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Giancarlo Stanton on board with cautious approach

    NEW YORK -- Barely 12 hours after going off at the plate at Citi Field with four hits, including a pair of homers, Giancarlo Stanton sat at his locker, squeezing a surgical scars on his right knee as if it was a giant pimple. Stanton was trying to loosen the scar tissue underneath but, otherwise, said his knee felt perfectly fine.

     He's also perfectly fine with Ozzie Guillen's decision to sit him out of today's game as a precautionary measure.

     "You got to do it," Stanton said. "It's just the smarter thing to do."

     While the temptation to keep Stanton in the lineup is probably great, especially after last night's performance, Guillen made it clear he is thinking long-term with Stanton and wants to ensure he'll be 100 percent healthy next season.

      Stanton, who came off the DL on Tuesday, said he might require occasional rest for the first couple of weeks.

      "Don't want it get repeated," Stanton said.


      Don't look now, but John Buck is showing some life at the plate. By hitting safely in six of his past seven games, Buck has his average up to .179. Six of his seven hits during in August have been doubles.

      "It's not easy hitting one-whatever in the show, that's for sure," Buck said.

      Buck is hoping to avoid finishing with the worst average by a regular catcher (min. 300 plate appearances) since Tony Pena hit .181 with Boston in 1993. But Buck said even if he is able to raise his average to .200, it won't make him feel any better about the season.

      "I don't know if I'll ever feel good about this year," Buck said. "I've kind of come to the point where I can literally say I don't look up there (to see his average on the scoreboard). If it gets there, great. If it doesn't, I don't know if my view of the season will change much. Whatever comes at the end of the year, I don't know if it'll make me feel that much better about the season."


      Jose Reyes takes a 26-game hitting streak into this afternoon's game. Only two other players since 1933 -- the first year of the All-Star Game -- hit safely in their first 26 games after the break: Cleveland's Hal Trosky in 1936 and the Cardinals' Albert Pujols in 2003. Trosky's streak ended at 26 games. Pujols made it to 29 straight before coming up empty.


      Marlins: 1. Petersen, lf; 2. Cousins, rf; 3. Reyes, ss; 4. Lee, 1b; 5. Ruggiano, cf; 6. Dobbs, 3b; 7. Green, 2b; 8. Hayes, c; 9. Johnson, p.

      Mets: 1. Tejada, ss; 2. Baxter, rf ;3. Murphy, 2b; 4. Wright, 3b; 5. Davis, 1b; 6. Valdespin, lf; 7. Torres, cf; 8. Thole, c; 9. Dickey, p.


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Stan M

Why Green at 2B. Solano has a future and we should be learning what his long term capabilities are.

There is an article in Detroit wonderng if Sanchez is as good as anticipated. He just got hit hard for 2nd time in 3 starts.

Here is an article which essentially says that our FO did a fairly good job this past Winter and tells of how many picked the Marlins to make the playoffs; including 29 from ESPN.



Stan, I'll ask you and you alone because I know you have the intelligence, time and MAYBE the inclination to verify what I've been saying is true-----Do the Marlins have anyone in the Bigs besides Johnson and Stanton(very good players) who can be considered even FAIR Big League players that were drafted by the Marlins since 2002? If I'm correct, WHY is this not getting any attention? I have really grown fraustrated by what I read here and for my own peaceof mind I really just want to walk away from this crap. I bring up points in a NOW sane approach that I believe to be worthy of commentary and they are never mentioned again. I've given all I can in the past month to do my part in making this Blog interesting and others just don't seem to agree.

I will come up to Hendersonville to see your memorabilia.

the Truth

Except a few hundred people,nobody cares about or pays attention to the Marlins. They really arent worthy of commentary on the national level,they are irrevelant locally , let alone the rest of the country.


That's the Truth Truth.

