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Could Justin Ruggiano play third base? Stay tuned

       Times are so tough at the hot corner for the Marlins that manager Ozzie Guillen said outfielder Justin Ruggiano was his emergency backup. Nick Green, who was penciled into the lineup at third for tonight's game, has been scratched due to a ligament injury to his left thumb. Greg Dobbs replaced Green on the lineup card, but he is dealing with an oblique strain that knocked him out of the lineup on Saturday. Dobbs is taking batting practice. Aterward, he said he was able to play but would have to "manage" his injury.

        If Dobbs had been unable to go, manager Ozzie Guillen said he would have likely used Ruggiano at third. Yes, Ruggiano, whose sum total of professional experience at third is the one inning he played there in 2010 for Triple A Durham.

        Guillen said it's too early to tell whether Green will go on the DL and the team is awaiting X-rays before making any decision.


       Look for rookie catcher Rob Brantly to see extensive playing time behind the plate. Guillen said he hasn't made up his mind yet on how much time that will be, but he said the Marlins didn't promote Brantly from the minors to have him sit on the bench. In fact, Guillen said Brantly would likely get his first start on Tuesday.

       "He's going to play," Guillen said. "He's going to get a lot of at bats. That's the reason he's here."

       Tuesday's starter for the Marlins, Josh Johnson, said he would "trust" the youngster and let him call the game -- up to a point. Johnson said he won't be afraid to shake off anything he doesn't like but, for the most part, plans on allowing Brantly to have his freedom calling pitches.



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Marlin Fan

How about Solano at third ??


Why not bring up Coghlan from New Orleans? Give the guy a chance to play in the big leagues at his natural infield position. Maybe he will surprise everyone and regain his stroke. It's a lost season anyway.


I guess all that experience earlier in the season changing the lineup every day is paying off now that everyone is getting injured. Marlins caught it bad from the Mets.

I have to agree they should bring up Coghlan. Slot Solano in 3B and let Coghlan play his natural infield position. That way, the Marlins don't move one of their two real outfielders into the infield.


TR, It makes too much sense, therefore, it won't happen.


What actually Is Chris Celebration's "natural position", I will never lose the image of his jumping around in that pie smashing until he realized he was in trouble>. I'm sorry. I just don't have a fondness or tolerance for silliness in your 20's. I'm actually kinda Paul Ryanish in my determintion to rid this country of excesses. I believe I've seen all the Pie Smash Celebrations I need. I'm really pretty tight A##ed in this regard. By the way, have you seen Chrissy swing the bat the last year or so??? He is incapable of pulling the ball with authority. The ball he hit off of Lincecum may be the hardest ball he has hit since 2010. And admit it--You were shocked when he hit it. Chrissy actually fouls balls off into areas that you would have deemed unapproachable by a left handed hitter. Just get your mind around it. Somehow, someway we had 3 "good" young hitters lose it in a span of 2 years-----Sanchez, SloMotion and Chris Celebration.


Dear Triple A Stat Lovers, Check out what Scott Cousins and Brian Petersen hit in the Crescent City. Check out what Gaby Sanchez hit in Triple A. Check out what Green and this Cervanek guy hit in Triple A. Triple A does NOT translate to what you often do in the Bigs. There are numerous guys who tore up Colorado Springs, Oklahoma City and the like and who could not hit in the Majors. I guess what I'm saying is quit pining over a guy who is having a difficult time sustaining a level of production that Green and Cervanek had no trouble with. Some of you want this guy back as if he had been turning on the ball up here. The only thing he turned on since 2010 was a Tim Lincecum hanger that he ran into. If Mr. Pie Face is your answer to what is weong with this team, I can guarantee that most of us will have left this stormy orb before we see the Marlins back in a World Series.


Mike Cervanek is hitting .339 at New Orleans. Let's get him up here. We see how Green's numbers are translating at this level. How about Velasquez? He is hitting .310. Petersen and Cousins hit around .340 at New Orleans. The Chosen One is raking at .290 and to not forget Kyle Skipworth who is 6 years younger than Miguel Cabrera and 3 years older than Mike Trout and older than Mike Stanton and Heyward---Mr #6 Overall is raking Double A pitching at .211. The fascination with Realmuto continues. Are you guys Scientologists?? Where is this stuff coming from? I'll lay it out 1 more time:

Yelich CAN play and is being sped up by batting leadoff to get more AB's
Ozuna is batting 2nd to get more AB's. He has hit 19 HR's in a tough park. He has tools.
Canha may be a surprise. He just continues to produce with a nice compact swing.
Robin Fischer still has an upside.
Perio could be a pretty good utility infielder.
Realmuto still has his fans but should start heating up soon.

Fernandez will hopefully be a #1.

