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Emilio Bonifacio scheduled for MRI on right knee

     PHOENIX -- The Marlins recovered from a 5-0 deficit to win 6-5 in 10 innings tonight, but the news wasn't all good for victorious Miami. Emilio Bonifacio left the game in the second inning with what the team described as pain in his right knee, and manager Ozzie Guillen said afterward that Bonifacio would undergo a MRI on Wednesday to determine the exact nature of the injury.

     Bonifacio, who has already served two stints on the disabled list this season with a thumb ligament injury, was shaking his head as he walked out of the clubhouse in street clothes and said he didn't know how badly he was hurt. General manager Michael Hill said the Marlins have no plans to call up anyone at the moment and are awaiting the results of the MRI before deciding how to proceed.

      As a result, the Marlins will be a man short for Wednesday's doubleheader.

      Bonifacio struck out looking in the first inning and was involved in four separate defensive plays in the Arizona first, all without any noticeable effect. But Bonifacio was removed for pinch-hitter Gorkys Hernandez in the top of the second.

      "It started bothering him pretty bad," Guillen said. "I don't know if he did it when he threw the ball in the first inning. They told me Boni was in the trainer's room. I went to check him out and he couldn't play."



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Flav C.

Gotta give a lot of credit to Solano. He's been playing really well in the infield with great glove and has been doing all the little things to get on base and/or move runners up.

Flav C.

If Boni goes on the DL, it will be interesting to see the Marlins NOT call Coghlan up (or as Lou would say, Chrissy).


Dear Flav, Don't goad me. I promised Stan that I would not discuss that subject unless he initiates it. Anyone else can broach it and I will have no comment. This doesn't count as a comment does it? I thought you may have missed the original comment saying there would be no comments by me pertaining to any comments issued by any other commentators with the exception of comments by Stan.

Flav C.

LOL, sorry Lou. No more goading.

Stan M

The Good: We won again. Ceshek pounds the strike zone beautifully. Nearly every pitch is either a strike or just off the black. Peterson had another good game. As Flav said above, Solano was terrific in all phases of his game. Gorkys has surprised at least me with his coverage in CF. As the TV men said, he gets a great jump on the ball. The bullpen in general. The knock on Bell was that his velocity is down. Not last night.
The Bad: Bell almost blew another. In my opinion, he had met great success in the past and now he becomes somewhat unglued when he puts men on. I didn't like Bradley's hitting approach in two clutch situations. To his credit, Tommy immediately critized him on the first occasion.

If someone is to be brought up, why not Cox? Let's see what he can do. Otherwise that other outfielder from AAA will be advanced. I can't say his name without producing a deluge of negativism. A promise is a promise, but I'll bet you are busting your seems to talk about him. Maybe I mean Cousins. Ho ho.

Go on, Lou, I'll free you for one more (only one)repeat of your feelings. If I remember correctly, you love the guy's potential and hustle.

Marlin Fan

A good win again. Glad to see Nolasco battle back . To echo everyone else , great to see Solano perform and even Gorky. I think in time Brantly will do fine , we are just seeing some growing pains that will subside with experience .
It was interesting during the game when someone asked about Solano as an everyday player ( if he improves hitting ) and also Ruggiano. As right now , for next year , I think it's a no brained to have Ruggiano in left , who else is there ?????
Solano depending on the centerfield situation and Boni , I think be an everyday player ???
Looking forward to Turners start today . I'm hearing that he may be slightly overated , but still very good .

Stan M

First Carbera now Colan. Were I a ML executive, Id think twice before aacquiring a player from the Southern Hemisphere. We will have to watch other such breakout years. Cueto comes to mind, as do Encancarnacion, Ruiz, and Escobar of KC. Y. Molina is hitting awfully good this year as well. Politically incorrect? Of course. Possible guilt by associoation? Naturally. But logical? Ah, now there's the rub.

Marlin Fan, I have been very pleased with Eovaldi, and Turner is supposed to be better. At this stage, I'll settle for almost as good. We shall see, we shall see.
Many here have criticized the Marlin FO for poor draft picks. Even more obvious is their lack of patience with many young players who have done well after being traded. Even Miller has become just te LH relief specialist we could use now. Personally, I'd turn over the coaching staff before the FO staff but wouldn't be a bit upset is both were sent packing.

Flav C.

Stan, dont forget Ruggiano, career minor leaguer now batting .330 and Buck..career .220 batting alsmot .400 in August..


