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Emilio Bonifacio re-injures thumb, could be done for season

     WASHINGTON -- The Marlins were one out away from ending a long, long day at Nationals Park -- one out from winning the second game of Friday's doubleheader -- when second baseman Emilio Bonifacio re-injured his left thumb while making a diving spot on a ground ball.

      According to the Marlins, Bonifacio sprained his his left thumb, and manager Ozzie Guillen fears the injury is season-ending.

      "You could see a lot of long faces out there," Guillen said. "I don't think he'll come back this year. I hope so, but in my mind he's gone, because it's the same hand, the way he was acting, the pain....That's the way we roll."

      But a team source said that Bonifacio, while likely to go on the DL, might not necessarily miss the rest of the season because initial tests did not reveal a tear in the ligament. Bonifacio was on the DL from mid-May until after the All-Star break due to a ligament injury in the thumb that required surgery.

      In addition to Bonifacio, the Marlins are also without infielder Donnie Murphy, who strained his left hamstring while running the bases in the first game of the doubleheader. Murphy might not need to go on the DL, but he could be out for a few days.

      The Marlins could be calling up infielder Nick Green from Triple A New Orleans. Green was taken out of his game Friday night in New Orleans soon after the extent of Bonifacio's injury became known.



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Mets passed the injury bug to the Marlins. On top of just plain sucking, everyone is getting injured.

Help me Giancarlo, you're my only hope.


I feel sorry for Boni, Marlins will miss him. He reaches balls that neither Uggla or Infante would even try to reach.

laurence leavy


karma chameleon

The rebranded Miami Marlins continue to be cursed with bad karma. More people than not, are happy and gloating about the Marlins falling on their faces,after all the hype in the offseason,not to mention how despised Loria and Samson are about the stadium deal and their business practices in general. Most people are looking forward to their last place finish. Wouldnt want to be in ticket sales for this group next season.No matter what they do to 'rebrand' in the offseson. This 'Fish' stench will take a long time to dissapate.

Leo Orestes Barberie

TREMENDOUS night at the stadium. It was like a dream--Clark will be able to verify this---arrived early and in the second inning a tall older man sits in front of me and it's Robin Fricker!!!! Of Washington Bullets Heckling Fame. Fricker and I seated next to each other!! Manna from Heaven. Robin's stuff is pretty stale but it is loud. My stuff is loud and current. I actually start out complimenting Ozzie and bashing Loria ans Samson, Ozzie does not respond to me but only to Fricker who is bashing him. All of a sudden Perez gets involved and that is when I really intervene and mention how he got his job, the wrong perez is in the dugout, how everyone on team is having a down year, how SloMo and Hanley deteriorated under his "Tutelage", Perez starts glaring at both of us and I tell him to concentrate on teaching "someone, anyone how to hit", he then throws bubble gum in the stands at Fricker, The crowd starts laughing and I continue the barrage, Perez disappears for a couple of seconds and hurls about 20 pieces of bubble gum packs into the stands. Now even the Nat fans are in to it and they start talking about Perez' "accomplishments' that they have picked up from me. The most fun I've ever had in a stadium. That crowd around the dugout really got into it and I was having people buying me drinks until I told them I don't drink cheap domestic beer BUT THANK YOU!!! anyway!!! Clark can verify with Perez his gum throwing episode and I can verify that Ozzie does not like Fricker and that I could NOT get him to say he can't stand Loria!!!


If it's official that they're bringing up Nick Green to fill in at second, that says a lot about Coghlan's non-future with the Marlins. I felt certain that, as rbleigh mentioned last night, the Marlins would put Solano at second and grant Coghlan one last hurrah. Still think Cogs would be the least bad of an array of bad options available to them.
Glad you had fun, but you never once mentioned the GAMES! There were games going on was well.
I actually tried to spot you as the cameras panned the stands, but since I have no idea what you look like and you never responded when I asked for a clue, it was as hopeless as the Marlins with two outs and RISP.

marlins ticket office

To get a refund on your remaining season ticket pkge call 1-877-marlins..


LOB was the old guy wearing Scooby-Doo shorts.


JJ is probably on waivers right now. Wonder who else.


the whole stinkin team

Stan M

You said that you found that site informative. In case you don't use it, here is the second site I visit every AM. It is Sports Ill. at cnn.com. There is often an interestiing column and there are the same news highlights on the right that many sites have. But when one scrolls down there is a section with articles from papers for all 30 ML teams.

From there I go to ESPN to read any new articles and skim Buster Onley's column which I love for it summarizes data from most ML teams. Then I check out the other two Miami papers and lastly go to the Herald and this blog.

I am deeply troubled by the advanvement of Nick Green. Why not Coghlan? And what in hell does Nick Green have to do with this team's future? It defies logic.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Stan, Coghlan's future is somewhere in Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica ANY of a hundred countries where a quality missionairy could find his or her calling. Coghlan is a very GOOD person and a baseball player who has demonstrated himself to be one of those flashes in the pan that occur so rarely in MLB. Coghlan's swing to hit Major League pitching has disappeared, possibly lost in that sophomoric celebration after the walk-off.

Laurel, LOVE Annapolis and Fricker was wearing the craziest shorts i have ever seen. I don't recall if they were Scoobey-Doo or not. I was the guy in the blue shirt, one row behind Fricker and exactly where Ozzie stands in the dugout. Eduardo Perez recognizes me. Once that bubble gum got thrown in the stands it was on with the rest of the Nat fans. Did the crew recognize Fricker and put the camera on him/ I'm sure you could see me on camera the entire game, but I'm not one of those idiots who stands up and waves his hands. I'm one of those "idiots" who you either love or hate depending upon his material at the game. Boy, I wish Loria would have been there. I can really project!!!

Leo Orestes Barberie

Laurel, I NEVER mentioned the games because as I told Ozzie and Perez--"This may be the worst collection of "talent" established in the Bigs in last 20 years", now I'm talking when Stanton is out." I brought up Beinfest and Hill and the Art Dealer and the Stepson but Ozzie NEVER once responded to me. Instead he responds to Fricker's inanities like "Hey Ozzie, I can get you into museums for free", I'm hitting him with complimentary stuff like "Nobody could maage this collection of ragamuffins" and instead of Ozzie, the "Hitting(LMAO)Coach gets involved. I'm not even going to last 2 games. They really do stink!! And they are BORING and that is the ULTIMATE SIN>


Stan M,
Thanks for the sites.
After further review, Green does have much better stats in NO this year (.344) than Cogs, so maybe it makes some sense to reward him. But since they're not going to win another 10 games all year anyway, I'd rather bring up the 27-year-old former ROY than the 34-year-old former nobody.
Brantly, btw, is going great guns. Game-winning HR a couple of nights ago and three hits with a HR last night. Let's bring him up and send Hayes packing (only because you know it ain't gonna be Buck).


Marlins are 10 games under at 49-59. This date last year they were 1 game under at 55-56 and ended up losing 90 games.By adding over 40 million plus on payroll in 12',these Marlins will go down as having the worst season in Marlins history,based on $$$$ and expectations. Congrats to Loria,Samson and Beinfest for finally proving to the MLB world, that they truly dont know what the hell they're doing.

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