Conley may be a #2.

That is the near future. That is it. I'm telling Laurel when he gets back I will time a trip to Florida with Jupiter being home and I will introduce him to a scout---with no attribution---and we will discuss the Marlins fram system.

Flav C.

Lou, everything is easier in hindsight. I'd love to hear the opinions of everyone here not when a player is performing badly, but I'd like to see opinions before they are even drafted. You can include opinions of your friend scout as well.
Its easy to criticize a guy or an organization when the numbers are down. However, whene Skipworth was drafted, he was the best option as a catcher, and almost every single scout and scouting websites were praising the Marlins. At the time, he was ranked above Eric Hosmer, Jason Castro, Jacob Jefferies. Some scouting publications even compared Skipworth's swing similar to Joe Mauer. Its a shame he didn't or hasn't played to the expectations of a #1 draft pick. Maybe its not entirely on the player. Maybe its on the farm system/coaches. If we use another #1 draft pick, Matt Dominguez, he was batting .234 while with the Triple A New Orleans. He's now batting .308 in 107 at bats with the Houston Triple A. What changed? Coaches maybe?
Let me know when you're down to Jupiter and I'll see you there. I watch the Hammerheads almost every weekend and I'm always talking to a few scouts as well.
By the way, you can include Daniel Pertusati in your list above, who was promoted from Jupiter to Jacksonville a couple of months ago and has been doing a very good job as their outfielder.


IF Buck plays against anyone besides tough left handers that would demonstrate a level or irrational behavior heretofor unseen. I really think if Buck's dome again appears on one of my TV screens(besides against those TOUGH lefthanders) that I will be tempted to cancel my MLB package even though it is paid for. Why would we ever see Buck the rest of the year against a righty starter? There is no reason for it. Buck is DONE as a viable Major league baseball player. You know it. The league knows it and Buck probably knows it. No More Buck!!!!!!! PLEASE!! Let's STOP the Buck HERE!!!


I did forget Daniel. I apologize. He can play!!

As far as Dominguez, who MAY actually have been selected because he went to some bigwig's high school, I don't care if he hits .407 at Triple A. He will always be Matt Dominguez and that does not translate to a Major League player.

I actually have hope for Jensen but I was labeled as delusional.


Lets get this thing started, picking at low hanging fruit here:

Stan M

Lou, I don't think that talent evaluators look at stats as we fans do. Rather, they discern how the prospect does against certain pitchers and in certain situations. Yes, Coghlan was a damn fool for hurting his knee the way he did. But from that point, when he played. he was probably still playing hurt. What young player is going to say, "Don't play me, my leg hurts." Judge him as a hitter when he had 2 good legs under him and was arguably our best or 2nd best position player. He didn't lose those skills at 26YO. How in the world can you think he did? Is he the .300++ hitter he was in his rookie year? Maybe not, but he is a hard nosed gap hitter (he was leading our team in doubles while playing on one leg when they sent him down last year). His most revealing stat in AAA ball is his .375 OBP and if can come up and hit in the high .200s with good plate disclipline, I'll take him every time. What he now needs is the chance to reprove himself. Regarding LoMO, your negative comments fly in the face of most ML evaluators who see him as a fine ML hitter...when healthy. Cousins, Peterson and the like are, AAAA players and we have seen enough of them.
Ruggiano at 3B? I love the idea. Winter ball at 3B would be the play. You have got to play the guy for as long as he keeps hitting, but somehow, I don't think he is in the clubs long term plans. But at 3B? Could he be a worse fielder than some of our past gold glovers there. Carbera and Dobbs come to mind. We are going to have very good pitching in 2 years, so defense must be considered. Does anyone know how Cox is as a fielder?


It really does not matter, of course, who wins come November. Both sides of the rigged game will implement the globalist plan for taking down America and turning it into another cesspool of misery, radically diminished expectations, and widespread poverty.
Like kings of yore, the ruling elite like to keep the plebs hungry and desperate. In addition to stealing everything not nailed down, our hereditary masters want to make sure we are enfeebled and helpless.
Obama, Romney, and Ryan – these are merely showtime cigar store Indians on the thorny path to our ultimate destruction. Vote for any of them and you are signing off on your demise and that of your children and grand children.
Thomas Jefferson: “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered.”


in addition to a real hitting coach, the marlins need a base running coach. you gotta love Jose Reyes for his positive attitude and talents, but aside from his raw speed, he is a terrible base runner

Stan M

Agreed Richie. Stealing bases should not be the basis for judging a good baserunner. A slow player might be a good baserunner and a rabbit might not. Vince Coleman was a terrific base stealer, but far from a good base runner. Carlos Lee just might be one of those players that is horribly slow, but doesn't make mistakes running the bases. Anyway, you're right.