Turner has shown better stuff already in two innings than he demonstrated in starts with Detroit. Solano should have handled ball to start the game and then Hill hit 2 run homer down the line, now has retired 6 straight EASILY. It's on DIRECTV 744


Stan, love ya big guy but you are mistaken about my urge to you know what. I am coming to Asheville and I will be disappointed if you don't let me buy you a couple of drinks on that beautiful veranda off the Grove park fire place. We can split dinner somewhere else. The Grove Park has become a tourist trap when it comes to dining-IMHO.

The Only True Fake Alex

I'm calling out rays closer fernando rodney and his 0.75 era. i think there's some cheating going on. His previous two seasons with the angels he had a more normal era of over 4.00 before that he was up and down with the tigers for several years and all of a sudden a 0.74 era??



Lee should have had Parra's ball, Joyve clearly missed call on steal attempt and then Hill singles in Parra but gets gunned down going for 2---Turner probably thinks he gets better support in New Orleans. he will probably just pitch around Hill rest of the game.


Maybe all these guys taking testosterone have erectile dysfunction. If I had looked as bad as Colon does at his age, I would at least have had the decency to lose some damn weight and make myself presentable before I worried about PED's. Stan will vouch that Colon looks older than me and I turn 65 next month. Man!! I hate slobs!!


Rick Sutcliffe says Melky should be deported.


Most of the players caught cheating are of the immigrant variety...surprised they dont scream 'discrimination'...


Let's not forget Bautista was a nobody until he started hitting 50 HRs out of the blue. He says he just found his swing in Toronto. I call BS. Everyone is under suspicion.

Cancel their work Visa

They are using testosterone cream,and are too stupid to follows directions as to the usage and dose.You can get it over the counter or on the Net. Dumb Ass cheaters.

Shoeless Joe

Melky should be punished further. He and his pal Juan Nunez,who was a go betwwen for Melkys agents the Levinsons,with latin players,tried to create a phony website and phony supplement to avoid getting suspended. They got caught by the MLB investigators.They will face more serious scrutiny by MLB and possibly the Feds. Where is Judge Kennesaw Mountain Landis when you need him. He would clean up the game real quick.


You know I actually knew this moronic FSU grad who thought the mountain was named after Landis.

Stan M

My take on Turner's outing:
He did very well , but defense and bad umpiring let him down. Overall score...B+
*in first inning leadoff batter hit a ground ball that Solono would get 4 out of 5 times. On next batter he grooved a pitch and Hill hit a 360 line drive HR down the line. The rest of first inning was scary as no one swung and missed. Many line drive foul balls and two fairly well hit fly ball outs. Last batter did strike out but even that was a foul tip.
*From this point on Turner was superb. All of his pitches were right around the plate and there was only one well hit single.
*Third inning run was ridiculous. First batter hit a two hopper to first that went under Lee's glove and was mysteriously scored a single. The runner tried to steal 2nd and Buck threw him out by over a foot but he was called safe. Then a solid single to left to score the 3rd run and that was it, folks. Turner looked like he could have easily gone longer with a different score. After that first inning, he looked better than just good.

Flav, you make a correct and very scary point.Something doesn't smell right and Selig better do something quickly. The fact that there weren't dozens of players jumping all over Carbera speaks volumes. Yes, part of it is that damn union...they are all brothers...but that Conte guy is probably right. And we innocents thought it was all behind us. Ouch!

Poor Alex, in between his rants he occasionally made a point. Reyes is making too damn many outs while on base to suit me. At least now, with Ruggiano, Gorkys, and Stanton, we have an acceptable defensive outfield. Great move by Cora in putting Dobbs up for Gorkys, who looked lost in 2 at bats. It didn't work, but I doubt if Ozzie would have done it.

Hey, Lou. I think Coghlan is the greatest thing since popcorn. What is your opinion? Watch out, folks!


Boni on DL..Marlins call up LHP Jennings...say to Coghlan, you suck,stay in NOLA.


I wonder why Boni became so fragile this season????


Let them eat PEDS!!

Flav C.


Bautista started hitting 50+ HRs in 2009 with the BlueJays. Same year Buck had his career year. Same year 7 out of 9 position players of the BlueJays had 20+ HRs each.
In 2008, only 1 position player of the BlueJays had 20+ HRs.

Stan M

That is startling info, Flav. This whole idea stinks and is seriously disillusioning me. God, I don't want that to happen. Can you imagine the dismay of Loria and Co. Another nail in next year's attendance coffin.

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