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Brad Hand, not Jacob Turner most likely to start in double-header Friday

ATLANTA -- It's still not official yet, but it looks like the Marlins will call on 22-year old left-hander Brad Hand -- and not newly acquired Jacob Turner -- from Triple A New Orleans to pitch one of the games in Friday's double-header against the Nationals.

Turner, the main piece acquired from the Tigers a little more than a week ago in the Anibal Sanchez-Omar Infante trade, pitched five innings last Saturday in a victory for the Zephyrs, giving up just two hits and one earned run with three walks and two strikeouts.

The Marlins are expected to call the 6-5, 210-pounder right-hander up at some point, but apparently not this quickly. He was 1-1 with 8.03 ERA in three big league starts for the Tigers.  

Hand, who went 1-8 with a 4.20 ERA in 11 starts for the Marlins last season, is 8-5 with 3.66 ERA this season in New Orleans with 116 strikeouts and 54 walks.

> Giancarlo Stanton, coming off arthroscopic knee surgery, is expected to play in his first rehab game for the Jupiter Hammerheads Thursday in Brevard County.

"Hopefully he'll be ready to play in New York [next Tuesday]," manager Ozzie Guillen said. "That's what he's shooting for."

> Guillen said newly acquired outfielder Gorkys Hernandez will likely be in the Marlins starting lineup Thursday when they face left-hander Mike Minor. "After tomorrow, I'll have a better idea or what role he's going to be for the rest of the season," Guillen said.

> Newly acquired third baseman Zack Cox, obtained from the Cardinals as part of the Edward Mujica trade on Tuesday, is being kept on the seven-day disabled list at Double A Jacksonville with a mild hamstring strain. He was injured and first placed on the disabled list July 22.

Cox struggled early in the season for Triple A Memphis, batting .195 in April and .221 in May, but he rebounded for a .377 average in June and .258 average in July.


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Just saw a boxscore from the Pirates game today and it looks like Gaby started going 0-2 with a BB and a K. I'm not sure if he'll be their starter though because Garret Jones pinch hit and went 2-2 w/ a few RBIs. Also Chris Resop and Jason Grilli got in the game for the Bucs. Is Pittsburgh the home of Marlins castoffs?

I'd trade 1/2 of our team for McCutchen and a bucket of balls.

Ozzie Blows

The Great Wizard of Oz has Petey and Cousins in the line-up instead of Ruggiano..why? Neither of them can hit their way out of a paper bag.Righty /Lefty B.S.

The Real Alex

The Great Wizard of Oz has Petey and Cousins in the line-up instead of Ruggiano..why? Neither of them can hit their way out of a paper bag.Righty /Lefty B.S.

Posted by: Ozzie Blows

Why? You know why! Because OZZIE BLOWS! Instead of trying to give Ruggiano as many ABs as possible to try and get him enough to MAYBE qualify for the batting race, Ozzie the MORON benches him. There are several reasons for this:

1) First and foremost, Ozzie & the Front Office DO NOT BELIEVE Ruggiano is the real deal. They believe he's just having a flukey year.

2) They see him as a PLATOON PLAYER at best, and Ozzie is constantly looking to BENCH HIM against Right Handed pitchers.

3) And this reason is maybe the BIGGEST ONE: they do not want Ruggiano to have TOO GOOD OF A YEAR because they DO NOT WANT TO HAVE TO PAY HIM! Imagine if he wins a batting title? The Fish would have to kick up some serious bucks to him and they really DO NOT THINK HE'S THAT GOOD.

All of this is TYPICAL Marlins STUPIDITY and DIRTY DEALING by a Front Office that put the "E" in CHEAP.

1 for August

Wow...Petey closed his eyes and got a hit and an RBI. Mark it down on the calendar.

harry h.

Dont they just have to pay Ruggiano the minimum,as a player with under 3 yrs major league service?

The Real Alex

So Peterson butchers another play in CF, a position he is NOT good at, and lands awkwardly grabbing his wrist. My opinion: he's playing up the "injury" because he did not make the catch. So Ozzie comes running out to check on him and what does he do? Leaves him in there, of course, when he CLEARLY should have put Ruggiano out there.

This f**king IDIOT of a CLOWN of a Manager is going to make me not watch any games, NOT EVEN ON FREE TV! Ruggiano's play and unlikely assault on a batting crown was one of the ONLY REASONS TO WATCH THIS GARBAGE. I certainly have no desire to watch TRIPLE A guys like Peterson & Cousins while Ruggiano SITS.

The Real Alex

Harry H, I have no idea how much they have to pay Ruggiano; I did say as much in my original post. You might be 100% correct! But with THIS OWNER and THIS FRONT OFFICE it's very possible that they have other, SHADY FINANCIAL MOTIVES behind their "baseball moves". They usually do!