 Eddie S

The Marlins tried their best to get Pujois. I m glad they didn't get him because they would have to pay him until he's 42. What the Marlins should do is put their efforts towards DAVID WRIGHT- HE CAN HIT, FIELD AND RUN. ALSO, HE WOULD REJOIN JOSE ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE INFIELD.

Stan M

Eddie, they must make a big splash to overcome all the negative publicity of the salaries they just dumped. I agree with Wright, but can't believe the Mets will let him go. It's either he or Bourne for the splashdown in my hopes. Of the two, Wright would be the better bet...if he's available. This team can't afford NOT to do something of that magnitude.

Get a New Ouija Board

Other than hearsay, what statistical evidence is there that states the Lomo and Coghlan will be anything more than what they've done so far? Mediocre at best.The Marlins crystal ball is obviously broken,so they can only go on what they've done so far ,not guessing or projecting what they might or might not do in the future.So far ,neither one of them have proven they can play at an above average level for at least 140 games. Those are the facts,not wanna be fiction.


Listen carefully to what is being said and not being said. Marlins sound more and more like a team that has no intention of spending any more money than they have already committed. Last year at this time they were telling fans they would be happy with the moves they saw in the off season. Now when the question comes up, they just turn away. They gave it one shot and now they are out. No Bourne, no Wright, no nobody. They have their stadium and they don't need us in the seats to make a profit.

john leone

What about the Showtime program The Franchise what is the show going to do now that their out of it? DOes anyone watch it?


Stan, you would be better served discussing SloMotion's ability with Laurel. Laurel has referred to him as either a blue collar or lunch bucket guy. I forget the particular phrasing. I always thought SloMotion would be a very productive hitter with a huge upside,however, when he had the sheer audacity to take that road trip last year and delay surgery---Well, that was it for me. Stan, you know how sometimes you can just look at a guy's facial expression or general demeanor and form either a positive or negative impression? I'm not saying it is good to do that BUT we all do it. Also sometimes you will have someone over the age of 20 who not only looks like a clown but also behaves like a clown. At that point your confidence tends to be diminished. I would say a couple of those types MAY have passed the Marlins' way in last few years. As far as Chris Celebration, I would be perfectly giddy if he hit .280 and had a.355OBP in the Majors and not at New Orleans.Ask your buddies why they believe Chrisssy lost his ability to get around on pitches. is he still hurt? If he is and he is still playing without telling anyone then he would qualify for special status in that Pantheon of individuals. If he is not hurt, then he has just lost his ability to be a productive hitter due to those bizarre circumstances that can once in awile manifest themselves. I'm sorry I just don't like these 2 guys. I have never said I disliked Cousins, Petersen, Hayes,Pinto, and numerous other guys who just can't play. However, i viewed Chrissy and SloMotion as talents and when I see talent squandered due to what I view as bad decision making--that aggravaates me. You seem to have the attitude towards life that i would thing would lend itself to aggravating you as well. We can all agree on Hanley. That is easy. These other guys have subtleties that may lend themselves toward interpretation.

From the Horses Ass

Lomo's great, just ask him.


JJ,Buerhle,Chisek,Dunn,Stanton,Reyes,Bonifacio Dobbs and Ruggiero. Other than that,get a new team. Give the newly traded for players a shot first.Shitcan the rest and start over.


Amen. But let's add Solano to your list. Trouble is, anybody who comes cheap will be in.


Ok to Solano...dump our AAAA cheapies Lomo,Coghlan,Petersen,Cousins,Hayes for another teams AAAA cheapies. Seen enough of this group to get rid of all of them.


With each start by Eovaldi, its starting to look less & less that this was even close to being anywhere near a good trade. Yes hindsight is 20/20, but I was on here in July stating that these trades were fleecing the marlins. The Marlins should have learned their lessons when trading with the Tigers....they know how to smoke the marlins. Now the Dodgers do. Keeping the team together was the best option, instead of gutting it. The best trades are done in the off season...not in July. The Larry & Mike show caved into the panic & made these crappy trades. It's time for them to go.


Dave D outsmarting the Marlins FO...No. Really? Who woulda thunk it?


Tickets to remaining Marlins games available from $1.00

Stan M

Spitballer, I have respected you for a sound poster from when you first appeared. That is why it hurts to disagree with you. Miller and Maybin were considered 2 of the top prospects in the entire country when the Marlins made a trade they had to make. Worked out terribly, but at the time it looked pretty good. Regarding Eovaldi, most of us we saying that getting rid of Hanley at any cost was addition by subtraction. Each time I've seen Eovaldi pitch, he has shown an effortless fastball, an excellent slider and a surprising curve. He still doesn't know where they are going, but at his age, most pitchers are in AA ball. Give him time to put that great stuff together. Hanley is still hitting .250, Anibel has really been knocked around in 3 different starts. My main worry is Turner who has been close to awful so far in AAA. Again sorry I have to differ this one time.