Stan M

Lou, you make a good point. In years past, Marlin evaluators were generally praised because of the players we brought back in trades. Not so for some time. I will only talk about Marlin players. Coghlan led all of the major leagues in hits and , I think, BA for the last 2 months of 2010. His idiotic injury is not the fault of the FO. Until this year, it is my understanding that everyone asked about LoMo in any possible trades. We really can't judge him on this year's peformance, because although he undoubetly gave his all, he has been playing on one leg. I love his swing and see a future Keith Hernandez but with more power in his future. From that point, we must go to recent draft picks where we have accumulated 3 or 4 excellent prospects. In my opnion, minor league systems that show huge winning percentages are often populated with career minor leaguers. A system doesn't have to be loaded with prospects. Only one or two are usually promoted in any given year. We have those 3-4 prospects that will arrive by 2014 and then...watch out. The evaluators had several poor years, but in my opinion, that as been corrected. It is very significant the the Marlins got a very favorable draft pick position in the Gabby trade. Did you read the article I linked to above?


Stan M,
While the Marlins picked up the 32nd draft pick in the Gaby trade, they traded away the 37th pick in the Infante-Sanchez deal, so the net gain wasn't that great. At least, that's the way I understand it.
This FO has never wanted to draft anyone they'd have to spend more than a couple of bucks to sign.


Bell just pitched the bottom of the 7th and looked very hittable.


Will the real Heath Bell please stand up? Oh there he is....lousy as ever. How but JJ? Not looking good. What did his fastball top out at today? He's not an ace any longer. This too will have to be addressed in the off season. Starting pitching that is.

have another drink

Future Keith Hernandez??? Yeah right. As an announcer.


Lomo tweets a good game, thats about it.


Stan, I have been guilty of the same thing many times, I don't answer the question that is asked. Are you able to name another MLB player besides Johnson or Stanton DRAFTED BY THE MARLINS since 2002 who is currently in the Bigs? If you don't think the question is worthy of being answered, just say that. If you think it is a "stupid" question just say that. If neither, I respect you enough that I would appreciate an answer.

Stan M

Lou, I answered it with Coghlan and LoMo. No, they aren't up right now, but both were good choices in my opinion.

LB, I think that's why they went for a higher choice. They switched choices with Detroit in that earlier trade.

Sorry, don't feel good. No more today.

tony carlesimo

Cousins, Hayes, Green, Hernandez...the Marlins version of Murderers' Row. Stanton plays in two games after a month out with an injury, and then sits today. Maybe he's being saved for the playoffs. Josh Johnson had another on again, off again game (we never know which pitcher will show up on any given day).

The Marlins have another minor league team and it is the Marlins. Most of the starters (including some of the pitchers) are not ready for the bigs. You can't win too many games with this roster.

Stan M

Lou, before I lie down, don't forget Gabby, Jason Vargas, Cishek, Andino and maybe DeAsa. Overall, although this current ownership is not on my favorite person list, they have actually drafted better than the prior administration in my opinion. Bye for now.


Gaby is NOT a good player, Vargas is a good pitcher--Check! Cishek, Andino and deAza in 10 years would get you excommunicated if this was about religion.


Coghlin is a flash in the pan who is now a GOOD minor leaguer. SloMO is an example of why emotional intelligence must be factored in to assessment of players. SloMo can't even decide to have an operation to save his career. And I've had operations, so don't go there. This ain't even on a par with a C-Section but our Little Twit is exploring "alternatives", maybe some herbal plants from Cozumel.

Stan M

I just woke up and saw your posts. Lou, you are obsessing on this. May I very respectfully suggest that you drop it now. You have made your point. I'll talk more with you tomorrow. There are many other pertinent topics we can discuss.


I think myself and ANYONE else who spends more than 2 hours a day on this BLOG is OCD by definition. One person's obsessive compulsive behavior may be another's working of crossword puzzles or an excessive exercise regimen. Your right. My "need" to have a question addessed on a Blog is extremely unproductive behavior. I will not get into anyone else who may have spent inordinate amounts of time relaying points or info to a significant number of people who have absolutely no interest. I have been guilty of the same sins but I have never chosen to call out anyone with similiar behaviors as belonging in a DSM Manual.


BDSM manual? now you're talking,Lou.

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