The Real Alex

Ok, in my original post I did not include this sentence that I THOUGHT I had included:

"now true, I have no idea of what Ruggiano's contract situation is, but I wouldn't put anything past these guys"

My bad, I meant to add that line. But still, bottom line is Ruggiano KEEPS GETTING BENCHED every time he has a game without a hit! He's one guy who is NOT ALLOWED to go 0 for 4. And that SUCKS; he's the best reason to watch this team right now!

The Real Alex

And "Smiling Jose" Reyes just got PICKED OFF AGAIN! LMFAO!!!! I can't believe how many times this CLOWN has gotten himself PICKED OFF this year! He is definitely got to be up there near the Marlins All Time Record in getting picked off. Hell, in ONE SEASON he might be the ALL TIME LEADER!

But Jose is STILL SMILING! Why not? He will be getting paid 109 MILLION DOLLARS for the next 7 years or so! THIS WILL GO DOWN IN HISTORY AS ONE OF THE ABSOLUTE WORST FREE AGENT SIGNINGS OF ALL TIME! He's hitting .275! Even with a 19 game hitting streak!


Why did the fact that he was a LATINO make a difference? Because our owner is a MORONIC BAG OF SCUM who wanted to make sure fans go to the games in Miami, and he "THOUGHT" if he made the Marlins into "South America's Team" the games would be ALL SOLD OUT!

So get outta here, Prince Fielder with your HUGE OFFENSIVE NUMBERS - you are not a LATINO player. We only want good Latinos here! Gotta sell those tickets!

But guess what happened? Reyes is pretty much a BUST this year, Prince is playing GREAT in Detroit, and THE FANS ARE NOT GOING TO MARLINS GAMES ANYWAY. Next time don't try to "THINK" about baseball, Loria! You SUCK at it.

Marlin Fan

Agree with the post regarding Ruggiano . At least the fish won tonight .

The Real Alex

Did anyone catch the look on Wade LeBlanc's face when Ozzie yanked him just two outs away from a win? Incredulous, he walked off the mound shaking his head and muttering to himself! It's been clear that one big problem this team has is that the PLAYERS DO NOT LIKE OZZIE GUILLEN. And that's because of the way Ozzie TREATS THEM. It's obvious that he has NO RESPECT for any of his players and does not give a damn about what they think. He could have left LeBlanc in there to get the last two outs; the team is not going anywhere. But Ozzie came out to show him WHO THE BOSS IS. Same thing with how he jerks Ruggiano around.

This team is going to have BIG PROBLEMS as long as Ozzie Guillen remains the Marlins manager. You could tell there was going to be problems as soon as he got here. Right off the bat he started making comments like "I don't care what the players think of me, or the owner either; if they don't like it, FIRE ME." His confrontational, IN YOUR FACE "my way or the highway" attitude obviously went over like a lead balloon in that clubhouse. You can see how much they gave a damn about him when he gives them one of his locker room speeches; they roll their eyes at him and smirk. This can ONLY MEAN trouble going forward.

The Real Alex

The Ken Rosenthal interview was VERY good. When asked what he thought about the Marlins' trades, he said they were ok, and they needed to be done. But he also said that to see them wave the white flag SO SOON after making all those Off Season moves is an INDICTMENT OF THOSE MOVES. Which is EXACTLY what I have been saying even before the season started: signing Reyes and Heath Bell, and signing Ozzie as the manager were REALLY BAD MOVES.


i disagree about the bad moves that were made. the bad moves are the ones that were not made. they did not go out and get any hitters or fill their defensive and offensive needs. they did not get a center fielder, third baseman or a catcher which is what was really needed. all their AAA players they keep sending up and down have shown they can not hit at this level. nothing different than last year. same problems. they can get on base against anybody they throw at them but they cant make contact to push them up and cant hit in the clutch... come to think of it it clearly showed in spring training and they said they werent worried about it that it was early. last year same thing but they were young. last year spring training because they were up and comers..... cut the bull and just make contact ok?????????????


The Real Alex, he's telling you how he'll be paid and he's righht. It has nothing to do with pay. They have control of his contract for the next 3 years at the minimum. Period. And he is a platoon player. He's K's are rising and he ave is declining. It's a nice story, but he is what he is. He's the same player that hit .220 for TB in 3 years on over 200 AB's. He's now K'ed 35 times in 49 games do the math for a full season.


Alex the most pitches LeBlanc had pitched this year was 51, he threw 70 yesterday. He's not stretched out as a starter because he's been a reliever all season long. Ozzie did the right thing in taking him out. He's young did a nice job and you don't want him to end up with an ulnar, or shoulder problem do you. Happened to my so, it not what you want to happen to a young guy.