Stan M

Lou, I never become aggravated. That is impossible for only injuries can become aggravated. However, I can become irritated as hell, but am trying to keep a positive outlook until certain players prove my hopes were in vain. Right now, like you, I prefer watching a different team on TV. Really feel sorry for our TV announcers. Now they are interviewing anyone and everyone just so viewers won't concentrate on just how lousy the team is playing. As LB and I discussed last week, both sponsorship and viewership are going to go down the tank unless this FO makes a very significant move. How about we concentrate on methods of getting Bell off this team. Bad enough he stinks, but to throw the pitching coach under the bus, then proclaim that he fixed the problem himself, only to give up 4 runs in 1/3 inning is simply too much to take. I now have no sympathy for this man at all and wish him nothing but gone. After he's gone we can talk about Ozzie and what to do with him for 3 more years. Ouch!

Marlin Fan

Stan , I agree with you about Eovaldi , but i will not have unlimited patience . Unheard Turner had some control problems and gave up a few hits , yet still maintains a respectable ERA.
I'm afraid Iay have to agree with other posts about the Marlins not planning on spending money in the offseason . They've been very noncommittal in their responses .

Marlin Fan

In this awful season , who would everyone pick ( and you had to pick one) for team MVP ?
Reyes, was terrible the first half,?? Ruggiano??Chisek?? Stanton in spite of the injuries ??? Anyone else ???


the new stadium in the MVP.....people pay to see the stadium, not the crappy Marlins. But not for long.


This stadium will soon become the definition of "White Elephant", my disgust for Loria and Samson has only grown after talking to people in the game, I too long for the day that there are so few in attendance that it will feel like Lambeau Field in December. Of course by that time they will have turned off the air. This has become the most disgusting season for any team I have ever followed.

The Only True Fake Alex

Turner has 2.42 ERA with the Zephyrs
more inn pitched than hits
a bit too many walks but all in all its most def not terrible

Stan M

In his lat 2 starts he has put 19 men on base in 11 innings. In all 4 of his starts, he's put 32 men on in 22 innings. That's not good by any standards.

Obviously, Lou, you were never a Met fan. Talk about disgust. Till the day I die, I'll vividly remember the day they traded Seaver. You should have been around to see Cho Cho Coleman catch and Marv Throneberry run the bases. And that catcher they drafted in the first round and never went anywhere. Of course, Reggie Jackson was the next pick.

The Only True Fake Alex

And he still has a 2.42era

NOT bad

The Only True Fake Alex

Some control kinks to work out but it's not like he's paying dearly for it either.

More inn pitched than hits and walks with a 1.39 WHIP

plus he's 2-0

does the guy need a sub 2.00 era to please you?

he's doing fine get off his case

save your hating for nolasco

Stan M

I get worried when I see the words Alex and hate on the same post. How you can possibly link saying he's putting too many men on base and hating him is something only the bygone Alex could answer. I just don't think he's performed well enough to be brought up yet. I want to love the guy for crying out loud. Those stats indicate that he's been very lucky rather than good.

Marlin Fan

Ok , getting off of Turner for a second , who's MVP ? lol

The Only True Fake Alex

At the very least he's putting his team in a position to win a game. He's got some control issues but then again there's a handful of starters at the big league level who do also. So that can't be a reason to prevent him from being promoted. Otherwise send down bell,zambrano and nolasco.

The Only True Fake Alex

Justin Ruggiano is clearly the mvp

The Only True Fake Alex

Actually co-mvp along with cishek

The Only True Fake Alex

Don't compare me to Alex. I'm just the fake version of him. I bare no resemblances nor can i be held culpable for any transgressions of his behalf. This is why I'm the truest fakest version of said individual.

this team reeks

That says it all about these Marlins..their MVP's aint sayin much..PUUUUUUUUUUU.


Stan, You don't think I was here for Charles "Choo Choo" Coleman, Hobie Landrith, Felix Mantilla, Don ZimmerRoger Craig, Al Jackson and the entire gang?

Casey's greatest line in response to taking a catcher with the #1 pick in the expansion draft--"If you don't have a catcher, the ball rolls to the backstop"

Old Timer

Dont forget the 62 Mets had 2 hall of famers coaching..Rogers Hornsby and Red Ruffing.

Stan M

Great Met stuff fellas. Love it. I didn't know Red Ruffing. Does anyone know Charlie Dressen's famous or infamous quote with the Brooklyn Dodgers.

MVP is Reyes. IF he hadn't been hurt, I might say Bono.

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