternative yet?

Baseball Stu

The Nit-Twit is waiting for the swelling to go down...could be a long wait...was operated on 12/5 and played Opening Day 4/4..wouldnt count on him, with 2 operations in same year on same knee...still hasnt shown he belongs...

Stan M

Lou, you have made your point...many times. Perhaps too many times.

On another note, you told fans who wanted to buy you a beer at a game that you don't drink cheap beers. I don't want to go into if that was an appropriate response, but do want to talk about beer per se. At 76 years old and a too heavy drinker of beer for all of my adult life, I thought that I had tried them all...or most anyway. Well this past weekend, my son took me to an upscale restaurant/bar near Asheville where they had many beers on draft. The bartender recommended a Southern Tier IPA called Unearthly. It is 9.6 alcohol by volume or darn near 20 proof. It is aged in oak and in my life, I've never tasted a better brew. Watch for it if you like good beer. I'm sure that if you drink good beer, you already know not to ever drink it from a frosted glass or directly from a bottle. A wide rimmed glass is necessary to attain maximum taste. I can take you there when you decide to visit.

Marlin Fan

It is extremely frustrating to us to see the ineptitude of the coaching staff(Ozzie) and their moves , I can only imagine the players and what theyre thinking .
I posted before about this , yet still can not understand why some prospects are not moved up sooner when playing extremely well where they are at . I'm not saying making the jump from A ball to the majors , but at least AA. I don't think that would overwhelm anyone .

A subject off of the Marlins for a second. Do you think the Nats will shut down Strasburg as previously said , as they will be in the post season ? Didn't Tommy John pitch almost 200 innings the year after his surgery ? Also if Strasburg is going through " high stress " innings , do you think the inning count will be raised ? I personally feel
He could pitch 4 innings a game in the post season without I'll affects .

Stan M

Marlin Fan, I agree with you. There could be a player revolt if everything is very close and he is shut down. It's not like back in the days of yore when you had a guy for life via the reserve clause. How many years are left on this guy's contract. What are you saving his for? His next team? Also agree and have written the same about player advancement. The team's entire public relations efforts are terrible. At least give us something to look forward to.

Kill All the Lawyers....William S.

Strasburg and the Nats GM do what Strasburgs' agent Scott Boras says to do...that's the fact.

Stan M

A few posts up, I remarked that for a starting pitcher to K more batters than the total of hits and walks he allows is a rare feat. Just for kicks I went over the top 40 starters this year and found only two who have accomplished this. Dickey on the Mets and Strasberg of the Nats. Many relievers now do it regularly. I first watched for this back in the early 70s when I noticed that Tom Seaver had done it once. So I went back over many great K pitchers of the past. Remember that the pitcher must K an awful lot of hitters, but he can't walk too many or it can't happen. You can check me for errors, but all I found in addition to Seaver were Vida Blue once and Koufax 3 times. Later Nolan Ryan did it a handful of times as have several others since the prevalence of Ks. But not Gibson, or Dazzy Vance, or Lefty Grove, or Walter Johnson...not many. And for a 19-20YO kid to do it while adjusting to a higher classification is pretty darn amazing. We should see a lot of this young man in a year or so. Wow!


Season ticket holders cant give tickets away..parking down to 5.00 off the stadium grounds...Season ticket holders get screwed by Marlins.


Stan M,
Wait till Randy St. Claire gets his hands on Fernandez. He'll each him a thing or two about pitching, by golly.


Showtime canceled remaining show and wont pick up option om more shows...remaining Marlins season should be canceled due to irrevelance and lack of interest.


not true about lack of interest...at least 3 people on this blog are fans.


I meant to say that St. Claire will "teach" Fernandez a thing or two. With their new young pitchers, the Marlins need a pitching coach more desperately than they need a hitting coach. No coach is going help Buck & Co. find their way north of the Mendoza line.


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