Eddie S



the marlins need to sell this team to an owner that has interest in the marlins winning games. I'm tired of this owner always giving up his big players thet should have stuck with the team they had and tried another season then hey could have trade hanley and company. Can someone please buy the marlins from this freaking IDOT owner that has no interest in the game but just likes the money

Thanks, Marlins

My friends and I love MLB and are glad the Marlins suck,because we love going to games to see the good players/teams come in and kick the Marlins assss at a fraction of the cost. We get cheap tickets on stubhub.com from season ticket holders that got burned paying full price to the Marlins. Also ,parking and traffic are no problem,just like at Sun Life. We hope the Marlins continue to be a crappy team,as we would have to pay alot more to see MLB in most other cities.


Eddie S, exactly where do you think Cousins and Peterson came from? Hayes has been on the team since the beginning but what other options do you have. You want Kyle Skipworth up here. C'mon you still need warm bodies on the field. Get your head in the game.


Eddie S, exactly where do you think Cousins and Peterson came from? Hayes has been on the team since the beginning but what other options do you have. You want Kyle Skipworth up here. C'mon you still need warm bodies on the field. Get your head in the game.

Stan M

Just read highlights of a trade that didn't get made but was well into the talking stages. Heath Bell and John Buck to Mets for Jason Bay. All 3 players involved have failed miserably with their present teams. However, from a Marlin standpoint, I love this trade. We know all about our two losers. Jason Bay is now 33 YO and was one of finest players in majors not long ago. City Field killed his power and then he suffered a bad concussion. At least this guy has an upside and a change of scenery might help him. If not, and he still stinks, so what! We would be rid of two horrible players. According to one of the papers, I think in Newark, this deal could still happen. Let us pray together...


Stan M,

Stan M

A few updates on minor league players.

My boy Keys has fallen off since his return from DL. Now down to .344
*It's really time to move Yelich up to AA ball. He's hit about .400 over his last 10 games...he's on fire!
*Fernandex has really adjusted to move up to high A ball. Over last 20 innings he had struck out 21, and given up either one or no runs. He's incredibly young.
*Smolinski has been on a tear in AA ball over past 10 games. Almost .450 OBP. Playing LF this year but was a 2B and has played some 3B. Bring him up now!
*Coghlan has also done well in last 10 games. Has a .400 OBP. Cousins and Peterson have proven too many times that they are fill ins at best. Let's see what Coghlan can do for rest of year. He has an upside.
*How good can Jacob Turner be? He's now rated as our best prospect over Yelich and Fernandez. Baseball Prospectus rated all prospects traded recently and they have him as #1.
*Adan Conley has not adjusted as quickly to high A ball, but he shows the potential is definitely there. Last start was just fine. He's a 21YO left hander. Careful if you look him up. there are 2 Conleys on that same team.

For those of us who have hope for the future, and LB, we should live so long, the Marlins starting rotation could be phenominal in 2 more years. With Fernandez and Conley and the two high end kids we just picked up, we will need just one more starter (JJ?) of worth to be consistent winners in this big ballpark even if our hitting is only mediocre. I still like the idea of going for speed and defense over power alone. Reyes and Bono are made for this ballpark and it will be interesting to see how Gorkys pans out. He is also a rabbit. There are many questions about Ruggiano in the long term but it would be silly not to play him until he shows that he can't hit at this level. So far, so good, and while not a rabbit, I like the speed he has displayed to date.

My ideal for rest of year would be Ruggiano (or Coghlan), Gorkys and Stanton in OF, Bono at 2B, and Smolinski or Coghlan at 3B. Brantley, our new catcher has tailed off somewhat. He can't go 3 for 4 every night, but bring him up soon. We all wanted to see a lot more of Hayes, but the guy has been exposd with more regular work. He simply can't hit an outside pitch. Lastly, I don't give a damn if our hitting coach is the president's son, this whole team hasn't hit and replacing him can't possibly be any worse and just might be better. How can it not be?

Stan M

This is an excellent site to turn to first every day. Sometimes there's nothing new, but often you get something that you don't hear about locally. It's my first stop every morning.



Stan M,
I've added that site to my favorites bar. Thanks.
You know, I'm pretty sure we've got a few more good years in us. I hear that after a certain age, the losses don't hurt so bad — because by midnight you've forgotten they ever happened.


For all those that have jumped on Ozzie for not playing Ruggiano....Ruggiano has tweeted that he is having back spasms.

Stan M

Good report, Spit..

Stan M

LB, do you remember a movie where the "star" rolled 2 iron balls in his hand at certain times? I think we might know another party that does that.


Stan M,
You're probably right. I know Humphrey Bogart (Queeg) rolled Baoding Balls in The Caine Muntiny. There were a couple of other movies where they were used, too, but being old and all, I can't remember which ones.

Stan M

Bogart did that when he wanted to show, with mathematical certainty that he was right all along. Those strawberries were gone and eaten by some of his many "enemies". Hmmm!

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